Monthly Astro Audio Recordings:

I will be offering my rough audio recordings of what I present to the public the third Wednesday of each month at Pippa’s Real Tea in Port Townsend, Washington.
Generally this is an astrological (with a twist) portrayal of what our celestial neighbors might want us to become aware of from my/their perspective.  Take what you will and integrate it into your own worlds as you see fit.  I have been providing this public outreach for the past seven years  and am happy to offer it for your listening pleasure.  I list my monthly (most recent 3) recordings by astrological sign and year as each presentation is geared to the advent of the upcoming solar shift to the next sign.  As with life itself this is an ongoing conversation that builds on previous moments of energy exchange we can choose to plug into or not.


I have been informed that trying to follow the audio without the visual of the projector display chart I utilize in the monthly consideration is a bit challenging.  I am working on changing this to a video presentation but this may take a while.

The folks that were there did not lose interest and appreciated my handle change to “The Lively Astrologer”. We all have our moments.

Please feel free to request a chart consideration as I have been at this for a very long time, and you will definitely enjoy the energy enfold we share

Aries 2019:’s+Aries+2019.mp3

Taurus 2019:’s+Taurus+2019.mp3

Gemini 2019:’s+Gemini+2019.mp3

Talk Cosmos 2-23-19: