Way back, no, I mean waaayyyy back, our ancestors saw the evolution of time as a function of day and night, light and dark.  There was an active cycle when the sun was up that provided the ability to see what one was doing.   The cycle would end when the planet rolled on in it’s trajectory bringing about the advent of the multi sparkled show of the stars in the heavens.  For most this was the part of the daily cycle that meant rest and revitalization of the body in preparation for the next day’s unfolding adventure.
Somewhere along the way, still in a distant epoch of antiquity, a soul was aroused during the stillness of an evening and they began to ponder that seemingly distant array of speckled pin pricks of light that appeared to roll across the sky from one horizon to the next.  Now, when dawn broke the eastern horizon, this intrepid soul was seriously in need of rest for his or her body.  As the pattern of what may have been required for the survival of the tribe that day commenced, there may have developed a certain disdain for the one missing link in the form of this sleeping individual in what was on the plate for the rest of the clan.
These were different times however, and the shared energetic of the group was more than likely to be aware of what was transpiring within the whole.  In one of these indigenous gatherings the aspect of peer pressure to conform to the standard set pattern of daily routine was allowed to encompass this participant’s night wanderings.  This was more than likely facilitated by a rather creative flare this traveler of the dark realm was able to draw on as tales were fabricated of imaginal beings of this starry abode took on larger than life shapes, and this in turn led to the spawning of story lines of the interactions these dancing heavenly bodies were involved in each evening and eventually spanning larger frames of human time.  Somewhere an elder would sit by the fire in the evening and speak to those gathered of this story process as it had unfolded, not only during their own personal journey thru this life, but of the carrying on of this energetic process from one life to another.
A certain codification of this awareness came into existence a very long time ago that led to what we may now-a-days refer to as deification.  This was a projection from the individual of a force factor that appeared to transcend the matrix of human time frames.  As one season made way for the next, there appeared to be repeating seasonal cycles, and we as human inhabitants of this ongoing process, seemed to evolve from infant to elder-hood, if we were fortunate to survive that long, and then pass from this zone to…  Occasionally a soul would come along that appeared to contain knowledge that correlated with some of the handed down stories from previous generations without needing to be taught these things.  Quite often these individuals would be accorded positions of some prestige, or at least awe, if they were lucky enough to land in an openly aware colony that still exhibited curiosity as to the unfolding of life’s processes.
Somewhere during the early levels of this growing awareness of a certain unifying field of connection that activated all things toward the next steps in the evolutionary process, some individuals determined a system to measure increments of this unfolding cycle in a linear fashion that was repeatable in most formats.  Perhaps this was the beginning of what we would refer to today as the calendar.  Time was beginning to make itself a factor in the lives and survival of the wandering tribal communities of early mankind.
A certain disconnect was in the process of format during this phase of the human evolution.  Codification of linear time was attempting to replace some of the mystery and magic of the universal matrix that had awed earlier generations for a very long time.  Increasingly those who arrived already with awareness of alternate visions spawned by what appeared to be actual interaction in the physical plane, but from very different increments of the time/life cycle which portrayed events of the distant past or potential future manifestations, they would be labeled as dysfunctional and chastised for their differences.  What was underway was the devolution of the human spiritual awareness factors.
Throughout history there have always been those who espouse knowledge of alternate states of awareness that appear to transcend the every day toil that the human lot seems to wake to each day.  Most of modern day religious orders have set up patterns wherein they say they can offer intermediary translation for the wandering masses of just what it will mean for them when they are prepared to transition from the slings and arrows of human drudgery to once again re-join and rejoice with the enlightened level of God awareness once they are dead.  This has been accomplished thru a very deliberate control of available information by those few privileged individuals/groups that would seem to have our best interest at heart, by keeping from us any hint of a level of reality which would re-instigate potential re-awakening to the natural order of spiritual birthright we are each offered freely in the creative process.
Today, a surge of growing unrest is spreading across the globe, instigated thru the increasingly available information sharing that is the result of modern technology in the communication fields, while at the same time other levels of this modern technology still continue to aspire to portray our lot as separate and individual with a minimal level of trust able to be gleaned from human interaction.  Smoke and mirrors.  Thru thousands of years of manipulated spin on what is possible for us as human beings we have been sold a line of crap that has spun us down a path that offers us seeming awareness that is scarcely beyond the animal level of expression.  And, even some of the animal world behavior puts the human level of interaction to shame.
