Weekly Celestial Chatter

I will be adding weekly astrological information to be aware of from my perspective. Enjoy and use as you will…


Celestial Chatter 12- 9 to 12-15


Saturn wavelength thoughts –

There is a process of observing the path a conversation transpires amongst the planets. This is referred to as the dispositor pattern. Using the modern rulers one looks to see what planet is the ruler of the sign that another planet is within. An example from the current planetary set up is Saturn, as the ruler of Capricorn, is in its own sign so is the final dispositor for all planets in Capricorn. This would be Pluto, Venus, and Jupiter. Jupiter is the dispositor for all planets in Sagittarius; the Sun and now Mercury. Venus would be the dispositor for Uranus in Taurus. Pluto would be the dispositor for Mars in Scorpio and so on. So looking at the current planetary conversation Saturn is the final dispositor for every planet except Neptune that is the final dispositor for Pisces where it currently is traveling. This makes Saturn the final, or ultimate, focus for most of the rest of the celestial dance currently under way. You can do this with your own chart to see the direction that energy flows for your own celestial pattern.


There is a gathering of clan members in the path that the Sun is heading for. Saturn is sensing a certain comradery as those in his zone of influence are theoretically able to pay him homage. But all is not as calm as he would hope for. Venus on her out-of bounds adventure is knocking in very close quarters to our Saturn (only a degree away). Why does she not obey what the rules that have been set down dictate is the acceptable path to follow when it comes to bringing people into the control zone?


Jupiter has just arrived in this Capricorn field recently and seems to be offering support to Pluto to stir things up by its relentless digging into matters that up to this point have been so well left alone and buried so effectively. What is the deal with everyone being so restless? Jupiter seems to be being egged on by Mercury having just entered Sagittarius and carrying messages for Pluto thru Jupiter’s relentless largess. I think they are in cahoots. And then there is that Mars in Scorpio; always stirring things up and in some way in very close connection with what Pluto is about.


The Sun will soon be joining me here in the king’s realm of Capricorn on the winter solstice. Yet, there appears to be a strong call to adventure and exploration that tunes into distant calls I cannot perceive. Jupiter appears to sense this resonance as well and beckons for Pluto to tune in here. Now, how is a being supposedly in control supposed to deal with all this tangential energy?


Yesterday the Moon was dancing with Uranus down in Taurus and for some reason this got Venus even more excited that she already is. Then there is Neptune, the only other planet not tuned into all this Saturn control function, yet seemingly oblivious to all else. The Sun coming out of a Square to Neptune seems to have had very little influence on the daydream space. Mars approaching a trine to Neptune by the end of this week and it is almost as if there is a undertone of energy that Pluto is getting excited about as if to inspire even more of this excavation and composting work it has been about for these past several years messing with all my plans.


Tomorrow, Tuesday the 10th, Venus will be upon me in its last couple days out-of-bounds. I hope I can hold everything together. I am the bones of this business and even they seem to vibrate to some rather unusual frequency that brings inklings of doubt to my plans. Then on Thursday, as if to add insult to injury Venus will be dancing with Pluto. I can only imagine. This is some preparation for the weekend. At least there may be some calm in the outworking as Venus comes back within the realms of control on Friday. If only Pluto wasn’t such a long-lived energy, then this Venus signature might not tend to linger as I suspect it will.


This week the Moon will oppose our great planetary dance from Scorpio to Aquarius, so I might just suspect that this lunar pull will distract many of us from this core message I have been trying to pull off as the ruler of Capricorn. Well, maybe the full Moon of Wednesday across the Gemini/Sagittarius axis might get folks a bit worked up and with any luck confused a little so I can cast a spell from my quincunx position to befuddle their plans.


Then there is the end of the weekend. On Sunday the 13th Uranus in retrograde forms an exact trine with Jupiter in early Taurus and Capricorn. If I play my cards right I can use this disruptive energy as an opportunity to bring the team back into the fold I have so carefully crafted for us all. Of course, it would be just my luck to kick off next week with Uranus as the Great Awakener disrupting this very scenario.


So, my fellow citizens of the earth realm, how much credence are you going to allow for Saturn to continue to try and call-the-shots. We are the ones that would be wise to tune into the wisdom features of Saturn and call forth for integrity to be the call of the day as we go forward.


Celestial Chatter 12-2 to 12-8


As I don the mantle of Jupiter and prepare to shift gears from my homeport of Sagittarius to the potential I am bringing to Capricorn, there are matters of substantial import that must be ferreted out for the greater benefit of the collective. Wherever I wander many are swayed by the sense of vastness that beckons one to be much more than was ever considered. How is it that I will successfully increase the merits of collective desire and not just the few who have assumed the helm?


As I pen these thoughts Jupiter is in the last minute of Sagittarius contemplating how to stretch awareness and not lose sight of practicality. Yes, we are still in the solar season of Sagittarius and yet I am standing at the threshold of the realm of responsibility for the caretaking of a society. My capacity for far reaching visionary excursions beyond known limits may only attempt to summit the mountain peaks of Capricorn or sail to the far shores of the known seas as I enter the realm of Saturn. I know that this will be a test of wills as at every turn there may be blocks placed in my path to infinity yet, somehow I trust that the hard exterior of this Saturn shell can be softened and made a bit more pliable. We are all, or each, standing at the precipice of a dynamic moment in his-story or her-story that will require the participation of every conceivable energy we can muster in the discovery of an united affront of a beast that has assumed control over how we could prosper as a human species and still not destroy or consume the ground upon which our survival depends.


And I, if I were made whole, will draw unto me all beings into an awareness of the vital signature we each share in the unfolding story of creation.


During this last year of journey across the fields of Sagittarius, I have been allowed to explore many avenues of awakened expression and the untold potential we have at our avail to transcend limiting views to what we can accomplish if we were to discover the connective fiber of our energy signature and requirement to share our deepest longings with one another. Now that I enter the realm where I will dance with Saturn’s lineage for the next year I am counting on our resilience as incarnate beings to work together as we may never have before done to facilitate a structure that will effectively see us thru many generations ahead.


As I glance down the not so long list of events happening this week I sometimes have to wonder what I am going to say. The major shift this week will be Jupiter moving from its home sign of Sagittarius into Capricorn. As the gathering of planets is from Scorpio to Capricorn there is a very focused bunch of energy within this tight framework. Then there is the Moon that keeps on trucking along and will be moving from Aquarius on towards Taurus by the end of the week. Yes, there are a number of Sextiles aspect-wise this week but I rarely mention them as they can slip by unnoticed most often. A sextile facilitates communication between the planets involved as they are usually in elements that work together well and it is half of a trine or the same elements.


Well, let us dive into the main shift of the season. Jupiter speaks to everything that leans toward expanding or enlarging things and seeks to facilitate a broader context to embrace. Capricorn, among other things, seeks to attain optimal facilitation of what it has at its avail. Now, what kind of an animal is a sea-goat? I would hazard a guess that there is more flexibility than most might guess, able to climb any mountain, fiord any sea, and lest we forget this is the sign of the organizing principle of many large institutions in modern society and that includes government.


There has been a dance transpiring in the Capricorn field for quite a number of years as Pluto, beginning around 2008, began its long trek thru this area of the heavens. Pluto, dubbed the lord of the underworld, has been plagued with more than minor bad press for a very long time. The affinity to Scorpio, an often misunderstood or minimally understood archetype, has not helped many of us to grasp many of the dynamic functions that Pluto actually brings to the table for us to live into. It is not the intention of Pluto to only bring challenging matters into the life experience. Part of the issue has been a human penchant to not, or minimally; accept responsibility for our actions and the resulting effects. This has led to Pluto being a scapegoat to lay blame upon when we are brought up short of our expectations. Perhaps it is the expectations that we have been led to follow that are not as realistic as we had been led to believe. Pluto is an energy signature that exists seemingly far away so has been taken advantage of by many who do not quite sense its potency and given a dark list of characteristics. Would you be surprised to be able to sit down with Pluto and have a conversation? Yes, I can feel the shudder pass thru the gathered attendees. There are many titles given to the lord of the underworld; Satan, Devil, and Pluto, but the one I want to bring to your attention is Lucifer. Lucifer translates as the bearer of light. One of the functions of Pluto is that of composting. This is where items are piled to decay and turn back into soil to nurture future growth. This process involves the work of turning the compost and soil mix over regularly and exposing it to air to keep it alive. One thing that is often overlooked in the Pluto function is that its affinity for the deep, dark realms means that it can dig down into the earth (or any substance that has been left to sit for possibly too long) and turn it over or bring the buried items, substances, issues, etc. up to the surface for some airing. This is the tricky part as there are many things that have been buried deliberately from most of us that Pluto has been exposing, often for the very first time to the general public. Oh the underworld has been such a convenient place to park things under the so-called protection of beasts to keep us unaware.


It was 11 years ago that Pluto first began to tread into this Capricorn realm and 12 years ago when Jupiter last graced this field with expansive awareness. Since Pluto takes about 250 or so years to make the celestial circuit and Jupiter gets to do this ever 12 years it has been quite a long time since these two accompanied each other here. Last time this occurred was back in the time of this nation attempting to correct some rather challenging human rights issues we are still not quite up to speed on. The more interesting part is the addition of Saturn to the pot. Ruler of Capricorn and tasked with setting up rules to live by we are currently being asked to ponder on the effectiveness of our societal rule structure. These are unprecedented times. Saturn has been traveling thru Capricorn for the last couple years and being used by the powers that think they are in control to make sure that we the subjects of this system remain unaware of the buried elements that have kept a select few in positions of control over us. Pluto has been working diligently to expose factors that have been hidden from us. Can you sense a certain conflict developing here?


Enter Jupiter later today and the plot gets a twist, or is that an uptick ingredient to the stew being made. My take here is that Pluto is getting an ally to assist in the exposure process. You just have to know that those utilizing Saturn’s restrictive nature are going to be inventing many an excuse to keep us bamboozled as they sock away as much resource as they can while they still can. I would invite you to tag along on the coattails of Jupiter as we gather momentum in the Capricorn field and see what unfolds. I might suggest that “seeing” is an active verb and will require substantial input form all of us as we gather together to grab the rudder to this human angle of Earth-ship and steer our way into a brighter future.


When Jupiter enters Capricorn we will have a stellium with Venus, Saturn, Pluto and the Moon’s south node. Today Mars if forming a sextile to Venus at 8° from Scorpio to Capricorn. Energy is deep and penetrating being offered in the realm of visual arts and meaningful human interaction. Mercury, as well in Scorpio, is forming a sextile with Pluto. Communication is not meant to be just a surface experience but penetrate to the heart of what matters.


I know this is a bit longer than usual but we are on the edge of unique flavoring these days that require us to grasp matters that are not generally common to all of us. I am glad you are traveling along with the planetary beings as they express thru me, for we have work to do together.



Art of Intention Setting


While this is focused on the lunar cycle we experience on a monthly basis, it may be applied to various other venues.


The key word is “Intention”. Similar to perceiving any issue one needs to have a fairly wide net to gather the factors involved. If one were to predetermine the outcome of an experience it is likely that you will be either very surprised at what shows up and or disappointed by the results. The same can be said for the art of setting an intention. If you, in some fashion, are holding a particular end goal in mind when formatting your intention you are likely to have either of the above-mentioned results. Lets look at some examples.


Let us say that the new moon, currently in Sagittarius, is in your 7th house. It is 7th house so I could set my goal of forming some kind of relationship, maybe even the ideal life quest one. That is a lot to aim for, and while I am not trying to dissuade you from achieving this lofty goal, perhaps you should consider what you might do in your world to make the room for something along these lines to manifest. While this may not seem to be what you are attempting to bring to pass, relationship is at least a two-way street requiring common ground to be reached. Are there matters of how you engage with other people that may need to be refined and how might this be accomplished? Though that may not seem like the goal you had in mind it just may prove a vital step in that direction.


Another consideration may involve the current Sagittarius new Moon taking place in your 3rd house of communication and perception. Instead of setting you goal to write your thesis on whatever you are writing it on you might consider broadening your scope of inquiry into alternatives to your theory and set that in the intention category and be equally surprised by the breadth of perspective this brings to your considerations.


Basically, in our fast paced goal oriented culture where we seem to be faced at every turn with options to accelerate getting what we have been told we want, perhaps there are small, but meaningful, steps we can successfully set as options to ponder in each cycle we are considering.


My own pondering for this current Sagittarius new Moon in my 9th house and conjunct my natal Chiron could spur me to determine how to set up a healing platform to invite others to come from far and wide to discover how they can initiate their own healing process. I, however, have determined it would be most effective to focus on radiating the love and light that sees everyone in their perfection just as they are, and if it should happen that some may seek out how it seems they are being affected just by making contact with me we will consider delving as required into their particular situation. So, while, this idea has been rolling around and growing steadily for quite some time I can’t really say that the goal or end result has gelled to anything formal. I am on my journey.


Celestial Chatter for 11-24 to 12-1 Periodically I get inspired to offer a video of the weekly chatter and do so on one of my facebook pages. If you want to view this go to https://www.facebook.com/Astroshapeshifter/?eid=ARDwaJzd5rTDH96W_0flyyCqWqwz6idxwycdUR9iGDcauAcTQwSmkmwkKGrv-Mk95V-ScWvTQCBgmu09.


Celestial Chatter 11- 18 to 24


As I sit down today for my weekly planetary powwow, we wondered if any others might actually do similar meetings… Several things were brought to my attention. Strong emphasis in the area of the celestial surround including Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Capricorn were where most of the moving energy was transpiring. Mars was jumping up and down with anticipation as it prepared to slide on into Scorpio, The Sun seemed to be reflecting on how effective he had been at awakening folks to participation in the deep and penetrating presence of their Scorpio parts as he prepared for the shift into the wide open realms of opportunity in Sagittarius. Not to be lost in the confusion of how we gather our thoughts Mercury was nearing its station back to direct motion. And there, gracing each evening just after sunset Venus was sneaking up on Jupiter to enjoy the creation of a spectacular light show spawned by the reflection of that solar orb we pay homage to for offering us life. And there, zipping along its merry way was the Moon that will move thru Leo, Virgo and Libra this week and into Scorpio in preparation for the next lunar cycle beginning next week in Sagittarius. To the backdrop of our all too human preparation for the U.S. Thanksgiving and the ever presence of seasonal music accompanying purchase mania being pushed at every turn, there is the underlying Saturn/Plutonic impulse to in some fashion transform our headlong trajectory toward undeniable destruction that is like a tug-of-war being waged from the Capricorn impulse to make meaningful changes while still consuming ourselves out of existence. Venus has just brought to my attention that since November 12th is has been traveling out-of-bounds (oob) and will until about December 13th. Perhaps you may have taken notice of some rather peculiar social energies when it comes to how we engage with each other that may have appeared a bit over the top, or at least extended beyond what we thought were acceptable protocols.


