The opportunity to wander, as it were, into realms which far exceed the imagination of most contemporary folk can be quite exhilarating.  And yet there is usually far more going on than we may be aware of.  Whether through a walk in the forest, laying on a mat on the ground/floor with bandana over the eyes, coming into tune with the flow of a musical piece on the radio, or listening to the steady beat of a drum or rattle, we are coming into a rhythm that brings the two halves of our brain into resonance with each other, or is it that something which is just beyond the scope of our mental capacity?  Any of these techniques can be utilized to induce the trance like state which leads to the phenomena known as the “Journey” or  shamanic technique.

Protocol: there are a number of facets of this journey process that are very helpful for your safe encounters along the way.  This is not meant to scare you. As I begin each journey I request from my helping spirits for “power, protection, and support“.  I also set my vibrations on high as this does a couple things.  Though you may not understand this your spirit helpers do and will provide you with this surround virtually every time.  By requesting the high vibration you are setting your intention to be protected from any other spirit beings of lesser or equal ability, and you are allowing for as broad a reach as possible for assistance by beings from the other side of the mirror.  These matters can be accomplished by a short prayer at the outset.

Questions may arise as to just why is it that I am being conveyed to this far off destination and who are these beings that seek to interact with me?  Keep that thought, but at the same time let go to the experience and be curious as to just what is being brought for your consideration while on the walkabout.  By all means a good question to utilize when interacting in these realms is “who are you, and what is it you have to tell or show me?”  Another query might be “is there something I need to be made aware of?”  In the next instant you are off, often accompanied by your fellow spirit travel agent, to experience things that are designed around you and what your soul level of being might require to continue to move forward. There really are no limits on the journey process but there comes a time when you must return to the present of here and now.

At some point you are brought back to an awareness of your body.  It is a good idea to make sure that you come all the way back into your current physical manifestation at this juncture.  Of course, the temptation to linger in that other realm may be strong but there are reasons for being present in this seemingly mundane world.  You might want to drink some water or eat a bite of chocolate on your return. It would be a good idea to take a few minutes or however long required upon your return to jot down what it is that you experienced while on the other side of the mirror, because during these moments you may disgorge information that was transpiring while in journey mode that you may not have been overtly conscious of while interacting with the spirit beings you have been hanging with.  A journey journal can be extremely helpful as you continue to grow through this process.

The next step in this process is the most critical.  This is the phase of integration of what you have been made aware of.  It would most likely be disingenuous to anticipate an instant blending of all the information you have just shared with what some refer to as our higher selves.  It is not a race.  More often than not what we are being invited to consider is going to change, in most profound ways, our vision of just who we really are and what it is we incarnated at this time to do.  If it should happen that a particular journey experience does not readily unfold its meaning to you don’t fret.  It can sometimes take an extremely long cycle to integrate a message but when it comes through you will be given the power it has for you.

Once you have had this eyeball to eyeball, face to face, contact with the higher organizing aspect of being your life can change in rather dramatic fashion.  Quite a bit, if not most, of the direction you have been fed about being alive on planet earth will tend to slip by the wayside as you begin to integrate the messages and conversations engaged in with the beings that occupy this other realm of presence.

So, it is at this juncture, if participating in a group format, that the sharing of the journey experience with others who, as well, have wandered through the folds of time and space can put in an appearance.  This is a cautious step to take as the reality of integration has to take place on our own, at one level, as the true power of what we have experienced is only possible when we grasp the significance of a particular occurrence from our own journey experiences.  What can and often does occur in the process of sharing with one another is the confluence of similar patterns which emerge within any particular grouping of journeyers.  This is delicate ground to cross as we each must reign in our tongues and minds and resist the temptation to interpret others experiences from our own perspective.  At the same time there is a magic quality to how spirit works within any particular group of souls gathered for traveling.  This journeying might be referred to as “drum riding”.  

Personal space and a heart capacity to hold space for another are requirements for successful circle growth.  And by the same token this is an aspect of any community expansion.  To vicariously ride along on a dragon flight, or sit with a master and contemplate matters of worth, or find that space where it is possible to float alone in the comfort of an all encompassing presence can expand our own awareness.  It is through the exposure of the journey process to one another that there is a larger confluence of energy building under way that will allow for individual growth to blend within the whole.