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Each week I spend between one and five hours crafting these posts. Many may ponder just why anyone would do this. Back along the way I was gifted with access into this astrological tool in a way that moved my soul. Thru the years, since that first glimpse in 1969, there have been moments when I sensed many universal downloads of substance being offered thru me to share with others. I never really took it to heart that they were just for me alone. This led to multiple astrological consultations with individuals and groups as a way of tuning us together into an energy-enfold we were all participating within. These posts are a paying forward of this gift to any who wish to embrace them.


If any of you are so inspired to go a bit deeper into the celestial patterns you came to bring out into your worlds, I would be glad to assist you in astrological considerations that focus more on you. While the time frame for an astrological consultation is about the same as for each week’s Celestial Chatter, it can cover a much longer life frame and, I guarantee it will be an experience you will carry for the rest of your earth walk…

Celestial Chatter 4-12 to 18


As I sat and wondered into the heavens this morning a vision arrived to remind me of the larger context within which we dwell in this great celestial design. Currently all the planets are traversing the eastern portion of space from our earthly perspective. The rest of the planets likely don’t give a hoot of our considerations of compass direction. But, we are earth dwellers and the directions represent certain things to us. The east is the beginning of everything. The Sun our representative of the king or masculine energy appears to rise every day from that direction when actually we are rotating into the east constantly. The eastern portion of the zodiac is the zone that has to do with self whereas the western region has to do with others. The planets have been occupying this eastern perspective since the last Capricorn solar dance commenced back in December. From Capricorn thru Pisces we are tasked with considerations related to culminating cycles or potentially tying up loose ends that may be holding us back from initiating our next new direction. From Aries thru Gemini there is an uptick in the energy seeking to explore and investigate opportunity even if we have to create it. Each of us is identified somewhere along this spectrum and none of it is wrong. Where challenges may arise could appear in the zone of interacting with one another to facilitate effective partnering on the individual as well as the collective levels. Cancer thru Sagittarius offers opportunity to investigate much of the course we choose to travel together with others. The Moon is the only celestial satellite that currently traverses this zone for half of every month. Commencing its journey in Cancer where our family ties are brought to the surface, proceeding into Leo where we might be enticed to spar with others on every level from budding romance to group gatherings at sports events. Virgo as the next step in this process brings with it considerations of the effects of hanging with one another that may include health issues to seeking advice that we sign up to discover as a trainee. Once Libra is reached we are set to be in meaningful partnership with others to attain particular goals. Scorpio and Sagittarius have intensity and intimacy as well as far reaching perspectives on what we would like to discover together.


This week as we draw near the close of the solar Aries cycle and consider the new Moon of Sunday the 11th what are your directives that you sense might be an inspiration to yourself? You might for the moment attempt this with minimal regard for what others may feel.


The Moon will dance into this week and possibly inspire you to from a Taurus perspective tune into your appetites or how you want to make money.


As the Moon does a quick dose-do with Uranus on Tuesday inspiration may strike from very unexpected directions.


On Wednesday Venus shifts into Taurus where it has rulership. How artistically inspired are you or is nature beckoning your participation in some way? The Sun moves into sextile with Mars from Aries to Gemini so, what overt stimulation might have you firing on all cylinders with curiosity about anything? This day is actually setting the heaven for Thursday when the Sun occupies a sextile position between Jupiter and Mars making the trine from Mars to Jupiter all that much more enlivened.


The very next day (Friday) the Sun will move into square with Pluto and the piper may need to be paid for any indulgences that crossed certain lines that self wandered, perhaps a bit far afield.


Saturday finds Mercury in the middle by sextile with Jupiter and Mars so a continuation of the trine of Jupiter and Mars. Watch what you say today as large questions might seek audience and find others, in spite of themselves, listening. I say this because the Moon does a quick pass over Mars today so senses may surpass common ground. The kicker in all this is the square that Mercury forms with Pluto at the same time and words may need to be eaten that were spoken in haste. Not necessarily a bad thing but possibly challenging one to grow in honesty.


Sunday, and the week concludes with a superior conjunction of Mercury with the Sun also termed Casimi. Are you going to use those thoughts that recently have been corrected by Pluto or are you stubborn enough to ignore the writing on the wall. Casimi the Sun gives you a platform to work from that doesn’t show up every day. Use it wisely.


The Moon moves into Cancer on Sunday and begins the two-week journey thru the realm of the other I mentioned above to potentially add perspective to all that personal process we are in.


I can just hear the folks from the western regions for their Sun connection saying, “wait just a gol durn moment, we represent that western perspective”. Indeed, we are each made up of all 12 signs in some pattern that inspires what we are drawn to. You western folks need to realize that even you can do with some eastern consideration on yourselves. It is not always about the other only.




Celestial Chatter 4-5 to 11


Welcome to the land of the sextile. Monday the Moon moving thru Aquarius forms a square with Uranus, very briefly has a sextile with Mercury, and Venus does the sextile dance with Mars. Tuesday the Moon conjuncts Saturn, has its waning sextile with the Sun, forms a trine with Mars, a sextile with Venus, and conjuncts Jupiter. That was the Moon whipping thru Aquarius forming sextiles with all the Aries planets, trines to Gemini and squares to Taurus. Generally I don’t dwell too much on the lunar factors as you can see it rapidly moves in and out of aspects for just a couple hours each. Basically this beginning of the week is on a lunar roll, and the Moon can act as a trigger for making things happen as it forms aspects to other points of the zodiac. Just be aware that you may feel or sense some energy upticks related to the planets that the Moon dances with but only during a brief window of time. The sextiles will tie the planetary energies together to seek a common outcome. The trines stimulate cooperation and the squares present edginess to events the planets represent.


The Moon does all this from an Aquarian perspective so might there be bizarre moments? Could you suddenly feel very inventive? Might humanitarian matters surface? Each of these energies is quickly begging for recognition but only for short windows of our daily dance.


On Friday the Moon crosses paths with Neptune in Pisces. You may want to keep a dream journal close for any insight that may drift thru your thoughts. Saturday the 10th the Moon enters Aries for a couple days to stir up even more than usual the impulse energy signature there. Venus moves into sextile with Jupiter and Mercury moves into sextile with Saturn. While these last two are relatively quick aspects they are around long enough to sense them more than a lunar flash. Venus and Jupiter, the two benefics (old terms for harmonious planetary beings) will do the sextile move from Aries to Aquarius. This may push our Venusian Aries configuration to become a bit more adventurous than usual. The Mercury/Saturn configuration in the same signs might challenge us to choose our words with a bit more thought than the Aries generally is inclined to do.


As Sunday unfolds we are due for our next new Moon and it would be wise to set new intentions for what you hope to embrace for the next month ahead. This degree nearing the end of Aries brings with it the potential for some reflection on larger matters. I will offer the Sabian symbol(s) for this initiation to our monthly consideration from Dane Rudhyar’s “An Astrological Mandala” to ponder as we set sail into the new lunar month. It is the final degree of these three that is the new lunar moment but mention of the previous two needs inclusion.




KEYNOTE., The release and glorification of social aggressiveness.


This is the first stage of the fifth fivefold sequence of cyclic phases. Potency and the twofold possibilities inherent in any release of power are seen operating at the socio-cultural and emotional level. The symbol reveals man’s deeply rooted feeling of admiration and envy for whoever can generate OVERWHELMING POWER.





KEYNOTE:            Abundance made possible by human togetherness and cooperation.


At the second stage of this series of symbols, the goal of happiness dominates the consciousness of cultural man, the more validly so the more modest his desires. Religious philosophies, like American New Thought, glorify this social feeling of abundance, glamorizing it into an avid cosmic OPTIMISM and a cult of success.





KEYNOTE:            Fecundity.


Masculine aggressiveness and the woman’s desire for fulfillment (Phases 21 and 22) are integrated and realized in the expected child. This threefold sequence can be seen operating at several levels, and the third term, the child, can take various emotional and cultural forms. The basic meaning remains the same. Summer is the period of fruition. Man – at the receptive “woman” level – reaps the fruits of his dynamic activity.


This is the third stage of the fifth fivefold sequence of cyclic phases. It combines the two preceding ones and suggests INNER FULFlLLMENT.


Welcome to spring. To some April showers and others quite different weather patterns but a lightening of the attire from the heavy winter robes is in the air.





Celestial Chatter 3-29 to 4-4


As last week slips behind us the full Moon of yesterday has provided us with the option to view a more effective context within which we might experience the fullness of partnership at many levels. As this next week begins Venus the planet of partnership and ruling Libra moves into sextile with Saturn from Aries to Aquarius. Because there is a great number of sextiles that will be in the aspect mix for April I am going to provide you with a couple definitions.


Here is a definition from Tom Jacobs: Sextile, 60 degrees: Triggering and Stimulating
Sextiles bring the energy of stimulation, of triggering. The two bodies in sextile stir each other to action, and whether this is experienced as pleasant or not is another matter. Think of the energies of a good tickling and a poke in the ribs, and then consider that each can be welcome or not welcome.

Sextiles have the energy of setting things off, and how we experience this depends on many factors including how willing we are to be set off by anything, what the two bodies in question are, where we might feel pushed to go from the triggering, and others.


Here is a definition from Kelly Lee Phipps: Empowerment thru synthesis, organizing creative impulses, meeting the mentor, charm. Both planets are infusing each other with new ideas and energy, Productivity, efficiency, & Lucky. “Flower of Life”, fruition, pollination, fruitful mental creativity. Renewal & reorganization. Exciting opportunities thru new ideas and encounters, completion of quests, freedom!


As Monday commences Venus is just moving out of Casimi with the Sun and surely she feels enthused. It is Tuesday that she forms the sextile with Saturn and you might still sense a bit of this potential excitement she brings to the equation. I can hear your thoughts now, but this is Saturn, surely we are in for a lesson to deal with. Inherently I would not argue with you there, but do you have to travel the road of hard lessons? That will be up to you. Free will is always willing to participate. Just to add some spice to the mix on Tuesday Mercury zips over Neptune in Pisces. Remember that Mars in Gemini is being infused with some of that Mercurial input. As Pisces often takes the more profound and deep route that energetic Mars may have to pause in what it has to communicate to make sure and use the listening mode just a bit more. Mars will be out-of-bounds (oob) for the entire month of April so adventure beckons. The current Gemini overview might mean no limits to one’s curiosity, or at least a strong pushback at any attempts to contain the questions.


Two sextiles greet us on April Fools Day the Sun to the Moon’s north node and Mercury to Pluto. For this day the Sun from perhaps a regal position is giving permission to investigate and take chances with discovering areas one may not necessarily be comfortable with. At the same time it will trine the Moon’s south node so there will be effort required to slip away from one’s comfort zone to make available energy on this gamble. Mercury and Pluto in the water and earth signs could tip the scales in a practical direction to utilizing the deep Pisces perspective in the transformational process of clearing the decks of old and potentially useless stuff that could be holding you back from personal discovery.