Wow! Just another week in the celestial mix to unpack here. Let’s start with Venus, as it has been ongoing for a bit. Being in Sagittarius there is always a seeking for a most expansive arena of participation. Being egged on by Mars as it moved thru Libra taking chances is likely to be sensed. On Tuesday this week Mars will shift into its traditional rulership sign of Scorpio and may not necessarily be striving to instill adventure into the already oob Venus. Yet at the same time Venus is moving closer and closer to Jupiter, as well in Sagittarius, and you don’t often see Jupiter attempting to slow down the exploration department. Enjoy the evening show of these two if the weather where you are allows for this. They will be close in declination or the distance above or below the ecliptic. In this case it is below the ecliptic at -22° and -24° declination. So, this will be low on the horizon. They will have the backdrop of the Milky Way as they approach the Galactic Center (dark spot in the center of the MW. Perhaps this may amp up an already excited pairing of the two Benefics.


As mentioned above Mars will once again after 2.4 years enter into its traditional homeport of Scorpio. Picture, if you will, an energetic youngster that has just spent a short season in the arena of what it could possibly mean to engage in the field of relationship (Libra). Now Scorpio is the ramification of what may be possible as off spins of where relationship may travel. Here is the field of intimacy, and intensity, as well the seeking and discovery realm of investigation. I will let you fill in possibility here. Remember Mars is about action and impulse and this does not always play out as freely as Mars would aim for while in Libra. Also the energies of one sign always build onto the sign before it.


As the workweek draws to a close on Friday the Sun will shift from Scorpio to Sagittarius as a new celestial month begins. Depending on what the ramifications of your Scorpio journey when Sagittarius arrives into focus there opens a vista of opportunity to explore, travel, and exchange ideas of a large nature with others. Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius is still there, even if at the other end of the sign, and this potentially can lead to an uptick in energy available for Sagittarian adventure and philosophizing. The oob Venus in the mix begs for the requirement of others to participate.


Lest we should forget that on Wednesday of the week Mercury will stop apparently moving backwards and once again resume it forward trajectory around the Sun while still in Scorpio. This recent 3 week retrograde adventure in the land of Scorpio might have provided a unique opportunity to investigate matters that are not generally considered the most acceptable areas of discovery. This is mostly because folks do not realize the ever present, but not accepted, resonant frequency we all are part of. This can be seen, and often is, as the realm of taboo. In a way it is unfortunate that certain levels of human interaction have been painted with miss-colored overlays of information designed to in some fashion keep us subservient to rules that may or may not benefit a small minded select group that feign concern for us. What may your adventures of this Mercury retrograde in Scorpio have stimulated you to investigate?


As the weekend unfolds the Moon will be moving thru Libra and into Scorpio. On next Sunday it will cross over Mars as it approaches Mercury in Scorpio. The Moon can bring feelings to the surface so, ponder on the offerings for this weeks celestial chatter and see where you are in the spectrum of possibility as to how you will play this lunar dance. By the way Mars will exactly oppose Uranus retrograde in Taurus this next Sunday so if your seatbelt is not fastened securely you may find yourself spun suddenly into what might be termed some passionate interchange with others.

Celestial Chatter for week 11-11 to 17

Monday arrives and with the occultation of Mercury to the Sun. This is when a planet (Venus or Mercury) crosses the face of the Sun. Another term in this case is Casimi or being given the gift of sitting on the throne of the King. This is a very advantage, although short lived time frame from our earth perspective. On Tuesday very early in the morning will be the next full Moon. There is a square aspect that forms on the 13th from Venus in Sagittarius to Neptune in Pisces. As this week unfolds the Moon makes aspects to almost every planet with a particularly strong connection on the 12th while moving thru Taurus.


Here are a couple Sabian symbols to meditate upon. First for the Mercury Casimi Sun: (SCORPIO 20°): A WOMAN DRAWS AWAY TWO DARK CURTAINS CLOSING THE ENTRANCE TO A SACRED PATHWAY.


KEYNOTE:            The revelation to the human consciousness of what lies beyond dualistic knowledge.


The “Woman within”, the faith that is rooted in the deepest intuitions of the soul, is seen here as the hierophant unveiling the realities which the either or, pro and con mind of man alone cannot perceive. The path to the mystic’s “unitive life” is opened up once the darkness of fear, egocentricity and dualistic morality is removed.


This is the last symbol of the forty-sixth five-fold sequence. It reveals what a positive reliance upon faith and intuition can bring about. Courage is needed to go through the veiling darkness, the courage to venture beyond the familiar and the traditionally known, to PLUNGE AHEAD INTO THE UNKNOWN.


The next is the Sabian symbol for the full Moon: (TAURUS 20°): WISPS OF WINGLIKE CLOUDS STREAMING ACROSS THE SKY.


KEYNOTE: The awareness of spiritual forces at work.


Any emergence of life potentialities from the depth of the vast Unconscious is answered by the spiritual activity of super conscious forces in a cosmic kind of antiphony. The individual who has taken a new step in his evolution should look for the “Signature” of divine Powers confirming his progress. It may reveal the meaning of what is to come next. The “wing like clouds” may also symbolize the presence of celestial beings (devas, an-gels) blessing and subtly revealing the direction to take, the direction of “the wind” of destiny.


This is the fifth stage of the tenth five-fold sequence. It concludes a process, having experienced which the individual should find himself more securely established in his own original nature, receiving the BLESSINGS of super-natural forces.


Mercury still dancing in retrograde thru the week beckons us to choose our words and thoughts cautiously. There is indeed an invitation to investigate rather profound levels of awareness as symbolized by the conjunction with the Sun Sabian symbol indicates. While the general tendency of Mercury is to blurt out what is being thought about this may not be the time to do this.


I have been relatively busy for the past few weeks and so my astro offerings have been held at bay. Once I managed to shake off the post Costa Rica bronchial condition there was a weather window where I had to take advantage of milling up some cedar logs. Once this was accomplished I realized it would be a good thing to build a solar kiln to dry the wood for use. This is the first chance I have had to sit down at the computer for a couple weeks for any length of time.


Celestial Chatter 9-30 to 10-13


I am going to consider the next two weeks today, as I will be in Costa Rica next week. Since we just experienced the new Moon in Libra on Saturday we are heading for the full Moon in Aries on Sunday the 13th. This is known as the waxing phase of the lunar cycle so should fall provide you with clear weather you will notice the increasing Moon orb growing from the right side from the sliver it is now to its full glory. This occurs in the signs of the zodiac occupying the arena of the collective from Libra around to Pisces. From the mundane perspective there are many factors we might sense more immediately related to how we as a culture are performing. Depending on where these signs fall in your chart your mileage may vary. Since nothing every really stands still we might sense the ongoing shift of energy as we currently do the Libra dance with each other but at the same time feel the ramifications of what partnership matters might evolve into in Scorpio. I say this because in the next couple weeks both Mercury and Venus will be shifting into Scorpio. Mars the traditional ruler of Scorpio will culminate its journey thru Virgo and enter Libra once again reminding us that there can be some rather intense outcrops of what is possible when we willingly engage with one another in the realms of partnership. Pluto the modern ruler of Scorpio will go direct on Oct. 2nd and trudge on toward its inevitable meeting with Saturn on Jan. 12th 2020 still in Capricorn. Everyone is talking about this conjunction as it will include the Sun and Mercury. I will be covering this more later. To grasp the slow movement of Pluto currently at 20° Capricorn will only have moved to 22° by then.


During this next couple weeks Venus in Libra will square Pluto (actually today) as will the Sun on the 13th at the same time as the full Moon. In route to this the Sun will also square Saturn on Monday the 7th. Now many shudder in their boots at the prospect of Squares and oppositions due to their penchant for challenging moments as spelled out by traditional astrological texts. Part of the trepidation stems from the elemental variance of the squares and oppositions. 90° from any sign is another sign that is of an element that does not readily relate to where another planet is traveling. Examples are water and fire elements do not easily coexist in similar zones of influence. The same could be said for air and earth elements. Libra is air and these are the cerebral and vocal elements, and Capricorn is Earth where structure and form reign supreme. Where the issues arise with the current squares is that Venus as ruler of Libra seeks to harmonize how we get along with one another and Pluto in Capricorn is about composting any matters that have outlived their usefulness. You, perhaps, can sense how this may play out in the realm of interpersonal space. Those that are on the fence about what they represent will be challenged because they are not clear in themselves. So you might perceive that it is not the square that is the issue so much as it is the attitude we portray as out expression of understanding the larger picture we inhabit related to these energies. I am focusing in on this Square issue to bring our awareness to what is our attitude about them when they occur?


So lets wander thru the next couple weeks and see how things unfold. Today 9-30 Venus is square Pluto and we have given you some hints on how this can be played with. On Wednesday the 2nd Pluto stations to direct and any of the refining process Pluto has been attempting to make sure we are paying attention to what we may have missed as opportunity to compost something that is no longer beneficial to hang onto is now going forward with considering what is next. By the way this may exist in the realm of relationship as it is square to Libra. On Thursday the 3rd Mercury enters the Scorpio zone and how we organize our thoughts is being invited to penetrate below the surface level of things. ON Friday the 4th Mars enters Libra and the field of how we engage with one another is receiving a jolt of energy. For something a bit different, on Sunday the 6th Mercury will oppose its higher octave Uranus retrograde across the Scorpio/Taurus axis. Uranus can be perceived as the “Great Awakener” or Prometheus and occasionally the requirement of shaking things up is required in order to make us aware that we need to awaken to something other than we might be aware of. You have to ask yourself with Venus ruler of Taurus where Uranus is and still in Libra what kind of things do you think that Uranus may be wanting to shake up in order to clear our eyes or mind of what may be distracting us from meaningful direction change?


Okay, we made it thru the first of the two weeks. Now, Monday the7th the Sun squares Saturn again from the Libra to the Capricorn realms. Libra is partnership, Capricorn is the organizing principle, and Saturn relates to the rules and lesson plan. What kinds of matters could arise that may be an invitation for meaningful partner matters to be effective agents in the larger field of formulating rules to live by that will have longevity? Tuesday roles around and Venus enters the zone of Scorpio. The arena of partnership has just graduated into the zone of effects that develop from getting together with others. Since Mars is currently in Libra there is some resonance at work to fill out these ponderings. One way this could play out is that intensity may develop in interpersonal space to be aware of and Mars in Libra in energizing this. Where could that lead? A Saturday the 12th draws to a close Venus opposes Uranus. Still as the ruler of Taurus Venus now has a bit more investigative ponderings to feed to the Uranus awakening process. Perhaps the ramifications of shared resources (Scorpio/8th house) are being scrutinized a bit more thoroughly.


The week concludes with both the Sun square Pluto at 20° and the full Moon in Aries 20°. This is a T-square with Pluto at the apex. Mars the ruler of Aries in visiting Libra currently so there may be some tense energy in the air on this full Moon. I would be understating the potential for passionate interplay to not be on the table but, I would advise caution as the Plutonian signature often spells something that may be dying or passing away to make room for its next rebirthing process. You just need to ask yourself if you can effectively engage at an intimate level with another sensing that it may not have longevity in its current form.


Here is the Sabian symbol for the full Moon to throw into your pipe and ponder: (ARIES 21°): A PUGILIST ENTERS THE RING.


KEYNOTE., The release and glorification of social aggressiveness.



Here we find potency glorified as muscular strength and will-to-power. Because it is potency operating at a harshly competitive level, it can and often does imply the possibility of defeat or disfiguration. in one sense the symbol translates into social terms the primordial struggle for survival of the fittest, adding to it an eagerness for social fame and social power (i.e. money). In another sense, the ring with two fighters in it can be referred to the Tai Chi symbol and the interplay between Yang and Yin. Each of the two types of energy wins in turn. Victory is always temporary in a dualistic world.


This is the first stage of the fifth fivefold sequence of cyclic phases. Potency and the twofold possibilities inherent in any release of power are seen operating at the socio-cultural and emotional level. The symbol reveals man’s deeply rooted feeling of admiration and envy for whoever can generate OVERWHELMING POWER.


Here is the Sabian symbol for where Pluto will continue to be hanging out for some time:



KEYNOTE:            The value of competition in developing group consciousness.


Here we are no longer dealing with competition between individuals, but with competition between groups of individuals who take turns successively in order to maximize the group effort and the possibility of outstanding results. The whole of civilization is a vast kind of relay race in which groups of people and generations carry the torch of what we call “progress.” Major achievements result from the sum total of human strivings.


This first symbol of the fifty-ninth sequence stresses one especially dynamic aspect of “group performance.” Wherever this symbol appears, it emphasizes the value of group cooperation and of necessary give-and-take. One must seek to relate and adjust one’s strength to the challenge presented by competitors in DYNAMIC INTERCHANGE.


Just for some more to ponder upon here is the Sabian symbol for the Sun in this full Moon moment:



KEYNOTE: A revivifying contact with the Mother-force of nature and of social togetherness.


The sea is the vast matrix from which living organisms originally

emerged. It also symbolizes the collective Unconscious, the “matricial” envelope of the biosphere within which consciousness takes individualized forms. The consciousness of human beings is given specific form by the culture in which they live and the particular occupations they carry on in everyday work. But it is very good and healthful for their minds to become revitalized by collective experiences and deep feelings of undifferentiated unity as they merge in the vast refreshment of the planetary “Mother” where “she” is most dynamic, unlimited and unconfined by boundaries.


At this first stage of the forty-first five-fold sequence of symbols we see the foundation on which coming developments will be based. It is in a sense a biodynamic foundation, but it reaches beyond even the biosphere to what in all cosmic types of organization is the Mother principle-for instance, galactic Space. We may speak here of OCEANIC FEELING, born of attunement to the most basic rhythms of existence, at whatever level it might be.

Celestial Chatter 9-23 to 29


Libra has arrived with a tailwind. We just began fall officially at 12:50 am PDT much earlier this morning. While one of the most challenging of the astrological archetypes to embrace the potential for exchange with others is enhanced. There area a number of terms that can apply to Libra that begins with “co”. Here are a few: community, collaborate, communion, companion, connect, conspire, comingle, collective, compassion… You might get the idea that when considering the sign of Libra there are multiple ways to engage with others that offer consideration of just what can transpire as we cooperate with one another. As Caroline Casey often mentions you cannot cahoot alone. Just to be fair here, there are some factors that come into play in the realm of Libra that have a bit of edginess to them. It is said that the 7th house of the chart can signify open enemies, so terms such as confront, conflict, combat, and contempt. You may have noticed that each of these latter terms ends with the letter “t”. Words like this are hot.


Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet with the most even orbit of any in our solar system. Venus is harmony personified and seeks to express an energy that seeks to embrace most situations it finds itself in. If you were to plot the orbital matrix (arbitrary point of superior Sun conjunctions) of Venus in a graph you would see a beautiful 5 pointed star formation. Thus it is discovered that many of the Venusian expressions can be located in the realms of art, music, poetry and dance.


