Weekly Celestial Chatter

I will be adding weekly astrological information to be aware of from my perspective. Enjoy and use as you will…

Celestial Chatter 2-17 to 23


Bring those thought processes to focus today (2-16) as Mercury stations. When a planet is standing still in relation to our earth orbit is when it is at its most focused. This is the primer for the upcoming retrograde cycle that will last until March 9th. This occurs in the 13th degree of Pisces and the Sabian symbol from Dane Rudhyar’s “An Astrological Mandala” that brings ponder to this is: (PISCES 13°): AN ANCIENT SWORD, USED IN MANY BATTLES, IS DISPLAYED IN A MUSEUM.


KEYNOTE:            Through the effectual use of his will a consecrated man (we might as well include woman here) can become a symbol of courage for all those who follow in his/her footsteps.


Will power is the ultimate spiritual weapon, and its undeviating use is the certification of individual worth. Wherever found, this symbol emphasizes the imperative need to make use of the will in meeting the basic challenges of the inner life as well as outer adversaries.


With this third symbol of the sixty-ninth sequence we see singled out and strongly emphasized the one power in man, that is an assurance of victory in the contests generated by social (or occult) processes in which he has become an active part. The individual must use that WILL POWER, yet it is not really his own once he operates at a spiritual level. It is God’s will, operating through his mind (one should never discount the function of the heart) that focuses its thrusts. It is, occultly speaking, the power of the Brotherhood – the energy of the Whole operating through the one-pointed individual who has made this Whole aware of the need for its use in a particular situation.



While there is great accord given to the mind, and particularly when considering a Mercurial matter, it in reality can be seen as a vehicle for the heart. As we proceed thru the next three weeks of reconsideration, recapitulation, and reviewing what has brought us to this time, there is an imperative to consider or ponder the deepest and most profound of all realms and that would be Pisces. While some may lean toward the realms of escapism this is the zone of the mystic and the poet as well as the field of dreams. What can awaken within our hearts is connection to the visionary, an artist/musician or a psychic navigator. Let this sit in your hearts as you attempt to engage with your fellow travelers here on the earth plane. Some may require reminders of their responsibility and be awakened from a too stiff set of parameters likely holding them at distance from discovering the wide array of potential selves they can embrace.


On Wednesday the 19th the Sun will cross that imaginary border between Aquarius and Pisces and there may be a discernable shift that can awaken the reasons for why we gather with others to ponder life’s meaning. One could wonder where the line may be drawn between the individual task and that of the collective. As intimated in the above Sabian symbol we each bring to focus a much larger expanse of reality that includes us all, and I am not just referring to humanity.


With Mars’ advance into Capricorn on Sunday it is in a realm where it is exalted or perhaps phrased another way feels very at home. Two of the terms used to express a planet’s sense of place in the zodiac are dignity and exaltation. Dignity can indicate that there is certain recognition by the surrounding energy of a sign that may be akin to accolade for their presence, as things will get done. Exaltation takes that one step further where accolade in not required as the presence seeps into almost every nook and cranny of this ream. My sense is more along the stream of accord afforded Mars while in the Capricorn dance. Mars can have a reputation for being a bit harsh or brash with its demands, but while in its exaltation there is a comradery of sorts that allows for a more smooth flowing of acceptance that views the Martian presence for what it is and provides solace to potentially heal any wounds within this aspect of soul. I do suspect that this last thought might have surfaced from a hope on my part for an effective use of willpower that Mars can brings with it. While Capricorn’s penchant to present meaningful laws and rules required to enforce adherence to a set of desires in any leadership position, there is often a welcome of a Martian support to these ideals. If the collective is not entirely on board with the dictates provided by leadership, drawing on the Martial presence to enforce some semblance of order can be seen as welcome by the leaders.


On Friday this week Mars will come into exact trine with Uranus in Taurus and square to Chiron in Aries. The Uranus factor can create some restlessness in the air. Even as a trine, potentially overt expressions of authority may not be met with exuberance by those being overtly impacted in a less than harmonious fashion. The square to Chiron in the sign ruled by Mars can provide a lesson plan to in some way work at healing or causing wounds as an outworking of what is decided upon by those claiming to be in charge.


As the week draws to a close on Sunday there will be a new Moon in Pisces. As with any new Moon the setting of new intentions is on the table. I am going to present the Sabian symbol for this ponderable moment: (PISCES 5°): A CHURCH BAZAAR.


KEYNOTE:            The value of giving a spiritual or transcendent sanction to even the most commonplace interchanges between social persons and individual minds.


This is the last of five symbols emphasizing the interaction between people constituting a social group, small or large. It brings in the element of religious sanctions. The purpose of any organized religion is primarily to meet the need of giving a more permanent significance to interpersonal relationships within the framework of a particular way of life and culture. It helps to keep the society “whole” by making it “holy” at least in principle and ideal. It justifies human behavior by blessing it with a divine Revelation of what is good and valuable. It idealizes biological and social needs by ritualizing them.


This ends the sixty-seventh five-fold sequence on a note of RITUALIZED BENEFICENCE. It stresses the possibility of the “Presence of God” in even the most material human activities.


There is much to consider with this symbol image and description. We currently in modern culture are summoned to awaken to new and changing parameters of energetic connection to source. This awakening has in its wake the multiple religious sects that have attempted to at once contain us and awaken us to a larger perspective. This has been a provision of numerous rituals to adhere to, or at least participate in. In my shamanic studies it has been brought to my attention that there are both rituals and ceremony. Rituals can sustain us up to the point where the repetition factor becomes dull and no longer is alive with momentary awareness seeking audience. Ceremony, on the other hand, is vibrant and alive drawing on the energy of the current moment and situation. Thus ceremony cannot always be predictable for what will transpire. This harkens back more to the symbol for Mars above and can tune us more profoundly into the vibrant experience of experiencing God acting thru us. Expand that presence into this last Sabian consideration, and as the intentions for this new Moon are being pondered locate a ceremony to invite something new to be present and not repeat a ritual re-invitation of the same players to the table.


As an astrological consultant I have often heard the same requests over and over for the past 50 years; Where can I find my ideal partner? and What is my ideal job? These, my friends, are archetypes that have been drummed into our subconscious in ritual format to formulate some aspect of control over us. While astrologically it can be seen how we affect one another in unique fashion, the more appropriate questions might be how do I affect myself, and just who is the self anyway? It is possible to see compatibility between any two individuals with its challenges and similarity of direction elements. As we go thru life we all change and not every so-called ideal partner is meant to stay the same. As far as the ideal career goes one has to ask oneself what is my function in my community that will benefit the community the best?


So, now when you begin to ponder what to aim for as an intention for the next cyclic beginning perhaps doing it in ceremonial style might be appropriate. Because this is the one time of the year when the new Moon occurs in Pisces, there is a very deep and resonant pool of energy for you to dive into and depending on your ability to swim in these waters, you can go for the deep end or stay in the shallows. Neither is more right than another. We are the ones to make this determination. The plan is to jump in and make a ceremony of this act and an investigation of the mystery.





Celestial Chatter 2-10 to 16


The majority of this week’s energy signature happens at the end of the week. Now this may seem a bit on the vague realm but some weeks are just like that. Not to be relegated to the bin of minor configurations what is transpiring should be considered as a preparation phase for the three-week stint of Mercury going retrograde while in Pisces. While this begins on Sunday the 16th any Mercury retrograde cycle is a process that should be wisely approached ahead of time as a set of anticipation moments to most effectively utilize this opportunity. I can sense that for some there is a certain shudder that courses thru the body at the advent of any Mercury retrograde dance but this happens about 3 times a year and actually can provide a window into doing some effective evaluation required to refine processes one may be contemplating carrying out.


While the overt ramifications of day-to-day communications may have a tendency to run into a rough patch or so, this is still Mercury and has every intention of not changing its stripes. The thinking processes are still going to be required. Group think may not run as smoothly as one would hope but personal investigation of matters relevant to our path forward can utilize this time to dive a bit deeper into factors required to fine tune that trajectory. The trick is to gather together prior to Sunday any material you want to ponder a bit more that is related to something you sense may be more effectively utilized toward what you want to accomplish. Then during that retrograde cycle explore options. Actually making final decisions is something you may want to hold off on until Mercury is once again on its merry way forward. If there is no way to hold off on any important matters it is advisable to proofread any vital documents multiple times to make sure you are not overlooking something that you might regret at a later moment when the small print comes back to haunt you.


On the larger footprint of the usual conversations we are obliged to participate in while accomplishing our days, it is as well good practice to check in periodically to see if the other person(s) are paying attention. I say this because one of the effects of many Mercury retrograde cycles is a myopic sense of the importance of one’s thought process. Since there are so many folks tuned into their own thought matters they often do not do the best job of paying close attention to the words that are being offered for their consideration in multiple social situations. Just as an experiment while you are attempting to convey some information or thoughts to another and it appears they are not entirely paying attention to this throw in an errant word or phrase to see if there is any response. If what you are saying is critical than this checkup can prove vital.


Enter Hermes as the trickster to enliven even the most mundane of circumstances. There are some astrologers that seek to extend this retrograde footprint by including what is referred to as the “shadow” period at the front and back of any Mercury retrograde cycle. This would include the time when Mercury first crosses the degree where it will retrograde back to and proceeds until Mercury finally passes the degree at which it went retrograde in the first place. While I am not entirely on board for this extension process there are some that are either more sensitive to this or perhaps need an excuse to cover miscalculations of thought and words. In an average year Mercury is retrograde for about 9 weeks or about 20% of the year. If one were to include the extra shadow time into the calculation this could extend the potential communication snafu moments to about 15 weeks or around 30% of the year. There are times when I might be inclined to think that Hermes as the trickster was on board for way longer than even the 30% but this is most likely do to the likelihood of our modern cultural spin on what is not necessarily vital to percolating as many of our senses as possible as often as possible. I don’t want to go too far down that rabbit hole.


On the very same day that Mercury goes retrograde Mars comes to join the group of planets merrily dancing along in the Capricorn arena. Mars is quire happy to be in Capricorn as it is exalted there. Wherever Mars is there is an energy uptick that is going to present itself. Capricorn can represent the political party in power. It has been seen recently that this power factor has reached a critical threshold where it no longer appears to be in touch with the everyday life of the entire spectrum of the general public. For that matter there does not seem to be much voice being offered to general life on our planet. So, while the party in control, whatever that means, it may appear to be getting an uptick of Martian energy and I do hope this does not go to anyone’s head and thoughts of war (a truly Martian outworking) surface. While Mars does inspire action, I do hope that rational minds and even more importantly caring hearts are on board of the decisions that are critical to human life continuing on our planet. In election years it is sometimes hard to tell.

So, my friends hang in there and enjoy the dance.

Celestial Chatter 2-3 to 9 of 2020


You may have noticed that I don’t delve too much into the minor aspects that happen all the time but focus on major aspects and planetary energy shifts from one sign to the next. I do this for sanity sake on my part as it usually takes me about 1 to 2 hours to facilitate these weekly reports, and I am willing to donate that amount of energy to this process.


Our ongoing conjunction of Pluto and Saturn is still under way. You might have noticed that the rules and structures (Saturn) of our societies have been under increasing scrutiny by most of us. This is Pluto attempting to facilitate transformation at the root level. These would be the underpinnings of what might be considered the foundational pillars (laws) that govern us. I don’t want to dive too deeply into this but it would appear that there is a difference between natural law and those that some in positions of authority seem to want to live by.