We wrap the week up on Sunday with the last quarter Moon that as well forms a quick square aspect with Venus. Just to add some extra out of the box energy to this week and these aspects the Moon will be oob from April 2nd to 5th. Throw that into the hopper with the potential for crisis in consciousness attributed to a last quarter Moon and this has the potential to facilitate breakthroughs in our conscious perspective of things that may not be aligned up with the same direction others seek to follow. Remember the Moon is oob for all of us and some may be loonier than others. The Sun is pushing to do things while in Aries that may not always be well thought out. The square to Venus still within in range of conjunct to the Sun might require us to ponder our conduct with others we are dealing with. On this same day Mercury shifts from Pisces to Aries and moves into mutual reception with Mars in Gemini. I have not seen much written about this kind of configuration but these two have already been engaged with each other’s energies. The mutual reception just kicks up how they can influence each other and require both to find some sort of confluence of direction that they agree upon or at least are willing to embrace as necessary for forward direction. If we think about what Mars stands for which can be very lively and forthright leading the pack, the Mercury might be seen to enhance the message attributed to leadership. From the Mercurial perspective getting the word out is being pushed deliberately to get the ball rolling on things that may seem stuck.


If you are an Aries, Happy Birthday.






Celestial Chatter 3-22 to 28


Spun round until one’s head is spinning and plopped down on a plateau overlooking a vast expanse of civilization, the thoughts roll over me like tidal waves seeking answers to questions of placement in the context of larger and larger formats we dwell within. While I was aware of the topic of mundane astrology for almost the whole of my last 50 years following astrological lore, it was not until recently I had decided to dive a bit deeper into that pool of awareness. Probably one of the most difficult avenues to this art, there are factors currently in play that beckon my participation within the sacred halls of responsibility to investigate in earnest where this trail leads.


Having crossed the threshold of the spring equinox yesterday the travail of my dreamscape last night led me on many a varied journey. I told Jacque of part of what had transpired and that took about 10 minutes, and that did not even touch the edges of this larger astrological matrix that has pulled me into everything I thought I knew about the position of responsibility required to deal with these matters. Being invited to fathom the potential portrayed in any particular astrological inquiry any individual has brought for us to consider works exceedingly well at the level of the fractional part of the whole. I say this because each aspect in a picture has relevance to every other part of the entirety that exists. That is the objective that mundane astrology would have one contemplate.


During the dream adventures last evening as I followed the breadcrumbs of this trail I was led from the individual, to the local tribe, to the culture or nation, on to the global perspective, and then was shown the vitality of ones spiritual union with, while limited, what our minds and hearts interpret as Oneness or God or whatever term sits well with you. At this point the astrological lore drifts back into the earth realm as relevant to assisting us forward on our exploration of where we fit in the grand scheme of things.


Last week I made my first stab at the message of the Aries ingress using the whole sign chart that I have since perceived as relevant to a certain degree but can be further expanded upon by other house systems with more detail and quite differing considerations for the annual milestones that lay before us for 2021. As mundane technique requires copious quantities of charts, currently sitting at about 30, for the year ahead, unpacking this will take time. Please bear with me as this unfolds over the coming weeks of astrology in the Celestial Chatter posts.


With the Aries ingress for 2021 happening yesterday we must keep in mind that in true Aries fashion a new set of factors is seeking audience that may not be entirely clear as to the reasons for particular directions that seem to want to unfold before us. The first of the zodiacal signs in every initiation, clarity does not immediately leap to the fore for recognition. As I write these words, today Venus arrives into Aries inching its way along on the approximately 50-day excursion from morning star to evening star, as it loops around behind the Sun. While Venus is not new to the current equation, the entrance into Aries at this time will bring certain factors up for our consideration. While generally Venus is not doing its happy dance to be in Aries, it is still Venus with the factors it brings for us to ponder. Remember there is certain rawness to the Aries ingress and clarity may seem illusive for a time, which does not mean we are to halt our trajectory. No, far from it, in true Aries fashion it is damn the lifeboats, full speed ahead. Now, throw into this mix our artistic, diplomatic, lover and host functions or the Libra potential for partnership at all levels from individual to national. Combine this with the Taurus flavors of comfort, nature awareness, druid, chef and music lover and attempt to radically ignite a fire underneath it all to leap forward and you might perceive just a bit of discomfort she might be feeling at this time. I would be bereft to leave out the Venus/Taurus propensity for resource inclusion and or utilization. The factors I have just spelled out are still in play and may be amped up a bit more than usual with the caveat of requiring some extra spice to get them onboard.


There is spice already in the picture with Mars the ruler of Aries in the ever-inquisitive sign of Gemini. Did I hear anyone say they wanted to talk about what is transpiring? Perhaps there is a story seeking audience utilizing the many factors available. Lest we get too carried away with exuberance in true Martian fashion we must be aware of the Trine aspect between Mars and Saturn. Normally I would spell this as putting a damper on what Mars might, in this case, be inclined to say, but Saturn is in Aquarius and these two air signs get along fabulously well. Saturn may insist on a bit more of a factual bent to the storyline with the Aquarian twist currently of keeping the options open for where one is headed. Since the Fire and Air signs seem to feed off of each other’s energies the Aries ingress is just adding fuel to the fire, or is it the other way around?


Let’s add a bit of a twist into the mix for this week ahead. On Wednesday Mercury the ruler of Gemini will form a square aspect to our Mars spicy stimulus. This is a mutable square from Pisces to Gemini and thus the change factor is amped up a bit more in relation to their combined message. Of course it has a longer footprint than just on Wednesday and has been in play for several days and will linger for a couple more. Lest we forget aspects of the Pisces model, there is always a spiritual quest in play when Pisces is on board. Did I say spice was required? On Tuesday Mars is going to step out-of-bounds (oob) until May 21st. Being oob brings factors into the equation that at times can appear unpredictable from an in bounds format that attempts to contain itself to a set of rules. Mars when oob has in a sense been released from strictures as to what it can accomplish and being in Gemini I would expect the silver tongued devil to play havoc with any storytelling ventures trying to be contained. I suspect that this will play the Joker card on more than one occasion in the Aries field. Who was that warrior character that just whisked thru that last scenario? There seemed to be simultaneous calling to an adventuring pioneer into something new that may be seeking some hero type to show up.


Buckle up, for we are about to wander a bit deeper into the zone of Aries with Venus conjoining the Sun in Casimi fashion for 3 days in the heart thereof. This takes us thru 3 degrees of Dane Rudhyar’s “An Astrological Mandala” Sabian symbol journey. One thing to keep in mind in reading thru these several Sabian interpretations is that as Venus is Casimi the Sun it is provided with privileges not generally afforded anyone because the King (Sun) has bestowed them upon her, to in one sense alter some of the rules for this window of time. As with the Sabian symbols unfolding they unravel a sequential story. I think you will enjoy this lengthy interlude to this week’s Chatter.




KEYNOTE:            The progressive polarization of energies needed for fulfilling one’s life function.


In order to respond fully to the potentialities released by a sense of identification with a greater Whole, the human being should be himself whole. An interplay of bipolar energies is needed to provide a sustained and dynamic “resonance” to any superior and encompassing form of life. This may imply a temporary withdrawal from routine activity, i.e. a “secluded” process. It is not, however, a closed process. The positive and negative polarities do not meet in a closed circuit, reconstituting a neutral state of potentiality. They operate in dynamic, open, unresolved togetherness in contact with the surrounding energies of nature.


This symbol characterizes the fourth stage of the first fivefold sequence of phases: the stage of dynamic and unresolved POLARIZATION. It introduces the basic means -one might say, the technique- to establish consciousness in the world of duality.






KEYNOTE:            The capacity for self-transcending.


This is the symbol of the desire to reach a higher level of existence, of pure aspiration or devotion, of bhakti. What has emerged in the first phase of the process of differentiation is becoming aware of the possibility of further up-reachings. The principle of “levitation” is seen as one of the two essential factors in evolution. The emergent being glorifies and deifies it, but it is still only an ideal. At this stage, nevertheless, the whole being experiences a childlike longing for its eventual realization.


At this point the last and synthesizing stage of the first fivefold unit in the cyclic process is reached. A NEW DIMENSION of being is envisioned mobilizing creative endeavors.






KEYNOTE:            The emotional desire for concrete and stabilized existence as a person.


This desire for individualization operates at first as a one-pointed or one-sided drive focusing itself upon an exclusive goal. All emotions are at first possessive, and all cultural manifestations operate on the principle of exclusion. All that does not belong to the tribal sphere (one blood, one land, one folk) is the potential enemy. This is a necessary phase, for – as in the case of “the woman emerging from the sea” – the first attempt at building an inner realization of integral being may be defeated at any time by the regressive pull toward non-differentiation and the prenatal state of non individualization within the vast womb of nature or within unformed cosmic space.


This first stage of the second fivefold sequence of symbols presents the theme which will be dialectically developed – a five – phase dialectical



It has been said that the 12th house or Pisces is the process wherein the seed of potential is created to be planted in the new earth represented by Aries as the spring planting of this seed potential. It is only a potential that requires tending in order to manifest. These are the times we are in. This transpires at all the levels I mentioned as I began this week’s consideration. The irony is that in order for the individual to be successful he/she must recognize the larger containers within which they dwell as holding the overall sway on what can be accomplished. An example may be of assistance here. If a person is determined to accomplish an agape sense of love in his environment and finds they are living in a culture of warlords always seeking to battle their neighbors, the chances of success can be a bit challenged. That larger context holds sway over what the individual may be successful at. Our current death economic model does not hold much opportunity for those who seek to re-recognize our function as integrated in every aspect of nature.


While I started out this week’s Chatter with mentioning my current journey with mundane astrology, this post is already long enough. I will continue to monitor this process and share with you as I discover our larger container issues.

Celestial Chatter 3-15 to 21


Oh, the times they are a changing. So listen up buster and listen up good, stop wishing for bad luck and knocking on wood. (Some musical interludes just leapt up from the recesses of my memory; Dylan and John Prine). The recent new Moon in the last sign of the zodiac might be viewed as an intention setting to prepare us for and onslaught of upcoming energy upticks. Around this time every year the Sun advances into the zone of Aries and the spring equinox greets us with the potential for a flurry of options of directions to choose from, as well potentially with the energy to initiate them. This last is, of course, if you happen to dance well with the fiery energy of Aries.


So who, prey tell is this Aries character and just how might we tune into this springtime energy. In our northern climates there is a plethora of green bursting forth everywhere. Hay fever is being enhanced as the trees send out their pollen to mingle in the air so that new life may come forth. Pushing forth from the ground is evidence of the Sun’s beckoning for the long winter’s rest to come to an end as green shoots arch skyward. This is the equinox when the daylight hours and the night time hours equal out and the days begin to take precedent as we look forward to rising with the Sun and seeing the hours extend into the evenings. Except for this one business related trait of daylight savings time, that this last weekend was imposed upon us by industry hoping to get a bit more productivity out of us by starting our days a bit earlier to maximize the hours of daylight at their avail for our toil. In the current 24 hour a day global culture this has outlived its usefulness. You might perceive a certain disdain I hold for this antiquated practice. We are the only species on the planet attempting to alter and live outside of the natural flow of life (Sun) cycles.


