Nodal Story Deck

  • Learning tool
  • Hands on creation project
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  • Thank you Steven Forrest


The Nodal Story

The nodal story deck is a fabrication I accomplished after attending Steven Forrest’s AP workshop on the lunar nodes a long time ago. I like working with flash cards for an expedient learning tool to assist in getting acquainted with what I am studying. In Steven’s book “Yesterday’s Sky” he demonstrates the use of the lunar nodes as a soul development process in investigating the ongoing incarnation experience we each go through. What the nodes represent is an energetic description of what we may carry as foot prints upon our heart and soul left during previous incarnations that we came to deal with in our current earth walk. I will email you the file for building the nodal story deck(s) when I have your order and email.

I have made a file that is several pages that can be cut up into flash cards. I printed them on heavy card stock and laminated mine for longevity. I discovered that having 2 decks was helpful for some nodal story layouts when certain planets or houses and signs are doing double duty. I also crated a number of round cards for using to demarcate aspects and the north and south nodes and their rulers for easy visibility. I use them every time I do a chart consultation. It is much easier than flipping through the book seeking direction. The information is paraphrased strait out of the book. I have photos of this deck and layout process on this page.

If you have read any of Steven’s work or been lucky enough to have crossed paths you know the wisdom the universe has allowed to be expressed through him.