This week begins on Monday with Mercury shifting from Aquarius to Pisces. I would like to unpack this a bit more than usual, as there is a Mercurial signature that dwells in each of us. Mercury is the planetary energy that queries us to think and ponder meaning. It inspires us to question matters. It stimulates our curiosity to learn and seek out new experiences. There is an organizational factor that often comes along with this gathering of information from the Virgo side of Mercury. Speech is the development of sound in an effective technique to share our experiences with one another. Mercury is excited to dance in the realms of Aquarius where it is being stimulated to come up with ideas that push the realms of the known in unprecedented ways. Words may discover unique ways of playing with one another here. The gathering into groups to share similar formats with one another is also part of the Aquarian archetype.


Pisces is not exactly the happy zone for Mercury. In traditional astrology when a planet is in the sign opposed to the one it rules it is said to be in its detriment. Before you get all bent up about this, it might be best to grasp the value of the relevance of opposing signs of the zodiac. There is a perspective that an opposite sign brings to bear on what they mean to each other. Aries is all about the discovery of self. Libra is all about the discovery of the other. There would not be the need for an other if there were no self. Step that out and the value of perspective that the other brings is vital in continuing with the discovery of a more profound self. Will there be challenges in this interchange? Absolutely, the two selves have attained their value systems from different life lesson plans. Since we are talking about Mercury here, that curiosity stream might actually be stimulated by opinion differences.


This detriment factor is only part of this month’s consideration. Mercury while in Pisces is also said to be in its Fall. This is in the opposite sign of its exaltation, which is Virgo. This may be a bit more challenging to grasp. When I was studying Hellenistic technique back along the way the description of Fall was this. Imagine you are in the bottom of a well calling out and no one can hear you. I don’t know about you, but when I picture the planet of communication in such a scenario it is not doing the happy dance. Perhaps we might want to utilize this energy cycle to do a bit more meditation and reflection on a personal and internal level. Pisces is the deepest realm of creation and oceanic in its widest parameters. While this may not curtail communicating in our larger world context it could challenge clarity being always present.


As if that is not enough to put in your pipe and consider, the 3rd week of February Mercury will begin its first retrograde cycle of the year and this runs from February 17th to March 9th. During that time the Sun will shift from Aquarius to Pisces and this can enhance our considerations of how willing are we to dive into the deep end of the pool. I will be considering this more in depth as the month proceeds. Suffice it to say that preparation will be key to how we approach this.


Late on Thursday the 7th Venus, which has been transiting thru Pisces will shift into Aries. This is where she is not so happy being in her detriment but we have already considered that as not as difficult as some may portray. Perhaps we might view this as an opportunity to glean perspective on the relevance the other plays in our adventure to discover just who we actually are. One thing to always keep in mind is that as our planetary hosts moves from one sign sector of the zodiac to the next there is an overlay of the energy signature of the previous sign that arrives with it into this next realm. So to begin this month long Venus journey thru Aries initially the potential depth of connection we may have discovered between each other (Venus in Pisces), may query our impulse to strike out on our own, if we intend to continue on some level with the relevance of comparing notes with others. Mars the ruler of Aries is still journeying thru Sagittarius so exploration of some broad reaching realms is on the table and you may not want to do this alone.


Late on February 8th is the next full Moon potentially bringing reflection on our intentions set at the last new Moon in Aquarius. See my recent Celestial Chatter post for that consideration from 2 weeks ago. I think the Sabian symbol form Dane Rudhyar’s “An Astrological Mandala” is an interesting vision that may be applicable to some as they attempt to step into new awakenings along their spiritual path. (LEO 21°). INTOXICATED CHICKENS DIZZILY FLAP THEIR WINGS TRYING TO FLY.


KEYNOTE:            The often-negative and at times ludicrous first experience with spiritual teachings.


In Near Eastern symbolism wine, intoxication, and vineyards always refer to ecstatic experiences and to the contact with mystical or occult schools. “Chickens” here suggest that we are dealing with human beings who are the standardized products of their culture, and more or less undifferentiated specimens of a social norm. Brought accidentally or prematurely to mystical or occult experiences, they usually react to them in a highly confused and “dizzy” manner. What reacts in them is the ego, and the ego can never “fly” (i.e. experience spiritually transcendental realities in an effectual manner).


This first symbol of the twenty-ninth fivefold sequence presents to us a picture of the unsatisfactory way many people today – especially young people – approach what purports to be spiritual reality. The “food” may be intoxicating, consciousness-expanding, but the inner openings lack depth and constructiveness, whether or not they produce what appears to be wonderful feelings. One may speak here of the danger Of PREMATURE EXPANSION OF CONSCIOUSNESS.


Since many of you that follow these posts are moving along a path that opens one to considerations of this kind of nature it would be wise to take your time with inviting others into this fold in haste. Even should you perceive a certain proximity to very large shifts in current world events, as they will affect us, it is important to see that things are moving, as they should. We are in the long count of days when there are things that need to pass away in order for there to be the space available for the next phase to put in an appearance. We each must choose where to place our trust and not be swayed by the choices others have made.




Celestial Chatter 1-26 t0 2-2 of 2020


There is not a substantial interweaving of the planets by aspect this week and the focus spread still is from Mars in Sagittarius to Uranus in Taurus. This might be an interesting week to tune in to the lunar dance. She moves from Fixed Aquarius to fixed Taurus this week. Since the Moon resonates with our feelings Monday, as the Moon completes its journey thru Aquarius some may breathe a sigh of relief as the energies begin to be reigned in from the unpredictable zone of invention and out there thought waves. Pisces one of the water zones provides an area for contemplation and dreams. I get the image of the Moon drifting comfortably on soft waves of the ocean as she drifts off to slumber land. While Tuesday’s dream creation is in full swing the Moon catches up to the Venus/Neptune conjunction in mid Pisces. This could have the effect of love interests wandering thru the dreamscape. It could equally bring thoughts of economics to the fore, and depending on how that realm is working for you schemes could hatch or even nightmares of insufficient funds to accomplish things. Since Pisces taps into the luminal realms relax with the heavy thoughts.


Wednesday and the peace of the lunar Pisces zone is brought up short as the Moon races into Aries and there is energy everywhere seeking to accomplish anything. Mars, its ruler, in Sagittarius sends our thoughts projecting into the stratosphere to make sure we are not missing any stones needing to be overturned. Encountering Chiron just as she enters Aries the Moon may seek to assuage our awareness of injuries, real or perceived, we have had to deal with in our earth journeys.


As Friday commences the Moon shifts into Taurus and immediately encounters a swirl of potential chaos as Uranus stirs the pot. Depending on your relationship with Uranus this lunar exposure may in Taurus fashion bring a calming quality to any riled up seas, or it could send one into emotional turmoil due most likely to inappropriate attitudes we foster toward being alive. Chill my friends. Venus is the ruler of this zone of influence and being in a harmonious dance with Neptune in Pisces where she is exalted there is the opportunity to peer thru the seemingly uneven terrain and locate a path that can calm many of the energies stirred up by Aries recently.


After the jig with Uranus the Moon heads on out to stroll thru the rest of the zodiac not occupied by any of the other planets for the next couple of weeks. Nest week the lunar oppositions will begin to present us with reflections upon our many parts at work.



Celestial Chatter 1-20 to 26 2020


As predawn arrived today I was awakened by the conversation brewing amongst our planetary tribe. The brilliance of the Sun was heralding its arrival into the sign of Aquarius and sounded a Happy Birthday to that archetype in each and every one of us. The heaven was set last week with Mercury wandering across that seeming border between Capricorn and Aquarius. Our thoughts began to tune into the hopes and wishes for a more humanitarian approach to how we engage with each other and the rest of creation. The Sun is vitality and sheds its light on everything it touches and for the past month has been illuminating all the energies at work in the Capricorn arena. This has not been any minor set of considerations and it is not over yet. Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter still have matters to iron out on effective rules that the collective might embrace. On the news this morning was a revelation that two folks own more of the money of the world than 7.9 billion others. That is almost the entire human population of the globe. There is extreme imbalance currently that is tearing at the fabric of civilization with catastrophic evidence able to be seen at every turn.


At around 7:00 am PST the Sun began it month long journey thru Aquarius. A few hours later the Moon will cross Mars at 11° of Sagittarius and the week is off and running. I arose early to see if I could see this Mars/Moon early morning star effect, but alas it was overcast, On Tuesday the 22nd the Sun would square to Uranus, the modern ruler of Aquarius. On Thursday the 24th will be the next new Moon around 1:40 pm PST. On the 26th Mars will move into square with Venus and Neptune in Pisces and be there for a couple days.


So, this week thoughts can turn toward what we may aspire to converse about with one another that may wander into the realms of meaningful trajectory forward. The Moon conjunct Mars in Sagittarius can be an inspiration to embrace action oriented to expanding our perception of the larger container of awareness we are growing into. As the Sun moves into Square with Uranus we are reminded of how we might utilize the potential for tension in the air to awaken each other to humanities responsibility to all aspects of our global community. The square at the end of the week between Mars and the Venus/Neptune expression require us to look to Jupiter as the ruler of both Sagittarius and Pisces. As the potential leader/king quality of Jupiter is working its way thru Capricorn it is serving as a reminder of integrity required in any leadership role. The energetic exploration by Mars of the larger context of all of reality must pay attention to the deepest zone of resonance that Pisces is tuning into and with Venus there others are required to harmonize this energy. The square indicates there are factors that require resolution here. The Neptune in this mix is a reminder of the vitality of the spiritual side of this equation and not to curtail our creative imagination. The Sabian symbol from Dane Rudhyar’s “An Astrological Mandala” might be worth pondering as we set our intentions for this next lunation cycle, and perhaps a bit longer: (AQUARIUS 5°): A COUNCIL OF ANCESTORS IS SEEN IMPLEMENTING THE EFFORTS OF A YOUNG LEADER.


KEYNOTE:            The Root foundation of past performances which power and sustain whatever decision is made in a crisis by an individual.


The whole past of mankind stands behind any individual effort, especially in times of critical decisions. The endeavor of the priests who built the California missions had behind it the whole past of Catholic proselytizing, i.e. the attempt to bring the “Good News” to all people of the Earth. Every individual is far more dependent upon the strength of his ancestors’ achievement or oppressed by their failures and lack of vision, than he usually believes. This can mean a hidden foundation of individual strength, or the inertia of a tradition unable to transcend its limited origins.


This is the last symbol in the sixty-first fivefold sequence. It suggests that in many situations RELIANCE UPON PRECEDENTS will enable the aspirant to greatness to tap the power of his deepest roots.


I would suggest careful embracing of this Sabian symbol interpretation. There are those who seek, in the ancestral portrayal, recent underpinnings of the systems in place. I might suggest tapping into an ancestral lineage that stretches from the ancient times and tuning into a loving and caring group of souls that while providing a resonance for us to tune into are seeking our participation in an unbroken line of ancestral hope that our descendants will appreciate and be very thankful for what it is we stand for.


