Journey – quest for the Muses (1-6-2022)

Repeat of Journey #5 from Hank and Jill’s year long shamanic training.

Setting the intention is critical in allowing for spirit to guide one appropriately on any journey. As for the past while, of maybe a year, there have been numerous occasions where muses have danced through my process of living. So, I decided to send out the call for, if possible, face-to-face interaction with this wonderful energy.

As the drumming commenced I was drawn as usual to my sacred garden space where I was greeted by members of the spirit team. This is always a delightful encounter process and I requested the usual PPS (power, protection and support) for the journey. As this was intended by Hank to be an underworld or lower world journey to encounter spirit helper(s) for whatever purposes we sought, I stated I was interested in visiting with the muses. One can never be sure just where a journey will lead, but heading for the lower world in my garden zone there is a curved descending tunnel path leading from the main chamber of my island’s interior sanctuary that I head off on. I was greeted by the scientists and engineers in their appropriate chamber along the way and then by the mystics and wizards in their space as I passed through. Usually this trek leads to an underground sea basin but along the way an opening in the tunnel wall appeared on my right. In peering in it was as if there was a swirling substantial colorful array of very fluid energies with almost a membrane consistency but effervescent so as to just brush or flow around me as I entered.

By this point the drum rhythm I was riding seems to infuse the whole of my consciousness as I began to perceive energy beings in the somewhat dim light of my surrounds. As my vision adjusted it was as if various forms from nature were combining in unique fashion that was unlike anything I would have expected. I could see pixy wings but on a bush. Tree-like beings spoke and water sprites danced on the surfaces of more than just water. Clouds formed the canopy of the forest and strange but delightful creatures I had never encountered up to this point wandered about. I became aware that the energy of the drum tone was animating the whole scene as shape shifting was just the nature of this place and was combining with my energy as a participant in an undulating dance of creation.

A message skirted within this matrix. It informed some aspect of me that spirits may not be the appropriate term to apply to what was transpiring. There is only one spirit or, spirit is a oneness that sends holographic representations as soul out into the cosmos to learn. As all this is happening the intensity of the vibrations of the drum ride have expanded awareness to be inclusive of everything. This is the realm the muses are inspiring me/us to explore without limitation. Willingness to allow for this exchange of substance is at the root of all art processes. I can see that this is the basis of all shape shifting and that practice is required to fine tune the options.

There is a shift in the drum rhythm and it is time to thank this level of presence and begin the return journey. I am impressed with an enormous graciousness for allowing the muses opportunity to express through my physical world. As I emerge from this new chamber there is the sense of a radiance surrounding and eminating out in all directions from my energetic journey soul. I make my way back up the tunnel and can sense an enhanced infusion into each of the chambers as I ascend toward the main hall. I can really feel an enfold of oneness as I am embraced by each of the spirit team upon my return. There is a knowingness shared in this place that I do not journey alone.