What if, there was evidence of a more cohesive path available to share with one another and the surrounding environment?  Do you think it is possible that we can awaken from our slumber that puts Rip Van Winkle to shame for taking such a short nap?  Do you ever have dreams that appear so real you have to shake your head in disbelief at the everyday awareness you have accepted as a viable alternative to what you know in your heart is a far better way to exist?  No, I don’t have any snake oil to sell you here that will make this a better world to live in.  I think that path has already be trod with the making available of opiates which only affect the user, much to the detriment of them and their surrounding reality.
We are in a time of  transition on planet earth where there are hard questions that must be faced if we are to continue as a meaningful species in this sphere.  The spin doctors are being employed on overtime to make sure we don’t wake up from the spun dream state which the modern cultural elite have worked so diligently to have us live as our reality to their, so-called, benefit.  The least common denominator in the mix these days is our currency which seems to have been sequestered in the hands of a very few.  The most common denominator is the fact that there are a lot more of us which are beginning to recognize there are, indeed, alternatives to this rat race mentality which pits everyone against everyone else.
I have not been trained in theology, anthropology, archeology, or any number of formats which consider the unfolding of the life process.  However, I have had a curious streak that has looked into the expressions of folks that have moved along these lines of study and many more.  I am willing to go out on a limb, which appears to actually be sturdy enough to support allegations that may just enliven future levels of interactive conversation, and share with you some rather profound awareness which seem to fill in some of the holes in the matrix of the storyline we are each in the process of writing these days from my perspective.  One of the keys here is the observation on my part that I can only offer that which I see, and be willing to listen to each of you as we discuss what might be realistic to consider as we blend our energies to take steps into what can, I hope, be a rather unique and fruitful future re-awakening of our rather dynamic and expanded senses of being.
Without the necessity of driving our conscious awareness to some distant time in the eons of history, we are each endowed with an aspect of creative spirit which we may or may not be in tune with from the perspective of our everyday physical world living.  As I have mentioned above, we have all been subject to the illusive machinations of those who have assumed positions of authority in the current planetary outworking.  Spirit, rather than something we have to attempt to attain thru right living, is something we are each brought into manifestation in full ownership of.  The awareness of just how to utilize this aspect of ourselves is not currently on the front burner of what we are taught to count on if we are to survive the level of interaction we are expected to encounter as we step out the front door each day.  Yet, it is the connection to this spiritual awareness factor which resides within each of us, which offers opportunity to reach a level of shared perspective with all of creation.
So, here is man/woman setting out on their day’s route.  Before catapulting out the door they know that they have to make sure that all their armor is on correctly.  All the spun tales they have generated need to be fortified so that if any should question them they can re-hash the storyline they are sticking to.  Are we ready to do battle with those who have come to thwart our climb up the ladder of progress?  Ammunition is loaded in the proper weapons and we are ready to lead our separate level of reality on into the unpredictable, yet somehow hopefully predictable, future.  Whoa, hold on there. Not so fast.  Is it possible that we may be setting up barriers to protect us from ourselves.  Doesn’t the world actually reflect back to us what we are putting out there?

Scenario two.  Here is a person that has some recognition that they are, indeed, a part of absolutely everything that exists in their respective worlds.  The idea of separation has been replaced by one of continuity and collective connection at a most profound level of awareness.  There is no need to worry about any spun tales as there is only the expression of what is in their hearts which comes from an inner core of realization, that if queried about anything, one only needs to speak from what is currently present in their awareness which is an evolving set of parameters which can flow with the circumstances as they exist.  Becoming aware of a harmonic level of being that sees all as a reflection of self we are continually querying ourselves as to how best to express what the moment has brought forth for us to handle.  The only ammunition that is needed is the recognition of presence which we occupy in our most sacred of places.  There is a power there that understands eternity and one’s place in it that can never be defiled.  I am talking about a potent arousal of a latent spiritual aspect we each have, though most often neglected, which has a vibrancy that can put us in touch with a most magical level of interactive opportunity with any moment we should find ourselves in.