Now, where was I before DST ticked up my thoughts and possibly my blood pressure? Oh yes, the Aries ingress. Leaders, warriors, adventurers, heroes and pioneers are beckoned to awaken to this influx of solar energy. While you may not think you fit any of these characters, it is likely that there are parts of your makeup that in some fashion resonate at frequencies you have been trained to not recognize as relevant to aspects of this set of archetypes that beckon you to awaken from your dreams. This is, after all, the actual beginning of the year from the perspective of many northern cultures that have existed longer than our modern culture is willing to consider and for hundreds of thousands of years prior to our current modernization protocol. We are but a blip in the stream of life and yet aspects of us have always existed though we have worked very hard to extricate our awareness of this part of us.


On Tuesday this week our thoughts and words in the guise of Mercury shift from Aquarius to Pisces. One way this may play for some of us is going to have us asking questions that do not have easy or ready-made answers. Where to aim these inquires is going to be the trick. While many may seek guidance from outside themselves the irony is that what you seek comes from within.


One major challenge to attaining perspective on these potentially deep topics is the Aries ingress that, above all else, brings us front and center into the crosshairs of stepping with vigor into the land of impulse that is not often well thought out. Situations may arise where our warrior parts feel affronted and need to respond. This requires courage and some daring as well as a certain independence to confront these perceived challenges, not to just ourselves but, also those we sense share commonality with us. Since this chart is so relevant for our consideration from this week for the year ahead I have cast it for Washington DC so that we can consider matters that may be relevant for us as a society. I cast it in the whole sign system, as this is an old technique that works well for mundane considerations.


The first house represents the populace of a country/region and its health or general well being. Having Saturn there might be an indication that we are challenged in these areas and it’s obvious. It is in Aquarius so this is an invitation for the scientific perspective to have relevance. Some of us are listening to what is being offered there but many others are not. This could exacerbate the pandemic issue currently attempting to be brought under some level of control. Jupiter is as well in Aquarius so there is some level of hope that is a part of the equation if enough of us do the right thing and in true Aquarius fashion take a risk with what is new (vaccines). As Aquarius is the rising sign there are many factors related to options that are not the usual path followed but seek to investigate those side issues attempting to distract us from fixed goals.


The second house refers to national wealth and all financial matters and creature comforts. Jupiter in the chart 1st house rules Pisces being the 2nd house flavor-of-the-year, so there may be some eccentric energy waves stirring up the waters and making the surface choppy. Mercury has many ideas floating around as to how to handle issues but in Pisces may be led by dreams and illusions that for some is pie-in-the-sky and for others nightmarish outworking. Neptune’s presence here can exacerbate issues of just what is the clear path forward particularly for those attempting to utilize the same tools that got us in this situation to get us back out. Venus adds an attempt to join together and seek answers by being open with one another at deeper levels (Pisces) than we currently are willing to fathom. The 3rd house brings us to Aries and is the arena of relationships with our neighbors as well as commerce and transportation. Remember, Aries has a certain damn the lifeboats, full speed ahead nature to it. I think it is interesting to see our current government attempting to adjust our connection with many of the other global nations after a time of self above all from the previous regime. Also the current direction seems to want to add support to improve our infrastructure. Chiron and Ceres in close proximity to each other open up the potential for meaningful conversations about our health regime that for our death economic model could be quite enlivening. Killing off everything to satisfy our desires seems a bit short sighted. The Ceres part could be viewed as our connection to the food sources and capacities at our avail. It as well seems to point to some of the dietary restrictions we have placed on civilization with a grain filled leaning.


The 4th house has to do with our homes, public building and mining. It as well can stand for the opposition party to the current government (10th house). Uranus there has a couple options to ponder. Unpredictability is definitely on the table with so much hatred stirred up from the previous administration in control even to the point of storming the capitol. It can as well stimulate an awakening force that seeks to assuage differences by compromise to the benefit of all. These two camps are hard at work in our democracy now. The 5th house is about entertainment, theater and pleasure, sought by the people. Gemini is an extremely changeable energy, so it is currently easy to see the restlessness in our cooped up population attempting to storm the gates of escape into the entertainment realms if for no other reasons than restlessness and boredom. The two planets here are Mars (ruler of the equinox) and the Moon how we feel about things. I would hearken back to Aries as impulsive and not always well thought out before it acts. An apt example is Ready, Fire, Aim. Could this challenge our path to so-called herd immunity we are on? I think so.


The 6th house represents the working class and illness issues. It is Cancer as the flavor for this environment. Anyone want to work from home (Cancer)? Is the job likely to affect or infect your home environment? The ruler is the Moon in the 5th house and thus the desire to leave home in some fashion to seek distractions elsewhere and make the containment of this virus more challenging. The 7th house is a Leo house. It is ruled by the Sun that begins its journey thru Aries. One of the 7th house archetypes is open-enemies. Could you perceive that we might be our own worst enemies even though we should and most likely do know better?


One more consideration before I get back to this week is the nodal story set in motion for the year ahead. The south node is on the chart MC and thus the north node is on the IC. It has been said that the Moon’s nodal axis can be viewed as a destiny line. The south node correlates to a path we followed and the north node to a path we might follow to facilitate correcting the issues we encountered along the south node trajectory that most likely didn’t pan out as well as we might have expected. With the MC being the public face and the IC perhaps viewed as our private or at home version of ourselves could it be that it is time to review the impression our country has shown to the rest of the world? Might there be skeletons in our collective closet that it is time to address? As this south node is in Sagittarius and this has implications into the religious scenario and other things, could there be some issues with how our religious outlook may have been misconstrued by those implementing it? The north node sandwiched between Mars and the Moon in Gemini might require some serious soul searching to locate a dialogue that aims to correct our path forward.


While I could go on to write about the rest of the houses this post could span into a chapter in a book quite easily. I will relieve you of having to read so much material now.


Did I say that there was much energy shifts to grapple with this week? On late Sunday Venus enters Aries, Mars trines Saturn, and Mercury sextiles Uranus. Let’s unpack this end of the week dance. Venus having been exalted in Pisces moves into detriment in Aries. That is a big bite for our relationship fields as well as potential economic factors and our comfort zones (ruler of Taurus). Mars in Gemini, accelerated thoughts and communication trines Saturn at home in Aquarius. Trines tie together the same elements and in this case it is Air. Under usual circumstances Saturn attempts to contain and control factors under its influence. In Aquarius this is being played with a different and unique set of rules (Saturn term). I spoke to this over the last couple weeks. Suffice it to say that containment is not the wise choice on where our thoughts and words will lead us with this configuration in the heavens. We must remember the yearlong square between Saturn and Uranus in play for us currently. To add fuel to the fire Mercury in sextile to Uranus is, or can be a delightful, even if unpredictable, set of factors influencing us. In this case Mercury’s thoughts range across the board from ecstatic euphoria to psychotic episodes and a dreamscape with no limits. To Uranus this is exciting and will be willing to enhance whatever path we decide to follow. From the Taurus perspective we might be inclined to daydream about ideal intimate relationships or possibly the creation of the most amazing desert we can imagine. While the economics of these scenarios loom they may be given a back seat to our desires.


Spring beckons us to get out into our gardens, so plant well my friends.




Celestial Chatter 3-8 to 14


While I am tempted to present this early portion of the week as somewhat mellow I am reminded of the recent and continuing presence of Jupiter and Mercury enhanced by Mars in early Gemini. Might there have been things that transpired over the weekend, maybe even in your dream cycles that you seek to share with others? On Monday the Moon flashes across Pluto’s path and this could inspire one to be more forthcoming on intimate factors currently in play.


Not unlike last week the lunar factor comes to the surface as Tuesday she enters the Aquarius realm and immediately trines to Mars in Gemini and then goes on to cross paths with Saturn. The early morning flush of feeling could increase the sensate nature we have before the evening’s saturnine rules seek to contain, as best as any Aquarian rush to explore, the new including our perspectives. It would be an error on my part to exclude the Sun creeping up on Neptune and Venus in hot pursuit. Dream well my friends for this cycle of dreams may be initiating a whole new you that has been seeking audience for some time.


Wednesday finds the Sun and Neptune holding hands, or at least each other quite closely from an energy standpoint. Neptune remains Casimi to the Sun for the entire day and is given permission to spread its wings and drift thru our dreamlands with force. In indigenous cultures it is not rare to have a dream sharing time to begin the day. The Moon will cross both Jupiter and Mercury in Aquarius today so, don’t be surprised with what may cross your lips while in conversation. This would be and an excellent time to remind your lover that you love them. Wednesday is, after all, Mercury’s day of the week.


As we rise on Thursday the Moon will enter into the land/sea of Pisces. There is the capacity to sensually tune into the dream space. Equally as relevant you may get inspired to do some furniture shifting in your home. Don’t hold back even if the ideas seem a bit out there. If you journal see if you can record messages you receive while wandering thru your dreamscape for the next couple days.


On Saturday Venus connects with Neptune only 3 degrees from the next new Moon moment. It might prove beneficial to meditate on the Sabian symbol as relevant for initiating the next lunar cycle beginning in Pisces. From Dane Rudhyar’s “An Astrological Mandala” here is what is written:



KEYNOTE:            The need to consciously accept one’s own personal limitations in order to concentrate one’s energies and to live a centered and fulfilled life.


Every individualized person is a small island in the vast ocean of mankind. The ego fulfills a necessary function, as it sets boundaries and gives a specific character to the consciousness. Within these boundaries a complex interplay linking and integrating the various aspects of the personal life can operate constructively. In time, these ego-boundaries can not only expand, but can become a zone of intense interchange between the inner and the outer, between the individual and the community, between man and the universe.


This fourth stage symbol tells us that the first duty of any man or woman is to be truly what he or she is as an individual. But this individual has a particular dharma, i.e. a place and function in a vaster whole. The island’s inhabitants get subsistence from the sea, and in time learn to navigate this sea and interact with other islanders-and all eventually will come to realize their oneness within the whole Earth, which includes everything. An appropriate Keyword would be CENTRALIZATION.


Not mentioned often enough is that the Piscean adventure of discovery while seemingly quite individual is aimed at Source and this is where we are all headed. As evening arrives on this Saturday our rapid lunar rover crosses the threshold into Aries so things may be inspired to initiate processes that may not be thought out completely or maybe not at all. There is a rush of liberation that fills the air as we might feel as if someone has ignited a fire under us.


I want to thank you for flying on Lunar airwaves for the past couple weeks as she beckoned for recognition in the current state of affairs. While I don’t often include her in my weekly considerations she is always up to something and there are times when it is hard to ignore. I don’t dwell on her as that could be a journey in and of itself that many other astrologers focus on.


