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Each week I spend between one and five hours crafting these posts. Many may ponder just why anyone would do this. Back along the way I was gifted with access into this astrological tool in a way that moved my soul. Thru the years, since that first glimpse in 1969, there have been moments when I sensed many universal downloads of substance being offered thru me to share with others. I never really took it to heart that they were just for me alone. This led to multiple astrological consultations with individuals and groups as a way of tuning us together into an energy-enfold we were all participating within. These posts are a paying forward of this gift to any who wish to embrace them.


If any of you are so inspired to go a bit deeper into the celestial patterns you came to bring out into your worlds, I would be glad to assist you in astrological considerations that focus more on you. While the time frame for an astrological consultation is about the same as for each week’s Celestial Chatter, it can cover a much longer life frame and, I guarantee it will be an experience you will carry for the rest of your earth walk…

Celestial Chatter 1-25 to 31


Here it is, the last week of January 2021 and it definitely appears that much is on our plates this year. Last week I jumped in with an in depth look at the Sibly and Inauguration charts with only a smattering of consideration of the sign change into Aquarius. This week let’s parcel out some more of the Aquarian archetype as it surrounds all of us currently. Each month the Sun moves into the backdrop of one of the 12 astrological sign 30° segments of the celestial story. The Sun is like a furnace and is the fuel available to ferret out what might be a productive use of the energy available. This does not always play out as beneficial for each of us depending on what our particular celestial chart factors set in motion for us as well as the decisions we have made along the way as to how we are going to set our sails in the unfolding weather patterns.


Aquarius may be one of the most misunderstood of the zodiac signs. It leans into the gathering of groups yet has a certain disdain for too much intimacy in those larger settings. Hopes and wishes surround this arena yet many will tell you to stop aiming for what they term pie-in-the-sky goals. Come back to earth for the future you are dreaming of cannot be attained within the current system structure. How can a person be a rebel and still function within the system they are rebelling against? Aquarius is the scientist, inventor and genius, so many of those far out visions that come thru our meditations have found their way into mainstream culture throughout history. Being too comfortable with the way things are curbs our exploration of what will be next. Saturn co-rules Capricorn and Aquarius, but unlike the overt rules and structure, the paying attention to the time clock often holding us within the grips of a past that no longer has relevance that the former thrives on. The latter still within certain structural constraints is always testing for weak spots in the framework we are given. I think of Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean talking to his father saying “but the rules…” to which his father replies something to the effect “ rules, eh, they are more like guidelines”. You can almost feel our Capricorn parts squirming at this kind of thought.


So, what is this attraction that the Aquarius within each of us has that beckons us to lend at least an ear to theories that push at the bounds of the known? Opposed to Leo where one might be tempted to gamble with personal resources, Aquarius raises the stakes and asks if there might be something more that seeks inclusion within the gathered culture that is ready for major change. Sitting between overtly formal regulation and control of Capricorn dictates, and Pisces where the invitation arises to participate within the ranks of a spiritual source code, this final fixed air sign perceives visions akin to what Sagittarius says is out there and applies them in ways that can fluctuate hard and fast rules enough so that spaces open up in their midst allowing for questions to arise as to if there is something more we might be missing that too much emphasis on form precludes us from perceiving.


I am going to allow these previous thoughts to settle in for a bit. When one wanders into our Aquarian zone of influence the perspective that there is a particular goal we are headed to accomplish becomes a bit more fluid. While it is not like there are no goals, but is more akin to maintaining a broad enough trajectory so as not to exclude factors that show up along the way that often require reassessing our original aim by either adding to it or correcting toward a new and broader vision quest. Some may object and say/think “what about the goal we were headed for?” It has not disappeared, it is being allowed breathing room to see if it can hold up to necessary or optional change.


