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So, relationship has drawn you together. This is a discussion of just how the energy patterns any two individuals have blend with one another. When the music is playing, does the dance floor beckon? Where are your strengths and where are challenges gong to surface? To relate to another person is a multi-faceted investigation into life paths in relationship to our soul’s growth choices in the current incarnation. This process likely will take longer than the 2-hour basic natal consideration as we have two lives to unwrap before comparing them to one another. Pack some patience for this sometimes enjoyable and sometimes edgy exploration of why you are drawn to one another and how you inspire and likely challenge each other’s life trajectory. Harmony is not always a smooth path. When water falls from the sky and seeks to once again rejoin the sea the relationship between it and the earth goes through many phases in the journey. For this synastry consideration permission must be provided for a second person if not present. See Consultation Page