Now, I mentioned above there are some challenges associated with this sign. Why these exist has to do with our learning curve. From Aries to Virgo or in an astrological chart from the Ascendant to the descendant we are going thru a learning program to discover ourselves, and all the amazing aspects of what it means to be a self. Once crossing the descendant or the Libra moment we encounter others that have been on similar but not necessarily the same journeys with different results as to what being a self can mean. While this may seem to pertain to our initial encounter with others meant to challenge us, Libra is about partnership. How many of you, finding yourself in some form of partnership with another have discovered that this other has their own ideas that may not exactly be listening to that oh so harmonious tune you are humming along to? So, beyond that first engagement with a different viewpoint, one could ponder the roots of how we formulated this well crafted, or maybe not, container we refer to as “I”. Is your world filled more with open enemies or perhaps more congenial others. There is undoubtedly a mix here as there should be.


The fall season is the time of the year for harvest and the reaping of the rewards of our diligence to accomplish certain tasks. While prior to modern times this was a time of celebration for the abundance of mother nature and a community wide awareness of whether or not the winter months were going to be lean or lived delightfully with one another, we modern folk have been separated from this life cycle with nature. In our western culture the stores always seem to overflow with food of various types. Yet, we notice certain of our favorite items have either become scarce in the store shelves or have jumped in price. At this point one can use one of those “t” ending terms like complaint as a direct response to not being in tune with mother earth and the seasons of the year. On the other hand one may discover the adventure of composing with the musical notes (harvest) that have been provided from mother earth for our creative focus to combine into something delightful. There will be those who continue to fight (a hot term) against the wave of time, but I can foresee that the age lines beginning to increase on their features as well, suspect they may create issues with others in their respective world journeys. So, will it be harmony or strife? We each choose and life accommodates.


Mercury and Venus both entered Libra on the last full Moon across the Pisces/Virgo a little over a week ago. As mentioned last week, the proximity of Venus and Mercury traveling together in Libra form squares to Saturn and in short order to Pluto. While many may shy away from this I might suggest embracing this in a unique fashion. Squares are often portrayed as negative and challenging and there can be some of that in the air. What do you think of the perspective that one of the reasons for the “seeming” challenge is an unwillingness to bend and reflect our stiffness to change that is one of the main factors of life on planet earth? Do you often make attempts at portraying certain planetary beings within a rather dark vision of potential? Could it be that we may be projecting aspects of our own upon energies we just don’t understand? Saturn and Pluto, for instance, do not readily join into polite conversation without a heavy layer of trepidation. Saturn is rules and laws. Now, there are certain man made versions of these that can irk even the most placid parts of us. There are natural laws that have always been in place that supersede many of the arbitrary human versions of law. That, my friends, is an arena of law that might prove costly to ignore. Take for instance Saturn’s link to our skeletal structure. It would be a very different world should we decide to impose our druthers on our bones.


We have very recently been invited to partake in common conversation related to our climate and continued community relevance to this. We have been ignoring the impact of the western cultural impact on the carrying capacity of this earth home we reside upon as if we had options. Libra is an invitation to the table to commune, not just with each other but, with our roots in the land beneath our feet, the air we breathe, the water and the many other beings that surround and live within the human family. It is becoming more and more difficult to not give voice and support for those with no apparent voice in these matters,


Let us go back to the astrology of the week. Squares could be embraced, perhaps with a little different vantage if we saw them as assignments rather that impositions. Mercury in Libra was recently invited into the assignment of finding a common language to stimulate meaningful conversation with the organizing principal (CAPRICORN) of mankind, or at least our western culture version of this. Venus will square Saturn tomorrow the 24th and maybe we can see the assignment of inviting a partnership to develop between we humans and other living organisms on this planet. Mercury squares Pluto on the 26th this week so, maybe we could start to compost some things that we have gotten used to in our western society wants in favor of staying alive a bit longer in harmony with those who are in tune with the larger family of life on this planet. I would never argue that this is going to be an easy “task” but the ramifications are enormous.


On Saturday the 28th the Moon and Sun will dance together in the 6th degree of Libra (5° Libra) and we each are asked to grasp as best we can the significance of just how effectively we are engaging with one another in this critical time. For divination purposes here is the Sabian symbol from Dane Rudhyar’s “An Astrological Mandala” to ponder as you set your intentions for this lunar month ahead:



KEYNOTE: The need to visualize clearly one’s dreams or ideals in order to make them truly effectual


According to a French proverb, “What is well conceived can easily be formulated.” The process of interior visualization can be quite essential, except in the case of a creative individual who has become a totally pure channel for the descent of spiritual Power, and a clear lens through which the Archetype in the Mind of Man (or God) can be projected without distortion wherever needed. In other cases the creative act is less direct; a man projects into the world what he has “seen” reflected on the screen of his individualized consciousness.


This is the first stage of the thirty-eighth five-fold sequence of symbolized phases in the process of individualized existence. It is a phase of INTERIOR FORMULATION in preparation for a creative projection of one’s ideals or concepts.





Celestial Chatter 9-16 to 9-22


It’s fairly quite on the western front this week. There is a quick grand earth trine involving Moon/Pluto/Mars. Saturn completes its recent retrograde cycle for the year. Mercury has words with Saturn and there is a lunar T-Square with Neptune and Jupiter. Mercury and Venus continue their dance moves on the way thru Libra and just beginning to make their evening star appearances. Mars is still too close to the Sun to make its morning star appearance.


Last week both Venus and Mercury left Virgo and began to enliven the realm of Libra. Since Mercury is the ruler of Virgo there is definitely some uptick in the conversations related to how we get along with one another.


Saturn, the purveyor of lessons and rules and often attributed with setting certain limited constraints on our trajectories, turns direct on Wednesday this week. You have to ask yourselves if there are any matters that you may have had on hold as Saturn retrograded back the few degrees it did in Capricorn. That actually was a great time to make plans to once again set your motion on forward with effective rules in place to be meaningful and make sure there was integrity on the table. You see, wild and crazy are not generally on the table for Capricorn unless it is appropriate to the moment. The next Saturn retrograde cycle does not begin until next May, from the perspective of its other sign rulership of Aquarius. A lot will be required in the accomplishment realms before then.


Because the Moon is involved in the earth trine there is a very brief window when you may sense the increase in energy being generated by the Mars/Pluto trine. This could take the form of actually getting something done that could be transformational to the business or government side of our lives. The Moon will only inspire this for part of Wednesday.


Another lunar moment will grace Friday as both Jupiter and Neptune form a T-square with the rapid Moon. So, for that day you could sense some inspiration and an uptick in your dream times. While the dreamscape will be influenced for some time longer, you might feel it more acutely on Friday with perhaps inspiration to carry on with this process for at least a couple weeks.


On Sunday the final aspect of the week will be Mercury forming a square to now direct Saturn from Libra to Capricorn. What might be the lesson plan being discussed both behind closed doors (Capricorn) and not so much, out in the open or Libra realms and perhaps a mix in the middle somewhere?



Celestial Chatter 9-9 to 9-15


The continuation of the earth element stays with us this week. 4 planets in Virgo and 3 in Capricorn (since the Moon will only be there today Monday really 2) and 1 in Taurus. The Sun and Mars will oppose Neptune in Pisces, Mercury will conjunct Venus, and the Full Moon blesses us on Friday. Mercury and Venus will enter Libra. Well that is the nuts and bolts for this week, let’s see what kind of flesh this involves.


Earth brings practicality and structure to the fore. With so many planets in this element it might appear that the eccentric could be a challenge to embrace. Lest we should forget, we are still made up of all 12 of the zodiac signs and many other parts. Mercury and Venus have been racing to escape from behind the Sun’s rays and take their places as evening stars (bright or moving ones). They conjoin on Friday just prior to the full Moon and one day before they move into Libra. Mercury is how we think and communicate and Venus stimulates some of our esthetic side with art and friendship/partner venues. As these two planets have affinity to Virgo and Libra this transition will hopefully keep us functionally grounded as the full Moon graces the Friday evening sky.


The full Moon brings Neptune in Pisces into the mix so there may be some dreamy opportunities filling our thoughts. With so much earth in the picture don’t forget to ground yourself and not fly off into imaginal waters. The Sun will be in trine to Pluto on this full Moon, so there may be matters that you sense, wish to transform at a most profound level how your thoughts are being formulated.


Arising from the dream induced lunar dance of last night, Saturday has the shift of Mercury and Venus into Libra as well as the Mars opposition to Neptune. While part of you may sense a continuation of the dream induced lunar moves there is a practical energy that is being challenged to make sure it maintains contact with the earth. To add some spice to the mix Jupiter has been doing its long-time square dance with Neptune and playing tunes of investigation into matters of untold adventure that may beckon one to desire our feet to go wandering.



Celestial Chatter 9-2nd to 8th


Earth is the focus now with 7 planets in that element. The lineup begins with all the Virgo planets about to trine Saturn in Capricorn and almost simultaneously these same planets will be forming a square to Jupiter in Sagittarius. Mercury is racing to catch up with the Sun in Virgo and then Mars. This is the major energy of this coming week.


The lineup begins with Venus then Mercury then the Sun and then Mars as they form the above mentioned aspects from “get it done” Virgo to first “give it a purpose” to the whole, Saturn in Capricorn and then “shoot for the moon” Jupiter in Sagittarius. The trine is an aspect that can have a tailwind as the elements are the same and so conversation is not a challenge. The square is a bit more of a challenging consideration as the elements are coming from different perspectives that may take some work to decide how best to handle what is on the table.


Venus seeks to relate parts to each other. Mercury has thoughts and words to offer into whatever is being considered and in Virgo (as ruler) it is attempting to facilitate the most efficient methodology to accomplish things. The Sun (king) takes a regal approach to everything and as well vitalizes any situation it is involved with. Mars is just ready to drive forward and energize everything. All these players in Virgo may be attempting to facilitate a vital link in just what it could mean to be of service. Saturn in Capricorn (ruler) could be enticed into crafting rules of engagement with one another on the world stage. Jupiter in Sagittarius (ruler) is “damn the life boats, full steam ahead”. The square from Virgo to Sagittarius is a mutable moment and is all about change so any tensions that may be dragging their heals about this are going to experience pressure to be different and always with Sagittarius it has to do with the “big picture”.


When Mercury catches up with the Sun and is casimi on the 3rd thoughts and words might discover avenues of release that could surprise you. As that very same day Mercury has just conjuncted Mars and expect to be energized with actions. Also on the 3rd Venus opposes Neptune in Pisces so take it easy on one another, as there is opportunity to touch deeper places within each other.


I am off to a shamanic workshop for the week. Enjoy everyone you meet along the highway of life.



Celestial Chatter 8-26 to 9-1


Virgo is dancing up a storm as the planets begin to coalesce in this realm. Yesterday Venus and Mars swung past each other on the far side of the solar orb. Mercury 8° away in Leo is beginning to slip its way behind the Sun as well. The first of the Virgo travelers (Venus) forms a trine with Uranus retrograde in Taurus soon to be followed by Mars and the Sun. Mercury will enter Virgo on the same day as the Moon and the gang is all here as the approaching new Moon takes place this week on Friday. As the week wraps up the Sun conjoins Mars for almost 3 days with Mars sitting on the throne of the solar king.


So, how is your Virgo doing? No, I am not talking about someone you know who has the Sun there; I am referring to that part of you that can tune into this energy cycle we are about. Is your service quotient up to what you know you need to do? Because of the Venus/Mars do-see-do do you sense any ramifications of how you are able to tap into both your masculine and feminine parts lately? Or, are there matters that this brings up where you might be a bit uncomfortable? I am asking these rhetorical questions to get you to wonder meaningfully.


A trine aspect exists between two planets or points sharing the same element and in our current case it is earth as on Monday Venus trines Uranus and Tuesday Mars trines Uranus for a couple of days. As trines share elemental similarity there often is a kind of blindness to the opportunity to utilize this experience if one is not aware of it. While it can be very beneficial to draw upon the energy of a trine to facilitate something, it generally does not go out of its way to attract your attention to its presence. Now Uranus retreating backwards currently in Taurus is planting a profound anchor of opportunity to grasp if we have been effective in paying attention to the calls from Mother Earth? While they may seemingly have captured news headlines there is a much longer cycle to these out workings vying for attention. The Venus and Mars in trine to this are clamoring for us to, whether male or female, to potentially see our kinship with all of life and some needs that exist beyond any seeming differences in outlook.


As soon as the Moon and Mercury enter Virgo on Friday we will have only two planets that are not in earth signs. Jupiter and Neptune co-rulers of Pisces with Jupiter being in its main sign rulership of Sagittarius in a forming square to each other are attempting to assuage meaning that can transcend many of the overtly practical leanings of this time frame. I say this because Pisces in its position opposite Virgo is a vital gateway for the Virgo to tune into and round out the true meaning of service to a higher cause.


Since Friday is the next new Moon, also square to Uranus, we are invited to contemplate just what it is we might wish to accomplish by setting intentions for this next lunar cycle. You will have to see where in your chart Virgo rests to tune into what is appropriate for you. Here is a ponderable with the Sabian symbol for the degree of the new Moon: (VIRGO 7′): A HAREM.


KEYNOTE:            A fateful (even if sought after) subservience to the vagaries or desires of the emotional nature.


In a sense this symbol is related to the preceding one, while revealing a deeply contrasting phase of the emotional and cultural life. The experience symbolized here is a passive one, while that for Virgo 6° (a merry-go-round) was intensely dynamic. Yet there may be for the woman in the harem some sort of cyclic pattern and a prize to reach – the sultan’s favor. In both cases the motive power is exterior to the experiencer, who is caught in a pattern of forces over which he or she has no control; yet the child may purposefully use his small allowance to get a ride, and the woman may use her charm to attract the attention of her master. The individual in both cases finds himself one with a number of other individuals, all seeking or being subjected to the same type of experience or fate.


This second stage symbol contrasts with, but also supplements, that of the first stage. It supplements it in the sense that one may become addicted to the excitement of the merry-go-round of vital emotions and may become a slave to the hope of recapturing the exultation of the initial experiences; yet one may learn how to put to use even the EMPTINESS OF WAITING.


It is an interesting comment at the end of this that reflects how Virgo can utilize everything to further its purpose. We all just need to remember that earth, above all, attempts to make sure it is practical in many ways. Keep in mind that this new Moon is within range of the Venus, Mars and added Mercury energies to keep in the mix. Mars will add energy to everything it touches. Venus requests the added input of the other into any equation. Mercury might, in Virgo, be attempting to piece together a matrix of inclusion to invite others into considering.

