ReportsI am providing an option for those interested in a fast system of looking at aspects of their astrological makeup. While this is not a direct substitue for a personal consultation between us it has expediecy. Generated by astrologers and formatted through astrological software programs I own. These can be readily emailed to you.

$15 for most reports or $50 for 4 reports


  1. Kepler: 6 sections take you through planets in signs and houses and Ptolmeic aspects. 15 -20 pages
  2. Janus: House by house with aspects to planets in houses and rest of chart. 20 – 30 pages
  3. SolarFire: Planets in sign, house, aspects and rays. 20 – 30 pages
  4. IO: House by house with aspects to planets in houses and rest of chart. About 20 pages.

Transits to Natal

  1. Kepler: Showing planetary strengths for any period with interpretation. Length varies with time frame chosen and planetary configuration.
  2. Janus: These reports can be quite lengthy depending on parameters sought.
  3. IO: As with the others, depending on what planets and points are being investigated and for how long will determine length of report.

Synsastry – an astrological compatibility investigation

  1. Kepler: Compares planetary aspects between charts. No house comparisons. About 10 pages.
  2. Janus: Compares planetary aspects and house relevance between charts. About 15 – 20 pages.
  3. SolarFire: Planetary aspect comparisons. No house considerations. About 15 – 20 pages.
  4. IO: Interprets planets in each other’s houses but no aspect analysis. About 15 pages.

Miscelaneous Reports

  1. IO: Child chart analysis covering a variety of early development areas. About 20 pages.
  2. Kepler: Major Life Themes. About 6-10 pages.
  3. IO: Body & Soul. An in depth look at personal and spiritual perspectives to the individual. Fairly thorough. About 50 pages.

Relocation – an energetic look at what kinds of things may surface at any particular location on the planet. $5/location

  1. Kepler: This can be a bit more complicated a report and depending on your query may be more costly. This is a very thorough investigation and can include a world map with energy lines on it. Many pages
  2. Janus: Gives the flavor of any energy direction lines on the world map close to where you are considering for relocation. This does not have to be a permanent move. You may just want to check out an area for a vacation trip. As with the Kepler report this can get involved.

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