Over the past 12 years we have seen Pluto enter Capricorn, Neptune move thru the last decan (10°) of Aquarius and into the middle of Pisces, and Uranus move from the middle of Pisces to the early degrees of Taurus. If we were to expand our view back to the beginning of this century we would discover that Uranus was in Aquarius. This paints a picture of each of the collective transformational planets having traveled in their own sign rulership over the past 20 years. Signatures of change have been in the winds and many have been considering the shifting of the Ages from Pisces to Aquarius. While I can’t recommend for anyone to be holding his or her breath on this, I would guarantee that it is under way. Our modern culture has painted scenarios of hard lines of separation between everything and the accelerated pace we seem to be moving at has folks expecting to perceive these abrupt changes occurring before their eyes. The Great Ages cover about 2000 years apiece. The energy shift from one to another can, and should, be perceived in a much more organic and lengthy scenario that plays out over hundreds of years. That being said, we are in the heart of this shift. Many of the old ways are being challenged as not appropriate for human sustainability. New ideas still smack of repackaged old terminology and many of our young perceive this. I bring this up because we are only 3 years away from Pluto shifting from Capricorn to Aquarius.


Pluto serves a function that can be seen as a reformulation of outmoded methods being offered the opportunity to resolve old issues by dying and providing space for the next new steps to start to unfold. Always the key to Pluto is death and rebirth. I recently listened to a podcast by a brilliant astrologer talking about this Pluto shift that is coming down the pike and preparing for the shift into the Aquarian zone of influence. Here is a link to tune into this if you’re so interested: https://www.astrologyuniversity.com/advice-for-a-new-generation-of-astrologers/


One of the factors about Capricorn and Aquarius is that they are both ruled by Saturn. Saturn has may handles and one is father time. I would suggest that time from the Capricorn frame of reference has a tendency to lean upon past performance as vital for current rules of the road. Aquarius, on the other hand, peers ahead along that same road to see what might be coming to embrace.


Pluto takes about 250 years to make the celestial circuit, which place us currently in the Pluto return from around 1770. And, while I am not saying that there might be a repetition of events similar to then we might be expecting now, it is worth pondering on where we are currently and if there might be matters we need to reconsider.


Traveling back thru time to around the 1760’s there is a certain restlessness stirring in the British colonies of North America. Pluto is near the middle of Capricorn and Uranus is making its way thru the early portion of Taurus. Saturn is setting up to oppose Pluto from Cancer. Cancer is essentially home. Capricorn, among other things, is the establishment of a set of rules to govern by. A growing tension was brewing between the colonial empire and the British rules and taxation. By 1773 a tipping point was reached and the Boston Tea Party transpired. “Taxation Without Representation” was the straw in this case. A grand trine was at work with the three outermost planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Even though Uranus had been discovered by our ancient ancestors it was not yet officially recognized as part of the celestial dance players. After all, it had only been a short while ago that the world had been described as flat.


War broke out to relinquish the British stranglehold upon the colonies. By 1776 we were granted freedom from our British overlords. Uranus had moved into Gemini during the battle stages of this break. Saturn had moved on to Libra and the lessons of dealing with each other were on the table. Neptune, though not yet discovered was traveling in lock step trine with Pluto from the Virgo region of the cosmos. Pluto was rebirthing some form of rulership to format our new nation and Neptune sought to ponder meaningful context. It is interesting to note that Virgo can indicate a form of subservience. In the ancient format this is not such a pretty picture. From the more current version of Virgo it should be recognized that while we are not all equal there is still something to be gleaned from spending time with one another in the learning experience. Mentorship is a more appropriate term to grasp the relationship of one to another these days. Though the participants in constructing the Declaration of Independence may not have been aware of these larger energies that trine aspect was at work in the formulation of words that would be appropriate for establishing the parameters required for our budding nation to move forward.


Celestial Chatter 1-13 to 19 2020


If I were to sum up this upcoming week it would be energy shifts happening. Uranus went direct on Saturday the 11th. Today Venus enters Pisces. On Thursday the 16th Mercury enters Aquarius. And at the very beginning of next week the Sun enters Aquarius on the 20th.


Uranus, after plodding along in retrograde since 8-12 last year, is once again headed forward. The Great Awakener or Prometheus, and often given the attribute of creating upheaval by suddenly changing direction, brings up questions related to matters of resource management or accumulation and if we are being stewards of this garden planet or not.


Venus has been excited to share comradery with many folks that are tuned into similar archetypal trajectories. This could have had the effect of meaningful interaction with each other as we gathered together to discuss things. Today she shifts into Pisces and the next level of energy to ponder is, just how do we bring those group/individual processes into alignment with the deeper and more profound meaning of life. This will involve a refinement of many things that while overtly helpful to allowing us to arrive here may or may not be as relevant if we are to set in motion a refined seed to be planted into the next new moment.


On Thursday Mercury, having stirred the pot in its out-of-bounds sojourn thru Capricorn, steps from the realm of past time into the avenue of future time, Aquarius. All those thoughts that seem to have weighed us down back along the way are up for review as we set our thinking into forward motion. While in Capricorn there were many matters that had to do with governance, that are currently under scrutiny. Now in Aquarius and back in bounds we are being tasked with group projects. And not just any groups, but those that matter to us as we gather with like-minded folk to accomplish or take care of things that may have been stirred up recently in the Capricorn field. As Mercury moves into Aquarius it begins to form a square with Uranus in Taurus. Uranus is the modern ruler of Aquarius and Mercury is the lower octave of that shared energy. While generally a square is not on the list of favorable aspects, we might just consider this one as creative tension for a couple of comrades. The question arises, “just what is the high road we, as a collective, might consider traveling that will leave a light footprint on the earth?”


The Sabian symbol from Dane Rudhyar’s “An Astrological Mandala” for Mercury’s degree is rather unique to ponder: (AQUARIUS 3°): A DESERTER FROM THE NAVY.


KEYNOTE:            The individual’s self realization through a crucial repudiation of a collective status which has become unbearable.


This symbol recalls the one for Scorpio 21° (SCORPIO 21°): OBEYING HIS CONSCIENCE, A SOLDIER RESISTS ORDERS., but the fact that actual “desertion” is emphasized and reference is made to “the Navy” suggests that the crisis symbolized here is one implying an irrevocable change of status. Man refuses to accept the type of cultural patterns derived from his society’s specific approach to local circumstances and to the universe as a whole, and in another sense, from its particular relationship to the all human collective Unconscious. (The Navy refers to the ocean, symbol of primordial and unconscious evolutionary forces.) He not only refuses to obey orders, he deliberately turns his back on his collective social status; he becomes an outcast, and through this decision he may definitely individualize his consciousness.


This is the third stage of the sixty-first fivefold sequence. Something with collective social value is being potentially destroyed, but nature is not the destroyer (as in the preceding symbol). Man, the individual, steps out of his bondage to collective patterns and ideals. He may thus i “find himself” by means of a sharp renunciation of his social birthright, ie. by a crucial process Of DESOCIALIZATION.


The Sabian symbol for Uranus’ position is kind of interesting as well: (TAURUS 3°): NATURAL STEPS LEAD TO A LAWN OF CLOVER IN BLOOM.


KEYNOTE: The gradual expansion of the individual consciousness after a fecundating experience.


Having been “activated” by electrical energy, the pure water of the mountain stream is able to fertilize the soil which covers itself with small blossoms. “Clover” however, is normally a symbol of the Triad (“Trinity”), and thus of the often mentioned “three natures” in man. To reach the flowering garden of mind, the consciousness must proceed by steps. Effort is needed. What is reached is a flowering display of the simple, quite humble kind, yet bees are after it for honey. There is sweetness and energy latent in the blossoms.


This is the third stage of the seventh five-fold sequence of phases. It is a stage at which one should seek with diligence and determination, but in humility and faith, to reach NATURAL FULFILLMENT.


In the two symbols for these two planetary positions you might sense certain factors ripe for being present within the current world circumstances. The solar orb that had Mercury casimi during the recent lunar eclipse will early next week move into this same square with Uranus. The Sun can be seen as vitality (the furnace of your being), spiritual fuel. It is the central energy field of the conscious domain. This is a powerful signature coming on the heals of the Capricorn part of the journey. Aquarius is the genius, humanitarian, inventor, reformer and sage.


On what may appear as a side note but very relevant, at least to me, is that I was born with my Moon out-of-bounds on this very same degree of Aquarius. I feel this energy signature coursing thru every part of my being these days.


So, enjoy this upcoming cycle of change this week and beyond.

Further thoughts on today’s lunar eclipse and the other players involved.


Now, let’s unpack that Pluto/Saturn dance move we are experiencing a bit further as it relates to the unfolding eclipse cycle. Because of the lunar eclipse occurring opposed to and so close to this conjunction, how are we to embrace the long-range changes that wait to be experienced? The crux of this particular planetary conversation transpiring could be sensed as beyond the normal ideas of change that would satisfy the status quo. That is the thing about change, while some may proclaim to welcome that, others cower in the dark corners of reality to avoid participation. I must remind you that this particular change scenario is not in the realm of optional. Saturn and Pluto can be referred to as heavy hitters. Transpiring in Capricorn the arena of authoritative, organized, conservative, structured, practical, ambitious, management of a means to an end, this is often assumed to be the stance of a governing body in any situation. Saturn is the natural ruler for this archetype and attempts to enforce rules it has established beyond which we are not welcomed to explore. Pluto, on the other hand, is about death and rebirth, change, regeneration, and potentially divine will. But being one of the outer planets, it is neutral yet can foster a sense of mission. As well Pluto can be seen as guarding the last gate in awareness, the path of immortality. It takes the lead in facilitating how this can be accomplished and is often compared to a composting process. Some may not tune in to the scenario of dying being followed by a rebirthing process. That is your choice, but it is the natural order of the life process. Consider your body for example, it wears out portions of itself that can be said to die and then are replaced with new tissue all the time. Is it really that much different than what a tree goes thru as the seasons unfold each year? It is the natural order. Throw this signature into a matrix that has to do with making large scale changes and one might expect to see some back pedaling by those who are extremely comfortable with the way things are.


One of the most trying factors that this current cycle is asking of us has to do with willingness to change. Therein lies the rub. The more willing, even if begrudgingly, to make changes, the less of a stress factor comes into play. How many of us when faced with making huge changes are going to baulk at leaving behind what was, to make room for a next phase? This is why so many see this impending shift as problematic and often this can be related to the bottom line or factors of an unknown nature to what lies ahead. Postponement is always an option up to a point. We are at, past or very near the point where the crest of this wave of change is going to sweep the deck clear to start anew.


While some may see this as potentially negative and bemoan the state of mankind currently, there are things that could result in quite dramatic and unique shifts that set in motion a new field of parameters that while seemingly tough will allow for a more beneficial future for everything, human and other. We are in the early and pioneering phase of correcting our footprint on earth. If I were to draw a graph for you to ponder it would have on one side competition and everything separate from everything else (that is a good description of the physical plain). Cause and effect would be only a theory. Cooperation would be a rare presence there. On the other side of the graph would be a vision of everything connected to everything else. Cause and effect would be included as part of the equation. Cooperation would flow everywhere. Clarification of the term competition is in order here. Not all competition is negative. There is such a thing a healthy competition as in sports events and many social games. Unhealthy competition could be recognized as having the effect that its effects include the potential death of opponents. In the money game played thru business and government scenarios there is often the resulting liquidation of those unable to afford being in the game as well as the degradation of areas where the raw materials required to produce what is being made for consumption are obtained from.