We, in the current prospect of surviving the physical level of human incarnation, have been devoid of much of the awareness of the spiritual part of our being.  The hard sciences have told us that we are but a manifestation of physical elements and here for such a short range of experience.  Yet, there is a beginning perspective among some in the scientific fields that are starting to hypothesize that the larger part of the whole we are living in, often referred to as empty space, is far from empty.  It is in this seemingly unlimited level of our surround that a lot more is transpiring than we can usually imagine.  And, since this perspective has, for the most part, been kept from our considerations, there are few who would venture into this vast arena of seemingly unknown matter.  Not because of any fear per se, but because of the lack of any grasp of the significance of this relatively unexplored arena.
It is easy to roll the words off my tongue as to this area being unexplored, yet there have been tales throughout history from those that have traversed this amazing field of possibility.  To say they haven’t been given press is an understatement, when in actuality there has been an outright effort to make sure that any from this kind of scenario be forcefully repressed so as not to allow those who might be inquisitive to, as well, wander out into these mystical realms.
Recently I have been afforded the opportunity to participate in some shamanic technique workshop experiences.  There are many tenets of this art form that originated a very long time ago when the world was a bit more in tune with the natural environment, as this was necessary for the survival of the clan as well as the individual.  A symbiotic relationship developed between these clan members and what we might today refer to as the imaginal realm.  It was not unheard of to be in tune with a conversation with a helping spirit which may be in the form of an animal, part animal, human, or even angelic being.  My take on this is that we, in our evolutionary path, have lost sight of some of the more basic spiritual essences we were aware of when aligned more closely with that zone of influence we participate in during the in between sections of our soul’s journey process while traveling from one human incarnation to another.  One of the tenets of this field of awareness is the recognition of the infinite connection of all things as opposed to the take we now envision of the human physical realm stating that everything is absolutely separate from everything else, as I mentioned earlier.  Just this shift in perspective alone is enough to bring into question some rather sacrosanct matters we have been taught to live our lives by.  One of the keys to grasping the potential inherent here is to listen to the words of the scientific community which largely now recognizes that everything is energy, and energy never dies.  It just changes form.
So, the next time you hear of someone spouting tales of apparent events and adventures they can recall from a time frame that is not in the current life cycle, it might be a good plan to listen to them.  It just may be there is a lesson in what is shared that is meant for you to hear.  Perhaps there is a level of shared energy that the two of you have participated in before.
When I began this consideration I was in a space that was seemingly outside of the boundaries of linear time, and I wondered how I might be able to share with you an invitation to visit with your own spiritual higher soul portions.  Those, most likely, long forgotten elements of yourself that have always been by your side assisting you in making important decisions or having you happen to be in the right place at the correct time to either witness something which can open your eyes or locate just the right object at just the right moment to cause you to ponder seemingly imponderable things.  Synchronicity may actually be opportunity to recognize that we are all a part of a much larger framework that has been calling to us all our lives, and is one step closer to some of the magical qualities we have been divorced from for too long.
So, since this started out to be a consideration on “time”, I would like to invite each of you to join with some parts of your own make up that have been longing to share with you on this journey thru time, you are on.  Another of the tenets of the shamanic technique, once one becomes aware of the separation which occurs at the physical level of reality, is the energy signature which proposes that all time is now.  That which we may view as past, present, or future is occurring simultaneously.  Since we are always in connection with everything all the time, sometimes referred to as dreaming things into reality continuously, perhaps it is time to dream up a level of existence we are already a part of which we can manifest in the current world we live in and offer others the opportunity to recognize infinite connection as the reality to base everything on.  This is part of the indigenous take on the process of being alive.  It is here that one once again can come into a most profound co-relation with the natural world that surrounds us.  Perhaps this is what is needed to wake us up from the dream of unlimited consumption to the detriment of our surrounding world.  Maybe that so-called antagonist you have been battling with for so long has a piece of the puzzle of your existence that your missing, or you for them…
Maybe I’m blowing hot air out my ass, but then again maybe I’m a rocket-man propelling myself forward on the next adventure!  If you sense that you as well may be in need of some adventure your going to need to fuel up.  Welcome to the Shamanic Tool!!!

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