Celestial Chatter 8-19 to 25


During the wee hours of last night Mars was speaking to me of its entrance into Virgo. Many were the considerations beyond what I normally would have imagined. As the traditional ruler of Scorpio there are factors that the Virgo arena was being invited to dive into that expanded the horizon lines of this often thought of dull existence? As Mars entered Virgo it moved into opposition to Pisces and this is where the story plot grew. One thing led to another as the players in this astrological realm began to chime in on how they were all in this together. Be that as it may, I am going to stay focused on our Martian energy for the moment. As the first ruler of Scorpio, Mars can take the helm and dive into levels of research that others might shy away from because of the questionable nature or dangerous avenues this can open up. Virgo, being assigned the job of getting all the facts in order, is currently being stimulated with an energy imperative to leave no stone unturned. Oh did I mention that the axis area of the zodiac Pisces was not to be left out of any of these wanderings? We often fail to take into our contemplation the requirement of the opposite signs as relevant to how we may fill out the adventure any particular sign has to navigate in its investigation of life matters.


The deep waters of Virgo’s opposite spawned thoughts of just how one is to include the function of wholeness, with no limits, into the organization of practical every day or work-a-day matters? Terms like service-oriented, self-sacrificing, practical, and hard working leap up for attention and yet also terms like crafty, patient, efficient, analytical and differentiating whirled around this vortex of Virgo contemplation. This leads to our grasp of the mentor or the sacred servant as part of the natural outworking of the Virgo archetype. In letting this all settle out or sift into refinement Mars’ entrance into Virgo is bringing some energy and potential excitement for this part of our makeup to dive into.


As the morning unfolds and Virgo is ascending over the eastern horizon, I see Venus will soon join Mars, and then the Sun shifts into this realm this week. Wednesday it will be Venus and Friday will begin the Virgo solar time of year. Currently both Mars and Venus are orbiting on the far side of the Sun and anything that has to do with either plan is brought through the energetic of solar radiation and vitality. So as Adam Gainsburg would say they are in their underworld phase as Mars shifts from evening to morning star and Venus shifts from morning to evening star. Saturday is when Venus catches up with Mars and the masculine and feminine energies are both deep within the Virgo contemplative zone.


Lest we overlook the deeper ramifications of the Virgo/Pisces axis at work, while there may appear to be a difference between servitude and being of service my suspicion indicates this is a matter of attitude. While the sweat of the brow Virgo brings things into form in the world, the magic quality of Pisces is bringing things into form that can affect the functionality of physical activity over an extended time frame.


As a caveat to the Mars consideration each of us needs to grasp just where Mars in our own chart is. This will flavor the current Mars dance steps to some extent in our own worlds.

Celestial Chatter 8-12th to 18th


The week begins with 4 planets in Leo: Mercury, Sun, Venus and Mars. That is a lot of energy available for making a scene. The Moon begins the week having to complete its passage over the Capricorn trio, and does so by the evening of the 12th. Venus is doing its superior conjunction with the Sun (far side of the Sun). It stays casimi the Sun for 2-3 days. The full Moon happens on Thursday the 15th. Friday brings Mercury into square with Uranus now retrograde in Taurus. The week ends with Mars leaving Leo and entering Virgo on Sunday.


Not sure if it is just me but, the energy uptick since Mercury went direct has be quite exciting. This week is bookended with Mercury entering Leo on Sunday the 11th and Mars leaving Leo on Sunday the 18th. For all of this week we are still being energized by the take a chance signature of Leo with what we may try and say. As the end of the week comes and Mars moves on into the sign ruled by Mercury there may be an inclination to draw our thoughts actively back towards us as we feel inspired to get organized.


Venus transits on the far side of the Sun for Tuesday into Thursday while having taken our Leonean desire of partnership into the heart of the Sun has been offered supreme momentum to realize our every wish while there. Use this opportunity wisely, as it is brief and, there are always life lessons to be gleaned. The Full Moon transpiring as we come out of the casimi of Venus/Sun could make you feel light headed.


Two weeks ago we had our most recent new Moon in Leo setting in motion an outward projection of taking chances with what we may have been holding back on for quite a spell. The full Moon on Thursday in Aquarius around 6:am PDT brings with it the potential realization of just what we set in motion at that new Moon phase. This might include an inclusion of group consciousness upon the stage of life spun off from many personal agendas discovering common ground to gather upon.


So Friday arrives and we are feeling the buzz of the recent Venusian interlude as Mercury comes into a square with Uranus retrograde in Taurus. Use your words carefully at this time as Uranus can spit out rather abruptly thoughts that may not be well received by others because they are premature or not well thought out. Have some patience if you sense a burning desire to erupt with words going into the weekend.


Mars, inspired by the recent sojourn in Leo with the Sun, over the weekend comes to the end of Leo and as such is preparing itself for the shift into a realm that is not usually quite so energetic but it is still Mars. It is in both terms and face (traditional astrology terms) during this shift which does give it strength. Once in Virgo, not so much. Remember, Mercury (ruler of Virgo) is still in Leo so has some say in what Mars should focus its energy on. One could see this as an opportunity to get prepped for getting things together with an energy vehicle available to utilize. Mars is actually laying the tracks that will be followed next week by Venus and the Sun as they approach conjunctions with Mars in Virgo. In two weeks we will have the next new Moon in Virgo with 5 planets in that sign. That will be quite the earth moment signature with 8 of the planets in earth signs at the same time. Stay tuned.







Celestial Chatter 8-5 to 8-11


As this week progresses Venus approaches ever closer to it’s superior conjunction with the Sun in Leo. This is in harmony with each making trine aspects to Jupiter just about to station in its long retrograde cycle. On Friday the 9th look to the heavens at night to view the Moon as it joins with Jupiter. At the end of the week on the 10th and 11th Jupiter stations to direct in Sagittarius and Uranus stations to retrograde in Taurus. Also on the 11th Mercury once again reenters Leo. That is the mechanics of the celestial dance this for the upcoming week.


Now, lets consider how best to ride this weeks energy wave. While the only major sign change will be Mercury entering Leo at the end of the week, there are some celestial tunes playing that invite us to peer into the large framework of life unfolding. On Monday the Sun invigorated to be in its home sign of Leo forms a trine with Jupiter in Sagittarius. There is a lot of fire energy on the move as we are invited to cast our perspective into a much larger field of consideration. The Leo show is inspired to shoot for the Moon and spread the wings of inclusion far and wide. Wednesday the 7th is the first quarter Moon in Scorpio, so are you digging deep enough into what needs to be investigated? On Thursday the 8th Venus forms a trine with Jupiter at its final moments of retrograde. The partnership boat may be inspired to engage in some flirtatious endeavors as romantic thoughts waft by not limited by stagnant rules. On Friday the evening skies are graced by the Lunar/Jupiter spectacle in the night sky though not a full Moon quite yet we may still be under the sways of that Venusian elixir.


On Saturday Jupiter is finally released from its lengthy path backwards and a long breath of anticipation is once again inspired to expand everything it touches. It is not out of the question that those struck by Cupid’s arrows recently could plunge into further bliss with recent romantic escapades. As Sunday rolls out the carpet Uranus, the Prometheus great awakener comes to a halt at 6° of Taurus and begins its next retrograde cycle that runs into early 2020.


As Sunday draws to close Mercury finally leaps from Cancer into Leo to join Mars, Venus and the Sun and inspire the wandering minstrel to pick up their instrument and play a melody for any within earshot.


For the Jupiter station degree here is the Sabian symbol to ponder with the sense of a release of energy: (SAGITTARIUS 15°): THE GROUND HOG LOOKING FOR ITS SHADOW ON GROUNDHOG DAY, FEBRUARY 2.


KEYNOTE:            The value of anticipating new turns of events and ascertaining future prospects.


In our modern industrial society where policy changes and decisions often take several years to reach full actualization, it has become essential to plan with an eye on probable future developments. Such planning requires a study of past trends and the extrapolation of the results. What above all is implied in the symbol is sensitivity to social or planetary rhythms, and the need to ensure at least relative safety by planning ahead.


This is the last symbol in this fifty-first sequence. Something of the meanings of the first four is involved in the process it suggests. In its highest form the knowledge required is “eonic consciousness”, in modern terms the new science Of PROSPECTIVE



Celestial Chatter 7-28 to 8-4


Yesterday the 28th Venus entered into Leo to join with Mars and the Sun in that dynamic and potentially extroverted energy signature. Mercury is slowing down to a stop in its retrograde path so almost stationary. We have the next new Moon this week in Leo. Jupiter is still sitting at 14° Sagittarius where it will station back to direct next week. Uranus is sitting at 6° Taurus where it will station retrograde next week. The Moon has just entered Cancer today wrapping up the complete cycle since the last new Moon. I hope you have paid attention to what the lunar function brought to light during the recent Cancer cycle.


So, during the day today the Sun will perfect a square with Uranus from Leo to Taurus. This might inspire one to suddenly take a chance on something that might even surprise them selves. Just keep in mind that Mercury is still in the final throws of retrograde and clarity of mind may not be firing on all cylinders. So, if you feel some trepidation on taking that leap of faith listen to this. Venus having just entered Leo may cause you to lean just a bit further that your comfort zone when making these decisions. Venus on its trajectory thru Leo could open up opportunity to participate with others jointly in any of those wild and crazy adventures or romantic interludes that come along.


The final day of the month brings both the stationing to direct of Mercury and the new Moon. The proximity of Venus to this new Moon might add some appreciation for artistic expression or at least appreciation into what one may set as their intention for the next lunar cycle. It is Leo, so there are aspirations for personal expression attempting to find an audience that are on the front burner for this new Moon. Here is the Sabian symbol for your pondering as you consider what might be an effective intention for the month ahead: (LEO 9°): GLASS BLOWERS SHAPE BEAUTIFUL VASES WITH THEIR CONTROLLED BREATHING.


KEYNOTE:            The need to involve one’s most spiritual and vital energies in the creative act if it is to produce significant and beautiful new forms.


The breath represents the power of the spirit, animator of all living manifestations. Because the glass blower uses his breath to shape the glass vessels, he is a fitting symbol of how deeply any creative individual has to involve his total being in his creation. He is also using the fire of the spirit-transpersonal inspiration or, in another sense, the fire of deeply felt emotions. Any creative activity which does not involve both the “breath” and the “fire” cannot transform into beautiful artworks-or indeed into any new form of order-the raw materials, remains of the past (the “sand”).


This fourth stage of the twenty-sixth sequence symbolically shows us the technique required in true and successful transforming activity. It always implies CREATIVE INTENSITY.


Well, that is all for this week to ponder upon. Summer is here finally in the Northwest so outdoors beckons.




Celestial Chatter for 7-15 to 7-22


Oh wouldn’t it be great to just take a break from so much planetary conversation to listen to. Perhaps because I do not invite in the copious quantities of miscellaneous points like asteroids, stars, etc., this just might be that week to chill out. Aside from the ongoing Mercury traveling in retrograde there is a lunar eclipse on the 16th across the Capricorn/Cancer axis. Mercury retrogrades back into Cancer on the 19th and conjuncts the Sun on Sunday as we sit down to consider what next week holds in store for us to consider.


I suspect that the lunar eclipse at 24° of Capricorn will be the energy signature of the week and this has lingering relevance to those with natal planets near this degree of the cardinal signs. As eclipses have the potential to set in motion the sensitizing of particular degrees of the zodiac this 25th degree of Capricorn will maintain significance for as much as the 3.5 years. To add to this context the proximity of Pluto at 21° of Capricorn and that it might bring certain trepidation to those that sense what Pluto can offer into any consideration. I would invite you to not paint with too broad a brush the apparent negative interpretation of this most intense energy body. Yes, it can mean death, which is actually a natural unfolding of any creative cycle. As well many often forget to include in this equation it as well means rebirth. Every ending is the opportunity for a new beginning. Since energy never dies but only changes form one might perceive an opportunity to feel an much elongated expression of the life contract even if it may not include continued existence in human form.


Seven years. In that time your entire body is totally reborn with all new parts. Perhaps having an attitude in this changing context of who we are could prove advantageous to how we engage with one another and our own awareness. Often one can hear folks using terms like “I am being stalked by death”. Due to a very manipulated format of our understanding of the natural-phenomena we all have been trained to fear this. If you were to stop in your flight pattern from death and face it to ask why it apparently is chasing you, you might be surprised as it responds with a statement like this, “it is my hope that you will actually discover what it means to be alive rather than wasting all your energy running from yourself. We do not know the season of death’s next visit but are we not truly alive in this moment and should we not be making the most of it?


Mars is currently making its way through Leo. This should be a most dynamic energy to embrace as that attitude of going for it is in the sign that seeks audience to test our resolve to be in expression as who we are. Take chances; fall in love or lust. Romance is the language of this energy signature. Yes, Mercury is doing one of its 3 retrograde cycles of each year and you may stumble over your tongue on occasion but so what? If you are attempting to attain perfection the lesson plan includes errors so that lessons can sink in and mean something.

Celestial Chatter 7-8 to 7-14


The week commences with Mercury stationed retrograde. This will be one of the main flavors for the rest of July. Aspects tend to add nuance to the conversations between our planetary neighbors. While this does not necessarily alter their archetypes, it does bring certain factors to bear on how we may be inclined to sense their particular tonal quality. After all, it does seem to be our engagement with each other where we might notice the stresses and strains as well as the moments of elation we feel. There are a few planetary conversations sparked this week by aspect to one another that it would be helpful to be aware of. Today 7-8 Mars catches up with Mercury retrograde, tomorrow the Sun opposes Saturn retrograde, on the 11th Mars squares Uranus, Sunday the 14th the Sun opposes Pluto and there is a beautiful Moon conjunct Jupiter gracing Saturday night’s sky.


Often Mercury when it does its apparent backward motion in the sky receives some pretty harsh judgment as to how it is treating us. Meanwhile this Hermes element has not become something other than what it always has been. We here on earth just may forget momentarily that this shape-shifting trickster is just as energetic as always. I just may be that there are moments in our headlong race to be somewhere we are not that our attempts to attain this need to chill out and pay attention to factors we may have overlooked right where we are. Racing the words off our tongue may not be in league with our thoughts and either immediately or down the road this will become obvious. Until July 31st this will be the case.

Beginning with a Martian amped up Leo-like desire to steal the show (make sure you understand what the show is about) and then drifting back into the sensate Cancerian realm of mother, home and family matters spiced with some eclipses that are opening portals of opportunity to change the direction of your charge. But, we will dive further into this as the month proceeds.


Tomorrow as the Sun (our vitality) opposes Saturn (the life teacher) across the Cancer/Capricorn energy stream and matters of home vs. work/career are on the table seeking resolution, remember that both are required and what is the lesson plan you, or we, signed up for. This opposition happens right on the Moon’s nodal axis and we are being queried as to whether we will be sucked into a battle with our past demons and foibles or see them as opportunity to grow forward into our path toward personal recognition and responsibility. Reminder: Mercury is still retrograde so making hard and fast proclamations in these matters should not be raced into hastily.


