Solar Return

OMG This product is awesome here are the features:

  • Align to whats current
  • new outlook
  • tie up loose ends
  • make plans


Every year the celebration of your birth is related to the solar return to your birth position. As the Sun is the firey engine that keeps us ticking this is a most auspicious time to embrace our presence. The Sun is only one part of our capacities. You were born with an array of planets surround you in a particular configuration and that set you on a path. Life does not stay stagnant and the continuing movement of the celestial surround speaks to the basic you and seeks for you to change by offering opportunities as they interact with your natal configuration (Chart). Each year begins another solar cycle and the matrix of your celestial makeup goes through a continual unfolding of many cycles. The solar return is an investigation into planetary energies that will be at work for the next solar cycle. This includes transits and progressions that are in play for the year ahead and sometimes for a bit longer. See Consultation Page.