This is more than just a pipe dream. The current celestial conversation is asking if we want to participate? There will be those who absolutely will attempt to maintain a status quo as if nothing has changed. We must just love them and bless them but not support their direction. Now why would I offer them any kind of blessing? Remember the graph? On one side everything is connected and this includes the negative polarity, as a functional part of the whole, as we move on with the changes required to bring us once again back into harmony. The other side is motivated by control over situations and has minimal concern for casualties.


This is a mundane astrological contemplation. It is not so much of the local daily jibber jabber but is on the plate of everyone on the planet. Large cycles are shifting. The planetary beings really don’t care if humanity survives. They are just offering opinions that might awaken awareness within our ranks to perhaps strike off in a different direction. By the way, I am an anamist and recognize life presence in everything, and that is how I perceive the planets as beings able to communicate with each other and those of us with ears to hear.


Energy Work


Everything that exists is a form of energy vibrating at its unique pace. We are energy beings just as a cloud, a tree, a body of water, or a rock are. All energy is connected. From the grain of sand on a beach to the farthest reaches of the cosmos there is a fiber of connection that conjoins us. Our perception of this grid of energy takes time to develop but once recognized expands the band width of what we understand as the part in the whole we actually are here to play. Once we understand the connection we share with each other and everything, the rules of the game change quite radically. Since energy always exists and everything is an expression of energy, the core aspect of each of us has always existed and always will, and has an infinite variation in the forms we assume.


This may take a while to get used to as our cultural training has done little to prepare us for that level of responsibility. Imagine, if you will, recognizing that your thoughts have effects on what transpires all around you. Each time you get into a tissy-fit about situations you find yourself in what kinds of energy are you tuning into and releasing into the larger surround? Is the traffic getting in your way of being somewhere other than where you are? Are you suppose to be in a meeting to discuss whatever with whomever and would rather be enjoying some time alone? Any of these, and other, circumstances we encounter as we face our daily path might conjure up attitudes of, at the mild end, dislike or at the more extreme end hate. These are energy signatures that we are releasing into our world that are no less palpable than hitting something. Imagine the scenario where there are many folks compressed into any environment and projecting this negative polarity outward. They will all become on edge and the likelihood of a scuffle increases the longer they are in each other’s company. Part of this is an effect of our cultural training that withholds factors of honesty to express our discomfort with another and just let this sit and fester until the potential for an eruption can no longer be contained. Long before the eruption transpires there is an energetic rift in the air that likely is affecting a much larger arena than we are aware of.


This is where the energy work comes in. Tuning into those uncomfortable spaces we inhabit with one another is not always a pleasant part of being human. Yet, it exists. What might be a way to approach these scenarios that would be different than how we now do this? Perhaps an attitude adjustment that is best accomplished, not by your drug of choice, but by just simply breathing and tuning in to that energy being you actually are that is amazingly inclusive. Yes, traffic is extremely congested at the moment and you seem to be going nowhere. Breathe and tune into the connection you can offer outward into this scenario. If enough of us do this the tension potential for everyone involved lessens by degree. Instead of condemning your fellow travelers you may start to imagine ways to alleviate repeating the same old pattern.


When I was living in Japan the rush hour commute was not where you wanted to be. As a train would pull into the station there would be a rush to exit the doors of each car and an equal rush to pack back into them. They had pushers whose function was to shove as many into the train cars as possible. I would actually assist them with this and wait for the next train to arrive. Sometimes it took up to two passes thru the station before somewhat comfortably fitting into a train ride on to the next destination. It was what it was. Being much taller than most of the locals did have its advantages to easily reach the bars near the ceiling for support, though usually there were so many people heading the same direction that you could not fall over in the undulations of the lurching train cars in the sea of fellow travelers anyway. Call me unusual, and I will accept that, but I have always greeted the eye of fellow earth journeyers wherever I am with the recognition of “we are all bozos on this bus”. Some I sense recognize this reality and the upturned curl at the corner of their lips reflects this. These are moments of that potential shared energy we all possess but often ignore.


Today the eclipse takes place at 11:21 am PST. As I have already mentioned the level of potential change casts a long footprint. It just might be beneficial to recognize our present opportunity to plant seeds of consciousness that will eventually sprout into a new world order.

Celestial Chatter 1-6 to 1-12


Last week 2019 slipped over the western horizon as 2020 arose on the eastern horizon beckoning us to participate more robustly with each other. Each year in this middle phase of Capricorn we are tasked with fundamental perspective shifts to assist in creating a more hopeful world environment to thrive in. Capricorn is about effectively utilizing task lists to accomplish relevant ways to increase our foothold as we ascend toward the summit of whatever mountain we have chosen to climb. This is where many of the New Year’s resolutions are born. In our modern western culture many are attempting to reach the economic surface after the onslaught of purchases driven by the consumer machine to in some fashion reflect our concern for one another. While every year we succeed in accelerating our consumer-spending threshold into the stratosphere, are we really any better off with the increase in items cluttering our homes? Is there a community quotient that measures our capacity to be with one another more effectively and supersedes any price parameters?


This week begins with Saturn, the practical, limit setting, rule making, organizing principal of governance moves into 22° of Capricorn already occupied by Pluto whose function is to transform limitation, expose things that have been buried or hidden, and allow for the composting of that which is ready to begin the rebirthing process. The Sun as the organizing anchor around which everything rotates and is given life and vitality will be in sextile to Neptune today, Monday the 6th. This sets in motion a resonance to with our core awareness of source seeking to be included in any of the Capricorn dictates. The Sun will by the end of this week catch up with this Saturn/Pluto signature. But, just prior to this, on Friday the 10th the out-of-bounds Mercury will catch up with, on the far side of, the Sun at the same time as we experience the next lunar eclipse. Eclipses are about changes on a substantial scale. As this is across the Capricorn/Cancer axis one should tune in to the potential for energy shifts related to home/clan (Cancer) and business/career (Capricorn) matters to be in focus. Mercury casimi the Sun is a signature that can provide for unique ideas and conversation to be enhanced and worth paying attention to related to this full Moon eclipse.


Eclipses repeat on a return cycle very close to the same degrees every 19 years with another cycle near the half way position of these cycles on a parallel 19-year rotation. We are currently experiencing the south node cycle with the new Moons on that node. An eclipse has to do with making changes on a larger scale than we are used to. Since this is a Capricorn statement we are currently in and the gathering of so many planets there should be grasped as very significant. Many of the astrological community have referred to 2020 as being pivotal as Saturn and Pluto and Jupiter meeting all in Capricorn does not occur but every 500 to 1000 years. Therefore matters related to Capricorn are on the front burner so-to-speak. These are all big planetary signatures at work here and the relevance to shifts in cultures are on the table and we as members in this dance are vital participants in the writing of new paradigms that can stand the test of time.

On Saturday the 11th and Sunday the 12th Mercury will move across both Saturn and Pluto as it finally moves to back in-bounds Sunday. So it is still carrying much of the oob energy keeping the pot stirred in our perceptive realms about the big picture. It is Sunday the 12th when Saturn moves to partile (exact) conjunction with Pluto and at that time the Sun will be conjoined to both of them as well. If I were to say that the importance of this upcoming week should not be ignored, this is an understatement. There are matters afoot that seek resolution that will carry a long footprint into the future.


The Sabian symbol as interpreted by Dane Rudhyar in his “Astrological Mandala” for this degree of the zodiac may be worth a ponder.




KEYNOTE: The reward offered by society for the fulfillment of individual responsibility.


The fact that “two” awards are emphasized makes us believe that this may refer subtly to the recognition by the community that, whether he succeeded or failed, an individual who discharged his duty nobly under unusual circumstances is entitled to the respect and appreciation of the collectivity he served so well. What is implied here is a constant give-and-take between society and the individual person. Each one should be able to trust the other.


This third symbol of the fifty-ninth fivefold sequence extracts, as it were, a common element from the two preceding scenes. The Keyword here is RECOMPENSE, i.e. a compensation for a well-done performance balancing of accounts.


There is, as one may surmise the requirement for each of us to step up to the plate.


A definition of “casimi” is in order for those of you not familiar with the term. This is from a very long time ago and refers to when a planet is on the very same degree as the Sun. Mercury accomplishes this during the week. When a planet is in this position they are given the opportunity to sit on the throne of the King and have all the access and responsibility of the King during that time. Since Mercury is how we think (perceive) and communicate (not just verbally) and it is oob (out-of-bounds), we are tasked with fabricating from a different and new point of view what are the most appropriate, though often unusual, ways to handle what if often seen in usual or common fashion. There is inspiration to be discovered when out from under the thumb of accepted rules (Saturn) and dictates (Sun). Tie this together with the eclipse cycle and we are in untested waters that will require some fortitude to maintain what we set in motion going forward.



Celestial Chatter end of 2019 and into 2020

12-30 to 1-5


There is a unique and likely spirited conversation transpiring between Mercury out-of-bounds (oob), Uranus and the Moon as the week opens up on Monday. All three bodies are at the early stages of there respective signs. Mercury and Uranus are said to be octaves of each other and since Mercury is oob the similarity of energy signature is quite close and relevant. The Moon forms a sextile from Pisces to each of these other two that are in trine to one another. So, if you sense a certain “aha” in the air on Monday, attempt to restrain from fitting what you perceive into any old formats.


Mercury moving from Sagittarius to Capricorn on Saturday is carrying with it what some may brand as outlandish ideas and quite easily stimulates Jupiter and its recent dance with the Sun and the solar eclipse having both recently come from the realms of far visioning Sagittarius. My sensing is that there are unique winds of change blowing that beckon us to step up to the plate and put our best foot forward with ideas that seek to bring people together rather than attempts to only focus on differences. I would add at this point the awareness that no matter who one thinks they are there is red blood flowing in the veins of every one of us. We all have hearts that act as pumps to deliver this life force to all our extremities and back. A not well-grasped energy equation is part of the heart story. From an energy perspective it has been observed by science that our brains give off an energetic field that extends to about 5 or so feet from the body. In the last number of years it has been, as well, observed that the energy field created by the heart is 50 to 100 times more potent than that of the brain. Our blood is in constant communication with all those around us all the time. What is it that your heart may be attempting to tell you that you are curtailing with too many thoughts (will)? It has been said that the journey from the head to the heart is one of the more challenging ones we undertake as a human being. I suspect this is because we are trained from a very early age to only trust what we can see and touch with our physical being and focus on differences rather than similarities.


As we drift thru the week we find on Tuesday (New Years Eve) the lunar/Neptune music playing tones that appear to come from somewhere else, and yet, is there a willingness to seek their source? From the deepest place in Pisces, Source beckons us to ask questions that are not easily answered with yes or no, but are of the essay type. Since we are still only a week past the recent solar eclipse new Moon in Capricorn and often the New Year is greeted with proclamations of what one hopes to accomplish the long-range effects of that particular new Moon and the changes it will entail are still on the table for focused attention.


There is a two-day window when Mercury still oob will be traveling in synch with Jupiter. This will be January 1st and 2nd. We are again being queried by a larger more inclusive presence to not think small.