The Middle of last week Venus joined into the Cancer dance bringing with it the potential for inviting others to play in the sandbox of what home means to us. Guests may arrive and have patience as their scheduling may be tied up in the Mercurial confusion of “was that today or tomorrow that we planned this for?” Pack your patience as we are all wrapped up in personal time frame music to dance to. I often have to remind folks that one of the factors in play during Mercury’s retrograde movement is that one of the reasons we don’t hear one another (listen) is because the thoughts in our own heads are screaming for attention. So, if your sense that this may be the case in any conversation you find yourself in you might just throw out an errant thought or word like pumpkin pickernickle into the fray to check the conversation weather. Then, by all means share in the laughter that is potential at this point.


As we get to Thursday the 11th Mars is trotting along his merry way in Leo making sure to stir things up on his world stage and comes into a square with Uranus plugging along over there in Taurus. It is often said there is a certain tension in the air of a square. What is really happening is that there are elements at work that don’t exactly function on similar wavelengths. Leo is fire and is anxious to stir the pot vigorously and Taurus is earth and seeks to locate a calm zone of influence where it can settle in to enjoy what mother earth seeks to grant as its gifts to us. Not to spoil this unique moment Uranus has a certain cage rattling nature to it as well so one might expect some insight to be gleaned at this square that may awaken us to ways to utilize earth as a component of our presentation to the larger audience we each stand in front of.


As Saturday morphs into Sunday we will be treated to the Lunar/Jupiter sky dance overnight in the Sagittarius heavens. Jupiter is still in its long retrograde cycle but it is still Jupiter in the sign it rules and pushes hard at any restrictive fabric attempting to contain it. The Lunar influence each month can bring us to the edges of exploration that beckon us to seek the larger arena of influence we are meant to ponder. Since this aspect does not perfect until Sunday morning after sunrise what you will notice in the heavens is the Moon sneaking up on Jupiter’s position but Jupiter is at its brightest when in retrograde (you might have noticed it in the south each night for the last couple months) and the Moon is approaching its fullness so will be bright.


To cap the week off we have the Sun opposing Pluto on Sunday. Pluto, the lord of the underworld and having a certain affinity with Scorpio often stimulates terror in the hearts of humans. I would assure you that Pluto as a being never intends to scare you but has been painted as such by folks seeking to contain your capacities of being alive. Pluto is framed as death but that is so short sighted an approach that does not include the rebirth factor that is as well a part of the equation. We as humans are constantly in the process of having our physical vehicle go through a dying and rebirthing process as that which has served its purpose and is no longer vital for the body is released to make room for new growth to transpire. The saying presented by some is that death is chasing them, and if they have bought into the fear syndrome panic continues to push them in a race to their death. If actuality if you were to stop retreating from death and turn around to face it you might discover that all it is trying to awaken you to is “LIFE”. Your panic driven trajectory will kill you and you just might miss out on the magic that life all around you is attempting to make you aware of. Now, oppositions in the celestial matrix can provide perspective to situations by offering insight from different yet complimentary positions across an axis of the celestial dance floor. An Aries tunes into the process of being a self while a Libra brings with it the matter of connecting the other with the self. They are both required to bring perspective to being alive. The Leonean stage performance requires and audience and that is what Aquarius across the zodiac brings as a group gathers to enjoy the performance and is a stimulation for the group to consider as matters to come together about.


So on a closing (opening) note for this week the Sun is our vitality and as it opposes Pluto you need to determine if you want to engage with awakening to a life trajectory or run from an imagined death factor. And, to make matters more interesting attempting to ferret a path through this during Mercury retrograde. Hold your thoughts close my friends and ponder and wonder are the face of this time.



Celestial Chatter 7-1 to 7-7


This is the beginning of the eclipse cycle with a total solar eclipse tomorrow the 2nd and a partial lunar eclipse on the 16th. The lunar shadow will be passing over the south Pacific and Chili and Argentina. Mars will enter Leo later today the 1st. Venus enters Cancer on the 3rd. On Sunday the 7th Mercury will commence it’s second retrograde cycle of the year at 4° Leo and be there until 7-31 and retrograde back to 24° of Cancer which is opposed to the degree of the lunar eclipse.


Generally when there is a new Moon I suggest the idea of setting an intention for the upcoming lunation cycle. As this new Moon is the solar eclipse the energy of change and shifting direction are a bit more emphasized and setting our intentions at this time might take some more effective consideration on our parts. While the accomplishment of intention setting is never actually required to transpire exactly on a new Moon but is often in the air of contemplation, this is more so the fact during an eclipse. Partly because of the extended time frame for this kind of a cycle to play out, up to 3.5 years, we are asked to meditate on the location of the degree where it transpires. This is 10° of Cancer and those with any planets or significant points there or any of the 10° of cardinal signs with an orb of 3° to 4° are most likely to feel or experience effects from this eclipse. It has been expressed as a portal opening during an eclipse that makes where it happens sensitive for an extended season. This means that if any planets aspect this degree for the time frame of the eclipse cycle (up to 3.5 years, sometimes longer) of influence meaning is brought to focus in relation to that particular energy signature.


Cancer is the sign that brings about consideration of mother, home, and family, ancestors, nurturing, and our sense of feeling among other things, the local citizenry, and the minerals underground. It is cardinal and begins a season; summer in the northern hemisphere and winter in the southern hemisphere. Venus is the only current planet headed toward passing over this degree and that will be next week. Generally looking at the transiting planets gives flavor to the mundane experience for all of us. Your mileage may vary. Every month the Moon will cross that point and since we are currently in the Cancer time frame the lunar equation is relevant for how we all tap into our sense of feeling.


Mars shifting from Cancer to Leo will definitely be an uptick in the energy pattern as the fire sign of Leo will feel emboldened by this stimulation based planet coming on board. Since this happens only hours before the eclipse there is a bit more emphasis on the Sun as ruler of Leo and there may be self-active ego ramifications near the surface set in motion by the eclipse. The challenge will be the lunar emphasis as it blocks the light to the solar orb and is occurring in Cancer ruled by the Moon. I would suggest not getting drawn into any conflict of these two energy signatures, as they are both vital to our experience of wholeness. Also with Mars advancing on a slowing Mercury as it prepares for the upcoming retrograde thoughts and words being activated may not necessarily be overtly clear though a bit more charged than usual. This would be a good time to practice listening.


As with any Mercury retrograde cycle, preparing to accomplish things during these moments in time requires some forethought as to what you are interested in investigating while in the 3-week cycle. Always a good time to investigate if you are pre-prepared to do so, what is it that you can set up to look into more vigorously for that next 3 weeks or the rest of July. I never tell anyone not to start things during a Mercury retrograde cycle, but to use caution and pay attention if you sense that there are things that don’t seem clear as it is easy to miss details that often come clear once Mercury returns to direct motion. As Uranus sits very close to square the beginning of this Mercury retrograde cycle over there at 6° of Taurus it would be wise to be very clear on sudden financial matters that arise seemingly out of nowhere. I say this because Mars can push us to do things.


I am going to post the two Sabian symbols related to this week’s big movers here for you to use, as you feel necessary:




KEYNOTE: The value of humor in developing objectivity and independence of mind


Humor or irony is a powerful tool in assessing the value of sociocultural realities, and thereby in freeing oneself from glamor and prejudice. Laughter deconditions and often paves the way to a realization that we need not be unduly impressed by what our tradition has more or less forced upon our consciousness. The clown, of course, is the more popular manifestation of this urge to laugh, which seems to be such a basic characteristic of human nature. Caricature and satire are more intellectual forms of the same need for intellectual freedom.


In this twenty-first fivefold sequence we witness the development of true individuality in man. And the first step is a cathartic one-the ability to laugh, which includes the ability to laugh at one’s petty habits and mannerisms-indeed, at one’s own pomposity. It is a DECONDITIONING step.




KEYNOTE:            The structuring power of elemental forces during the long cycle of planetary evolution.


Dwarfing the time allowed to individual human beings, the vast periods of geological evolution not only awe our imagination, but allow the slow yet magnificent work of elemental forces as they mold landscapes and canyons, rocks and mountains. This symbol points to our need to acquire a much vaster perspective on what we are able to do-and on our yearning for prolonged youth and our pride in masculine achievements. The works of nature should make us feel humble and help us to “planetarize” our consciousness.


This fifth stage symbol concludes the first-level sequence. It stands in broad pictorial contrast to the first, or rather it seeks to impress us with our vanity as creators of forms and mental achievers. To the dramatic and proud Leo type, it presents a picture of IMPERSONALITY.


I deliberately did not go into the upcoming lunar eclipse but will in a couple weeks as this I sense is going to be the more potent of the two eclipses. Unless you have planets near the degrees of the solar eclipse you may not feel any pressure to step through the portal at this time. My sensing for the lunar one is that we will all be invited to step through the portal in some fashion.

Celestial Chatter 6-24 to 6-30


I am going to take a slightly different tack in this moment but still query for meaning to develop out of the celestial conversation transpiring all around us. Cancer, in its position in the “Thema Mundi” chart sits at the very bottom of the celestial wheel. This is an invitation to ponder our current solar position as it moves in this realm and the requirement to pay attention to the lunar influence that resonates with this aspect of the whole. While the clamoring for attention is no less evident currently from many sectors I am receiving a resonant tone that seeks to unify seemingly divergent energies.


Let us peer into some of the meanings attributed to the area of life being enhanced thru the sign Cancer. Cardinal, so there is an initiating pulse that seeks to begin consideration of matters that in this case have to do with home & hearth, family, mom, nurturing, the ancestors, our capacity to awaken to feeling or sensation, resources buried under the ground. An image I have not tapped into for some time but has always been an effective symbol for this portion of the zodiac is that of a tree, perhaps the tree of life. I would like you to imagine a steady drum beat soft at first and increasing in intensity as we feel into the essence of this tree. The leaves on the end of its branches gently sweep the surrounding sky and dance to the rhythm of the breezes as they inhale nutrient from the atmosphere to be transformed into substance. As this substance is brought within this tree it is met with nurturance that is simultaneously being transferred up thru its roots. The joining of these elements creates the outer skin of the tree being. As the wind increases the whole of the tree begins to sway and the drum becomes a bit more pronounced. Allow your thought wave to travel down thru this swaying giant. Down, down, and around this woody being. When we reach the base we see the outer expression of a similar pattern as the branches and leaves above spreading out along the earth’s surface and some deeper into the soil. There is almost a pulsing of energy that can be sensed drawing up resource from below. But wait, what is this? Here is a root like no other that appears to be diving directly downward.


We have reached the taproot. At this time I would ask you to let go of your concerns for the rest of the tree above as we are going on a journey down into the layers of our planet. You might sense a shift in your energy body from that of a physical presence to more of an energy pulse. Temperatures around you change and soil consistencies alter texture, dry, moist, cool, warm and still there is the essence of being the whole tree. You might sense that you are becoming pure vibration and humming along on the journey deeper into the ground below and around you. You might recognize that as a vibrational being there is nothing than can faze you as you speed downward. The drumming increases. Soon as you notice the temperature increasing and you are maintaining a steady motion into and thru the molten mantle and not even being affected and the drumming becomes very steady and begins to slow as you reach the hard rocky magnetic core of mother earth.


With each drumbeat you can sense a pulse flow back up that root connection to the tree above. Take a moment to look and feel around you, as the drumming has become a humming. You might notice that there are other vibrational beings present in this place and that each has a similar chord of resonance allowing this core tone to flow outward from here. Peer a bit closer to this moment and you may hear a seemingly distant beckoning call that is actually drawing forth these waves of energy from all of you there. While it might be possible to perceive this as a call from the other planetary celestial beings attempting to share in a harmonious and growing tune of resonance, actually it is much larger.


The hum of the drums is arriving with seeming words suggesting that you affix an anchor to this core place and allow your spirit to once again drift back up along these, you feel have become silver chords of connection towards the surface. You might notice that this same experience is transpiring with most if not all of the others in this core location. As you flow back up thru all the layer of mother earth you sense an embracing of pure love from every aspect of being mother represents. As the surface approaches the drumming seems to intensify and once there you shoot up and out thru the top of the tree and jettison as the energy being you are out into space. That was the Moon greeting you as you passed by. All the celestial planets salute you as you sail on out into the cosmos. Further and further as the stars whiz by. All along the drumming accompanies this journey until you seem to be slowing down with the drumbeat. You’re approaching some kind of golden effervescent mantle where you hover again in the most exquisite and enveloping sense of love. The drum speaks and says to affix an anchor here as well. As soon as you are tethered this rich love energy begins to hum and the soft drumming sends you back down your chord of connection that has turned golden in color. I what only seems like ears you can hear the most delightful chorus of song filling the entire space around you. It is at this point that you perceive an enormous web of energy stretching out across the entirety of space and you are flowing along one of its chords.


That tiny speck ahead has become our Sun and the planets greet you as one of their own and you settle slowly back down into the tree with the drumming slowly drawing to a single beat. The two chords of connection have become one and are tied in the core of your heart. Taught with potential you sense the enormity of who you/we really are. Waves of energy seem to extend from your tree but you suddenly realize that this is just a reflection of that energy wave that is flowing out from all those core connections established by you and others earlier and being beamed down from the source of all things along the web of life connection.


The head is swimming and you desire to in some fashion share this awareness with others. Yes, they might call you crazy and so what? Breathe my friend into this moment and take a few deep breaths as you hold the dynamics of the love journey you have just been invited to share in. It rests in your heart not your head. That connection to source will be with you always if you let it. The key is connection and view back to when you were at the center of the earth and all those there were sending out the love energy back to the surface. Then think about that whenever anyone is standing on the planet surface there is a radiant source below beckoning to all to awaken to their own specific connection to it. We as surface dwellers need only to allow for the radiant expression to fill our hearts and beam out thru our eyes and those that need to see will.


I wish I could provide for you the drumming aspect of this journey but if you happen to have some you like you might try playing it while you read this.


We are in Cancer now so pay attention to that lunar being as it circles around us this month and moves thru all the signs and make specific contact with each in the celestial host.


Monday the Moon moves into Aries and forms the last quarter square to the Sun – crisis in consciousness. What do you feel? We are approaching the next new Moon as a solar eclipse July 2nd. Change beckons.





Celestial Chatter 6-10 to 6-23


Going to run a couple weeks here as I will be in Phoenix when the week transitions to next. Yesterday Venus entered Gemini. On Monday the Sun opposes Jupiter. Between 6-13 to 19th Mars and then Mercury will be opposing the Capricorn group. 6-17 is the full Moon in Sagittarius. 6-18 Mercury conjuncts Mars. Also on 6-14 Mars will come back in bounds and on the 17th Mercury will do the same. 6-21 is the summer solstice and the Sun stands still as it moves into Cancer. 6-22 Venus opposes Jupiter and square Neptune.