As an extra note for this week Sunday finds the Moon dancing with Chiron and Ceres in early Aries all at the same degree. The image I am receiving is that of a garden that is being utilized for healing qualities by what is growing there or just by participating in the gardening process. Also because it is spring arriving shortly many of us are doing things related to our gardens. If you can find some time to invest in meditation on this topic here is the Sabian symbol for this gathering:



KEYNOTE:            The development of an inner realization of or organic wholeness.


The crystal sphere symbolizes wholeness. Within the sphere images take form. These images may reveal future events, but more significantly they picture “the situation as a whole” – the situation which the clairvoyant is meant to interpret. The nascent mental faculties operating through still dominant emotions (or collective cultural incentives) act as a centralizing and whole making power. What the intelligence perceives in its concentration is the function of every inner impulse and outer events in the open field of a “personality” still unclouded by egoism.


At this fourth stage of the fivefold sequence the new technique required for the development of individualized consciousness is revealed:            CONCENTRATED ATTENTION.


Another week waits to unfold before us. Be gentle on your requirements, especially of others. We have each been invited to chose a path forward unique to us until we discover how to blend this uniqueness with our fellow journeyers. The expansion of magic from that point on has no limits.



Celestial Chatter 3-1 to 7


Have you ever had an imaginary lover? Venus is exalted in Pisces where it is currently traveling. Pisces is the land of dream among other things. So, dreaming into a relationship that may have no bearing on your present life and with someone you might not even know is not out of the realm of possibility now. Another option might be found in visions of the kind of love that may be observed by disciples to their teacher because they did not hear the message correctly which is to love thy self not the professor. Equally relevant might be the discovery of profound depths of awareness one might discover about their more profound selves as perceived thru source.


The current configuration of Aquarius and Pisces energies had me sharing conversation with the other members of my weekly astro group last night. This is only my version and other astrologers will tune to a particular channel that they need to. We are trained from an early age to set goals but are not shown that heading toward a goal to the exclusion of all else is likely to prove unhealthy. The reason I bring this up is that there are factors in play that seek our attention and can be a distraction from any of those ultimate goal orientations. Jupiter besides being the ruler of Pisces has a Sagittarian side that while in Aquarius has one experimental and one adventurous streak of energy after another that will dash quickly any attempts to contain our attention for too long. Mercury the quicksilver messenger has been playing with Aquarian energy for a while, and you might ask if it is the trickster or the teacher that is compelling your attention in any particular direction. It is good to see value in both options, particularly if you seem to get bogged down with any kind of drudgery in your daily routines. Mercury sings out “don’t give me any of that boring stuff”. Aquarius is currently shuffling the deck of options and will deal out a variety of hands to each of us and possibly quite unexpectedly as it wants us to investigate just what that seeming distraction attempting to get your attention is off the side of your path. Might it lead to a change of goals if you were to follow that path less traveled? You will know.


There is a relevance that needs to be embraced from our jaunt thru Pisces. Here is a realm where many things may not seem to be as they appear. Sure, you can get lost here, but lost to what? Never an easy path to follow, the Pisces journey will require the relinquishing of many of the things we hold dear so as to make room for what is next to transpire. Seeing this as an opportunity stretching out from the Aquarius energetic one may need to ask as to how relevant is that goal you have cradled so carefully? Once you achieve this goal what is next or are you trapped in the format of the death-stalking terminal archetype of endings? This is a very unique play on this archetypal energy signature we are living thru. We always have choices and free will to go our own way, but are it really vibrantly you or is it an implant of the desires others have sold to you?


Before I share with you a dream-teaser synopsis of one of my recent nightly adventures, we should look at what the planets are doing for this upcoming week. The Moon begins the week in Libra a sign ruled by Venus and part of the reason I began this week’s consideration with dream relationships and this may fill up our potential dreamscape on Monday and Tuesday. On Wednesday Venus moves into sextile with Uranus while the Moon will oppose that same Uranus briefly from Scorpio. At the same time the Moon will be traveling in trine to Venus and the Sun while moving in square to all the Aquarian tribe. Let’s unpack just that little bit transpiring as the week begins. The key player appears to be the Moon as it stimulates feelings we might become aware of not only with and for another or others but what we are going to do with that as she moves into Scorpio. The potential for intimacy is one of the cards on the table but this should be played cautiously. The Venus sextile Uranus holds a little longer than any lunar aspect and could have us changing our mind about how we feel or get along with another. While generally this happens all the time Venus being in Pisces speaks to connections that have merit to us as vital for our spiritual growth. The Moon’s trine to both Venus and the Sun can potentially confuse appropriate interaction with others though the draw is strong to interact and intimacy is not a distant thought. Almost simultaneously the Moon encounters by square aspect thru the day Saturn and then a Mercury/Jupiter conjoined signature. Squares can bring about tension but can as well facilitate meaningful action transpiring that is going somewhere. Saturn says keep it practical and the Mercury/Jupiter may have a much more playful itinerary in mind. As the Moon surfs thru Scorpio we might want to investigate matters more deeply. I might also point out that both Mercury and Jupiter in cahoots will be attempting to show you an amazing array of alternatives to the direction you thought you were going. This will reach a potent focus on Thursday as the aspect perfects for Jupiter and Mercury.


I am going to focus on this Thursday acquaintance with a look at the Sabian symbol interpretation from Dane Rudhyar’s “An Astrological Mandala”



KEYNOTE:            The difficulty for the modern individual to keep secret his private past or his deeper motives.


This symbol logically follows the two preceding ones. Today, struggle between the power of society and the rights of the individual leads in the end to the defeat of the latter. The media and innumerable governmental agencies are nearly always able to find access to remains or records of past actions; modern psychologists and psychiatrists are increasingly adept at penetrating the deepest secrets of a life through “analysis” and all kinds of more or less allowed techniques involving drugs and the subconscious reactions of muscles and nerves. The individual whose activities have to remain unrecognized is engaged in a constant struggle; he needs the help of higher Powers as well as of the protective agencies he may have placed at his service.


This is the third stage in the sixty-fourth fivefold sequence of archetypal images of the cyclic process. It refers to the UNMASKING of hidden motives and personal secrets. It may refer to the publicizing of past behavior.


Let’s just look at our two main players here. Mercury is not one to keep quiet about what it is thinking, and Jupiter is willing to push whatever that is hard and large so shouting it from the rooftops could be one outworking. I am drawn to someone who was in a position of authority and now is under scrutiny for many things. I think you know or can imagine some who fit this bill. It is not always as the Sabian symbol indicates, the regular folk. To add a bit of extra flavor to this Mars will move into Gemini on the same day so did I hear someone say it as loud as they could? The Mars push will only light a fire under what needs exposure. The caveat that transcends avoidance of exposure is living within the realm of truth and honesty. As you might recognize from the Sabian symbol the reality train is always on the move and attempting to avoid where it is headed will likely lead to stresses that is the root cause of dis-ease. How long can the knots in your gut attempting to suppress what you can see as your shortcomings be contained before eruption occurs?


On Friday this week several things transpire also involving the Moon and Sun. It is the last quarter Moon conjunct the Moon’s south node and the Sun are passing a T square to the nodal access. Here the two signs Jupiter rules are being potentially brought to point. One other factor to note is the Moon moves out-of-bounds (oob) this same day for a few days (until the 9th). Dane Rudhyar referred to the last quarter Moon phase as a crisis in consciousness long ago. This can as well be lived as a revolution of consciousness and a time when new direction may be sought. Old patterns may need to be released to locate new vision. This could lead to life altering events that force you to redefine your beliefs and values. As this is on the Moon’s south node it is more than likely that there are factors from the past that could lose their luster. Throw in the Moon being oob and our feelings about many things are no longer constrained by any particular set of rules. With the lunar emphasis and Sagittarius and Pisces in the mix who might show up as being included in what you consider as family and what avenues seek to be investigated in a potential spiritual path forward?


I recently had a dream adventure where I was living and viewing from a first hand perspective of a young lady traveling in Central America with her husband. While visiting a sumptuous hacienda one evening she entered a process where she discovered an overtly erotic side of herself that from the dream first person perspective I would definitely have to give, while very pleasurable, an X rating to. I referred to this adventure as a fictional tale with very real characters living in a parallel universe. I was so moved by this experience I sat down at the computer and dictated this into a very long story I titled “Latin Lover”. Because of the overtly personal nature of this, and also that of my many years as an astrologer, where client confidentiality is sacred, I have doubts this will ever be seen by other’s eyes while hiding in the document files on my computer.


So how has your dreamscape unfolded as of late? It would b e a shame to allow for the magic of this time to slip by and miss out on adventures waiting for you to wake up to.

Celestial Chatter 2-22 to 28


Let’s see just where it is that this week’s journey wants to direct us to consider. Last week we touched the perimeter of the Pisces realm and this may be seen as akin to wading into the shallow surface water near the shore. Last week was a week of transition and transcendence. Monday arrived as the final day for Hank Wesselman in the earth plain. Anthropologist, shamanist, and teacher he has over the last 40 years or so provided an awakening to the shamanic process to thousands of us by being a signpost pointing in the direction of personal investigation into the larger body we actually are.


One of the terms for Pisces is “Transcendence” but this is not so easy an experience to grasp. Represented as two fish swimming in opposite directions hooked together is an apt symbol for this archetype. As the final sign of the astrological spread much comes to focus from the perspective of “what’s it all about Alfie?” The meaning of life is what we come face-to-face with when we attempt to plumb the depths of this oceanic field. Two main possibilities ply for our attention. One asks us to consider our meaningful place in the context of all of creation. Here we find the mystic, poet and dreamer. The other seeks to escape from the immensity of this quest. Here we find the addict, escapist and lost soul. One of many ironies in these scenarios is the narrow gap that exists between them. How often do our dreams turn into nightmarish existence? Is the mystic so very far away from the escapist? Is the poet producing verse that is an attempt to reign in lost souls?


These are not very light topics to fathom. Many a saint-seeking voyage has found the aspirant singing karaoke in a dive bar. The modern western mental leaning has provided minimal opportunity to plumb the depths of the soul-seeking adventurer. Somewhere along the way our economic paradigm superseded our connection to the natural world we are surrounded by as work and the media onslaught every day actually pushes us in the direction of the escapist with all the myriad of vehicles to accomplish this.


Being the last sign of the zodiac there are many things that come to a head here. Questions should arise as to the effectiveness of the path we have chosen and the parts along the way that inspire that trajectory. Aries represents new beginnings and as such Pisces is the preparation phase to be ready for what can be new. Might there be aspects of our journey so far that have lost their luster and fail to inspire? Is it possible that hanging onto outmoded, no longer relevant aspects of what has gotten us to where we find ourselves, might be akin to carrying too much weight? While aspects of the Piscean journey aim to dive deeper into the depths of oceanic awareness, being weighted down by too much superfluous stuff may not be the wisest method of plummeting downward. While it might be that providence has placed you in a position to discover aspects of awakening to alternative living, there is a deliberate nature to investigating our more profound connection to source that is the potentially more spiritual trajectory that Pisces can lead us on.