Let us shift gears a bit now and peer into all the energy being poured into either a hoped for Aquarian Age beginning, or equally the desire to discount the whole idea of Great Ages altogether. To pin point an exact date for any Age that lasts for around 2160 years, or 1/12th of the Grand Cycle of Ages of about 26,000 years is folly. Imagine if you will a scenario in which you are traveling along in some form of transportation and you suddenly realize you just passed where you wanted to go. The likelihood of stopping short at that point will not transpire. The mind might be thrown into turmoil attempting to contemplate what missing your mark will entail and off it races. While you will still likely get back to the location you had in mind things will have transpired that shift what you thought would happen. Transpose this scenario into a shift of 2000-year pieces of time and you might be able to grasp that there will be some that tune into these shifts well in advance of any particular time frame and there will be others that may never tune into an energy shift that is under way. In 1871-ish Uranus was noticed as being a planet and eventually was offered as the modern ruler to Aquarius. Picture if you will all the planets in our solar system spinning like tops with north and south poles up and down like the earth. Uranus has its north pole pointing at the Sun so it has more of a rolling motion. You might be able to grasp a certain Aquarian signature here as most think of us Aquarians as moving to the beat of a different drummer. Was 1871 the beginning of the Aquarian Age? Remember the consideration of those tuning into the energy shifts at differing time frames? The transition between Ages can last up to 500 years with some becoming attuned to this shift earlier than others and some not at all. I think there are still those manipulating world events that are still tuned into the Aries Age with the war god Mars at the helm. The loaves and the fishes are just seen as fuel for the manipulation of resource gathering by various armies that destroy the environment and shift monetary resources into tighter and tighter circles of influence.


The discovery of Uranus and then subsequently Neptune, Pluto, Eris and onward, was a shift into realms that carry longer and longer footprints. We in the astrological community still recognize the value the 7 original celestial beings used for thousands of years as overtly symbolic to our overtly human plight here on planet Earth, but the additional cultural or transpersonal planets and more, speak to the unfolding of the larger matrix we find ourselves in. I painted a symbolic image quite a number of years ago that I see as an inkling of this Aquarian archetype shifting gears.


This is just one of a whole series I painted I referred to as the Whale Dreams group. This one has particular interest from a shamanic perspective as I have since learned that there are those in the know that perceive part of humanity was brought here in spirit form from the Pleiades and that long range memory still exists within the whale/dolphin lineage.


I hope your head has begun to swirl a bit because that is the function of Uranus in the grand scheme of things. It has the job of shaking things up so that one is left with a sense of being off balance from the comfort zone where things rarely change. We are currently in a cycle where Uranus is playing a more specific role in our lives energetically. The Day of the Inauguration Mars danced its way across Uranus. This coming week the Sun will square Uranus and the full Moon will T square both Uranus and Mars. With all the planets currently in Aquarius, Uranus is shaking things up. Being in Taurus, Uranus might be bringing some pressure to bear on Mother Earth things like resources and by extrapolation economics. It began this 7+ year journey thru Taurus back near the beginning of 2015 so has a ways to go. The square aspect or 90° has the distinction of applying pressure to the players involved because they represent elements that aren’t known for playing so well in the sandbox together. Taurus is all about form and structure in its practical Mother Earth resource rich grasp of the plentiful garden state. We humans have currently placed the earth under siege to monetize every aspect of our living fed by the resources we can extract from her. I am an animist and know that everything is alive. All the elements of this planet are bringing us to task as a reminder that our responsibility was to tend an keep her and this respect would provide everything we actually need. Greed is at work and has surpassed a tipping point of balance between humans and nature on many fronts.


As this week commences Monday finds the Sun in sextile to Chiron. Some will discover an Aquarian perspective that propels healing functions to the front of what needs to transpire. Other might tune into wounds they are dealing with over long cycles. Tuesday the Sun does the Square dance with Uranus as mentioned above. Wednesday finds Venus moving into a square with Eris (Capricorn to Aries). You might ask yourself how stable are you in your relationships with others and particularly with those who occupy positions of authority in your world.


This deserves it’s own paragraph. On Thursday Venus conjoins with Pluto and there is a full Moon best observed energy wise overnight on Wednesday. There are two Sabian symbols to consider on this day. First Venus dances into Pluto’s realm with Venus as Lucifer (rising before the Sun) or the Light Bringer. Essentially Venus has us leading with our hearts currently as opposed to our heads. Our own set up natally to whether or not Venus rises ahead of the Sun might have a bearing on how we ponder this aspect. Pluto brings with it the question in this instance of if we individually and as a collective have demonstrated enough willingness to release what is ultimately headed toward the compost pile anyway. The head, or our mind, may not willingly advance in this direction but the heart senses what is necessary. Depending on our response in these matters will we each embrace the Sabian symbol for this encounter or miss it altogether. From Dane Rudhyar’s “An Astrological Mandala”: (CAPRICORN 26°): A NATURE SPIRIT DANCING IN THE IRIDESCENT MIST OF A WATERFALL.


KEYNOTE:            The ability to perceive the hidden and creative spirit of natural phenomena.


