Journey 9-21 on-line group (Upper World)

Our group gathered as usual at 9:00 am for our weekly on-line journey process.  After the usual salutations and Happy Birthdays (for two of the members) we determined to head on to the journey process.  I reminded folks as to some potential ways to access this part of NOR (non-ordinary reality).  We shut down the audio and video aspects of our Google + Hangout and set the recording for the 15 minute drum journey.

Initially I found myself floating out in space and quick as a wink, Star Trek style, Shrem a dragon spirit assistant shot thru the scene and beamed me on board to ride on up to the upper realms.

A vision appeared that I needed to visit Jimmy, an oriental teacher whom I always find sitting lotus position floating about 6 inches above a very still pond with an outlet to a larger lake.  As we arrived Osiris took up a position on one side of the pond and Death took up a position on the opposite side.  I was essentially sitting in front of Jimmy and in the middle of the triangle of these three teachers.  I was being asked to consider a rebirthing process.  As this began the two crystals, one in my heart and the other in my head (gifts from early journeys to the other side of the mirror) began to hum and I could sense a clearing experience under way.  As this proceeded one by one others of the helping team began to emerge on the scene.  The Egyptian who assists with the control of the first crystal gift I received from the upper world and very useful in the healing procedures, and then Panther who has shown me his capacity to merge with me for deep penetration work with others on several levels, then the Crystal Goddess who placed the crystal in my heart, next was the team of indigenous locals who often accompany me on healing adventures.  As the combined energy of this team joined in the crystal clearing I could perceive that each of the 3 crystals were becoming increasingly clearer and more radiant while at the same time any muddled thoughts seemed to vanish away.

To my surprise I observed a rose appear in the middle with me and it quickly explodes at which point there was a round of joyous laughter from all sectors.  I even let  some laughter escape my lips out loud in my journey.  I became aware that both Whale and Giant Sea Turtle are swimming around this scene and sense a resonant depth to this experience that is transpiring.  I get the definite feeling that the ability to allow healing energies to more gracefully move thru me has just been kicked up a notch or two.

The call back.  So I thank everyone for allowing my vehicle to be utilized in this way.  Shrem and I depart and I am returned to ordinary reality to share with the others what has transpired.