As the Sun is making its way deeper into the Pisces realm we must not forget that Jupiter is the traditional ruler of this zone. Jupiter is always playing the card of “so, you want it bigger, or more of this”. From the halls of the Aquarian perspective, Jupiter’s current travel zone for the rest of this year, the month long sojourn of the Sun thru Pisces carries the potential for unpredictable swerving of our path forward. Forks in the road should be viewed wisely and maybe taking the path less traveled could open up channels of awareness you have not dreamed of yet. And the Pisces beckoning from the land of dream calls to us to pay attention to those seemingly errant excursions that vey for our attention. Jupiter in Aquarius says, “Go for it”.


This week the heavens speak to us with varying messages. Mars and Pluto form a brief trine to one another on Tuesday from Taurus to Capricorn. These are the two planets that have strong affiliation with Scorpio. Venus and Saturn rule the signs where they are and both ruling planets are in Aquarius. While there can always be a sense of intensity for Mars and Pluto when they speak with one another, the over-riding vehicle they are controlled by (Aquarius) might spawn a level of disruption that is attempting to allow us to perceive what we didn’t know was right in front of us.


Throughout the week Venus has been moving closer to the solar cauldron and will shift into Pisces on Thursday the 25th. According to Adam Gainsburg Venus is in the immersion phase as it prepares to circle around behind the Sun. Adam’s words: “The Queen of Heaven is pulled away from the world by an inward force, and prepares to rediscover Her divine essence from within.” We can no longer see Venus as it is so close to the solar orb but its essence is being brought to a boil as it attempts to focus with solar force deeper meaning that we might perceive in our relationship fields. Another phrase for this part of the Venus cycle is that it has moved under the Sun’s beams. Now, the big ass Sun can seem to block any planet’s energy from having relevance for us here on earth, but this is not always the case. A planet’s energy broadcasts 24/7 in all directions. It is just that when behind the Sun we may not as readily perceive it, which does not mean it is not there.


Two days later we have the full Moon in early Virgo. This would be around midnight PST on Friday/Saturday. There are many theories as to how to play with the energy released at the full Moon. We know that if affects anything that has to do with tidal flow and by extrapolation the personal tidal waves that influence our living course. While this may be able to be seen by one’s chart configuration as effecting certain individuals more so than others there are fingers of this energy we all should be tuned into. When the Sun and Moon oppose each other this brings to the fore the energy of the zodiacal axis where they are traveling. In this case it is the Virgo/Pisces axis. One of the signatures that this influences is the field of service. Virgo service can often be portrayed in terms of a task possibly being imposed from the outside as in being a servant to certain situations. Depending on one’s attitude this can be utilized in positive fashion to accomplish things one may not necessarily enjoy, but recognize as vital steps toward a goal. Pisces service has the capacity to see a need and do what you can to assist others and self to handle what is required, often to create an opening in the larger field of possibility. Benefits may not be immediately visible but maybe in time their value can appear. From Dane Rudhyar’s “An Astrological Mandala” the Sabian symbol for the full Moon reads:



KEYNOTE:            The growth of true understanding, born out of the transcendence of duality even while immersed in the world of duality.


The mind operates inevitably in this world of conflicts, oppositions and duality. Yet when the opposites realize that they are complementary aspects of the one Reality that sustains and encompasses all dualistic modes of existence, they are able then to look away from internal conflicts and beyond the shadows these conflicts generate. They may come to realize the One Consciousness-Force, not in Itself (for this is, if not an impossible, at least an inexpressible experience), but as the Creative Unity, the New God, Ishvara, source of a new cycle of manifestation.


This is the last stage of the thirty-second sequence; it leads us to the new sequence, which deals with the characteristic features of the steadily progressing consciousness in the most critical part along its arduous Path toward transformation. In a deep philosophical sense we witness here the mind attempting to jump beyond the very shadow it inevitably casts upon all experiences; i.e. the SELF-TRANSCENDING ACTIVITY OF THE MIND.







Celestial Chatter 2-15 to 21


All Aboooaarrd. As the last few days of Aquarius recede into history the land of dreams looms more prevalent as we shift into the Pisces archetype. Those mystic, poetic, visionary artist and psychic navigator aspects of us take in a bit more oxygen. Normally, whatever that means, the contempt shown these seemingly more illusive aspects of being human attempt to contain our magical selves. Often by the age of 7 or 8 we have been brow beaten to the point that our perceptions begin to resemble the well-worn path of our modern counterparts and the connection to the natural world slides over the horizon behind us. Within the realm of Pisces there remains a spark of awareness that there is always more to what is going on around us than many are willing to admit and it is not uncommon to hear phrases like, get a grip, come on back down to earth, you’re barking up the wrong tree, and many other quips to sink our unlimited imaginations into the sea of what is considered common thought. You might sense certain strains of this at work as we wander thru the fields of Aquarius and on into the land of Pisces.


Imagine, if you will, you are boarding a ship and the design is entirely up to you as to just what this looks like. Now, off we go and soon you find yourself in a zone where you can perceive a very large portion of the celestial space. There is the Sun and, my, but there is a large group of planets hanging out on the far side of this brightness. There are a couple of specs between us and the Sun and you recognize one as Mercury and the other is planet earth with a very small satellite. Off to the left of that solar orb are two dots that you recognize as first Mars in all its redness and Uranus way out there but close in alignment. Casting our glance around behind us there is nothing but a field of endless stars. As an astrologer I might be inclined to bring your focus to the planetary bodies gathered on this one side of us but in this instant there is a sound or is that a sensation that seems to beckon our attention to the larger field as if it is a blank canvas awaiting the artist to perceive and begin to create. What is transpiring is an artistic invitation to utilize our creative imagination to wander and wonder into things that only you can seem to perceive. However, soon enough you begin to recognize that you are not alone in this adventure and that there are parallel waves emanating outward and there is a familiar spirit at the helm you recognize as in some fashion a part of you that has always been there seeking audience, yet is definitely being expressed by an aspect of you that appears to be being shared by others. And the light begins to shine brighter as you see that you have never really been alone on this journey.


Ever since Mercury went retrograde back on the 30th of January the Aquarian message has sought to awaken us to a rethinking of our direction. Are there aspects of our feelings that seek renewal? Is our solar vitality being fed by the choices we make? Do we actually think that how we interact with one another might not be due for some re-working? When contemplating the larger vision potential we hold is it inclusive enough? These can all be seen as opportunities to adventure into as we step into our dreamscape over the next month. From the current Aquarius perspective we are not being asked to make hard decisions that cannot be changed but perhaps correcting the rudder of our ships to investigate a broader lane of travel than might have been offered us by those who have always claimed to be in the know and looking out for our best interests. Our reptilian mind portions have always been at war with others and stockpiling killing technique to fend off against others not like us. That can only lead to one conclusion and that is annihilation of species. Let’s, for a moment, zip back into our orbital perspective with any insight that may have arrived on our earlier adventure. Peering down on the blue pearl in space we call the earth there is an amazing complexity of color and energy all rubbing up against each other. There are no apparent demarcations of separation across the continents. Those that exist have been arbitrarily placed there by so-called, well meaning, folks to in some fashion separate us from one another. This is a hallucination that has gone on for too long bolstered in many fashions by our consumer based death economy. It is unsustainable.


There are other options but they are not going to be easy. They will not be of the nature of the slack lazy way out and will demand of every one of us to work hard at re-aligning our priorities. It is not going to transpire due to certain celestial alignments offered by us astrologers. Paying attention to them only has value from the larger perspective with perhaps some personal insight. Astrology has only been with us for the past couple thousand years plus and humanity has wandered the earth’s surface for the last 1.5 million years. There are still remnants of pre-astrological codes of conduct available on the earth today that carry profound weight for pondering meaningful life. The colonial mind (part of the reptilian) was hell bent on destroying everything in its path that did not bolster its causes, so much of the indigenous awareness as to our place in the natural order of things, had to go into hiding but has always been available for those willing to seek it out with clarity in their heart.


If you did not notice it I interspersed the current Mercury retrograde flavor moving back thru Aquarius into the above investigation process.


Thursday the 18th the Sun moves into tropical Pisces. Do not discount the dream space. There are angels and muses everywhere seeking willing hearts and minds to converse with, and dreaming is one of the tools for this to transpire.


Friday Venus moves into Square with Mars in Taurus. Venus rules Taurus so perhaps there are matters of relationship and diplomacy that instead of getting all hot around the collar may recognize there are different rules attempting to unite causes.


On Saturday Mercury stations before turning direct. When a planet stations it remains on a particular degree a bit longer than when in forward transit mode and this is particularly relevant for the personal planets. Instead of feeling a sense of relief from any pressure patterns that this thought cycle in reverse may seem to have brought for your consideration, one must ask oneself if these pressures came from the outside or were they self imposed? This is an essay question so I would be hesitant to blurt out an answer. Here is the Sabian symbol and interpretation from Dane Rudhyar’s “An Astrological Mandala” for this degree.



KEYNOTE:            The necessity of recognizing differences of types and levels of development wherever human beings live and work together.


This symbol obviously refers to the ascending process of evolution of life forms and consciousness. It seems to apply especially to the fact that differences of levels exist among human beings. The ideal of equalitarianism has to be balanced by a realization that hierarchy of levels is a fact of nature. Each person should be aware of the level at which he (or she) stands, even as he strives to move toward a higher one. He should look up for inspiration and examples, while helping the human beings of the next lower level to reach up. This is the great give-and-take of evolution, and it applies to socio-cultural evolution as well as to the progression of biological species.


At this second stage of the sixty-third sequence we find a symbol of “ascent,” contrasting with the preceding one that implied a “descent” of spiritual forces. It warns us against sentimentally over stressing our Western equalitarianism which essentially applies to the spiritual core of all individual persons, considered “sons of God” or spiritual monads. Every human being is potentially divine as an individual person, but THE NATURAL PROGRESSION OF STATES OF CONSCIOUSNESS is an unavoidable reality to accept at the social mental level.


I see an eventual outworking, not in my current incarnation, where greed has been replaced by uniform sharing and thievery is no longer an issue at whatever level it exists. People’s hearts are open to resonate with whoever is present and the angels and muses are once again welcome and recognized in our midst.



Celestial Chatter 2-8 to 14


As with most of last week and continuing into this week the Aquarius part of each of us is being stimulated. This week only a couple major aspects outside of this Aquarius window are on the radar. On Tuesday the Moon will catch up with Pluto for a brief pass by. On Wednesday Mercury retrograde will form a square with Mars in Taurus.