The Sabian symbols make several references to nature spirits. Here we are dealing with the revelation of the spiritual or psychic forces related to the element water. Water binds all living cells in a wholesome interplay. It symbolizes the constant flow of vital energies, the fluidity of a consciousness which finds itself stimulated by change. The great cycle of water within the earth’s biosphere (oceans, clouds, rain, river) symbolizes the basic phases of universal life processes, the ascent and descent of emotional energies and of love. We can personify these phases and speak of “the soul of nature,” and at a cosmic level of “the World-Soul,” anima mundi. Water is the substance of the telluric manifestations of this soul. It is a magical substance, and modem chemists are rediscovering in their study of its unusual behavior in certain situations what old Alchemists in their own way no doubt understood.


This is the first stage of the sixtieth sub cycle, and it presents us with a deep intuition of super physical energies which at the end of this fivefold sequence we will see fully mastered (Phase 300). The consciousness here becomes sensitized to the downward flow of OCCULT ENERGY in its bountiful natural aspect.


The Full Moon might offer some more energy into contemplation related to this Venus/Pluto dance move. The Sabian symbol for the Moon will be:



KEYNOTE:            The exalted feeling that rises within the soul of the individual who has successfully passed through the long night which has tested his strength and his faith.


The cold air of night having precipitated upon the field of man’s consciousness the moisture of his deepest feelings, this widely spread dew is blessed with the light of significance by the rising sun of the new day. Even tears can be transformed into jewels in the light of victory over night and sorrow.


At this fifth stage of the present sequence we see the potential culmination of the process which began on a note of social and cultural crisis. The would-be reformer has to meet many emotional problems as he begins his work of creation. Creation means transformation; the reformer is actually a transformer if he is truly a creative and inspired individual open to the spirit that “makes everything new.” The building of a new society, and of one’s renewed personality as well, is just as much a process of artistic creation as the making of a delicate glass vase or a symphony. The Keyword is TRANSFIGURATION.


But wait, the week is almost done, just not quite. Also on Thursday the Sun catches up with Jupiter. This can be seen as an enhancement of that full Moon or at least an extra energy to embrace. Herein lies some soul searching. How large are we to make of this full Moon energy while at the same time might be called to task for realism. Aquarius is not all pie-in-the-sky and there may be some need to curtail or at least do some re-thinking of how far the Aquarius vision will be allowed audience. Though not exact for a couple days Mars is in T Square to this full Moon. Being in Taurus we might expect in a more perfect world situation to see potential aggressiveness flare up should the full Moon’s energy bring you into contest with certain others. With all this fixed energy in the air, there could be some stubbornness around.


Friday arrives and Mercury is slowing down to begin its retrograde process on Saturday that will keep it in Aquarius until mid March. This is the first of the annual Mercury retrogrades that will all occur in the Air signs. Many factors come to consideration during Mercury’s retreat mode. Mercury is tuned into how we think, perceive, communicate, do business, contemplate short journeys, study, etc. Mercury can be seen to act as a filter transferring thought waves to and from the solar core. There is an ironic connection to time that comes under the Mercurial sector and can appear to change from seeming to barely move at all to racing along and difficult to keep up with. As Mercury and Uranus are octaves of each other and we are in the Aquarius season where Mercury will do a long dance, don’t be too surprised to see this playing out in your respective worlds for a while. With any Mercury retrograde cycle it is advisable to prepare ahead of time. Might there be issues that deserve some focused consideration? Are there inventions that beckon further refinement you are working on? Just from an Aquarian perspective that we are all in, yes there are factors afoot that could use some clarity of investigation. Don’t expect others to go out of their way to assist you during much of this cycle. Myopic is the appropriate term to use for the thinking we all are engaged in during any Mercury retrograde time. How can I worry about your problems when I have my own to deal with? On January 15th Mercury crossed the degree it will retrograde back to. It is said that this is the shadow zone for a planets trajectory as it moves thru its cycles. To say I’m not clear on the exact effect this has might be an appropriate way to perceive how the thinking process is affected over a longer stretch of time around the Mercury retrograde cycle. If you have a project or projects you are working on it is advisable to gather as much resource as you might require before the actual reversal begins as thought organization processes might wander quite far during that time.