The solar orb begins the week opposed to Jupiter retrograde in Sagittarius. One could query about individual vs. collective visions of meaning. I would interject the vitality the individual brings to the table in the larger context of far reaching matters about perspective to grow into. After all, the collective is made up of a bunch of individuals seeking to find ways to potentially harmonize a tune to pay attention to. The flexibility of the solo journey is much easier to correct than the masses.


In looking at the overall pattern of this planetary dance for this period there will be an engine change in the locomotive planetary pattern from Mars to Mercury on the 21st. with of course the monthly shift as the Moon moves thru the empty region of the heavens. Jupiter is still bringing up the rear (caboose) of the train, so there is hoped for bigger things to be gleaned. Speaking of the lunar handle that forms as she traverses the open area I notice on the 13th that the Moon is the focal point of a YOD with Venus and Chiron on the other two points with Uranus exactly opposed the Moon. AS with any lunar aspect it is very fleeting (around 8: am PDT) and will only last a few hours. This Scorpio focus for the Moon brings to point a curious Venus in Gemini and the Chiron in the early Aries dance seeking to awaken something new. The Uranus at the midpoint in early Taurus just wants us to not get too set in our comfort zone as we potentially “feel” intuitive connection with others. If you happen to have anything in the 5° zone of a sign this may be sensed a bit more strongly for you.


As Mars begins its transit opposed to the Capricorn crowd it as well trines Neptune in Pisces bringing in investigation into matters often relegated to hidden zones of influence. Often behind closed doors because of this deeper resonant field of energy demands much of our focus to get it right. Since this brings into the consideration our Saturn, Pluto and south node group rules are being considered for what could be seen as long overdue transformation. Soon Mercury will join this mix from the Cancer and Mars side to ask us to consider how we may want to portray this potential shift in perspective. Mars, even if not doing the happy dance in Cancer, is still a driving force, so this opposition has an engine sparking action that may not be the most comfortable to embrace.


Now, after the 14th and 17th (full Moon) transpire and Mars and Mercury come back in bounds there may be things that were stimulated during their brief sojourn out-of-bounds that need amending. These began in Gemini and culminated in Cancer so what wild and crazy thoughts coursed in your heads and did you share these perspectives with others and were they any of your blood family? The Gemini side of the equation in the 3rd decanate where this all began has a Pisces-like overlay so possibly attempts were made to peer thru any vale that appeared to separate us from what we were attempting to gain. Investigation may have led us off the beaten path and then as Cancer matters were initiated did any thoughts of the ancestors begin to wander into the mix? What would your ancestors view our current societal and global situations as portraying?


During Friday the 14th the Moon slips quickly thru the forming of a “kite” planetary pattern bringing the focus onto that retrograde Saturn and the S. node. At the same time there is a longer square pattern perfecting from retrograde Jupiter to Neptune at work. There are more profound ramifications to the laws and structures of society being considered as relevant to successfully steering our world ship forward.


Nest week begins with the full Moon in Sagittarius on the 17th at around 3: am PDT. This occurs quite close to the Galactic center so there is potency in the works for our collective vision. The Sabian symbol for this is: (SAGITTARIUS 27°): A SCULPTOR AT HIS WORK.


KEYNOTE:            The ability to project one’s vision upon and to give form to materials.


At this stage we see the individual creatively expressing his own particular individuality. He takes the materials available in his social geographical environment and shapes them so they reveal to other people something of his inner life and purpose.


This second phase in the fifty-fourth sequence is, as usual, in contrast to the first. The “flag bearer” symbolizes the selfless representative of a collective tradition or of national unity; the “sculptor,” on the contrary, represents man as a creative individual intent on making his mark upon society. This is a symbol of man’s capacity to transform raw materials according to his personal vision, thus a symbol Of SELF PROJECTION INTO A WORK.


As this week is preparation for the coming summer solstice on the 21st there is the winding down, or at least wrapping up of the spring adventures as we settle into the long and warmer days of summer in the northern hemisphere. There are travel plans afoot and friends and relatives beckoning a visit. The garden flourishes and there is a verdant surround of nature providing shade for those warmer moments. Tuesday Mercury begins a new synodic cycle with Mars for the year ahead. Think about an energetic send off of a thought or train of thought from this Sabian moment: (CANCER 22°): A YOUNG WOMAN AWAITING A SAILBOAT.


KEYNOTE:            The longing for transcendent happiness in the soul opened to great dreams.


Here the symbol pictures the imaginative youthful person who basically cannot be satisfied with what his or her ordinary social environment offers, and who instead is longing for the unknown visitation of which he or she has dreamed. From the unconscious beyond, the concretization of a spiritual image–spiritual because impelled by the “wind” (pneuma, spirit)–is hoped for and expected. The Beloved may come-not in a glittering opera house, but in the silence of the inner sea of consciousness.


At this second stage of this fivefold sequence the contrast with the first is strongly marked. Will the great dream become concrete? Will the emotion ready to well up in response to the Advent have its chance?


Will the EXPECTANCY of the Eternal Feminine be rewarded with reality?


Wrap this in the loving arms of a family/home setting even if you don’t have that yourself, and seek to grow into a reality that welcomes open conversation about anything. Pluto the great transformer awaits in opposition to this moment to cast a spell of death and rebirth to those old and outmoded forms no longer relevant. And the Sun seems to grind to a halt overhead as the heat of summer takes over.


Friday the 21st at 9:09 am PDT the solar orb reaches its zenith. The list of things to do and take advantage of, the sweat we are destined to wipe from our brows and the dry and dusty days of summer stretch ahead.


As the 23rd dawns Venus in Gemini opposes Jupiter retrograde in Sagittarius. One can almost sense a moment of contemplation in some relational matters. The beck of the distance calls, the memories of spring are as wisps of fog fading from memory, the young are propelled to explore and you can almost hear the words from a song long ago… “will I see you in September, or lose you to a summer love”. The saving grace to this may be the retrograde Jupiter reflecting on that long journey forward as it moderates its perspective of the all…


As the day draws to a close on this two week consideration the Moon conjoins with Neptune in Pisces so one last Sabian thought for this degree and this moment: (PISCES 19°): A MASTER INSTRUCTING HIS DISCIPLE.


KEYNOTE:            The transfer of power and knowledge which keeps the original spiritual and creative impulse of the cycle active and undeviated.


The Hindu ideal of the sacred relationship between guru and chela (disciple) has of late become familiar to a vast number of. Young and not-so-young people. The doctrine of “the Apostolic succession” in the Roman Catholic Church has a similar significance. The Power and archetypal knowledge released “in the beginning” of any cycle (or at “Creation”) must be perpetuated until the very Last Day-the Omega state of which Teilhard de Chardin glowingly speaks. This Power is the “self” of the cyclic manifestation, the unchanging Tone (AUM) of all existence’s within this cycle. It can be transmitted from master to disciple at the latter’s “Initiation.” It must be so transmitted for when the line of transmission (in Sanskrit, guruampara) is discontinued, the cyclic process begins to collapse in futility and spiritual darkness.


This fourth stage symbol gives us a clue to the supreme technique necessary for the continuation of all manifestations of power and spiritual understanding. The transmission is from person to person; it follows a general, unchanging pattern, yet it operates in terms of particular and individual circumstances. Keyword: INVESTITURE.








Update: Can’t believe I missed this. Mercury went out-of-bounds on May 27th and will be there until about June 17th joining Mars o.b. which comes back in bounds on June 14th. Mercury is how we communicate and perceive things. So, if you have felt a bit like attempts to control your words leaping off your tongue lately, or some wild thoughts jumping into your space enjoy the ride but don’t be surprised by more than a few raised eyebrows in response from others not privy to these matters.

Celestial Chatter Week of 6-3 to 6-9


So, the week commences with a new Gemini Moon today (3rd). Tomorrow Mercury enters Cancer conjoined with the Moon. On Sunday the 9th Venus enters Gemini. Wow, minimal aspect events to contemplate this week.


As with all new Moons it is time to set intentions for what you hope to work on for this next cycle. Since this occurs in Gemini one should query as to what aspects of your communication protocol may need to be refined? Are there avenues of learning that have intrigued you lately? Curious, curious, curious, is the motto of any Gemini part of us. With Mercury/Hermes fast approaching the end of Gemini, if you hesitate in determining what you intend for this next month the lunar overlay will ensue even more on your decision capacity. You then must ask questions that transcend the mental nature as you sink into the waves of feeling. Here is the Sabian symbol for the new Moon to contemplate upon: (GEMINI 13°): A FAMOUS PIANIST GIVING A CONCERT PERFORMANCE.


KEYNOTE: Individual fulfillment in the performing of a social function to which some prestige is attached.


Having entered upon the path of individualized experience that brings him in touch with broader or higher realms of super personal inspiration, the individual person is able to become himself a source of inspiration, an agent for Man and the formative Powers guiding human evolution. His role is to mobilize emotions, to present to others an image of what for most people is beyond their mediocre and lukewarm responses to the challenge of becoming “more-than-man”, to experience more intensely and to see farther. This is the role of the true and ideal “virtuoso” (vir meaning strength, manliness; thus “virtue’) and, in a far-reaching sense, of the Avatar whose example fascinates human beings, leading them to leave behind their past and to venture forth into new realms of experience.


At this third stage we see the meanings of the two preceding symbols, synthesized. One moves into new realms and successfully challenges the fears, the insecurity and the lack of self-confidence of the past in ones@ If, all negative attitudes which, while conditioned by the social environment, have become engraved upon the unconscious. Having achieved this liberation, one can bring to the environment the power generated by self-discipline, skill and self-confidence. One has become an at least potential SOURCE OF INSPIRATION.


With any fortitude you have set your sails for this month’s adventure by tomorrow the 4th as the energy shifts to Cancer as the Moon and then Mercury step over the line. The Moon is quite at home in the sign it rules so matters of place surface. Family and ancestors may come a calling, if not literally then figuratively. Since the Sun is still in Gemini season, Mercury entering Cancer is why I mentioned the “calling”. Mars, still out-of-bounds until the 14th and in Cancer may be stirring things up on the home front. Mercury may not be inclined to back seat mode here in Cancer as we are still in the throws of Gemini. Could there be words that leap out, YES. Might you consider a trajectory that is a bit more withdrawn than usual, MAYBE?


Gemini is still at the helm for the remainder of this week and on Sunday Venus will enter this sign bringing with it some of the balanced energy of how you played the Taurus dance. There may be financial matters to attend to that Gemini got carried away with in its excitement. Also on Sunday the Sun will form a square to Neptune in Pisces. Since it is Sunday are you comfortable with some meditation to consider deeper ramifications of this month’s intentions or even longer range matters.





Special of the week

Last Saturday May 25th I was part of the offering for the beginning consideration of our current Gemini Journey. Here is a link to the archives: https://1150kknw.com/archives/talk-cosmos-archive/?fbclid=IwAR3AozwMFsZjCQU9euijdew-JLqVabHywHyionLtcEuv-FLYL1cNvLPddJI




Weekly Celestial Chatter 5-28 to 6-2


Getting a bit of a late start this week because of participation in NORWAC over the weekend. Today the Moon shifts from Pisces to Aries, and with this enters into a mutual reception with Mars in Cancer for the next couple days. Tomorrow Mercury moves closer to a square to Neptune from Gemini to Pisces and an opposition to Jupiter in Sagittarius for a couple days. This is a “T” square. On the 30th Venus sextiles Neptune and prepares for a trine to the Capricorn points until the 2nd of June. Also on the 30th While there are mostly minor aspects in the works this week we are preparing for the next new Moon on June 3rd in Gemini.


Let’s just sit back and gather to us the general feel for this week ahead. Mostly we are in the preparation phase for the next new Moon when the Gemini archetype will be instigating attempts to release any pent up frustrations that appear to be holding us back. As the Moon moves from it’s last moments in Pisces today there are potential profound sensations we have been asked to consider over the past couple days attempting to awaken us to the benefits of clearing the decks for the entrance into Aries. Basically this might involve a reformulation of the parts or events that need release in order to be planted into some new moment less encumbered by things that could interfere with actually recognizing a new you. The Moon is about, among other things, the tactile sensate nature we all have. Pisces is potentially about investigating our connection to source and is probably an arena where we are faced with questions of worth beyond just the physical. As we arrive to the balsamic Mon to Sun phase on the 30th, the energetic of Aries, Taurus and Gemini are all in play. These represent the first quadrant of a basic astrological voyage. Aries is the attempt to discover of personal presence; Taurus brings into the equation personal ownership and Gemini wants to continue to investigate as many options as it can in the learning process of self-discovery. As may be evident here, the reason I brought up today’s lunar transition from Pisces to Aries, we are being asked to be ready for the potential to awaken parts of ourselves to a new adventure. In this adventure we will, if we are paying attention be asked to refine ourselves and allow the passing away of things that worked well to get us to the present but may be holding us back from what may of benefit for discovery of a new aspect of ourselves.


In the midst of these considerations we have the “T” square of Jupiter, Neptune and Mercury attempting to get our attention. Squares and oppositions present some tension into the equation of being. The reason is because squares have elemental differences of view on things. Fire and water signs may not easily hear the same music to dance to. The same goes for water and air signs. In our present case with the Jupiter in fire and Neptune in water actually have an overall resonance to draw upon as Jupiter is the traditional ruler of Pisces there is a comrade type of tune that stimulates both planets to seek life meaning that can be potentially beneficial to the whole. Mercury in Gemini has a lot to offer in communication with each of these other two players as it investigates methods of expressing this potentially larger frame of reference being considered. Jupiter is always attempting to expand perspective so its opposing Mercury is asking Mercury to not think small. Neptune in the middle stirs the cauldron of deep awareness that these two others have a may locate levels of awareness that extend deep into processing the merits of existence. Mercury being the accelerated partner in this movement as Hermes may spin tales like the wandering minstrel to inspire aspects of ourselves to stop if only for a brief moment to reflect on this larger container.


Mars, still traveling out-of-bounds, joined by the lunar movement thru Aries in mutual reception may be attempting to share an enhanced and energetic push for lunar acceleration of sensing a newness that has rootedness. I am trying to think of another way to describe this conversation as it unfolds into the balsamic lunar phase. The Moon while feeling a certain scattered activity as it moves thru Aries is receiving messages from Mars to remind it of a deeper footing, it has to draw upon from its cyclic journey around Earth and the celestial backdrop. Sometimes this may play a mellow tune that calms the waters while at others whips the sea into a frothy and choppy experience. Both options are on the table and your engagement with these two players will influence how you perceive this part of the cycle. The balsamic song begins to play as the Moon reaches the latter part of Aries and we are being asked to weigh in on the culminating part of this lunar cycle. Perhaps as the Moon traverses Taurus and holds vibrational hands with first Uranus and then Venus we will be invited to awaken, as if suddenly, from a dream to the vitality we can become if we release items that may be anchoring us in the past. The Venus could remind us of the inherent value that certain handling of what we own may inspire in us as the quality of survival we hope to live with.


