Natal Chart Investigation

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Natal Chart Investigation

We are never alone in our chart investigation. The natal chart investigation is an experience where I, as an accredited astrologer, bring a holographic image into two dimensions on paper representing the celestial surround at the time and place of your unique birth moment. Unlike our ancestors who lived in a time of minimal light pollution, I don’t have to climb a ziggurat and view the starry heavens through years of apprenticeship to ascertain which of the influences our planetary neighbors are bringing to bear as imprints upon you as an individual.  Be that as it may, there is still a time factor to appreciate. Generally my consultations for this level of astrology will devour 2 hours of our time, and sometime longer, but I assure you it will not be boring.

This is the most basic level of astrological investigation to open up avenues for further living to transpire through. A natal chart consultation from me will locate the path you chose to incarnate into and why your soul chose to do this amount of work may surface as we peel back the layers of your development. One thing to keep clear is that astrology is not so cut and dry as to limit opportunity, but you as an individual are always blessed with free will to go your own way and ignore the signs pointing you elsewhere. There is that thing called karma though, so choose wisely.

The Moon, Sun and rising sign open the door to a myriad of windows to peer through and fine tune options that are on the table. We will investigate just what those views might portray for you.

All readings are recorded and made available for you to download. I will send relevant chart print outs ahead for you to print as this can assist in following our conversation. Conversation is the key here as what we will be sharing is a conversation as we compare notes. Remember that free will thing? Astrology is a stimulation process to adjust our soul’s path that often our free will has allowed us to stray from. See Consultation page

Each investigation includes factors such as:

  • Declination consideration
  • Dispositor Pattern
  • Nodal Story (Destiny Line)
  • Career Highlights


If there is time near the end of our meeting I often will take a quick look at upcoming progressions of merit to be aware of. I look forward to your willingness to allow us to explore the chart conversation with as much band width as we can hold. On occasion it may appear that I drift somewhat in my interpretation process. The reason is that for many years I have discovered a dialogue with the planets as intelligent energy beings and they will often arrive in the middle of conversation and whisper things in my ear and sometimes take over the words that leap off my tongue to bring certain things they want to emphasize up, to meditate upon. I trust this muse factor explicitly.

I am utilizing a narrow window for chart consultations. contact me. These include:

  • Monday – am & pm 9 – 4 PST
  • Tuesday – am & pm 9 – 4 PST
  • Wednesday – am sometimes 9 – noon PST
  • Thursday – am & pm PST
  • If these do not work for you contact me for arranging alternatives.