As the 3rd arrives the connection from Mars to Pluto, that is an always thing, has an energy shift as Mars moves from Scorpio to Sagittarius. What are the deep investigations that Mars has stirred up while traveling in Scorpio that are now being placed before the council of elders to ponder as to their farther reaching potential? As you might fathom from the ongoing celestial conversation there is a dynamic Sagittarian flavor in much of what is being considered for us to not become too small with our direction setting. One of the reasons I will continue to emphasize this is that Saturn, as controller and rule setter of the zodiac, has been approaching Pluto for the last while and is now within a degree of this exact conjunction. On Monday of next week they will both occupy 22° of Capricorn even though it will not be until the 12th that they will occupy the same minute. Saturn in its own sign is no lightweight, but neither is Pluto. Pluto always attempts to uncover the hidden and to compost that discovered to assist in bringing about new life. There are things afoot that many are pondering about our modern cultural perspectives that have for a large part been under the structure of rules set down along the way that do not ring a tone of continued continuity for the human family at large. We are at a potential turning point in this journey we are on that has ramifications well beyond now.


On Saturday as the week draws to a close the Moon joins with Uranus in Taurus and we may feel certain restlessness about what we see as survival protocol. This touches our economic values, and our understanding about what true ownership actually entails from the perspective of stewardship.





Celestial Chatter 12-23 to 12-29


In going thru this week in anticipation of what we are to grasp about this next week’s message from our celestial compatriots, one word kept appearing in the ethers. Accomplishment. Capricorn is all about getting things done and often to the exclusion of much of the distraction the world so willingly throws at us. This next week we will have a solar eclipse on Christmas day, Mercury will be jumping into the fray with the rest of the Capricorn travelers at the end of the week.


As the hectic hustle and bustle of this week come to focus on Christmas we will be greeted by a solar eclipse in early Capricorn conjunct to Jupiter. Unlike most new Moon considerations eclipses tend to have a lingering effect on the process of what you decide to wish for or set in motion with your intentions. I have heard rumors of up to as much as 3-6 years. I am not going to debate this, as there are plenty of folks who have weighed in on this matter. I would suffice to say that there is most likely plenty of time to play out what you hope to accomplish. Perhaps the particular house where you have the 4° of Capricorn residing would be worth investing some investigation into with the longer range in view.


Just to add some spice to this, I will offer you the Sabian symbol from Dane Rudhyar’s “Astrological Mandala” for this degree to meditate upon in preparation for the next phase of this adventure. (CAPRICORN 5°): INDIANS ON THE WARPATH. WHILE SOME MEN ROW A WELL FILLED CANOE, OTHERS IN IT PERFORM A WAR DANCE.


KEYNOTE:            The mobilization of physical and emotional energies in a spirit of conquest.


War is often undertaken mainly to mobilize the common will and avoid individualistic disintegration. The “Indian chief’ in the symbol for Capricorn I’ may find it convenient or necessary to arouse the war spirit, perhaps under a very slight provocation, in order to more firmly establish his authority. The scene presents an extremely dynamic situation. The group (or the nation) affirms its solidarity and unity of purpose by taking the offensive. The group life demands constant activity and challenges in order to remain healthy.


This is the last symbol of the fifty-fifth sequence. It suggests that AGGRESSIVENESS may be a necessary ingredient in the activation of the potential of growth inherent in any social group.


I found it interesting to look at the first few degrees of Capricorn from the Sabian perspective and found several mentions of indigenous preparation for events to come. There are a number of ways to portray what we may be in store for but suffice it to say we have work to do.


Saturn and Pluto are less than 2° apart and approaching their conjunction in early January at 22°. The take I have on the Sun arriving in Capricorn the other day is that here is the King arriving from his sojourn in Sagittarius with many far-reaching thoughts on what might be accomplished. Immediately there is the joining of forces with Jupiter who as well recently arrived from the realm of far reaching investigation of possibility. I don’t know if you can sense this or not, but there is some fresh wind in the idea department that has landed in the realm of attempting to accomplish things. Mercury, or how we fabricate our perceptions and words is still journeying thru Sagittarius and percolation of potential seeks audience.


Venus, having wended its way thru Capricorn is setting about the journey in Aquarius and there is an invitation being put forth for participation by others that may have unique input for why we are gathering together. I bring this up because the trine from Uranus in Taurus to this solar eclipse is receiving this Venusian message that those entrenched in dogma may receive feedback that these old paradigms have run their course and a fresh wind beckons a new awakening.


As this week draws to a close and preparations ensue for what is next Mercury entering Capricorn will also be trine to Uranus. Maybe I should have mentioned that on December 23rd Mercury goes out-of-bounds until January 12th. May I suggest entertaining a continued expansion of your mental investigation into areas considered off limits by a select few attempting to contain possibility within a narrow bandwidth.


From Wednesday to Friday the Moon will fly thru Capricorn and stir up our feeling realms to what is transpiring in the larger field of relevance. Do you feel or sense any yearning to embrace more of a familial or down home atmosphere that seems missing in the context of what is being offered us by those who sit in what they might refer to as positions of authority? Does the global story appear to be heading toward the betterment of humanity?


The next eclipse (lunar) will occur on January 10th. The Mercury, still out-of-bounds, will be in superior conjunction with the Sun (King). This eclipse season is bookmarked with the potential for some radical thinking beyond any limiting rules as to what is appropriate to the status quo. Also within the orb of this lunar eclipse will be Saturn and Pluto holding hands in their conjunction. My gut has been wrenching with many thoughts that are not making the conversations with Saturn do the happy dance as of late. I, as well, am hearing conversation amongst several of the other celestial players indicating it is time to ascend the Capricorn mountain a bit higher for some perspective alterations. There is more than a minor whisper of “INTEGRITY” seeking audience in the Capricorn dance these days.

Celestial Chatter 12-16 to 12-22


Each year our rotating ball we refer to as Earth attains its furthest distance from the Sun and the northern regions tilted as it were are in the clutches of winter. This week will be the winter solstice or the shortest daylight of the year and the Earth will see the Sun with the backdrop of Capricorn. Capricorn is a very busy place these days with four planets and the Moon’s south node there. Jupiter’s recent arrival here enhances opportunity for potential far-reaching goals to surface. Saturn as its ruling planet has been slowly working its way thru this region of the celestial dance for the past couple years and will early next year be joining with the even slower participant Pluto in this realm. Venus has just passed these two plodders last week and is preparing to stroll into Aquarius this week.


Let’s tune in and listen to what these celestial players are conversing about. Venus in its recent conversing with Saturn and Pluto while being out-of-bounds spun a tale of cleaning house in preparation for the arrival of the king (Sun). This may or may not have been received with applause by at least one of these heavy hitters. Jupiter’s yearlong visit here has been laying out the red carpet and attempting to assuage any ruffled feathers recent visitations may have sparked. Yesterday’s Jupiter/Uranus exact trine most likely will linger with unexpected events unfolding. Mars, in close conference with Pluto will be in sextile with Saturn on Wednesday this week and perhaps this might spark some giving ground to some recent excitement that is not Saturn’s strong suit. There are, from Saturn’s viewpoint, rules to be followed and some have not been overtly amenable to these dictates.


On Thursday Venus, now back in bounds, will shift into potentially unpredictable, eccentric Aquarius and the seeking of unique interchange with others is on the table. On Friday, as quick as a flash, the Moon will square both Saturn and Pluto from Libra and will be a reminder of the vitality offered by the other as part of any meaningful considerations. This will be enhanced by the sextile from the Moon to Mercury at the same time to speak effectively. The King is knocking at the door.


Saturday is the winter solstice and the King enters into the chambers of Capricorn around 9 pm that evening. Almost simultaneously Venus forms a partile square with Uranus from Aquarius to Taurus. Mars is only minutes away from a Sextile with Pluto. Saturn is attempting to hold it all together with great fortitude.


The King, having just arrived fresh form Sagittarius is awash in huge ideas and aspirations and ready to convene with the ruler of this aspect of the kingdom. Jupiter in close proximity and still conversing with Uranus who is as well whispering in the King’s ears. There are matters of fiscal responsibility that beg for some meaningful attention. The question arises of Saturn as to what is being done to address these issues. Two paths extend forward for Saturn to choose in this consideration. Are there rules strong enough in place to dictate the continuation of situations as they currently exist or is there a higher calling to seek a more inclusive perspective higher up on this Capricorn mountain?

As the end of the week arrives, the Moon conjuncts Mars as he sextiles Pluto. What do you see as energetically arising in that Capricornian realm? That Mars is providing ample energy for Pluto to dissolve much of the cover over any buried information it has discovered in its investigation process. The Moon in its waning phase is providing a level of insight and sensation that we each need to embrace at the potential edge of dynamic change.


So as you can see it is just another week in the saga of planetary conversation that we can choose to either participate with or ignore.


Celestial Chatter 12- 9 to 12-15


Saturn wavelength thoughts –

There is a process of observing the path a conversation transpires amongst the planets. This is referred to as the dispositor pattern. Using the modern rulers one looks to see what planet is the ruler of the sign that another planet is within. An example from the current planetary set up is Saturn, as the ruler of Capricorn, is in its own sign so is the final dispositor for all planets in Capricorn. This would be Pluto, Venus, and Jupiter. Jupiter is the dispositor for all planets in Sagittarius; the Sun and now Mercury. Venus would be the dispositor for Uranus in Taurus. Pluto would be the dispositor for Mars in Scorpio and so on. So looking at the current planetary conversation Saturn is the final dispositor for every planet except Neptune that is the final dispositor for Pisces where it currently is traveling. This makes Saturn the final, or ultimate, focus for most of the rest of the celestial dance currently under way. You can do this with your own chart to see the direction that energy flows for your own celestial pattern.


There is a gathering of clan members in the path that the Sun is heading for. Saturn is sensing a certain comradery as those in his zone of influence are theoretically able to pay him homage. But all is not as calm as he would hope for. Venus on her out-of bounds adventure is knocking in very close quarters to our Saturn (only a degree away). Why does she not obey what the rules that have been set down dictate is the acceptable path to follow when it comes to bringing people into the control zone?


Jupiter has just arrived in this Capricorn field recently and seems to be offering support to Pluto to stir things up by its relentless digging into matters that up to this point have been so well left alone and buried so effectively. What is the deal with everyone being so restless? Jupiter seems to be being egged on by Mercury having just entered Sagittarius and carrying messages for Pluto thru Jupiter’s relentless largess. I think they are in cahoots. And then there is that Mars in Scorpio; always stirring things up and in some way in very close connection with what Pluto is about.


The Sun will soon be joining me here in the king’s realm of Capricorn on the winter solstice. Yet, there appears to be a strong call to adventure and exploration that tunes into distant calls I cannot perceive. Jupiter appears to sense this resonance as well and beckons for Pluto to tune in here. Now, how is a being supposedly in control supposed to deal with all this tangential energy?


Yesterday the Moon was dancing with Uranus down in Taurus and for some reason this got Venus even more excited that she already is. Then there is Neptune, the only other planet not tuned into all this Saturn control function, yet seemingly oblivious to all else. The Sun coming out of a Square to Neptune seems to have had very little influence on the daydream space. Mars approaching a trine to Neptune by the end of this week and it is almost as if there is a undertone of energy that Pluto is getting excited about as if to inspire even more of this excavation and composting work it has been about for these past several years messing with all my plans.