As the Moon finally enters Gemini on June 2nd we have to ask ourselves if we are paying attention to Hermes the trickster and being led astray in our folly of releasing significant parts of our past hap-hazardly. On the table as well is Hermes the shape shifter offering a perspective change to view ourselves with that might awaken us to brilliant new versions of who we actually could be and maybe already are.




Weekly Celestial Chatter 5-12 to 5-19


Last evening I was watching some vintage replays of the Eagles in concert. There is something haunting about the song (not sure of title) that goes “There’s a hole in the world tonight”. I awoke early this morning with that same tune floating in my surround. I was beckoned into a conference with the planetary team where the theme revolved around human attempts to locate meaningful answers to their queries about life direction. Quickly it became apparent that while astrology does a bang up job of providing some level of meaning to our all too human dance moves, there was a lot more relevance beyond what is often couched in definitions based solely on the planetary positions at any given moment.


The term “awaken’ drifted to the front of our considerations. While this is a first house event, the out-of bounds Mars was quick to point out that few observe his desire to instill within them the essence of newness required to effectively release worn out patterns of behavior. Jupiter in the current receding opposition to Mars chimed in with the keen observation that there are moments that require stillness to bring about an all consuming halt to the charge into an unknown push for growth. Venus in a waning trine to Jupiter and nearing its shift from Aries to the home port of Taurus offered a consideration of just breathing into calmness as we spend time with one another. Both Mars and Venus in sextile and nearing their respective energy shifts to the next archetypal field brought Mercury into the equation. From a satiated quest we are drawn often to seek the next new moment was the mercurial message from a restless zone of being comforted in the bosom of Mother Earth while simultaneously extracting resources to use in seemingly meaningless endeavors of acquisition.


The solar orb around which everything seems to revolve, continues to bathe us in its radiance from the section of space assigned to Taurus holds a constant focus in an attempt to illuminate current requirements that our visit to this planet earth may benefit a much larger field of resonance. The current trine from the Sun in Taurus to the Capricorn stellium of Saturn, the Moon’s south node and Pluto beckon for a restructuring of rules to live by and continue to expose hidden truths for us to ponder.


Animism is the art of recognizing the flow of life in all things. I am informed by this planetary gathering that the hole I perceive in the world is an energetic spiral path inviting those who not only observe it, but willingly enter into this tube of resonance, might awaken in waves surrounding them, others who might heed the call. While this zone can be observed as the potential path that our planet’s orbital trajectory is following, there is a tonal quality to this emanating from without and within that opens our hearts to hear the vast level of communication transpiring in everything we are surrounded with. The trees, birds, rivers, rocks, wind, the soft footsteps of the cat, the reverberation of a heartbeat, and the perhaps not so quiet message in the eyes of those we are surrounded by, all speak in universal ways if we would but tune our capacity to hear them.

The planetary dance moves of merit this week are, Venus on the 15th moves from Aries into Taurus, Mars (still out-of-bounds) on the 16th moves from Gemini into Cancer, Mercury does the trine thing with the Capricorn stellium from the 17th – 18th, Venus catches up and is conjunct Uranus on the 17th, and the next full Scorpio Moon is on Saturday the18th.


Wednesday, a Mercury day, Venus joins Uranus, Mercury and the Sun in Taurus. Pay attention to how you are interacting with one another and if this is in concert with being a resident of planet earth.


Thursday, a Jupiter day, Mars shifts from Gemini to Cancer and family matters spring to the fore. The Moon as ruler of Cancer moves into Scorpio today, as well, so there may some intensity to the family dynamics to deal with. Mercury begins it 2-day trine to the Capricorn group, a good time to pay attention to the messages that may be being manipulated by authority. Listen between the lines for the truth.


Friday, Venus and Uranus are holding hands. Pay attention to how you interact with one another. Listen to one another, as there may be opportunity to awaken some magical places to share.


Saturday, the Full Moon Sabian symbol reads:



KEYNOTE; The capacity in man to recognize and to pay homage to an integrating Principle at the core of all existence.


This rather peculiar picture tells us perhaps a good deal about the limitations of the mind of the clairvoyant who saw it, though it can be related to the symbolism of the various creatures of a spirit world mentioned in some alchemical and Rosicrucian books. What seems to be implied is that beyond both outer nature and the realm of the proud ego, a spiritual world exists to which the intuitive consciousness of man can pay allegiance. In that world, all manifested entities are seen as multiple aspects of a central Power and Consciousness. It is such a central principle of unity that human societies have sought to revere symbolically in human, all-too-human kings. In an individual sense, this principle is the Self.


This is the third stage in the forty-eighth five-fold pattern of symbols. It adds a new dimension to the two preceding ones. At this stage the presence of a spiritual unifying factor begins to be sensed by the individual perhaps weary of the outer shows of his culture. An INNER ALLEGIANCE begins to polarize the consciousness.


Next week the chatter may increase as the Sun will move into Gemini along with Mercury.

Astro Week 5-5 to 5-12 2019


It is Cinco de Mayo


The week begins with Mars out-of-bounds (o.b.) in Gemini exactly opposed to Jupiter retrograde in Sagittarius. Yesterday the new Moon happened at 14° Taurus. On Monday the 6th Mercury shifts into Taurus and once again we have a circle of infinity in the mix with Venus, Mercury and Mars o.b. Venus in Aries is forming a square to Saturn in Capricorn that perfects on the 7th. As the Moon passes Mars on Tuesday (a Mars day) the locomotive or bowl planetary pattern shifts to a lunar engine for a bit until the bucket pattern happens as the Moon moves thru the vacant part of the heavens. Wednesday a Mercury day has Mercury passing over Uranus. Thursday Venus squares Pluto from Aries to Capricorn. Friday the Sun trines Saturn from Taurus. While there is energy on the move on Sunday it becomes more pronounced on Monday.


That o.b. Mars will be with us until June 14th so nothing new there. As it opposes Jupiter break out the dancing shoes just incase the music should catch your ears in a certain fashion.


With Mercury in Taurus Venus in Aries there may be querying for a bit of radical fast paced thought. Mars, as the ruler of Aries, and o.b. is throwing curve balls toward Venus to make sure comfort is not overplayed and that brings us back to Mercury and that is known as a circle of infinity indicating these three planetary energies are all firing at the same moment.


On Tuesday some spice or maybe a vegetable you are not on board with enters with the Saturn square to the Venusian part of that circle perhaps to temper some of the Martian dance moves. I get the image of the dance changing into the robotic form.


On Wednesday as Mercury joins hands or whatever with Uranus our thoughts and maybe words could be more open to that Martian influence and a tempered wild side could appear suddenly. I say tempered because we should not forget that we are in the season of Taurus and there is an overlay of attempts to settle in to potential comfort related endeavors. I suggest doing some gardening as this might stem the beast somewhat.


Thursday a bit more challenge can appear as Venus squares Pluto. The overpowering pressure to change or transform something beckons attention to practical matters that need input or at least recognition.


Following closely on the Venus squaring Saturn thru Pluto the Sun on Friday begins to trine this same Capricorn grouping. I may appear as opportunity to play more specifically into the earth elements of our considerations. Are we being practical? Is there something about paying attention to what mother earth is asking for our participation in? Might conversations with others need to be brought down to earth? How is your garden growing?


Other than the Moon’s first square to the Sun (quarter Moon) over the weekend things can settle down.


See you all next week for the Celestial Chatter…


Weekly Celestial Chatter 4-29 to 5-5


Yesterday Saturn stationed retrograde and is in the backward dance with Pluto and the south node of the Moon all within 3° in the 3rd decanate of Capricorn. Mars is still traveling out-of-bounds in Gemini. Saturn is heading for a sextile with Neptune in Pisces. Mercury in Aries heads toward a sextile with Mars and they are still in mutual reception with each other. All the planets are contained within half of the celestial orbit. The Moon is in its last quarter and headed for the next new Moon on Saturday this week. Time to unpack…


When all the planets are in one half of the chart this is referred to as a bowl or locomotive planetary pattern. How this function’s is that Mars, the engine and out-of-bounds is leading the pack with Jupiter retrograde in Sagittarius is the caboose. These bookends speak to a larger pattern unfolding that begins with some fiery and curious energy that may not be going out of its way to pay attention to the accepted rules of engagement. The caboose, (Jupiter) in this case, gives some indication as to how this cycle brings things to a conclusion and sets up for the next cycle to begin. Jupiter has usually got its sites set on everything expansive with the key word of “more” on the tip of its tongue. Yes, it is going backwards so some reflection is in order, but it is in Sagittarius so that larger objective may outweigh normal caution of overextending.


Saturn’s approaching sextile to Neptune is of longer-range consideration as it does not perfect until around mid June. Sextiles and Trines speak to opportunity but not necessarily the impetus to accomplish. They can slide by without lighting a fire of need into the mix and often appear as good ideas. Being aware of them as they unfold can be of assistance in taking advantage of those moments.


The Mercury sextile Mars is a bit more current and occurs this week, perfecting on Tuesday. These two traveling energy beings are working together to stimulate conversation. In Aries Mercury have words and thoughts that are excited to be expressed. We already know that Mars is pushing the boundaries of polite conversational rules. As this aspect flies by over most of this week, at least thru Friday, perhaps the attempt to pre-think our words might require some fortitude. During this sextile Mercury trines Jupiter just prior to its opposition to Mars at the end of this week, Sunday the 5th. More on the opposition will be for next week in the chatter.


Saturday May 4th at around 5 pm will be the next new Moon at 14° of Taurus. Taurus asks us to make sure that we are in tune with Mother Earth. The more in sync we are to this base energy we live upon and with (we are made up of the same elements as she is) the easier setting intentions will be for the next lunar cycle. Here is the Sabian symbol to ponder as we all set our intentions for this: (TAURUS 15°): HEAD COVERED WITH A RAKISH SILK HAT, MUFFLED AGAINST THE COLD, A MAN BRAVES A STORM.


KEYNOTE:            The courage needed to meet the crises precipitated by social ambition.


The man with the silk hat has seen some of his ambitious efforts bring him social success; but he learns that often “nothing fails like success.” The storm may be within him, or it may attack his social status. He is ready to face it daringly. This shows a willingness to accept crises and to go through them, and therefore great character, the soil upon which a higher kind of Consciousness may develop.


This is the fifth and final stage of this ninth five-fold sequence of symbols. It implies a transition to a new level at which the individual who has learned from experience demonstrates a truly mature mind. What is revealed here is CHARACTER under adverse circumstances.


This is a longer-range consideration, but the Capricorn dance energies happening in the 3rd decanate of Capricorn have a overlay or undertone signature of Virgo the previous earth sign. There are organization matters begging for attention in the arena of attempting to facilitate societal control or business decisions. As we are considering a retrograde movement here it is likely that there may need to be a re-consideration of business as usual that may not be attaining the desired results. Saturn is rules and structure, the bones of something. Pluto is about intense levels of transformation, often thru the exposing of matters that have been out of sight being exposed. The south node of the Moon could be seen as the previous lesson plan that may have not gone as well as planned or hoped for. This should not be run away from but used as a foothold in stepping forward with inspiration to utilize previous experience to inform a broader context to include but not necessarily repeat what transpired to awaken one’s potential.


Until next week’s chatter, ciao.






Astro week 4-21 to 4-28


The week begins with the Sun’s entrance into Taurus yesterday. Mars went out-of-bounds yesterday. We just had the full Moon Friday morning. Tomorrow, Monday the Sun catches up with Uranus at 2° Taurus. The Moon has just entered Sagittarius today. Pluto stations to retrograde on Wednesday at 23° Capricorn. Venus just went into Aries yesterday. All in all there is quite a bit of celestial chatter in the air this week. Let’s see if we can unpack some of this.


Right off the bat the energy shift from Aries to Taurus is something to sense as the Sun, the basic energy that drives us, has moved on from a very action packed sign into one that seeks a bit more of a respite from the fray. Taurus seeks our recognition as part of Mother Earth and to be embraced with some of the fruits she has provided for us. The first of the earth signs it is time to tend to the garden we are charged to grow with. As nothing exists in a vacuum the simultaneous shift of the Sun into Taurus and Venus shifting into Aries means that there is still some of the Arian energy in the air. Venus rules Taurus so the impulse to begin things is not so far removed from our Taurus jaunt ahead.


Not to get to laid back with the comfort factor Taurus seeks, on Monday the Sun’s dance with Uranus can indicate some upheaval potential. I say potential because this is a factor that most likely will show up for matters that attempt to stay locked into patterns of extended complacency that are not paying attention to the larger unfolding of change that is about. Uranus will only rattle you if you aren’t awake already. Some key words for Uranus are sudden unexpected change. Uranus is, as well, Prometheus or the Great Awakener. Insight is available if you are paying attention to the signs. Perhaps the focus with Mother Earth and nature needs to be front-and-center these days.


The energy of Pluto retrograde has some interesting considerations. Not so significant being retrograde as it does this dance for an extended time every year. I would consider the Sabian symbol for the degree it accomplishes this Pluto has been at 23°Capricorn since mid February and will be there until early July so that degree holds some weight and Pluto is no light-weight.



KEYNOTE: Total commitment to a transcendent goal.


A convent is a place made available by a community which believes in the possibility of reaching a world transcending state of consciousness. It is made available to individuals who may be variously motivated. To some it is an escape from the intolerable pressures of family and society; to others it represents the possibility of pursuing in peace a spiritual ideal to which the whole being aspires and is totally dedicated. The important point, in this phase of the cyclic process, is that the existence of a convent expresses another aspect of the relationship between the society (its religion and culture) and the individual. In the preceeding symbol society rewarded the individual for a noble performance in its service; here society accepts the fact that beyond its daily normal patterns of behavior and commitments, another way of life exists which, in a higher sense, also has social value. In the old Hindu society dominated by a rigid caste system, the ideal embodied in the sannyasi, the wandering holy man or yogi meditating in a forest or a cave, who had entirely given up all that caste implied, was seen to be the very culmination of the social process.


In this fourth stage symbol we see the paradoxical nature of the social process operating more strongly than ever. This derives from the fact that man’s nature contains in seed the possibility of overcoming and transcending itself in acts of complete denials and of surrender to a “higher” Law or quality of being. All spiritual techniques are indeed paradoxical. Rigid discipline conditions pure inner freedom. The final goal is the attainment of TRANSCENDENT SECURITY.


