Community Cauldron 12-12-2016

I was given a vision related to our community consideration during a recent journey.  I will present it here in case there are those who might want to utilize this energy signature as part of the growing community process.

Once again I was drawn to a scene with a cauldron present.  Following the path I was led to a room/place wherein a large cauldron was.  Upon peering in I could see that it was gently bubbling away.  I removed the drum from the wall and began to create an even rhythm.  As I was doing this a vision arose.  I approached the cauldron in my vision and began to add aspects of my growing shamanic awareness into the pot.  Each time I added an item I could perceive the surface of the liquid move and change swirling color modulations.  I was invited to sample the contents of the vat periodically, which created amazing sensations that seemed to be in my body yet at the same time were passing thru on their way somewhere.

The very next thing I become aware of is the invitation to climb on into the cauldron.  Replacing the drum on the wall I hike myself over the edge and into the soup.  I can sense that I am lying on the surface face up.  As I follow my gaze upward I can see a torus hovering above.  Energy is rushing up into the underside center and spinning out the top and around the outside edges before re-entering again at the bottom.  I have suddenly become as a mist and am ascending up into the torus.  All at once I seem to be dispersed in all directions and become the flow around the event horizon of the torus.  There is a lightening sense as this process unfolds.  After I do not know how long it seems an aspect of me is sent unfurling outward and down to standing beside the cauldron again.  The irony is that during my descent I could as well sense aspects of my being unfurling out into the larger darkness.

I once again retrieved the drum from the wall and found a corner to sit down and continue with the rhythm that never seemed to stop.  What I observed next was others coming down the path and arriving and approaching the cauldron.  Some would do as I had done, others would place things in the cauldron and I could see these energies whisk up into the torus and then back down into the pot.  Occasionally a person would sample the mix and I swear I could perceive a glow increasing around their body while at the same time I as well would feel a rush of energized particles encompass me.  I now know that the torus is an energetic re-birthing zone of creation and a cleansing tool for spirit’s use.

As I peered closer at the cauldron I could swear that there were facial essences all around the outside of it.  Perhaps there are some essential fingerprints that this magical cauldron gleans by providing this service.

I heard the call to manifest some artistic articulation for our larger gathering this week.  Here it is.  Initially I got out a canvas to paint what I had seen but determined the set up for doing this was too involved so got out my colored pencils and drawing-pad.  That was yesterday and last evening.  This morning more of the vision had arrived and I got out my acrylics and finished the scene.  As with many of the gifts offered in the journey process I freely give this to you to do as you see fit.  Enjoy the ride!