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Astrological Natal Computer Reports

The Astrology of you? The basic Sirius Natal report will give you a well rounded though general view of your broad character potential. It is likely to point out some of your strengths and weaknesses. I will include a profile category personality score report that measures 25 areas of living as a bonus for ordering this report. The key to any astrological considerations effectiveness will be the accuracy of your birth information. When you incarnated for this round of soul growth in the earth plane you chose particular families to land in and a time frame that had planetary placements intended to assist you in your soul lessons. This computer generated natal report reflects the astrology of you.

While I have a large number of reports that I purchased along with four of my astrological software programs, I rarely use them myself, but they can be an expedient way to receive truncated versions of several astrological queries while waiting for an in-person consultation from me. I am currently focused on offering the Kepler/Sirius program generated reports. From time to time I may offer reports generated from the other software programs I own. For an overview of the basic report parameters go here. I have printed samples where I used the same chart(s) for each of the reports you can consider here. If you are interested in an alternative report from one of the other programs email me and we will see what we can work out. Otherwise return to this product page. I did not do any of the sample versions of the transit or relocation reports as they involve too many variables. The reports will be emailed to you once I have the related birth information to create them. Are you thinking of moving or going on a trip? This is the kind of report that would be worth investigating. The idea with astrology is to discover, Well, who are you?

The Sirius natal report consists of 6 sections:

  1. How you approach life and how you appear to others
  2. The inner you: Your real motivations
  3. Mental interests and abilities
  4. Emotions: moods, feelings, romance
  5. Drive & ambition: how you achieve your goals
  6. Other influences

Other computer generated interpretation reports include:

  • Synastry
  • Transits
  • Relocation