The Astrology of “Us” – Synastry Reports

Custom pdf reports:

  • I’d like to get to know you
  • When I am with you, is there a we?


Astrological Computer Synastry Reports

Synastry is the study of energetic interaction parameters we trigger between us with a focus on any two individuals. Synastry, the astrology of “us” seeks a meaningful unit. I will include with this report a compatibility profile score card as a thank you for ordering this report. The trick is, of course, just what kind of unit do we generate when together?  If you have ever wondered why he or she seems to trigger reactions of varying sorts within you then this is a tool to investigate why this is so. The Sirius synastry report focuses on the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars in each of the partner’s charts and how they interact with the planets in the chart of the other. With this level of computer generated report I am not as inclined to become too concerned about the protocol of getting permission from the other before casting the charts. However your responsibility in this matter can go a long way toward developing trust with another. Astrology has the capacity to open aspects of our soul and when dealing with what is often considered matters of the heart. It might be wise to tread carefully with the heart of another. After all synastry is the astrology of “us”.

While I have a large number of reports that I purchased along with four of my astrological software programs, I rarely use them myself but they can be an expedient way to receive versions of several astrological queries while waiting for an in-person consultation from me. I am currently focused on offering the Sirius program generated reports. From time to time I may offer reports generated from the other software programs. For an overview of the basic report parameters go here. I have printed samples where I used the same chart(s) for each of the reports you can consider here. If you figure out alternates of these reports other than the ones I have on my website, which you are interested in let me know (email me). I did not do any of the transit or relocation report samples as they involve too many variables. Your ordered reports will be emailed to you once I have the related birth information to create them. If you follow the links on this page you will discover the options of many astrological computer reports available and I will bring them onboard when I can.

Other computer generated interpretation reports include:

  • Natal
  • Transits
  • Relocation