Monday Mercury retrograde will pass inside of the Sun from our perspective forming a conjunction and beginning the next synodic cycle for these two bodies. How is everybody doing with the perception process of life? Are you able to get your messages across to those they are aimed at? Have you had any insights or AH HA moments where the light seems to have shown brighter on something you have been pondering? This Monday configuration is showing maximum solar light upon any awareness that might be coming thru. Just one cautionary note and that is that not everyone is likely to feel the same level of inspiration as you do for your insight unless it has something to do with them. To the delight of the angels and muses of the realm the Sabian symbol for this moment from Dane Rudhyar’s “An Astrological Mandala” reads:



KEYNOTE:            The answer of spiritual agencies to thorough, sustained and victorious individual efforts.


This concludes most significantly this series of five symbols. The individual who has gone courageously and with indomitable spirit through his crucial crisis receives, as it were, a deep spiritual blessing from the Soul realm: “Mission accomplished. Peace be with you.” And in this blessing a secret prophecy of what is yet to come may be seen by the perspicacious and spiritually sensitive mind of the recipient. Every real spiritual step a man takes in his development is the result of a victory over forces of inertia or destruction. The Divine is totally “present” in the heart of all true victories.


This is the fifth and last symbol of the sixty-fourth series. What the “message” is depends on the particular situation, but the white dove always signifies peace; at the very heart of this peace is the CERTIFICATION of individual worth and victory.


What a fine note to initiate this week ahead. With the potential for muddled communication and thoughts still in the flow the political quagmire could prove more than a little challenging for the rest of us to behold. While there are obvious things that transpired and require ramifications the political posturing in Washington has lost touch with the reality for the rest of America. Undermining the current administration in order to attempt a better foothold in 2 years politically, no matter the cost in lives, is almost untenable. Lifetime politicians have got to go. Well that is enough of my political rant.


The Moon functioning as a trigger brushing across the Pluto degree on Tuesday can serve as a reminder of the work still required to facilitate the correcting of any paths we may be following that really have no future. The Moon will be just coming back in bounds at this meeting. Imagine if you will, being given permission to air some held in feelings that may have seemed to contain you. The words of Kelly Lee Phipps are most relevant here. “You are infinite! And if you argue for your limitations, you have to fight them. But if you discover for your possibilities, you get to create them. So stand still, gaze at the sky, sense the reverence rising inside and know that your being is an extension of eternity.”


Wednesday Mercury, while retrograde, moves back across the square to Mars in Taurus. It is conceivable that this could be perceived with a bit of angst as Mars kicks up the energy of what it touches and the retrograde Mercury dance moves have us well into self-analysis and or investigation. The angst appears because the likelihood of finding others to compare notes with is not going to just leap out at you. The square places certain tension in the air. Yes, you are receiving meaningful insight on matters and ache to share your discoveries, but have patience and after the 20th when Mercury resumes forward motion you might have gleaned more insightful moments. On this same day the Moon is wandering its way across early Aquarius and will cross Saturn, Venus and Jupiter, and also possibly the Mercury retrograde very late in the day.


Thursday brings the next new Moon in Aquarius. Every new Moon carries a signature worth considering. The two main heavenly lights come together. The Sun’s will and the Moons passions initiate the beginning of an energy matrix that if one is paying attention can offer insight into effective ways to view the unfolding lunar cycle ahead. Here we are in Aquarius season and this celestial dance says it is time to hear the beat of a different drummer. Following the crowd – I don’t think so. What things seek invention? What gathering of friends (currently these should be very rare in person) shows a willingness to express views outside of the box?


I would like to invite you for a moment into the world of Jeff. Almost the entirety of the Aquarius sign resides in my 12th house. So, every year at the new Moon in Aquarius this house is emphasized. The 12th house is a unique resource. At the end of any cycle matters arise that need to be dealt with in a manner that considers their value to you in going forward. What is worth hanging onto and what needs to be jettisoned so there is room for the next new things when they arrive? The 12th House new Moon, no matter what sign it is in, is not to be taken lightly. This is the time of year where it is wise to energetically recharge your batteries of life substance so that you don’t run out somewhere during the ensuing year. Aquarius is never a minor consideration for me as I was born just 12 hours prior to the Aquarius new Moon and have Mercury and Mars 8 minutes apart there. My rising degree is almost 29° of Aquarius. To say that there is a little self-evaluation each year at this time would be an understatement. Being an Aquarius for me requires more than a minor grasp of all 12 astrological archetypes and seeing in what ways they currently are working with one another. While Pisces can be said to be the potential melting pot of all the zodiacal signatures, my 12th house leanings have an overlay of similar interests. I would have to add this year and as a result of recent changes in my health regime I sense a connection to the larger picture of the length of the creative process as never before. We give great weight to the image we carry of ourselves in all its physical and a few other traits that we have grown comfortable with. One of the 12th house avenues has to do with conversations with whatever we perceive to be source. In multiple of these moments awareness has arisen of a fleeting physical incarnation, though many times, that is animated in a longer trajectory thru each. What seems to be paramount is an overriding sense of the connective energy wave that hums between all of us even if we don’t overtly recognize its presence. That is enough about my own wanderings and wondering for now.


A little extra flair will be added to this new Moon as Venus conjoins with Jupiter on this same day. There is, or can be, a certain sweetness in the air each year as these two join forces together. Each in their own right enhances the things they touch and when together the love factor of Venus is given permission to go big.



KEYNOTE:            The ability to discover basic natural facts that allow us to plan in advance for action.


Here we are no longer dealing with ascent or descent, but with natural laws which involve causal relationships and the passage of one natural condition into another. The barometer registers air pressure, and a change of pressure today gives some indication of what the weather will be tomorrow. In a sense this is the modern scientific equivalent of archaic prognostication through omens. Likewise, animals grow a more or less thick fur in early autumn according to whether the winter will be more or less severe. Planning for the near future is a possibility because the potential (or seed) of the future is already operating at the core of the present.


This third symbol of the sixty-third sequence tells us that it is most important to seek, by whatever means and at whatever level of consciousness knowledge of causal progression. In the broadest sense this implies an awareness of cyclic processes, and this includes astrology. The Keyword is ANTICIPATION.


So, in this bigness moment of the new Moon we should pay attention to the details that clamor for attention to ferret appropriate appetite satisfaction.


As Friday winds down Mercury catches up with Venus. Both moving rapidly in opposing directions offers a brief interlude where what we may want to iterate with a particular other should not be made in haste.



KEYNOTE:            The blessing bestowed upon personal achievements by the spiritually fulfilled consciousness of the Soul.


This symbol can be interpreted at various levels of significance, but it evidently suggests a state of being in which two complementary aspects of spiritual reality, however we may conceive them, are united; this union results in happiness or bliss (ananda). As the two birds are “Sitting on a fence,” and a fence separates two fields or gardens, the implication is that the separative consciousness of the ego can thus be blessed, perhaps as a spiritual reward for long sustained and well done work.


This is the last symbol of the sixty-third fivefold sequence which completes Scene Twenty-one. Inner happiness is seen to be the reward for all individuals who have made a valuable “contribution” to their community or to mankind as a whole. In its highest aspect this happiness is indeed BEATITUDE.


So with any luck you have begun the weekend on a beneficial note. Keep that attitude to the fore, as the next aspect on Sunday will be Mercury conjoined with Jupiter at 14°.



KEYNOTE:            The ability to short-cut the process of natural evolution by the exercise of will, mental skill and physical self-discipline,


In this symbol we see a condensation of what is implied in the three preceding ones. Man must be inspired by a vision of what is possible for him to achieve; he has to organize a schedule of necessary activities if the work is to be done in terms of successive moves, each requiring a specialized type of skill and strength (i.e. a hierarchy of functions); he has to find a propitious time for beginning the work. The end result is an acceleration of the evolutionary process, whether at the psychobiological level (that of yoga and other similar disciplines) or at the social level, i.e. the level at which, in its external aspect, civilization proceeds.


This fourth stage symbol presents a picture of what can be achieved by a combination of social and cultural, and even personal, techniques. It implies the possibility of shortening the length of time needed for progress by cutting through obstacles and delays. The Keyword is PENETRATION.


Well, that is about all for this week’s adventure. Until next time…

Celestial Chatter Feb. 1 to 7


Last week anticipating the Mercury retrograde cycle I set about putting together this Celestial Chatter on Monday. I am glad I did as the week had some rather far-reaching matters to have me consider. Sunday I became a grandfather to my first granddaughter Tuesday would find my suffering a heart attack and spending until the weekend in hospital. I became a year older on Thursday. Now I am considering if my ability to create these Celestial Chatter posts will require more than I can muster. It takes me about 3 to 5 hours to type and edit each of these weekly posts. It is not all typing but includes simultaneous journeying to confer with the celestial hosts for clarity in the considerations. I am on the mend and in capable hands but am glad I don’t have to accomplish this report today during the initial Mercury retrograde within a couple degrees of my ascendant. From what I have been able to grasp from sources there was a bit of unexpected factors in play on more than just my plate. I am inclined to suspect Uranus with Mars, through no fault of their own, in square to the Aquarius gathering suddenly exposed some major fault lines within our western economic system and I am delighted to see this. Doesn’t it seem peculiar that Wall Street has just been cooking along making huge sums of money for some while a substantial number of folks are wondering if they will find work or food to put on the table for their children. Covid has been turning out more millionaires as more folks pass away or reach sever economic hardship from the effects of a virus that an amazing number of establishments and well meaning people refuse to accept as present.




As February begins we have a lot of planetary energy in Aquarius with the addition today, Monday the 1st, of Venus. There is one word that leaps to the top of the pile when I consider Venus and that is “Harmony”. This is not always successfully accomplished as for some the aspect of in-harmony looms more prevalent and yet it is still a form of harmony though with a bit more edginess to it. As this first week of the month unfolds that Venus factor is going to be in play in dynamic fashion. You see she will conjunct first Saturn (Friday the 5th), traditional ruler of Aquarius and then (Saturday the 6th) immediately squares Uranus the planet with modern affinity to this same sign. The very next day, Sunday, Saturn and Uranus form their exact square. Venus is the ruler of Taurus that is where Uranus currently wanders so you might perceive a certain potential for more than just the normal tension factors in play common to square aspects. One might want to keep in mind that there is a strong overlay of the Aquarian archetype in this mix. The reason I am focusing on this square aspect is that it will be in play in more or less function for the remainder of 2021 as the planetary retrogrades of these two neighboring planets hover in proximity to one another. The next two exact square aspects will be mid-June and mid-December all while occupying Aquarius and Taurus. These are both fixed signs and can indicate potential stubbornness as they each may entrench within their comfort zones.


Since this is a pattern for the entire year and is coming to focus this week it would be wise to grasp the long-range implications that are in play for this year. In the larger cycle of planetary rotation around the Sun these slower moving bodies exchange certain moments things are set in motion that linger. Just looking at the 4th harmonic (conjunctions, squares and oppositions) for these two they began the current dance with the synodic conjunction back in 1988 at the beginning of Capricorn. They at the time did this dance move back into Sagittarius before Saturn set out onward in its journey. The Sabian symbol for this meeting from Dane Rudhyar’s “An Astrological Mandala” reads:



KEYNOTE:            The power and responsibility implied in any claim for leadership.