Gazing out into the night sky over the next couple weeks Mars will grace the evening western direction and the Moon will dominate as the only other planetary neighbor we will be able to see as it traverses in opposition to all the rest of the zodiac from that occupied by the other planets. From January 24th to the 27th the Moon will be traveling out-of-bounds (oob). The Moon will be traversing the Gemini and Cancer zones. Since this is just prior to Mercury (ruler of Gemini) turning retrograde be adventurous in gathering what you need to spur deeper investigation into the projects on your plate to ponder. This can enhance lunar factors to be just a bit more flippant than usual. Our feeling realms may wander a little farther afield than we normally would allow them to. At the same time we may tap into healing capacities we didn’t know we had.


Sunday, the last day of January, the Sun moves into direct square with Mars. That Aquarius furnace and fuel may just be enough to excite Mars to act up in some unpredictable fashion as it is still within hailing distance of Uranus.

Celestial Chatter 1-18 to 24


We as members of this nation are poised for the initiation into a new president assuming command for the next 4-year cycle. The transition has been fraught with challenges getting to this point from certain sectors of our citizenry with leadership spinning tales making it difficult to grasp just where truth was. This week might be a bit more technical a post as there are certain factors in play that are in need of clarification requiring astrological charts. The chart I will be considering initially will be the bi-wheel of the Sibly (July 4th, 1776) and the Inauguration charts that will accompany this post.



The center chart is the Sibly for the creation of the U.S.A. back in the day. The outer chart ring is for the Inauguration this Wednesday. What I am going to focus on are the Sibly lunar nodes across the Aquarius/Leo axis in the 2nd/8th houses. The nodal axis can be seen as a destiny line in any chart. The south node V can be viewed as an indication of gifts and or challenges, habits and or karma. The north node U is a beckoning toward a hoped for but not necessarily granted future. You will notice that the nodal axis is at 6° of their respective signs. On the inauguration there will be a conjunction of Mars and Uranus at 6° of Taurus. This can be referred to as a square aspect. A square is made up of elements that generally do not see eye-to-eye on things because of their sign perspectives coming from differing viewpoints. The Fire and Air elements work quite well together. The Earth and Water elements do the same. It is the alchemy of divergent signs that can be problematic or at least can represent differing takes on a subject.


Uranus has been in this square aspect most of last year and will be there a quarter portion of this year. This can indicate certain unpredictability to the path of destiny for the U.S. This last occurred in the 1930’s or the cycle of the Great Depression. The clincher is that Mars will be exactly conjunct to Uranus on this inauguration day. This is actually in play for a week or so either side of the exact conjunction.


Here are a few words from Robert Hand’s “Planets In Transit” book: “No other transit is more conducive than this one to sudden upsets, rash behavior and surprising incidents. Energy seems to burst out all over the place and in surprising forms. It is very often difficult to make plans during this transit precisely because so much happens without any warning.”


Since the nodal story of the nation’s chart is square this signature there is evidence of the increased tension transpiring as this next presidential cycle commences. Now, not everything is looking to be just challenges on the table. Jupiter transiting is currently on the Sibly south node and toying with the square as well. Some factors that should be brought to bare in this consideration is that Mars in Taurus the land of the gardener and nature lover and artist may not have all of its warrior energy able to leap to the fore. It is still Mars though and is always aiming to act with vigor.


Let’s sit with Jupiter for a spell and tune into what this enormous gas giant may be about currently. The arena of Aquarius stimulates science, inventions, humanitarian causes, as well as a bit of revolutionary underpinning. Being Jupiter it seeks to expand upon these Aquarian themes while about its normal activities of exploration, and journeys, philosophy and cultural spiritual enhancement. I believe it would be the Mars factor that makes this square a bit more conflict oriented than Jupiter would normally care to lean into. Friction while in the package may actually be smoothed somewhat by the Uranus (modern ruler of Aquarius) inspiring Mars to visualize the potential for humanitarian causes with, of course, some work as there are obviously some obstacles to overcome.


We must take into consideration that on Tuesday the Sun will move into Aquarius, which energizes this archetypal field. I am getting the image of a large cauldron with all the Aquarius visitors Sun, Saturn, Jupiter, and Mercury swimming around and creating a warm beverage to assist in soothing the edginess of that Mars/Uranus war dance simmering in another pot. The Moon will on Thursday move by transit across the Mars/Uranus moment and a consensus of any calm minds, we might tune into the Sibly Aquarius Moon to utilize group consciousness to see thru the potential ramifications of all out rebellion fanning a misinformed mob mentality into regrettable action.


