Tools for Astrologers

NEW: Astro Disc Sets – 6″ diameter & 8″ diameter

These 14 highly informative laminated discs are my brain child utilizing mostly information from the late Kelly Lee Phipps with some editing from the Lively Astrologer. While Kelly requested making these available on his web platform he never did sell any of these, but I did and sent him $ to support his cause. I have decided to manufacture them again and am sending $ to support his son Arian who has just graduated from school.

The consensus of opinion is that us folks with older visual capacity are more comfortable with the 8″ size, while the 6″ size is easier to pack around. They are loaded both sides with celestial information that can be of great assistance in the astrological process.

They come with a circle clip to keep them from wandering when not in use.

6″ size = $60 OUT OF STOCK

8″ size = $80

If you can’t pick them up in person add $5.00 for shipping and handling. Use the form at the right to place your request.