Language of the Cosmos Transit Reports

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  • When does opportunity knock?
  • Prepared or blind-sided, Your choice.
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Astrological Computer Transit Reports

The language of the cosmos. These computer generated transit reports compare the relationship of the positions of the moving planets at any particular moment to your natal planetary positions. You incarnated with a holographic map of potential and that is what your birth chart is, and transits overlay this life path. The investigation of transits and progressions is an unfolding process of an ongoing conversation with the planetary energy beings (planets) with your basic inclinations (natal chart) to see just what may be on the table for any particular time frame. The natal chart is like a momentary mandala image of life potential. The ongoing planetary dance (transits) moves as celestial energy waves to inspire instances when it is appropriate to your soul growth to not hold back.

While I have a large number of reports that I purchased along with four of my astrological software programs, I rarely use them myself but they can be an expedient way to receive versions of several astrological query directions while waiting for an in-person consultation from me. I am currently focused on offering the Kepler/Sirius program generated reports. From time to time I may offer reports generated from other software programs. For an overview of the basic report parameters go here. I have printed samples where I used the same chart(s) for each of the reports you can consider here.

I did not do any of the transit or relocation report samples as they involve too many variables. The Transit report will be detailed for 1 month, or less detailed for 1 year. If you follow the links on this page you will discover many astrological computer reports not available yet but I will bring them onboard when I can. If you are intrigued by any in particular, then email me and we will see what can be arranged. Remember, in the ongoing language of the cosmos it is helpful to pay attention.

Other computer generated interpretation reports include:

  • Natal
  • Synastry
  • Relocation