Welcome Onboard – IO Child Report

  • You have questions about the young one
  • The young one has questions about you
  • Youth at a glance


Astrological IO Child Report

Welcome onboard to that new being who recently arrived with so many unknown factors. All wrapped up in this new person are the hopes and wishes that we parents have. What do you suppose this soul incarnated in our midst to teach us? So much potential awaits to discover itself with appropriate pointers from the rest of us. Use this report with care as free will is always the bottom line for our life walk. There may be things in this report that will inspire and challenge us for welcoming this new person into our fold.

This report comes out of the Graphic Astrology program and is the only one I own that focuses on childhood. Just remember that the first 7 years of growth the brain is like a recording device and what you attempt to demonstrate as appropriate conduct will be recorded into their initial understanding of what life is about that could linger throughout their lives. To see a sample from an actual child’s report go here.