Fasten seat belts and off we go… Thru the veil and greet the Muse.

 As I enter the upper world Muse is there waiting to greet me. This is a shape shifter and the vision from one moment to the next is always amazing to behold. As I present the query objective of alleviating distractions from the remembered past or the imagined future I am informed to seek in any circumstance brightness. Look around for light… the Sun, an electric light, reflected light off of something… a leaf, glass… always seeking the brightest object in my surround. Then to join into that brilliance in that present moment.

 At this point we begin to dance as the music fills the space. It is a delight to watch as Muse morphs from one image being to another. The more we dance the brighter is the glow we are becoming. The heat intensifies until we are as one blazing star being. The call back comes and I thank Muse with a honi (forehead to forehead) and return.