Neptune in Pisces has been slowly but steadily stirring our creative imaginations to invite the poet and the mystic into our circles that empathy may find audience in our gatherings. On Saturday Neptune will move into square with the transiting nodal axis across the Sagittarius/Gemini realms. The transiting north node is still within hailing distance of the Sibly Mars in Gemini. It would be worth paying attention to the language currently being touted from all sides, as there are obviously things out of balance with our western cultural choice of direction. Our Declaration of Independence with Mars in Gemini in the 7th house would have had strong words to say to any within earshot seeking to dissuade the fabrication of this nation state. Our current direction forward (north node) could be an indication to make sure we are following the intentions of the Constitution as we attempt to iron out strong differences of opinion on what our government and citizens should mean to each other. The node should lead to an enhancement of our spiritual evolution. As a collective we have a ways to travel on that path.


On Saturday Venus moves into sextile with Neptune. The potential for harmony to seek awareness of our spiritual destiny might, because Venus is in Capricorn, seep into the language and thoughts of those occupying positions of leadership in our country. A sextile can bring about empowerment thru synthesis and the organization of creative impulses. It is an aspect of pollination.


While there are factions of our society that may wish to stir up the surface of our cauldron of existence into frothy waves of discontent it will be up to those of us who can vision alternative ways to bring calm back to the surface and to hold strong with those energies.

Celestial Chatter 1-11 to 17


A quick note to begin with. I may not cover all the different aspects the planets are involved in because I want to be precise with those I do. Most of the planetary configurations I elude to are specific to the days mentioned but will in actuality be in effect for days before and afterward and just likely be more intense on the dates I include.


Voices and thoughts conjoin to expand the Aquarian message of community as Mercury catches up with Jupiter on Monday. One needs to consider the proximity of the upcoming Mars/Uranus conjunction next week but being in square to Jupiter across the Aquarius/Taurus fixed sections of the zodiac. This is an aspect that is steeped in the Aquarian fold. The key is to remember that all this Aquarius leverage seeks to awaken us to potential that may not present itself as an answer but more of an opportunity to trust in a process that is unfolding. My suspicion is that if we think we already have an answer we are deluded and need to take some deep breaths as we reconsider the options. Jupiter the ruler of Sagittarius and Pisces while surfing the Aquarian realm is attempting to bring about perspectives that are more open ended than closed assumptions on what is transpiring. We are in the land of inventions that are not limited to physical things but as well to creative thought patterns on ways to rearrange those thoughts differently. The phrase “you can’t fix problems with the same methods that created the problems in the first place” comes to mind. The Sabian symbol from Dane Rudhyar’s “An Astrological Mandala” for Jupiter’s position reads:



KEYNOTE:            The individual’s involvement in long-established patterns of activity aiming at the release of collective power.


The great Mysteries of the past were created by inspired Seers and Adepts for the purpose of transferring to a mentally conscious and humanly significant level of group operation what in the lower kingdoms of life we call instincts. Biological and cosmic energies can thus be used to ensure that social processes do not lose touch with the deeper realities of planetary and universal Life. Rituals are binding, and often the performers wear masks, for they do not act as human persons but as focal points for the release of transpersonal forces.


This first symbol of the sixty-second fivefold sequence presents to us social processes in their deepest occult aspect. The individual is seen having assumed a TRANSPERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY.


On Tuesday Mars moves into square with Saturn in Aquarius. I have mentioned before that Mars in Taurus is not quite so energetic as it has been for the last long Aries cycle just concluded. Saturn is the ruler of Aquarius and is wearing different attire than when in Capricorn. Structure and rules yes, but considering alterations to these to embrace new and resilient directions to head in. Mercury on this same day is tickling the square with Uranus. Before we get our knickers in a knot consider that Uranus can be portrayed as the higher octave of Mercury. Again the Aquarian thought on this will likely lead to some language to express options for utilizing our togetherness in unique fashion. To add a little extra spice to this day the new Moon will transpire in Capricorn that can and should set in motion intentions to focus on for the next lunar cycle as it unfolds. The Sabian symbol for this reads:



KEYNOTE: Total commitment to a transcendent goal.


In this fourth stage symbol we see the paradoxical nature of the social process operating more strongly than ever. This derives from the fact that man’s nature contains in seed the possibility of overcoming and transcending itself in acts of complete denials and of surrender to a “higher” Law or quality of being. All spiritual techniques are indeed paradoxical. Rigid discipline conditions pure inner freedom. The final goal is the attainment of TRANSCENDENT SECURITY.


Looks like we are being called to task to perform some things that we may not be used to.