This was an interesting time frame that began the gathering of Uranus, Neptune and Saturn in Capricorn and certain confusion as to just what leadership meant to many group functions. This extended thru the mid 90’s with the disbanding of multiple groups and business structures. The Neptune in Capricorn factor in play at that time allowed for some soul searching to discover the leadership factor that exists within each of us that may not require any individual person to be its representation. Of course the recognition that along with certain autonomy comes personal responsibility with all its ramifications. Some would step up to the plate and become effective while many would again slip back into the need for a powerful leader.


11 years later in 1999 on the verge of Y2K we experienced our first square aspect with Uranus in Aquarius and Saturn in Taurus on the cross quarter degrees (the middle degrees of all the fixed signs and very potent times). Uranus on the Moon’s south node Sabian reads:



KEYNOTE:            The ability to organize the many aspects of an enterprise involving a large group of human beings.


The Sabian for Saturn reads:



KEYNOTE:            The inadequacy of past knowledge in time of crisis.


The waning square is always a crisis in action. In 2009 Saturn opposed Uranus across the Virgo/Pisces axis. The Sabian symbols speak of some tension that has been recognized. The economy is going thru a recession. Saturn reads:



KEYNOTE:            The social acknowledgment of a job well done and a destiny fulfilled.


Uranus in Pisces:



KEYNOTE:            The power of the Soul to intervene in the personal life and to induce necessary catharses.


Could there be the possibility that the recession brought things to light that were out of balance in our current economic and political system? And now we come to the waning square of these two rulers of Aquarius but with a strong Aquarius presence under way. I must hearken back to the waxing square and the “Big business man” and teaching principles or systems under consideration for lack of effectiveness. We are now in a reversed position of these two planets by sign and on the tail end of a rather dynamic Capricorn cycle for the past couple years bring leadership once again near the top of the pile for contemplation.


Normally, whatever that means these days, the square between Saturn and Uranus would bring angst or tense and upsetting factors up for dealing with. While this is not out of the question the overlay of so much Aquarian energy in play should offer options that have not been considered. Aquarius is invention and Taurus is resource. The current pandemic is placing some very trying pressure on our health and economic systems. The questions should be swirling around the imbalance in resource allotment to the citizenry of the globe. Many in the affluent western cultures are attempting to procure a vaccine for themselves while not appreciating the global nature of this pandemic and the ramifications of not inclusion in the healing format.


Uranus should be considered an agent of change of a profound nature. As Prometheus it is know as The Great Awakener and this is often accomplished by rattling the cages of our stuck places. It is not hard to fathom a rebelliousness of the Aquarian format at work as Saturn the ruler of form and structure finds itself in the Aquarius field. There is a Siren’s song drifting in the air beckoning for substantial structural invention to hint at options for a different path forward. Here is a ponderable for all of us to consider. When you look at your life are there factors set in place that are extremely resistant to change, and this can be seen by your willingness to let things go you are clasping just a bit too firmly to, these are the areas of you that most likely are feeling like they are in a pressure pattern. Here is where a fear scenario can set in as the unknown looms beyond our comfort zone. It is advisable to not resist the pressure of change because attempting to hold it in can easily create the stress that leads to illness. As Uranus is involved currently there may be the requirement, though I am sure you wouldn’t aim for this, of accidents suddenly happening that may be spawned through subconscious or unconscious discomfort you are facing.


Remember that on February 1st Venus arrived into the Aquarian field? This could be utilized to effectively alleviate a large dose of the heavy change pattern underway. In Aquarius it might prove beneficial to open up and share your thoughts with others. You might discover that there is more sharing in your concerns than you thought and that comparing notes could open up options that group thinking naturally brings about. We can’t easily take revolution off the table but perhaps with Aquarius and Taurus factors in play, this might be a conscious process and not so much an Aries physical type of confrontation. With Mars dancing its way thru Taurus we can’t completely discount that there will be those willing to pick up shovels and other tools to stir things up as was seen on January 6th at our Capitol. Information is a Mercury factor and Uranus is the higher octave of this. Mercury will do the long dance in Aquarius and because of its retrograde movement will be a retracing of steps that need to be clarified so that the available information is honest and not spun out of control with lies and false manipulations.








Celestial Chatter 1-25 to 31


Here it is, the last week of January 2021 and it definitely appears that much is on our plates this year. Last week I jumped in with an in depth look at the Sibly and Inauguration charts with only a smattering of consideration of the sign change into Aquarius. This week let’s parcel out some more of the Aquarian archetype as it surrounds all of us currently. Each month the Sun moves into the backdrop of one of the 12 astrological sign 30° segments of the celestial story. The Sun is like a furnace and is the fuel available to ferret out what might be a productive use of the energy available. This does not always play out as beneficial for each of us depending on what our particular celestial chart factors set in motion for us as well as the decisions we have made along the way as to how we are going to set our sails in the unfolding weather patterns.


Aquarius may be one of the most misunderstood of the zodiac signs. It leans into the gathering of groups yet has a certain disdain for too much intimacy in those larger settings. Hopes and wishes surround this arena yet many will tell you to stop aiming for what they term pie-in-the-sky goals. Come back to earth for the future you are dreaming of cannot be attained within the current system structure. How can a person be a rebel and still function within the system they are rebelling against? Aquarius is the scientist, inventor and genius, so many of those far out visions that come thru our meditations have found their way into mainstream culture throughout history. Being too comfortable with the way things are curbs our exploration of what will be next. Saturn co-rules Capricorn and Aquarius, but unlike the overt rules and structure, the paying attention to the time clock often holding us within the grips of a past that no longer has relevance that the former thrives on. The latter still within certain structural constraints is always testing for weak spots in the framework we are given. I think of Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean talking to his father saying “but the rules…” to which his father replies something to the effect “ rules, eh, they are more like guidelines”. You can almost feel our Capricorn parts squirming at this kind of thought.


So, what is this attraction that the Aquarius within each of us has that beckons us to lend at least an ear to theories that push at the bounds of the known? Opposed to Leo where one might be tempted to gamble with personal resources, Aquarius raises the stakes and asks if there might be something more that seeks inclusion within the gathered culture that is ready for major change. Sitting between overtly formal regulation and control of Capricorn dictates, and Pisces where the invitation arises to participate within the ranks of a spiritual source code, this final fixed air sign perceives visions akin to what Sagittarius says is out there and applies them in ways that can fluctuate hard and fast rules enough so that spaces open up in their midst allowing for questions to arise as to if there is something more we might be missing that too much emphasis on form precludes us from perceiving.


I am going to allow these previous thoughts to settle in for a bit. When one wanders into our Aquarian zone of influence the perspective that there is a particular goal we are headed to accomplish becomes a bit more fluid. While it is not like there are no goals, but is more akin to maintaining a broad enough trajectory so as not to exclude factors that show up along the way that often require reassessing our original aim by either adding to it or correcting toward a new and broader vision quest. Some may object and say/think “what about the goal we were headed for?” It has not disappeared, it is being allowed breathing room to see if it can hold up to necessary or optional change.


Let us shift gears a bit now and peer into all the energy being poured into either a hoped for Aquarian Age beginning, or equally the desire to discount the whole idea of Great Ages altogether. To pin point an exact date for any Age that lasts for around 2160 years, or 1/12th of the Grand Cycle of Ages of about 26,000 years is folly. Imagine if you will a scenario in which you are traveling along in some form of transportation and you suddenly realize you just passed where you wanted to go. The likelihood of stopping short at that point will not transpire. The mind might be thrown into turmoil attempting to contemplate what missing your mark will entail and off it races. While you will still likely get back to the location you had in mind things will have transpired that shift what you thought would happen. Transpose this scenario into a shift of 2000-year pieces of time and you might be able to grasp that there will be some that tune into these shifts well in advance of any particular time frame and there will be others that may never tune into an energy shift that is under way. In 1871-ish Uranus was noticed as being a planet and eventually was offered as the modern ruler to Aquarius. Picture if you will all the planets in our solar system spinning like tops with north and south poles up and down like the earth. Uranus has its north pole pointing at the Sun so it has more of a rolling motion. You might be able to grasp a certain Aquarian signature here as most think of us Aquarians as moving to the beat of a different drummer. Was 1871 the beginning of the Aquarian Age? Remember the consideration of those tuning into the energy shifts at differing time frames? The transition between Ages can last up to 500 years with some becoming attuned to this shift earlier than others and some not at all. I think there are still those manipulating world events that are still tuned into the Aries Age with the war god Mars at the helm. The loaves and the fishes are just seen as fuel for the manipulation of resource gathering by various armies that destroy the environment and shift monetary resources into tighter and tighter circles of influence.


The discovery of Uranus and then subsequently Neptune, Pluto, Eris and onward, was a shift into realms that carry longer and longer footprints. We in the astrological community still recognize the value the 7 original celestial beings used for thousands of years as overtly symbolic to our overtly human plight here on planet Earth, but the additional cultural or transpersonal planets and more, speak to the unfolding of the larger matrix we find ourselves in. I painted a symbolic image quite a number of years ago that I see as an inkling of this Aquarian archetype shifting gears.


This is just one of a whole series I painted I referred to as the Whale Dreams group. This one has particular interest from a shamanic perspective as I have since learned that there are those in the know that perceive part of humanity was brought here in spirit form from the Pleiades and that long range memory still exists within the whale/dolphin lineage.


I hope your head has begun to swirl a bit because that is the function of Uranus in the grand scheme of things. It has the job of shaking things up so that one is left with a sense of being off balance from the comfort zone where things rarely change. We are currently in a cycle where Uranus is playing a more specific role in our lives energetically. The Day of the Inauguration Mars danced its way across Uranus. This coming week the Sun will square Uranus and the full Moon will T square both Uranus and Mars. With all the planets currently in Aquarius, Uranus is shaking things up. Being in Taurus, Uranus might be bringing some pressure to bear on Mother Earth things like resources and by extrapolation economics. It began this 7+ year journey thru Taurus back near the beginning of 2015 so has a ways to go. The square aspect or 90° has the distinction of applying pressure to the players involved because they represent elements that aren’t known for playing so well in the sandbox together. Taurus is all about form and structure in its practical Mother Earth resource rich grasp of the plentiful garden state. We humans have currently placed the earth under siege to monetize every aspect of our living fed by the resources we can extract from her. I am an animist and know that everything is alive. All the elements of this planet are bringing us to task as a reminder that our responsibility was to tend an keep her and this respect would provide everything we actually need. Greed is at work and has surpassed a tipping point of balance between humans and nature on many fronts.


As this week commences Monday finds the Sun in sextile to Chiron. Some will discover an Aquarian perspective that propels healing functions to the front of what needs to transpire. Other might tune into wounds they are dealing with over long cycles. Tuesday the Sun does the Square dance with Uranus as mentioned above. Wednesday finds Venus moving into a square with Eris (Capricorn to Aries). You might ask yourself how stable are you in your relationships with others and particularly with those who occupy positions of authority in your world.