Keeping in mind that for some time ahead there will be planets in Aries squaring this Pluto position as well in Taurus trine to this perhaps as is Pluto’s nature we will be being exposed to things that may have been hidden from us on many levels to deal with effectively. When a planet does it’s retrograde move we are being asked to review matters we may have glossed over, or at least, not grasped as much as we could have the first time through. As Pluto only goes back to 21° Capricorn there are things related to the beginning of this 3rd decanate of Capricorn (Virgo overlay) that are worth pondering. Dig deep into how you suspect you are organizing your world. Are there matters with your co-workers you may have glossed over? Are there folks coming to you querying to be taught something? Are you paying attention to hidden matters in these areas that could prove fruitful for more than just you?


To switch channels here, on the 20th Mars went out-of-bounds (o.b.) and is currently traveling the Gemini highway. An o.b. planet has a certain Mavrick quality that may not go out of its way to toe the line on just what the rules say is proper. In this case we are talking Mars the energizer bunny stirring the curiosity pool at the moment. Ruler of Aries and in mutual reception with Mercury the stimulation experience to investigate new things will require fortitude to maintain the capacity to complete the study. At the same time as each new piece of the puzzle is added it is likely many more options will land on the table to distract you. On May 6th Mercury will move into Taurus following closely the next new Moon in Taurus on the 4th, shifting the Mars/Mercury flavor. Mercury attempts to grab the reigns of Mars at this point though I am not sure how effective this will be. I get the image of attempting to rope a steer. We must bring Venus into this scenario as Venus in Aries is ruled by Mars in Gemini ruled by Mercury in Taurus ruled by Venus in Aries. This is known as a ”Circle of Infinity” pattern. Anything that effects or stimulates any one of these three planets and the signs they are in simultaneously brings them all into the mix.


While this is stirring the whole kettle for all of us there are individual factors that play into just how this plays out for you. Does your natal Mars get excited at these times or challenged? Is that Capricorn part of you (we all have it) feeling the pressure these days? This is why I have been called to do chart consultations for folks. Even after 50 years of investigating this art form I am still learning and see that this will continue for the rest of my days. If your interested in coming along for the journey contact me.


Astro Week 4-14 to 4-21


Well folks Sunday evening and for today we have had the Sun trine to Jupiter retrograde from Aries to Sagittarius 24°. Fire is stimulating. The Sun wants to do something and Jupiter says how far do we need to travel to do it?


During this week we will have Mercury and Venus nearing the end of Pisces and entering into Aries: first Mercury on the 17th and then Venus on the 20th. These are both energy shifts. Our thoughts and words may appear to want to leap off our tongue and attempt to describe the arena of Pisces we have just traveled thru. Finding a willing audience will be the challenge. We are in the season of Aries and there is much attempting to be done. Venus on the other hand may have provided an awareness of a broad range of interaction potential with others and deeper self. She will not be so eager to share the breadth of that Piscean journey with others unless they are very close friends.


On Friday as the workweek culminates will be a Libra full Moon at 29°. Are your intentions set at the new Moon still on track? Since this will be inconjunct 150° from Venus at the very end of Pisces you may want to consider some last minute but profound avenues of meaningful interaction with others that exist beyond just the physical. (LIBRA 30°): THREE MOUNDS OF KNOWLEDGE ON A PHILOSOPHER’S HEAD.


KEYNOTE: The fulfillment of man’s power of understanding at whatever level of existence the person operates.


A true philosopher is a man who is able to “understand,” not merely “know,” the processes of life as he comes to experience them directly. He is the man of wisdom, different indeed from the man of science; for while there must be knowledge before understanding, knowledge alone can be both barren and destructive of wisdom. This peculiar symbol refers of course to “phrenology,” which is usually considered a pseudoscience, but may provide significant indications. Number 3 always indicates a state of completion. The symbol implies a fulfillment of philosophical understanding, which obviously has nothing to do with academic degrees or the writing of successful treatises on abstract concepts.


This fifth stage symbol is the last of the Libra series. Understanding and wisdom develop in terms of the life of community and through experiences provided by interpersonal and group relationships. Cultural factors are always involved, even though true wisdom transcends cultural values and is rooted in the essential nature of Man. What is at stake here is A HOLISTIC APPROACH TO KNOWLEDGE, based on universals.


On Saturday the 20th, along with Venus shifting into Aries the Sun shifts into Taurus and this is a huge energy perspective change. Where you have been attempting to accomplish many things it now becomes a cycle of chilling for a bit. Spring is in the air and the garden may need to be tended. Venus the ruler of Taurus having just entered Aries should provide you the energy to be up to the task.


Astro Week 4-8 to 4-14


Well, the new Moon has passed and everyone has set his or her intentions for the next cycle. That would be a one-month intensive and a 6-month whole cycle when the new Moon occurs in Libra. Today as I look at the clock chart (current) the Moon and Mars straddle the ascendant of 29° Taurus. That means Gemini is about to rise. By the end of today the Moon will be conjoined with Mars at 5° Gemini and there could be an exhilaration of feelings.


During the week the Sun forms a square aspect to the Saturn/Pluto/south node in Capricorn that lasts thru the whole week. This speaks to tension that may arise between the individual and the collective control unit (government, big business, etc.). Now we should not overlook the fact that these organizing functions of society are themselves under pressure as Saturn, the rule maker/enforcer engages with Pluto, lord of the underworld and purveyor of exposing hidden facts. Often Pluto is painted with a tarred brush for what it brings into considerations. Here are some other things he is responsible for: investigation, transformation, research, investing, shamanic processes… Perhaps there are factors of rule adjustment possible during this encounter.


Many as well, when the south node of the Moon is involved flee for a save haven to somehow protect themselves from repercussions for off color experiences they may have instigated or at least turned a blind eye to. We must remember that the south node is half of an equation and that the north node/south node is a complete package. There is a lesson plan the south node entails that if played effectively provides opportunity for the north node to utilize in the growth process. This is a continuous loop that feeds back into the next moment of new lessons to grow into. Where the rub appears to be is in our willingness to actually continue to become more than we were.


While all this is playing out there is still the Piscean imageinal soup of the unlimited frontier beckoning our participation with Mercury (how we think and communicate) and Venus (how we get along with one another) dancing with Neptune near the center of Pisces. Some might use this opportunity to seek refuge in some escape process: the bottle, drugs, sex, the cloth, or just plain dreamland. We should not forget that Pisces is the mystic, the poet, the visionary and psychic navigator. There is opportunity here to explore some rather profound avenues of ourselves if we are willing to effect meaningful change within and with others.


On Friday the Moon will oppose that Capricorn trio at the first lunar square of this cycle. From the lunar perspective of the cycle this is referred to as a crisis in action. This is also a “T” square with the Sun in the center. Vitality (Sun) is in the hot seat. Mars is still the planet that has something to say about how the Sun will respond. In Gemini, Mars may be tempted to play the storyteller, or trickster/shape-shifter, yet perhaps there even the teacher might surface. Remember Aries has an impulsive side and which of the Martian qualities might surface in your world? The position Mars occupied when you began this life journey has something to offer into the equation.


Enjoy the week…


Astro Week 4-1 to 4-7


As this week begins the Moon shifts from Aquarius to Pisces. All those wild and crazy thoughts that surfaced as Mercury concluded its retrograde cycle last week were recently being stimulated as the Moon did its dance thru Aquarius. As this week progresses the Moon will move thru Pisces and join forces with Venus and then the Mercury Neptune conjunction on its way to conjoin the Sun in the middle of Aries. This voyage of the Moon thru Pisces can stimulate feelings of energy signatures from deep within as well as seemingly far away regions of ourselves. Perhaps the general tendency to curb wanderings into creative levels of imagination might be set aside for the middle part of this week.


Mars the ruler of Aries and the end of last week finally escaped across the line at from Taurus into Gemini and the energy uptick was palpable. I am currently in a shamanic workshop online with Sandra Ingerman working with the spirits of nature. I bring this up because the Sabian symbol for this next new Moon speaks to this adventure: (ARIES 16th°): NATURE SPIRITS ARE SEEN AT WORK IN THE LIGHT OF SUNSET.


KEYNOTE:            Attunement to the potency of invisible forces of nature.


In the light of personal fulfillment (symbol of sunset and wisdom) man may be able to establish a life-giving contact with natural forces. These are active any time growth processes take place, but man’s individualized mind is usually too focused on working for consciously set goals to be able to realize concretely the presence of invisible (or “occult”) forces in operation. These forces constitute a specific realm of any planetary life. They are inherent in all “biospheres,” on whatever planet. They are non individualized and un-free energies forming in the substratum of all life processes thus of the process of integration at the level of the planet-as-a-whole, i.e. the planet as an organism with its automatic systems of growth, maintenance and organic multiplication: In this planetary organism those nature forces act as guiding and balancing harmonizing factors somewhat as the endocrine system does in a human body, and behind this system the more occult web of chakra energies related to prana – the solar energy. It is when this energy becomes less dominant thus symbolically at sunset – or when the body energy is weakened by illness, fasting or sensory deprivation, that it becomes easier to perceive these “nature spirits” and to give them forms that symbolize the character of their activities. These forms differ with the cultural imagery of each human collectivity, retaining nevertheless some basically similar characteristics.

When this Sabian symbol reaches into the consciousness of a man seeking meaning, it should be seen as an invitation to open his mind to the possibility of approaching life in a holistic and non-rational, intuitive manner.


This is the first stage of the fourth fivefold sequence of cyclic phases. It implies a call to REPOTENTIALIZATION. What this means also is the process of “becoming like a little child.”


So, as we dive into this upcoming week we should be setting in motion consideration as to just what we want to set as our intention for this next new Moon on Friday the 5th at around 2 am PDT. To add some flavor into this next new Moon, the Sabian symbol for Mars at that time will be: (GEMINI 4°): HOLLY AND MISTLETOE REAWAKEN OLD MEMORIES OF CHRISTMAS.


KEYNOTE: A longing for the pre intellectual state of consciousness.


The intellect ruled by the ego has taken all that had been seen by the translucent mind (the “glass bottomed boat’ Gemini 1°) and has given it a logical, rational form. Yet old memories of childhood and its native faith sometimes make their way into the consciousness. They are aroused by what remains of the ancestral images that once had great vitality and power (mistletoe was sacred to the Druids). The holly with its brilliant contrast of red and green recalls a more primitive and magical sense of color, as exemplified in Tibetan art. A nostalgia for more natural and feeling oriented values tends to lead to a movement of protest thus, to the intensification of the emotions in the individual personality, or to the Romantic Movement after the post classical and post rationalistic European period.


This is the fourth stage in the thirteenth series. It recalls the fourth stage in the eighth sequence (Phase 39, Taurus 9° symbolized by “a fully decorated Christmas tree.” But the vivid experience of childhood now has become only an obsessive or nostalgic memory. It heralds a resurgence of deeper values and aspirations that had been forced back into the collective unconscious. What is stressed here is the value of tradition-based archetypes during the process of “discovery,” a RETURN TO THE SOURCE. The contact with archetypes may nevertheless lead to explosive situations.


I would invite all who care to reawaken their connection to the natural surround to spend some time with any of the many aspects of the natural world as you determine an advisable direction to head in after this next new Moon cycle begins.


On a rather longer range matter Jupiter reached it current degree last week on March 27th. It will be there thru it turning retrograde on April 10th and thru the 25th as it proceeds back to 14° of Sagittarius on August 12th of this year. Jupiter and in Sagittarius speaks to an adventure into distant lands. There is an optimistic nature to Jupiter as well as good-natured joviality. Seeking to expand and grow whatever is encountered, both positive and negative, we approach an opportunity to reflect on what it is we want to grow into in a large fashion for quite a bit of this year. The Sabian symbol for the stationary degree of this Jupiter transition is: (SAGITTARIUS 25°): A CHUBBY BOY ON A HOBBYHORSE.


KEYNOTE:            The anticipatory enjoyment of powers one can only as yet dream of utilizing.


The horse has always been a symbol of power and, in many instances, of sexual energy. Until very recently the horse gave man a greater possibility of conquering more space and what that space contained. Mounted on his hobbyhorse and experiencing the to-and-fro rhythm of its motion, the well fed boy unconsciously, and perhaps nowadays half consciously, may anticipate the rhythm of the sexual act. In a sense it is also a kind of make-believe and growth through the imagination, but here – in contrast to what was shown in the symbol for Phase 261- the imagination is active at the organic body level. There is something of an initiation in the play.


This is the last symbol of the fifty-third sequence of five. It ends in a mood of play, but it is a play filled with cultural and emotional expectation, unconscious though this expectation may be. We see here the FORESHADOWING of the mature experience of manhood. (I would change manhood to read adulthood)


As we are in the transitional energy phase of this currently this is something more to throw in your pipe and contemplate. ENJOY THE WEEK AND ONWARD…





AstroWeek 3-24 to31 of 2019


Mercury steps up to the plate this week. Today the 24th Mercury retrograded back across Neptune and will station conjunct Neptune @ 16° of Pisces on the 27th. This is an all week process with Mercury energized by its placement @ 16° for the rest of the week. Sabian symbol for this: (PISCES 17°): AN EASTER PARADE.


KEYNOTE:            The capacity inherent in all great socio-cultural Images to unite the members of a community in a display of excellence.


Here we see, by contrast, the unifying power of great myths and symbols in truly organic and self-perpetuating culture. The Image of the Resurrection spurs all men within the pale of Christendom to appear at their very best and to dynamize themselves in some kind of self-renewal in response to the Christ mythos, and to the call of nature’s springtime as well. Wherever found, this symbol emphasizes the value of attuning one’s life activities and moods to the ritualistic patterns of society or Earth-nature, rather than acting in complete independence from the group.


The Collective dominates the Individual, and Yin overpowers Yang. It is a time for conformity to what constitutes the highest ideals of one’s culture and for PARTICIPATION IN COLLECTIVE PEAK EXPERIENCES.


Since Mercury is how we think and communicate, among other things, what might be the results of the recent Mercury retrograde cycle that you wander into? This is very fertile ground. Neptune has been pouring the waters of truth upon these moments and waiting for us to awaken to something new.


On Tuesday the 26th Venus moves from Aquarius into Pisces bringing that percolating social front into the next phase of seeing what the group has considered to seek a more profound level of meaning to grow with. Venus in Pisces stimulates the potential for a blending of energies, so the opportunity arises to seek and recognize the oneness of all things, not just in how to engage with other humans. Doing things together to accomplish this is great for soul expansion.


The week rounds out on Mars entering Gemini on the 31st. You might feel the uptick in energy as Mars is released from a more kicked back zone of the zodiac into the realm of curiosity and conversation. One thing to keep in mind is that Mercury the ruler of Gemini is still conjunct Neptune in Pisces so if you get strange looks from those you attempt to engage in conversation maybe allowing a little space for the words to sink in is advisable, since they are likely to be arriving from a very deep pool of substance.


During this week the waning Moon moves from Scorpio to Aquarius. If you can see the Moon dancing with Jupiter in Sagittarius on the 26th enjoy the show and perhaps expand your feeling self (hint: not a solo project).