Wednesday we find Venus in Capricorn moving into trine with Uranus. The earth element lies at the foundation of every aspect of physical life on the planet. We are all made of the material substance of earth. Venus may be seen as sought after comfort (Taurus) and harmony (Libra) and at the same time a method of engaging with one another to accomplish these things. Because Uranus, and by extension Jupiter, Mars and Saturn, are in the mix, don’t be too surprised to suddenly discover an uptick in interaction with others as we all are sensing this potential.


With the range of Aquarian energy signature afoot, the modern ruler of Uranus included, it might be appropriate to delve briefly into this Uranian realm. It has been said that Uranus can be an indication of trauma and I wouldn’t argue that this does exist in the realm of possibility. This would be the effect of only a surface approach to a transpersonal force at work that currently is inviting us to ponder. Uranus is also recognized as akin to the mythos of Prometheus who brought fire from the gods to the human world. This should be viewed as an awakening of consciousness more than things just getting hotter. Uranus has the job of shaking things up when they become too sedentary, thus the implications of sudden change attributed to matters when it is involved. Some perspective is required here. Often when we are bumbling along following a set path, we long ago stopped questioning why, there arrives a moment when we need our cages rattled to wake up from the kind of stupor state where things change very little. Last week on Wednesday morning Jupiter and Saturn were well within the range of stimulating the square aspect to Uranus and Mars was in the final degree of Aries anticipating stepping into Taurus to conjoin with Uranus and an energetic lightning bolt of action was initiated in our capitol. This was something that was a while in the making with coordinated simultaneous affronts to our democratic system in many locations around the country. Just like some traumas, it surfaced like a lightning strike. This was and is a call to wake up to levels of unrest that exist within the ranks of the American people. While the stoking with political misinformation over an extended time frame may have sparked this lightening strike it points to deeper levels of misunderstanding of a vital role we necessarily play in the lives of one another. We as a human species are blessed with unique and different packages (body types, skin colors, languages, and cultural upbringing) that some have decided are reason enough to segregate us from one another. Yet, we all are made from the material of this same good earth we inhabit. We have trod this earth for a very long time and many might not accept that at one time every human on earth was blessed with dark skin and over the last 1.5 million years we have spread out across the globe and the climate situations in different locations resulted in the varying colors that currently populate our earth.


Wow! That was not where I expected this Uranus consideration to go. Anyway, the cage is rattling a lot currently. The trauma factor actually resides in whether or not we are willing to accept changes when they put in an appearance. Currently a window has been thrown open that exposes blatant differences of opinion about a path forward. The awakening potential exists in this mix as well, but we are the ones who need to decide what we set in motion. The Aquarian archetype under current emphasis seeks to foment some level where community exchange of ideas can transpire. It appears that the events of Wednesday demonstrate that there are those seeking a level of CONTROL OVER situations that can be brought to focus thru the words of a mouthpiece that aims at division. It is actually time to sponsor those who espouse words that aim toward CONTROL WITH as many as will participate together from all walks of life and recognize the oneness that our conjoined footsteps on this great earth might be sensing as unified presence. Taurus, where Uranus currently transits is the first of the earth signs and represents Mother Earth. Since everything comes from earth, every time we destroy something we are affecting an aspect of ourselves whether we recognize it or not.


While all of the above is seeking audience from us the Sun has been moving closer and closer to conjunction with Pluto and this happens late Wednesday thru Thursday. Bringing Pluto on board as we set about formulating our intentions for this next lunar cycle we are tasked with some house cleaning measures in order to relinquish our hold on things and matters that no longer are of assistance or meaningful for our trajectory. As it is a Pluto factor soul searching is required to take no prisoners from the past that may be holding us back. I have mentioned before the Pluto/death connection, but this does not necessarily require physical death to be part of the equation and at the same time does not rule it out. A determining factor would be how desperately we cling to that which is passing away. On the flip side of the coin we must query as to our willingness to travel new paths that can only be discovered by lightening our load.


It might be good to be aware that this new Moon energy will pass over all the Aquarian planets on Wednesday and Thursday as well. So, this is also in Square to the Taurus planets. The Moon can often be seen as a triggering factor so, from the Aquarius perspective you might feel an uptick in these other squares at work doing what I have already mentioned above. Also on the 14th Uranus will station back into forward motion after the long retrograde cycle that began back on August 15th. When a planet stations this means it hovers for a time at a particular degree for an extended cycle and thus emphasizes what is represented there. Consider the Sabian symbol for the Uranus degree as entwined in most of the aspects I have covered for this week and extending for a while.