This deserves it’s own paragraph. On Thursday Venus conjoins with Pluto and there is a full Moon best observed energy wise overnight on Wednesday. There are two Sabian symbols to consider on this day. First Venus dances into Pluto’s realm with Venus as Lucifer (rising before the Sun) or the Light Bringer. Essentially Venus has us leading with our hearts currently as opposed to our heads. Our own set up natally to whether or not Venus rises ahead of the Sun might have a bearing on how we ponder this aspect. Pluto brings with it the question in this instance of if we individually and as a collective have demonstrated enough willingness to release what is ultimately headed toward the compost pile anyway. The head, or our mind, may not willingly advance in this direction but the heart senses what is necessary. Depending on our response in these matters will we each embrace the Sabian symbol for this encounter or miss it altogether. From Dane Rudhyar’s “An Astrological Mandala”: (CAPRICORN 26°): A NATURE SPIRIT DANCING IN THE IRIDESCENT MIST OF A WATERFALL.


KEYNOTE:            The ability to perceive the hidden and creative spirit of natural phenomena.


The Sabian symbols make several references to nature spirits. Here we are dealing with the revelation of the spiritual or psychic forces related to the element water. Water binds all living cells in a wholesome interplay. It symbolizes the constant flow of vital energies, the fluidity of a consciousness which finds itself stimulated by change. The great cycle of water within the earth’s biosphere (oceans, clouds, rain, river) symbolizes the basic phases of universal life processes, the ascent and descent of emotional energies and of love. We can personify these phases and speak of “the soul of nature,” and at a cosmic level of “the World-Soul,” anima mundi. Water is the substance of the telluric manifestations of this soul. It is a magical substance, and modem chemists are rediscovering in their study of its unusual behavior in certain situations what old Alchemists in their own way no doubt understood.


This is the first stage of the sixtieth sub cycle, and it presents us with a deep intuition of super physical energies which at the end of this fivefold sequence we will see fully mastered (Phase 300). The consciousness here becomes sensitized to the downward flow of OCCULT ENERGY in its bountiful natural aspect.


The Full Moon might offer some more energy into contemplation related to this Venus/Pluto dance move. The Sabian symbol for the Moon will be:



KEYNOTE:            The exalted feeling that rises within the soul of the individual who has successfully passed through the long night which has tested his strength and his faith.


The cold air of night having precipitated upon the field of man’s consciousness the moisture of his deepest feelings, this widely spread dew is blessed with the light of significance by the rising sun of the new day. Even tears can be transformed into jewels in the light of victory over night and sorrow.


At this fifth stage of the present sequence we see the potential culmination of the process which began on a note of social and cultural crisis. The would-be reformer has to meet many emotional problems as he begins his work of creation. Creation means transformation; the reformer is actually a transformer if he is truly a creative and inspired individual open to the spirit that “makes everything new.” The building of a new society, and of one’s renewed personality as well, is just as much a process of artistic creation as the making of a delicate glass vase or a symphony. The Keyword is TRANSFIGURATION.


But wait, the week is almost done, just not quite. Also on Thursday the Sun catches up with Jupiter. This can be seen as an enhancement of that full Moon or at least an extra energy to embrace. Herein lies some soul searching. How large are we to make of this full Moon energy while at the same time might be called to task for realism. Aquarius is not all pie-in-the-sky and there may be some need to curtail or at least do some re-thinking of how far the Aquarius vision will be allowed audience. Though not exact for a couple days Mars is in T Square to this full Moon. Being in Taurus we might expect in a more perfect world situation to see potential aggressiveness flare up should the full Moon’s energy bring you into contest with certain others. With all this fixed energy in the air, there could be some stubbornness around.


Friday arrives and Mercury is slowing down to begin its retrograde process on Saturday that will keep it in Aquarius until mid March. This is the first of the annual Mercury retrogrades that will all occur in the Air signs. Many factors come to consideration during Mercury’s retreat mode. Mercury is tuned into how we think, perceive, communicate, do business, contemplate short journeys, study, etc. Mercury can be seen to act as a filter transferring thought waves to and from the solar core. There is an ironic connection to time that comes under the Mercurial sector and can appear to change from seeming to barely move at all to racing along and difficult to keep up with. As Mercury and Uranus are octaves of each other and we are in the Aquarius season where Mercury will do a long dance, don’t be too surprised to see this playing out in your respective worlds for a while. With any Mercury retrograde cycle it is advisable to prepare ahead of time. Might there be issues that deserve some focused consideration? Are there inventions that beckon further refinement you are working on? Just from an Aquarian perspective that we are all in, yes there are factors afoot that could use some clarity of investigation. Don’t expect others to go out of their way to assist you during much of this cycle. Myopic is the appropriate term to use for the thinking we all are engaged in during any Mercury retrograde time. How can I worry about your problems when I have my own to deal with? On January 15th Mercury crossed the degree it will retrograde back to. It is said that this is the shadow zone for a planets trajectory as it moves thru its cycles. To say I’m not clear on the exact effect this has might be an appropriate way to perceive how the thinking process is affected over a longer stretch of time around the Mercury retrograde cycle. If you have a project or projects you are working on it is advisable to gather as much resource as you might require before the actual reversal begins as thought organization processes might wander quite far during that time.


Gazing out into the night sky over the next couple weeks Mars will grace the evening western direction and the Moon will dominate as the only other planetary neighbor we will be able to see as it traverses in opposition to all the rest of the zodiac from that occupied by the other planets. From January 24th to the 27th the Moon will be traveling out-of-bounds (oob). The Moon will be traversing the Gemini and Cancer zones. Since this is just prior to Mercury (ruler of Gemini) turning retrograde be adventurous in gathering what you need to spur deeper investigation into the projects on your plate to ponder. This can enhance lunar factors to be just a bit more flippant than usual. Our feeling realms may wander a little farther afield than we normally would allow them to. At the same time we may tap into healing capacities we didn’t know we had.


Sunday, the last day of January, the Sun moves into direct square with Mars. That Aquarius furnace and fuel may just be enough to excite Mars to act up in some unpredictable fashion as it is still within hailing distance of Uranus.

Celestial Chatter 1-18 to 24


We as members of this nation are poised for the initiation into a new president assuming command for the next 4-year cycle. The transition has been fraught with challenges getting to this point from certain sectors of our citizenry with leadership spinning tales making it difficult to grasp just where truth was. This week might be a bit more technical a post as there are certain factors in play that are in need of clarification requiring astrological charts. The chart I will be considering initially will be the bi-wheel of the Sibly (July 4th, 1776) and the Inauguration charts that will accompany this post.



The center chart is the Sibly for the creation of the U.S.A. back in the day. The outer chart ring is for the Inauguration this Wednesday. What I am going to focus on are the Sibly lunar nodes across the Aquarius/Leo axis in the 2nd/8th houses. The nodal axis can be seen as a destiny line in any chart. The south node V can be viewed as an indication of gifts and or challenges, habits and or karma. The north node U is a beckoning toward a hoped for but not necessarily granted future. You will notice that the nodal axis is at 6° of their respective signs. On the inauguration there will be a conjunction of Mars and Uranus at 6° of Taurus. This can be referred to as a square aspect. A square is made up of elements that generally do not see eye-to-eye on things because of their sign perspectives coming from differing viewpoints. The Fire and Air elements work quite well together. The Earth and Water elements do the same. It is the alchemy of divergent signs that can be problematic or at least can represent differing takes on a subject.


Uranus has been in this square aspect most of last year and will be there a quarter portion of this year. This can indicate certain unpredictability to the path of destiny for the U.S. This last occurred in the 1930’s or the cycle of the Great Depression. The clincher is that Mars will be exactly conjunct to Uranus on this inauguration day. This is actually in play for a week or so either side of the exact conjunction.


Here are a few words from Robert Hand’s “Planets In Transit” book: “No other transit is more conducive than this one to sudden upsets, rash behavior and surprising incidents. Energy seems to burst out all over the place and in surprising forms. It is very often difficult to make plans during this transit precisely because so much happens without any warning.”


Since the nodal story of the nation’s chart is square this signature there is evidence of the increased tension transpiring as this next presidential cycle commences. Now, not everything is looking to be just challenges on the table. Jupiter transiting is currently on the Sibly south node and toying with the square as well. Some factors that should be brought to bare in this consideration is that Mars in Taurus the land of the gardener and nature lover and artist may not have all of its warrior energy able to leap to the fore. It is still Mars though and is always aiming to act with vigor.


Let’s sit with Jupiter for a spell and tune into what this enormous gas giant may be about currently. The arena of Aquarius stimulates science, inventions, humanitarian causes, as well as a bit of revolutionary underpinning. Being Jupiter it seeks to expand upon these Aquarian themes while about its normal activities of exploration, and journeys, philosophy and cultural spiritual enhancement. I believe it would be the Mars factor that makes this square a bit more conflict oriented than Jupiter would normally care to lean into. Friction while in the package may actually be smoothed somewhat by the Uranus (modern ruler of Aquarius) inspiring Mars to visualize the potential for humanitarian causes with, of course, some work as there are obviously some obstacles to overcome.


We must take into consideration that on Tuesday the Sun will move into Aquarius, which energizes this archetypal field. I am getting the image of a large cauldron with all the Aquarius visitors Sun, Saturn, Jupiter, and Mercury swimming around and creating a warm beverage to assist in soothing the edginess of that Mars/Uranus war dance simmering in another pot. The Moon will on Thursday move by transit across the Mars/Uranus moment and a consensus of any calm minds, we might tune into the Sibly Aquarius Moon to utilize group consciousness to see thru the potential ramifications of all out rebellion fanning a misinformed mob mentality into regrettable action.


Neptune in Pisces has been slowly but steadily stirring our creative imaginations to invite the poet and the mystic into our circles that empathy may find audience in our gatherings. On Saturday Neptune will move into square with the transiting nodal axis across the Sagittarius/Gemini realms. The transiting north node is still within hailing distance of the Sibly Mars in Gemini. It would be worth paying attention to the language currently being touted from all sides, as there are obviously things out of balance with our western cultural choice of direction. Our Declaration of Independence with Mars in Gemini in the 7th house would have had strong words to say to any within earshot seeking to dissuade the fabrication of this nation state. Our current direction forward (north node) could be an indication to make sure we are following the intentions of the Constitution as we attempt to iron out strong differences of opinion on what our government and citizens should mean to each other. The node should lead to an enhancement of our spiritual evolution. As a collective we have a ways to travel on that path.


On Saturday Venus moves into sextile with Neptune. The potential for harmony to seek awareness of our spiritual destiny might, because Venus is in Capricorn, seep into the language and thoughts of those occupying positions of leadership in our country. A sextile can bring about empowerment thru synthesis and the organization of creative impulses. It is an aspect of pollination.


While there are factions of our society that may wish to stir up the surface of our cauldron of existence into frothy waves of discontent it will be up to those of us who can vision alternative ways to bring calm back to the surface and to hold strong with those energies.










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