Egypt and the Cat Journey 4 14 2015



My Mom has fallen down 3 times in the last couple weeks and fortunately she lives close enough for continued trips to her place.  Last Saturday evening was her last falling in her entrance hallway.  Upon arriving at her home I could see her slipper in the middle of the floor and an Egyptian ceramic cat she purchased at the opening of the Cairo museum back in the late 50’s or early 60”s when we lived there was lying in two large pieces about 5 feet apart along the hall and into the living room.  After checking her out and applying enough ice packs on the necessary locations and making sure she was going to rest okay we headed back to our home.  I picked up the cat pieces on the way out the door determining to repair it.  This was a plain primer gray version of the Egyptian cat.

I spent the next 3 days repairing the cat which I could see upon closer inspection was very near the end of it’s nine lives with multiple breaks and repairs.  I am including a photo of the repaired cat with this journey.

I had pre-chosen to go to ancient Egypt and when I queried my team for a travel companion and was first greeted by Shrem my dragon (always ready for an adventure).  Almost immediately panther stepped forward and this was the obvious choice for this journey.  We climbed aboard the Egypt bound craft and I could see quite a few fellow travelers and their helping spirits on board.  Soon I was aboard a felucca heading to Upper Egypt.  We arrived and debarked in front of a temple.  The long walk to the entrance was flanked both sides with statues of lion, tiger and cat images.  I seemed to be viewing panther and I strolling down this path up to the entrance.

We entered and found no one seemingly there but sensed a presence that I queried as to what may have been causes for the demise of this once great civilization.  I heard two terms ring out “power, and fear”.  Many visions passed through my thoughts as to how these two elements could lead to the collapse of even the greatest of systems.

Onward to the healing aspect of this journey.  Since I had just finished up the ceramic cat repair and painting, I had an intention of in some fashion utilizing it here in some form of the healing modality.  I was shown that part of the healing technique employed in this setting had to do with calling on the spirit energies and imbuing objects with this as well as incense and other herb cleansing steps to these implements.  This in and of itself would only be effective if the one utilizing the implements had the conviction of the spirits on board with them as they proceeded to invite others into the healing process.

Almost instantaneously panther, as he has often done when in healing mode, jumped into my body and then we were immediately conjoined into the ceramic cat and could sense the intense downloads from the greater universe as it was being charged up.  A tune which had come to be to sing while on the felucca immediately began to surge forth and I continued to chant it over and over as this was going on.

The call back began to call and panther and ceramic cat and I separated and moved back to the Nile voyage down to our spirit group boat.  The chant continued in my mind and at times out loud as we sailed back to the altar room.  I was informed to affix a crystal to the cat and to place an image of it on the West side of the altar.  The actual cat, crystal attached, will be returning to my mom’s for her enfoldment.