KEYNOTE:            The meeting of the traditional past and of the creative spirit pointing to the future.


The symbol refers to a most important, but usually narrowly interpreted (or interpreted away!) episode of the Christ mythos. Early in his ministry, Jesus meets a Samaritan woman at an ancestral well. This woman belongs to a tribe despised by the Jews; moreover, she is unmarried and therefore on the fringe of even her own society. It is to just that kind of woman that Jesus reveals that he is the Messiah: “I am He,” a revelation that he apparently will not bestow even upon his disciples, at least not in words. (Words in occultism are the creative factor.)

What does this mean? Jesus, as the Avatar incorporating the Christ Impulse, came to replace the old tribal order with a new order based on universal Love. It is not to representatives of, or even to men still attached to, the old order that Jesus could reveal his spiritual, evolutionary and society transforming status; they had instead to reach a point where they could discover his avatarship as did Peter just before the Transfiguration scene. But to the woman of Samaria, who, in her openness to love’s urgings, had already repudiated any narrow subservience to the old order, Jesus could reveal his function. The highest meets the lowest when this lowest is free from traditional bonds and open to love. The creative future descends first to that which has become chaos. An old order is never open to a new Revelation until it has accepted disorder in the name of that Power which subsumes all forms of order, i.e. Love.


In this second stage of the five-fold sequence, a contrasting element enters upon the scene. It is no longer a collective cultural effort based on past knowledge – as in the preceding symbol – but a “meeting” that introduces into the collective situation a totally new factor that transcends it. A NEW QUALITY OF BEING is revealed which renders the old patterns obsolete.


This is a significant Sabian factor to pay attention to. It is the degree where Mars will join up with Uranus on inauguration day (Jan. 20th). Maybe it is just my thoughts, but I don’t believe so, we are due for an uptick in the human scenario that will transcend much of the old vision, as it currently exists. While many put energy into waiting for some form of new messiah to put in an appearance many of the messages attributed to those who have allowed the avatar energy to use them are still just as relevant now as they were long ago when offered. Avatar is more than just the capacity of a single individual, but is an energy signature or wave that is always present if we but tune into it. It might be foolish or foolhardy to assume that the requirement to maintain this form of discipline is not a challenge. This is akin to standing at an energy fulcrum (picture a sand clock) and allowing what is above to flow thru you as an orifice. You no longer are a representation of an individual but assume the role of a guiding light to the collective being energized by the essence of creation itself. As I write this I am getting the image of a long line of folks being asked to volunteer and most of the line stepping backward to reveal but a few willing souls. That is all it takes. Which part of the line are you in?


Celestial Chatter 1-4 to 10, 2021


Picture, if you will, what might this new-year have in store for us. So as not to allow our selves to slip readily back into the previous year’s challenges this first full week of January has three planets shifting signs. Mars, after its extended stay in Aries on Thursday will try on the Taurus shoes. This is quickly followed on Friday as Mercury shifts into Aquarius and Venus shifts into Capricorn. A little like casting dice in the game of life 2021 begins with a wardrobe outfit change right off the bat.


Mars, that has been doing some rather vigorous dance moves in the field of Aries is in some fashion being thrown into a sign where getting traction is not exactly as inspiring as where it has recently been hanging out. This is part of the function of Taurus, to slow down the wheels of progress burning up the tracks so rapidly attempting to be on with the life adventure. It is not all an experience of slogging thru thick earth for the Sun is making its way thru Capricorn the final earth sign and exuding energy into the earth triplicity making sure that we stay tuned to the practical aspects of creation. While there are times when in the race between the tortoise and the hare, winning appears to be the main goal, it is how you get to a level of completion that is the key. There are still, of course, variances in this interpretation.


Venus, close on the shift heals transpiring, arriving in Capricorn is the ruler of Taurus and has moved into trine with that Mars. There are a couple different factors that this could inspire. The role of economics (Taurus) moves into a front row position and those in power or leadership position (Capricorn) may attempt to manipulate this arena to serve the means of its continued theoretical superiority. But, since the ruler of Capricorn is currently in Aquarius and Mars moves toward a square to this Saturn, perhaps there are unique economic opportunities that reside beyond coffer support of an elite class. Venus, as well, the ruler of Libra seeks to harmonize situations and if there are societal factors being excluded from participation, at more than just an economic level, perhaps there are adjustments to resource sharing that could play a beneficial role in a more inclusive community fashion. Curious I am as to what the Sabian symbol might be for this first degree of Taurus to add to the mix. From Dane Rudhyar’s “An Astrological Mandala” it reads:



KEYNOTE: The pure, uncontaminated and spontaneous manifestation of one’s own nature.