Tomorrow, Tuesday the 10th, Venus will be upon me in its last couple days out-of-bounds. I hope I can hold everything together. I am the bones of this business and even they seem to vibrate to some rather unusual frequency that brings inklings of doubt to my plans. Then on Thursday, as if to add insult to injury Venus will be dancing with Pluto. I can only imagine. This is some preparation for the weekend. At least there may be some calm in the outworking as Venus comes back within the realms of control on Friday. If only Pluto wasn’t such a long-lived energy, then this Venus signature might not tend to linger as I suspect it will.


This week the Moon will oppose our great planetary dance from Scorpio to Aquarius, so I might just suspect that this lunar pull will distract many of us from this core message I have been trying to pull off as the ruler of Capricorn. Well, maybe the full Moon of Wednesday across the Gemini/Sagittarius axis might get folks a bit worked up and with any luck confused a little so I can cast a spell from my quincunx position to befuddle their plans.


Then there is the end of the weekend. On Sunday the 13th Uranus in retrograde forms an exact trine with Jupiter in early Taurus and Capricorn. If I play my cards right I can use this disruptive energy as an opportunity to bring the team back into the fold I have so carefully crafted for us all. Of course, it would be just my luck to kick off next week with Uranus as the Great Awakener disrupting this very scenario.


So, my fellow citizens of the earth realm, how much credence are you going to allow for Saturn to continue to try and call-the-shots. We are the ones that would be wise to tune into the wisdom features of Saturn and call forth for integrity to be the call of the day as we go forward.


Celestial Chatter 12-2 to 12-8


As I don the mantle of Jupiter and prepare to shift gears from my homeport of Sagittarius to the potential I am bringing to Capricorn, there are matters of substantial import that must be ferreted out for the greater benefit of the collective. Wherever I wander many are swayed by the sense of vastness that beckons one to be much more than was ever considered. How is it that I will successfully increase the merits of collective desire and not just the few who have assumed the helm?


As I pen these thoughts Jupiter is in the last minute of Sagittarius contemplating how to stretch awareness and not lose sight of practicality. Yes, we are still in the solar season of Sagittarius and yet I am standing at the threshold of the realm of responsibility for the caretaking of a society. My capacity for far reaching visionary excursions beyond known limits may only attempt to summit the mountain peaks of Capricorn or sail to the far shores of the known seas as I enter the realm of Saturn. I know that this will be a test of wills as at every turn there may be blocks placed in my path to infinity yet, somehow I trust that the hard exterior of this Saturn shell can be softened and made a bit more pliable. We are all, or each, standing at the precipice of a dynamic moment in his-story or her-story that will require the participation of every conceivable energy we can muster in the discovery of an united affront of a beast that has assumed control over how we could prosper as a human species and still not destroy or consume the ground upon which our survival depends.


And I, if I were made whole, will draw unto me all beings into an awareness of the vital signature we each share in the unfolding story of creation.


During this last year of journey across the fields of Sagittarius, I have been allowed to explore many avenues of awakened expression and the untold potential we have at our avail to transcend limiting views to what we can accomplish if we were to discover the connective fiber of our energy signature and requirement to share our deepest longings with one another. Now that I enter the realm where I will dance with Saturn’s lineage for the next year I am counting on our resilience as incarnate beings to work together as we may never have before done to facilitate a structure that will effectively see us thru many generations ahead.


As I glance down the not so long list of events happening this week I sometimes have to wonder what I am going to say. The major shift this week will be Jupiter moving from its home sign of Sagittarius into Capricorn. As the gathering of planets is from Scorpio to Capricorn there is a very focused bunch of energy within this tight framework. Then there is the Moon that keeps on trucking along and will be moving from Aquarius on towards Taurus by the end of the week. Yes, there are a number of Sextiles aspect-wise this week but I rarely mention them as they can slip by unnoticed most often. A sextile facilitates communication between the planets involved as they are usually in elements that work together well and it is half of a trine or the same elements.


Well, let us dive into the main shift of the season. Jupiter speaks to everything that leans toward expanding or enlarging things and seeks to facilitate a broader context to embrace. Capricorn, among other things, seeks to attain optimal facilitation of what it has at its avail. Now, what kind of an animal is a sea-goat? I would hazard a guess that there is more flexibility than most might guess, able to climb any mountain, fiord any sea, and lest we forget this is the sign of the organizing principle of many large institutions in modern society and that includes government.


There has been a dance transpiring in the Capricorn field for quite a number of years as Pluto, beginning around 2008, began its long trek thru this area of the heavens. Pluto, dubbed the lord of the underworld, has been plagued with more than minor bad press for a very long time. The affinity to Scorpio, an often misunderstood or minimally understood archetype, has not helped many of us to grasp many of the dynamic functions that Pluto actually brings to the table for us to live into. It is not the intention of Pluto to only bring challenging matters into the life experience. Part of the issue has been a human penchant to not, or minimally; accept responsibility for our actions and the resulting effects. This has led to Pluto being a scapegoat to lay blame upon when we are brought up short of our expectations. Perhaps it is the expectations that we have been led to follow that are not as realistic as we had been led to believe. Pluto is an energy signature that exists seemingly far away so has been taken advantage of by many who do not quite sense its potency and given a dark list of characteristics. Would you be surprised to be able to sit down with Pluto and have a conversation? Yes, I can feel the shudder pass thru the gathered attendees. There are many titles given to the lord of the underworld; Satan, Devil, and Pluto, but the one I want to bring to your attention is Lucifer. Lucifer translates as the bearer of light. One of the functions of Pluto is that of composting. This is where items are piled to decay and turn back into soil to nurture future growth. This process involves the work of turning the compost and soil mix over regularly and exposing it to air to keep it alive. One thing that is often overlooked in the Pluto function is that its affinity for the deep, dark realms means that it can dig down into the earth (or any substance that has been left to sit for possibly too long) and turn it over or bring the buried items, substances, issues, etc. up to the surface for some airing. This is the tricky part as there are many things that have been buried deliberately from most of us that Pluto has been exposing, often for the very first time to the general public. Oh the underworld has been such a convenient place to park things under the so-called protection of beasts to keep us unaware.


It was 11 years ago that Pluto first began to tread into this Capricorn realm and 12 years ago when Jupiter last graced this field with expansive awareness. Since Pluto takes about 250 or so years to make the celestial circuit and Jupiter gets to do this ever 12 years it has been quite a long time since these two accompanied each other here. Last time this occurred was back in the time of this nation attempting to correct some rather challenging human rights issues we are still not quite up to speed on. The more interesting part is the addition of Saturn to the pot. Ruler of Capricorn and tasked with setting up rules to live by we are currently being asked to ponder on the effectiveness of our societal rule structure. These are unprecedented times. Saturn has been traveling thru Capricorn for the last couple years and being used by the powers that think they are in control to make sure that we the subjects of this system remain unaware of the buried elements that have kept a select few in positions of control over us. Pluto has been working diligently to expose factors that have been hidden from us. Can you sense a certain conflict developing here?


Enter Jupiter later today and the plot gets a twist, or is that an uptick ingredient to the stew being made. My take here is that Pluto is getting an ally to assist in the exposure process. You just have to know that those utilizing Saturn’s restrictive nature are going to be inventing many an excuse to keep us bamboozled as they sock away as much resource as they can while they still can. I would invite you to tag along on the coattails of Jupiter as we gather momentum in the Capricorn field and see what unfolds. I might suggest that “seeing” is an active verb and will require substantial input form all of us as we gather together to grab the rudder to this human angle of Earth-ship and steer our way into a brighter future.


When Jupiter enters Capricorn we will have a stellium with Venus, Saturn, Pluto and the Moon’s south node. Today Mars if forming a sextile to Venus at 8° from Scorpio to Capricorn. Energy is deep and penetrating being offered in the realm of visual arts and meaningful human interaction. Mercury, as well in Scorpio, is forming a sextile with Pluto. Communication is not meant to be just a surface experience but penetrate to the heart of what matters.


I know this is a bit longer than usual but we are on the edge of unique flavoring these days that require us to grasp matters that are not generally common to all of us. I am glad you are traveling along with the planetary beings as they express thru me, for we have work to do together.



Art of Intention Setting


While this is focused on the lunar cycle we experience on a monthly basis, it may be applied to various other venues.


The key word is “Intention”. Similar to perceiving any issue one needs to have a fairly wide net to gather the factors involved. If one were to predetermine the outcome of an experience it is likely that you will be either very surprised at what shows up and or disappointed by the results. The same can be said for the art of setting an intention. If you, in some fashion, are holding a particular end goal in mind when formatting your intention you are likely to have either of the above-mentioned results. Lets look at some examples.


Let us say that the new moon, currently in Sagittarius, is in your 7th house. It is 7th house so I could set my goal of forming some kind of relationship, maybe even the ideal life quest one. That is a lot to aim for, and while I am not trying to dissuade you from achieving this lofty goal, perhaps you should consider what you might do in your world to make the room for something along these lines to manifest. While this may not seem to be what you are attempting to bring to pass, relationship is at least a two-way street requiring common ground to be reached. Are there matters of how you engage with other people that may need to be refined and how might this be accomplished? Though that may not seem like the goal you had in mind it just may prove a vital step in that direction.


Another consideration may involve the current Sagittarius new Moon taking place in your 3rd house of communication and perception. Instead of setting you goal to write your thesis on whatever you are writing it on you might consider broadening your scope of inquiry into alternatives to your theory and set that in the intention category and be equally surprised by the breadth of perspective this brings to your considerations.


Basically, in our fast paced goal oriented culture where we seem to be faced at every turn with options to accelerate getting what we have been told we want, perhaps there are small, but meaningful, steps we can successfully set as options to ponder in each cycle we are considering.


My own pondering for this current Sagittarius new Moon in my 9th house and conjunct my natal Chiron could spur me to determine how to set up a healing platform to invite others to come from far and wide to discover how they can initiate their own healing process. I, however, have determined it would be most effective to focus on radiating the love and light that sees everyone in their perfection just as they are, and if it should happen that some may seek out how it seems they are being affected just by making contact with me we will consider delving as required into their particular situation. So, while, this idea has been rolling around and growing steadily for quite some time I can’t really say that the goal or end result has gelled to anything formal. I am on my journey.


Celestial Chatter for 11-24 to 12-1 Periodically I get inspired to offer a video of the weekly chatter and do so on one of my facebook pages. If you want to view this go to https://www.facebook.com/Astroshapeshifter/?eid=ARDwaJzd5rTDH96W_0flyyCqWqwz6idxwycdUR9iGDcauAcTQwSmkmwkKGrv-Mk95V-ScWvTQCBgmu09.


Celestial Chatter 11- 18 to 24


As I sit down today for my weekly planetary powwow, we wondered if any others might actually do similar meetings… Several things were brought to my attention. Strong emphasis in the area of the celestial surround including Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Capricorn were where most of the moving energy was transpiring. Mars was jumping up and down with anticipation as it prepared to slide on into Scorpio, The Sun seemed to be reflecting on how effective he had been at awakening folks to participation in the deep and penetrating presence of their Scorpio parts as he prepared for the shift into the wide open realms of opportunity in Sagittarius. Not to be lost in the confusion of how we gather our thoughts Mercury was nearing its station back to direct motion. And there, gracing each evening just after sunset Venus was sneaking up on Jupiter to enjoy the creation of a spectacular light show spawned by the reflection of that solar orb we pay homage to for offering us life. And there, zipping along its merry way was the Moon that will move thru Leo, Virgo and Libra this week and into Scorpio in preparation for the next lunar cycle beginning next week in Sagittarius. To the backdrop of our all too human preparation for the U.S. Thanksgiving and the ever presence of seasonal music accompanying purchase mania being pushed at every turn, there is the underlying Saturn/Plutonic impulse to in some fashion transform our headlong trajectory toward undeniable destruction that is like a tug-of-war being waged from the Capricorn impulse to make meaningful changes while still consuming ourselves out of existence. Venus has just brought to my attention that since November 12th is has been traveling out-of-bounds (oob) and will until about December 13th. Perhaps you may have taken notice of some rather peculiar social energies when it comes to how we engage with each other that may have appeared a bit over the top, or at least extended beyond what we thought were acceptable protocols.


