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Journey to the Elders

As I sit down to inscribe the events of last evening’s journeywork I see that here in Washington Sagittarius has just risen above the horizon. Mercury is as well at that very beginning of Sagittarius 0° and Venus out of bounds has just entered Capricorn. There are strong energy shifts on the move currently.

The last journey we engaged in usually has me arriving to my council of 4 elders from some African tribe. This was not to be the case last night. I found myself landing in the middle of a gathering of 12 beings in a wide circle around a cauldron. I am standing near the cauldron and can see into a swirling quicksilver and radiant mix of many colors and textures. I receive the message to plunge my wizard’s staff into the vat. A couple quick stirs and I draw up and out an erupting column of flame that expands in an upward arch out in every direction to the 12 members of this council and in a loop returns down and then back up before again plunging back into the cauldron. I can sense the removal of residual hard edges in my matrix being burned away as the flames pass.

Again I am driven to plunge the wizard staff into the colorful mixture and as I withdraw it this time a torrent of water spouts forth on a similar trajectory as the fire but with very different results. On its return from the 12 council members it is as if the entire center of the gathering is washed in a sideways waterfall coming from all directions simultaneously on its return to the pot. Aspects of my awareness are infused into the stream and plunged back into the swirling depths of the cauldron.

I know what the next energy to be extracted from the undulating pool before me will be.  As I plunge the staff deep into the liquid material and pull it back there is a howling sound and great gushes of breeze explode to the, I am not even sure is a ceiling, but some form of force field that contains the wind and creates a great cyclonic vortex swirling around the members of the council. I can sense a light emanating from all their eyes and all the colors of the rainbow seem to be whirling around and returning to where I am, lifting an aspect of me up into the air and then plunging down back into the cauldron. I sense I am made of light energy and drifting in the center.

I have now become the staff and dive into the cauldron. It is as if the cauldron itself explodes but with no noise as I am sending roots down into the earth. There is nurturance flowing in from all the 12 directions of the council and I can see my transition into a great tree with branches reaching into the heavens. The council has become 12 different types of fruit hanging from the branches. Tears begin to flow as I see the free flow of nutrients being offered to all who come near. Each draws forth from within them to know the requirements in this moment. In the partaking there is a radiant expansion-taking place involving the combined substance of an ever-growing body of energy permeating everything in its path as it grows. Then all at once there is the vision that we are moving out into a field of substance that has always been present. It is not a physical expansion but a shift in awareness of how big we actually already are.

I am humbled to have been shown this vision.

As I consider some of the ramifications of this journey, I am drawn to my work with astrology and the shamanic technique I employ as I peer into potential that resides in any astrological chart before me.  Just a flat representation of the being that has stepped forward to investigate potential direction changes that could be beneficial to their personal journey process and yet so much more.


We each are made up of multiple energy streams vying for attention in any moment of time. As we look into your makeup certain signatures of this leap to the fore. We will apply appreciation to each as part of the conversation unfolds and you engage with just how best to allow for these unique parts of yourself to effectively attune you to what your life mission might be at this time.