Journey #1 SI workshop 3-5-2019

I took a short nap just prior to the beginning of Sandra’s beginning workshop. I was awakened with the vision of being led up a gentle path in a thin forest with tall but thinly leaved bushes by a feminine presence. We entered a grove of young trees. I was instantly transported to my sacred island space where I immediately invited all the members of my spirit team to gather.  My attention turned to the young forest that I sensed was the energetic footprint of the 80 acre forest replant I am currently about to begin. As I strode amongst the mini trees I came upon areas of the cedar plantings and could feel and see these beings growing before my eyes. One of the hopes I have for this new forest is the addition of coastal redwoods and they had an energetic footprint in this place as well. To walk up to the base of a group of these magnificent beings in a time long after my body transitions was breathtaking. I became aware of my many animal friends, that I have grown to appreciate here on our 200 acre piece of paradise, strolling thru the forest as it is growing. There is a group or 7 deer some of which have been born in our yard that enjoy apple season from our small orchard that I pick and offer to them. The Bears and otters frolicked in this place as coyotes sang in the background.

Today is the new Moon in the middle of Pisces and can signify the planting of deep roots of awareness. Part of my intention for this next lunar cycle is to welcome my new tree neighbors to this sacred land and allow the joining of their root community in this magical place.

 On a parallel note yesterday (Wednesday) I was in an astrological online presentation when I was downloaded with an insight I would share here. In the astrological sphere there are 3 water signs; Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. We are currently in the Pisces part of the annual journey around the sun. The vision I had indicated that the first level of roots (energetic) is experienced in Cancer where we discover our own perception of a root system hooked up to us and seeking a foothold in what we might refer to as home or our place on the planet. Next Scorpio brings with it the discovery of what it means to allow for the entanglement of our roots with others. This is not always the easiest arena to dance in as we discover some porous aspects of shared space. Finally Pisces, the culmination of each cyclic experience, is the awakening to a level of root energy that connects us up with absolutely everything. To wander into this ultimate scenario requires application of energetic tools we have but may not have been provided with adequate directions to know how to use. Thus it is that the shamanic techniques we are undergoing in this workshop might assist us in refining our capacities to draw on that deeper sense of who and how large we actually are.

At the very beginning of our Zoom hook up I received a call to inform me that the custom cedar/spruce trees (grown together to mitigate deer browse) had ordered from a nursery on Vancouver Island had finally made it thru customs and were in Washington to be delivered on Thursday we hope. The cold weather we have been experiencing this year has postponed the planting of the 31,000 seedlings we intend and because the ground is taking its time thawing enough to make planting possible we postponed the major planting until the weekend after next.