Wow! Just another week in the celestial mix to unpack here. Let’s start with Venus, as it has been ongoing for a bit. Being in Sagittarius there is always a seeking for a most expansive arena of participation. Being egged on by Mars as it moved thru Libra taking chances is likely to be sensed. On Tuesday this week Mars will shift into its traditional rulership sign of Scorpio and may not necessarily be striving to instill adventure into the already oob Venus. Yet at the same time Venus is moving closer and closer to Jupiter, as well in Sagittarius, and you don’t often see Jupiter attempting to slow down the exploration department. Enjoy the evening show of these two if the weather where you are allows for this. They will be close in declination or the distance above or below the ecliptic. In this case it is below the ecliptic at -22° and -24° declination. So, this will be low on the horizon. They will have the backdrop of the Milky Way as they approach the Galactic Center (dark spot in the center of the MW. Perhaps this may amp up an already excited pairing of the two Benefics.


As mentioned above Mars will once again after 2.4 years enter into its traditional homeport of Scorpio. Picture, if you will, an energetic youngster that has just spent a short season in the arena of what it could possibly mean to engage in the field of relationship (Libra). Now Scorpio is the ramification of what may be possible as off spins of where relationship may travel. Here is the field of intimacy, and intensity, as well the seeking and discovery realm of investigation. I will let you fill in possibility here. Remember Mars is about action and impulse and this does not always play out as freely as Mars would aim for while in Libra. Also the energies of one sign always build onto the sign before it.


As the workweek draws to a close on Friday the Sun will shift from Scorpio to Sagittarius as a new celestial month begins. Depending on what the ramifications of your Scorpio journey when Sagittarius arrives into focus there opens a vista of opportunity to explore, travel, and exchange ideas of a large nature with others. Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius is still there, even if at the other end of the sign, and this potentially can lead to an uptick in energy available for Sagittarian adventure and philosophizing. The oob Venus in the mix begs for the requirement of others to participate.


Lest we should forget that on Wednesday of the week Mercury will stop apparently moving backwards and once again resume it forward trajectory around the Sun while still in Scorpio. This recent 3 week retrograde adventure in the land of Scorpio might have provided a unique opportunity to investigate matters that are not generally considered the most acceptable areas of discovery. This is mostly because folks do not realize the ever present, but not accepted, resonant frequency we all are part of. This can be seen, and often is, as the realm of taboo. In a way it is unfortunate that certain levels of human interaction have been painted with miss-colored overlays of information designed to in some fashion keep us subservient to rules that may or may not benefit a small minded select group that feign concern for us. What may your adventures of this Mercury retrograde in Scorpio have stimulated you to investigate?


As the weekend unfolds the Moon will be moving thru Libra and into Scorpio. On next Sunday it will cross over Mars as it approaches Mercury in Scorpio. The Moon can bring feelings to the surface so, ponder on the offerings for this weeks celestial chatter and see where you are in the spectrum of possibility as to how you will play this lunar dance. By the way Mars will exactly oppose Uranus retrograde in Taurus this next Sunday so if your seatbelt is not fastened securely you may find yourself spun suddenly into what might be termed some passionate interchange with others.

Celestial Chatter for week 11-11 to 17

Monday arrives and with the occultation of Mercury to the Sun. This is when a planet (Venus or Mercury) crosses the face of the Sun. Another term in this case is Casimi or being given the gift of sitting on the throne of the King. This is a very advantage, although short lived time frame from our earth perspective. On Tuesday very early in the morning will be the next full Moon. There is a square aspect that forms on the 13th from Venus in Sagittarius to Neptune in Pisces. As this week unfolds the Moon makes aspects to almost every planet with a particularly strong connection on the 12th while moving thru Taurus.


Here are a couple Sabian symbols to meditate upon. First for the Mercury Casimi Sun: (SCORPIO 20°): A WOMAN DRAWS AWAY TWO DARK CURTAINS CLOSING THE ENTRANCE TO A SACRED PATHWAY.


KEYNOTE:            The revelation to the human consciousness of what lies beyond dualistic knowledge.


The “Woman within”, the faith that is rooted in the deepest intuitions of the soul, is seen here as the hierophant unveiling the realities which the either or, pro and con mind of man alone cannot perceive. The path to the mystic’s “unitive life” is opened up once the darkness of fear, egocentricity and dualistic morality is removed.


This is the last symbol of the forty-sixth five-fold sequence. It reveals what a positive reliance upon faith and intuition can bring about. Courage is needed to go through the veiling darkness, the courage to venture beyond the familiar and the traditionally known, to PLUNGE AHEAD INTO THE UNKNOWN.


The next is the Sabian symbol for the full Moon: (TAURUS 20°): WISPS OF WINGLIKE CLOUDS STREAMING ACROSS THE SKY.


KEYNOTE: The awareness of spiritual forces at work.


Any emergence of life potentialities from the depth of the vast Unconscious is answered by the spiritual activity of super conscious forces in a cosmic kind of antiphony. The individual who has taken a new step in his evolution should look for the “Signature” of divine Powers confirming his progress. It may reveal the meaning of what is to come next. The “wing like clouds” may also symbolize the presence of celestial beings (devas, an-gels) blessing and subtly revealing the direction to take, the direction of “the wind” of destiny.


This is the fifth stage of the tenth five-fold sequence. It concludes a process, having experienced which the individual should find himself more securely established in his own original nature, receiving the BLESSINGS of super-natural forces.


Mercury still dancing in retrograde thru the week beckons us to choose our words and thoughts cautiously. There is indeed an invitation to investigate rather profound levels of awareness as symbolized by the conjunction with the Sun Sabian symbol indicates. While the general tendency of Mercury is to blurt out what is being thought about this may not be the time to do this.


I have been relatively busy for the past few weeks and so my astro offerings have been held at bay. Once I managed to shake off the post Costa Rica bronchial condition there was a weather window where I had to take advantage of milling up some cedar logs. Once this was accomplished I realized it would be a good thing to build a solar kiln to dry the wood for use. This is the first chance I have had to sit down at the computer for a couple weeks for any length of time.


Celestial Chatter 9-30 to 10-13


I am going to consider the next two weeks today, as I will be in Costa Rica next week. Since we just experienced the new Moon in Libra on Saturday we are heading for the full Moon in Aries on Sunday the 13th. This is known as the waxing phase of the lunar cycle so should fall provide you with clear weather you will notice the increasing Moon orb growing from the right side from the sliver it is now to its full glory. This occurs in the signs of the zodiac occupying the arena of the collective from Libra around to Pisces. From the mundane perspective there are many factors we might sense more immediately related to how we as a culture are performing. Depending on where these signs fall in your chart your mileage may vary. Since nothing every really stands still we might sense the ongoing shift of energy as we currently do the Libra dance with each other but at the same time feel the ramifications of what partnership matters might evolve into in Scorpio. I say this because in the next couple weeks both Mercury and Venus will be shifting into Scorpio. Mars the traditional ruler of Scorpio will culminate its journey thru Virgo and enter Libra once again reminding us that there can be some rather intense outcrops of what is possible when we willingly engage with one another in the realms of partnership. Pluto the modern ruler of Scorpio will go direct on Oct. 2nd and trudge on toward its inevitable meeting with Saturn on Jan. 12th 2020 still in Capricorn. Everyone is talking about this conjunction as it will include the Sun and Mercury. I will be covering this more later. To grasp the slow movement of Pluto currently at 20° Capricorn will only have moved to 22° by then.


During this next couple weeks Venus in Libra will square Pluto (actually today) as will the Sun on the 13th at the same time as the full Moon. In route to this the Sun will also square Saturn on Monday the 7th. Now many shudder in their boots at the prospect of Squares and oppositions due to their penchant for challenging moments as spelled out by traditional astrological texts. Part of the trepidation stems from the elemental variance of the squares and oppositions. 90° from any sign is another sign that is of an element that does not readily relate to where another planet is traveling. Examples are water and fire elements do not easily coexist in similar zones of influence. The same could be said for air and earth elements. Libra is air and these are the cerebral and vocal elements, and Capricorn is Earth where structure and form reign supreme. Where the issues arise with the current squares is that Venus as ruler of Libra seeks to harmonize how we get along with one another and Pluto in Capricorn is about composting any matters that have outlived their usefulness. You, perhaps, can sense how this may play out in the realm of interpersonal space. Those that are on the fence about what they represent will be challenged because they are not clear in themselves. So you might perceive that it is not the square that is the issue so much as it is the attitude we portray as out expression of understanding the larger picture we inhabit related to these energies. I am focusing in on this Square issue to bring our awareness to what is our attitude about them when they occur?


So lets wander thru the next couple weeks and see how things unfold. Today 9-30 Venus is square Pluto and we have given you some hints on how this can be played with. On Wednesday the 2nd Pluto stations to direct and any of the refining process Pluto has been attempting to make sure we are paying attention to what we may have missed as opportunity to compost something that is no longer beneficial to hang onto is now going forward with considering what is next. By the way this may exist in the realm of relationship as it is square to Libra. On Thursday the 3rd Mercury enters the Scorpio zone and how we organize our thoughts is being invited to penetrate below the surface level of things. ON Friday the 4th Mars enters Libra and the field of how we engage with one another is receiving a jolt of energy. For something a bit different, on Sunday the 6th Mercury will oppose its higher octave Uranus retrograde across the Scorpio/Taurus axis. Uranus can be perceived as the “Great Awakener” or Prometheus and occasionally the requirement of shaking things up is required in order to make us aware that we need to awaken to something other than we might be aware of. You have to ask yourself with Venus ruler of Taurus where Uranus is and still in Libra what kind of things do you think that Uranus may be wanting to shake up in order to clear our eyes or mind of what may be distracting us from meaningful direction change?


Okay, we made it thru the first of the two weeks. Now, Monday the7th the Sun squares Saturn again from the Libra to the Capricorn realms. Libra is partnership, Capricorn is the organizing principle, and Saturn relates to the rules and lesson plan. What kinds of matters could arise that may be an invitation for meaningful partner matters to be effective agents in the larger field of formulating rules to live by that will have longevity? Tuesday roles around and Venus enters the zone of Scorpio. The arena of partnership has just graduated into the zone of effects that develop from getting together with others. Since Mars is currently in Libra there is some resonance at work to fill out these ponderings. One way this could play out is that intensity may develop in interpersonal space to be aware of and Mars in Libra in energizing this. Where could that lead? A Saturday the 12th draws to a close Venus opposes Uranus. Still as the ruler of Taurus Venus now has a bit more investigative ponderings to feed to the Uranus awakening process. Perhaps the ramifications of shared resources (Scorpio/8th house) are being scrutinized a bit more thoroughly.


The week concludes with both the Sun square Pluto at 20° and the full Moon in Aries 20°. This is a T-square with Pluto at the apex. Mars the ruler of Aries in visiting Libra currently so there may be some tense energy in the air on this full Moon. I would be understating the potential for passionate interplay to not be on the table but, I would advise caution as the Plutonian signature often spells something that may be dying or passing away to make room for its next rebirthing process. You just need to ask yourself if you can effectively engage at an intimate level with another sensing that it may not have longevity in its current form.


Here is the Sabian symbol for the full Moon to throw into your pipe and ponder: (ARIES 21°): A PUGILIST ENTERS THE RING.


KEYNOTE., The release and glorification of social aggressiveness.



Here we find potency glorified as muscular strength and will-to-power. Because it is potency operating at a harshly competitive level, it can and often does imply the possibility of defeat or disfiguration. in one sense the symbol translates into social terms the primordial struggle for survival of the fittest, adding to it an eagerness for social fame and social power (i.e. money). In another sense, the ring with two fighters in it can be referred to the Tai Chi symbol and the interplay between Yang and Yin. Each of the two types of energy wins in turn. Victory is always temporary in a dualistic world.


This is the first stage of the fifth fivefold sequence of cyclic phases. Potency and the twofold possibilities inherent in any release of power are seen operating at the socio-cultural and emotional level. The symbol reveals man’s deeply rooted feeling of admiration and envy for whoever can generate OVERWHELMING POWER.


Here is the Sabian symbol for where Pluto will continue to be hanging out for some time:



KEYNOTE:            The value of competition in developing group consciousness.


Here we are no longer dealing with competition between individuals, but with competition between groups of individuals who take turns successively in order to maximize the group effort and the possibility of outstanding results. The whole of civilization is a vast kind of relay race in which groups of people and generations carry the torch of what we call “progress.” Major achievements result from the sum total of human strivings.


This first symbol of the fifty-ninth sequence stresses one especially dynamic aspect of “group performance.” Wherever this symbol appears, it emphasizes the value of group cooperation and of necessary give-and-take. One must seek to relate and adjust one’s strength to the challenge presented by competitors in DYNAMIC INTERCHANGE.


Just for some more to ponder upon here is the Sabian symbol for the Sun in this full Moon moment:



KEYNOTE: A revivifying contact with the Mother-force of nature and of social togetherness.


The sea is the vast matrix from which living organisms originally

emerged. It also symbolizes the collective Unconscious, the “matricial” envelope of the biosphere within which consciousness takes individualized forms. The consciousness of human beings is given specific form by the culture in which they live and the particular occupations they carry on in everyday work. But it is very good and healthful for their minds to become revitalized by collective experiences and deep feelings of undifferentiated unity as they merge in the vast refreshment of the planetary “Mother” where “she” is most dynamic, unlimited and unconfined by boundaries.


At this first stage of the forty-first five-fold sequence of symbols we see the foundation on which coming developments will be based. It is in a sense a biodynamic foundation, but it reaches beyond even the biosphere to what in all cosmic types of organization is the Mother principle-for instance, galactic Space. We may speak here of OCEANIC FEELING, born of attunement to the most basic rhythms of existence, at whatever level it might be.

Astro Week 4-1 to 4-7


As this week begins the Moon shifts from Aquarius to Pisces. All those wild and crazy thoughts that surfaced as Mercury concluded its retrograde cycle last week were recently being stimulated as the Moon did its dance thru Aquarius. As this week progresses the Moon will move thru Pisces and join forces with Venus and then the Mercury Neptune conjunction on its way to conjoin the Sun in the middle of Aries. This voyage of the Moon thru Pisces can stimulate feelings of energy signatures from deep within as well as seemingly far away regions of ourselves. Perhaps the general tendency to curb wanderings into creative levels of imagination might be set aside for the middle part of this week.


Mars the ruler of Aries and the end of last week finally escaped across the line at from Taurus into Gemini and the energy uptick was palpable. I am currently in a shamanic workshop online with Sandra Ingerman working with the spirits of nature. I bring this up because the Sabian symbol for this next new Moon speaks to this adventure: (ARIES 16th°): NATURE SPIRITS ARE SEEN AT WORK IN THE LIGHT OF SUNSET.


KEYNOTE:            Attunement to the potency of invisible forces of nature.


In the light of personal fulfillment (symbol of sunset and wisdom) man may be able to establish a life-giving contact with natural forces. These are active any time growth processes take place, but man’s individualized mind is usually too focused on working for consciously set goals to be able to realize concretely the presence of invisible (or “occult”) forces in operation. These forces constitute a specific realm of any planetary life. They are inherent in all “biospheres,” on whatever planet. They are non individualized and un-free energies forming in the substratum of all life processes thus of the process of integration at the level of the planet-as-a-whole, i.e. the planet as an organism with its automatic systems of growth, maintenance and organic multiplication: In this planetary organism those nature forces act as guiding and balancing harmonizing factors somewhat as the endocrine system does in a human body, and behind this system the more occult web of chakra energies related to prana – the solar energy. It is when this energy becomes less dominant thus symbolically at sunset – or when the body energy is weakened by illness, fasting or sensory deprivation, that it becomes easier to perceive these “nature spirits” and to give them forms that symbolize the character of their activities. These forms differ with the cultural imagery of each human collectivity, retaining nevertheless some basically similar characteristics.

When this Sabian symbol reaches into the consciousness of a man seeking meaning, it should be seen as an invitation to open his mind to the possibility of approaching life in a holistic and non-rational, intuitive manner.


This is the first stage of the fourth fivefold sequence of cyclic phases. It implies a call to REPOTENTIALIZATION. What this means also is the process of “becoming like a little child.”


So, as we dive into this upcoming week we should be setting in motion consideration as to just what we want to set as our intention for this next new Moon on Friday the 5th at around 2 am PDT. To add some flavor into this next new Moon, the Sabian symbol for Mars at that time will be: (GEMINI 4°): HOLLY AND MISTLETOE REAWAKEN OLD MEMORIES OF CHRISTMAS.


KEYNOTE: A longing for the pre intellectual state of consciousness.


The intellect ruled by the ego has taken all that had been seen by the translucent mind (the “glass bottomed boat’ Gemini 1°) and has given it a logical, rational form. Yet old memories of childhood and its native faith sometimes make their way into the consciousness. They are aroused by what remains of the ancestral images that once had great vitality and power (mistletoe was sacred to the Druids). The holly with its brilliant contrast of red and green recalls a more primitive and magical sense of color, as exemplified in Tibetan art. A nostalgia for more natural and feeling oriented values tends to lead to a movement of protest thus, to the intensification of the emotions in the individual personality, or to the Romantic Movement after the post classical and post rationalistic European period.


This is the fourth stage in the thirteenth series. It recalls the fourth stage in the eighth sequence (Phase 39, Taurus 9° symbolized by “a fully decorated Christmas tree.” But the vivid experience of childhood now has become only an obsessive or nostalgic memory. It heralds a resurgence of deeper values and aspirations that had been forced back into the collective unconscious. What is stressed here is the value of tradition-based archetypes during the process of “discovery,” a RETURN TO THE SOURCE. The contact with archetypes may nevertheless lead to explosive situations.


I would invite all who care to reawaken their connection to the natural surround to spend some time with any of the many aspects of the natural world as you determine an advisable direction to head in after this next new Moon cycle begins.


On a rather longer range matter Jupiter reached it current degree last week on March 27th. It will be there thru it turning retrograde on April 10th and thru the 25th as it proceeds back to 14° of Sagittarius on August 12th of this year. Jupiter and in Sagittarius speaks to an adventure into distant lands. There is an optimistic nature to Jupiter as well as good-natured joviality. Seeking to expand and grow whatever is encountered, both positive and negative, we approach an opportunity to reflect on what it is we want to grow into in a large fashion for quite a bit of this year. The Sabian symbol for the stationary degree of this Jupiter transition is: (SAGITTARIUS 25°): A CHUBBY BOY ON A HOBBYHORSE.


KEYNOTE:            The anticipatory enjoyment of powers one can only as yet dream of utilizing.


The horse has always been a symbol of power and, in many instances, of sexual energy. Until very recently the horse gave man a greater possibility of conquering more space and what that space contained. Mounted on his hobbyhorse and experiencing the to-and-fro rhythm of its motion, the well fed boy unconsciously, and perhaps nowadays half consciously, may anticipate the rhythm of the sexual act. In a sense it is also a kind of make-believe and growth through the imagination, but here – in contrast to what was shown in the symbol for Phase 261- the imagination is active at the organic body level. There is something of an initiation in the play.


This is the last symbol of the fifty-third sequence of five. It ends in a mood of play, but it is a play filled with cultural and emotional expectation, unconscious though this expectation may be. We see here the FORESHADOWING of the mature experience of manhood. (I would change manhood to read adulthood)


As we are in the transitional energy phase of this currently this is something more to throw in your pipe and contemplate. ENJOY THE WEEK AND ONWARD…





AstroWeek 3-24 to31 of 2019


Mercury steps up to the plate this week. Today the 24th Mercury retrograded back across Neptune and will station conjunct Neptune @ 16° of Pisces on the 27th. This is an all week process with Mercury energized by its placement @ 16° for the rest of the week. Sabian symbol for this: (PISCES 17°): AN EASTER PARADE.


KEYNOTE:            The capacity inherent in all great socio-cultural Images to unite the members of a community in a display of excellence.


Here we see, by contrast, the unifying power of great myths and symbols in truly organic and self-perpetuating culture. The Image of the Resurrection spurs all men within the pale of Christendom to appear at their very best and to dynamize themselves in some kind of self-renewal in response to the Christ mythos, and to the call of nature’s springtime as well. Wherever found, this symbol emphasizes the value of attuning one’s life activities and moods to the ritualistic patterns of society or Earth-nature, rather than acting in complete independence from the group.


The Collective dominates the Individual, and Yin overpowers Yang. It is a time for conformity to what constitutes the highest ideals of one’s culture and for PARTICIPATION IN COLLECTIVE PEAK EXPERIENCES.


Since Mercury is how we think and communicate, among other things, what might be the results of the recent Mercury retrograde cycle that you wander into? This is very fertile ground. Neptune has been pouring the waters of truth upon these moments and waiting for us to awaken to something new.


On Tuesday the 26th Venus moves from Aquarius into Pisces bringing that percolating social front into the next phase of seeing what the group has considered to seek a more profound level of meaning to grow with. Venus in Pisces stimulates the potential for a blending of energies, so the opportunity arises to seek and recognize the oneness of all things, not just in how to engage with other humans. Doing things together to accomplish this is great for soul expansion.


The week rounds out on Mars entering Gemini on the 31st. You might feel the uptick in energy as Mars is released from a more kicked back zone of the zodiac into the realm of curiosity and conversation. One thing to keep in mind is that Mercury the ruler of Gemini is still conjunct Neptune in Pisces so if you get strange looks from those you attempt to engage in conversation maybe allowing a little space for the words to sink in is advisable, since they are likely to be arriving from a very deep pool of substance.


During this week the waning Moon moves from Scorpio to Aquarius. If you can see the Moon dancing with Jupiter in Sagittarius on the 26th enjoy the show and perhaps expand your feeling self (hint: not a solo project).