Here we see life substance in its original dynamic form and as it emerged from its spiritual source. This is true whatever the nature of the source may be. In a sense the mountain stream is conditioned by the nature of the soil and by all the forces which in the past have formed the mountain’s, rock strata: that is to say, by past history. Yet out of this past a new, pure (i.e. unadulterated) release of potentiality has emerged. It is ready to perform whatever work its dharma is to accomplish.


This is the first stage of the seventh five-fold sequence of phases. Matter is still imbued with great potential energy, energy being matter at its source. It is flowing irresistibly toward its own destiny. It is simply ITS OWN NATURE.


As Taurus can be seen archetypally to represent Mother Nature, there is great benefit in hearing this Sabian message.


At the beginning of the week as Mercury was just returning back in bounds after its long traverse out-of-bounds since December 11th, it conjoins with Pluto for a brief moment to, perhaps compare notes on the investigation of alternative uses of power in inspiring folks to tune into different ways to view its sources. Mercury will quickly transit the last few degrees of Capricorn this week and possibly release thoughts inspired by this Pluto encounter intended to awaken those unwilling to release their grip on the past and the challenges this will entail if they continue to do so. I can almost sense some serious spin-doctor moments at work here where we need to listen between the phrases glibly offered from leadership. Now that I have written these last words I wondered on the Sabian for this planetary conjunction:



KEYNOTE:            The use of cultural and artistic processes as a means to enhance personal comfort and appreciation.


Coming after the preceding symbol this one brings us back to the material, yet esthetic, aspect of the benefits a society can bring its members. A “rug” always implied to some extent something on which a person stands or sits. It is a foundation for cultural “understanding,” and as such it can have a magical or sacred meaning, as in the case of prayer rugs. The “woman in a convent” probably knows only the bare floor, because her goal is one of transcendence, of surrendering comfort as well as cultural patterns. But to the social elite, or even to the oriental devotee praying to his god, society offers the relative comfort of beautiful rugs so he may meet the universe, not merely in terms of the support the natural soil gives, but protected by and securely established on the mental spiritual as well as manual achievements of those who keep the cultural symbols alive.


This is the last symbol in the fifty-ninth fivefold sequence. It shows the beautiful products of dedicated and inspired group performance at the level of tradition. It emphasizes the value of RELIANCE ON TRADITION.


Wow! Ever felt like you were swimming against the current? I guess if it were too easy, we wouldn’t appreciate what effort has in store for us. As the weekend unfolds, Mercury racing into Aquarius quickly squares Mars and then conjoins Saturn. I am going to include this Sabian interpretation for this degree as it provides some insight as well as challenges to our current rule structure in western culture:



KEYNOTE:            The individual’s self realization through a crucial repudiation of a collective status which has become unbearable.


This symbol recalls the one for Scorpio 21°, but the fact that actual “desertion” is emphasized and reference is made to “the Navy” suggests that the crisis symbolized here is one implying an irrevocable change of status. Man refuses to accept the type of cultural patterns derived from his society’s specific approach to local circumstances and to the universe as a whole, and in another sense, from its particular relationship to the all-human collective Unconscious. (The Navy refers to the ocean, symbol of primordial and unconscious evolutionary forces.) He not only refuses to obey orders, he deliberately turns his back on his collective social status; he becomes an outcast, and through this decision he may definitely individualize his consciousness.


This is the third stage of the sixty-first fivefold sequence. Something with collective social value is being potentially destroyed, but nature is not the destroyer (as in the preceding symbol). Man, the individual, steps out of his bondage to collective patterns and ideals. He may thus “find himself” by means of a sharp renunciation of his social birthright, i.e. by a crucial process of DESOCIALIZATION.


Welcome to Aquarius.


This week the Moon finds itself moving from mutable Virgo to mutable Sagittarius and completing its waning square of the lunar cycle from the zone of Libra. On Sunday the Moon conjoins its south node. The Moon, unlike the more flashy Mars or the solar focus, is the fastest and closest celestial sphere to us but is not likely to strut about seeking attention. There is a care to what it represents and an embrace of nurturance offered for those in need. Ironically by tuning into this energy we can get as close as we can to what it used to be like to be held in the arms of others in our close circles we have been needing to stay at distance from. Instead of the physical hugs, we are still able to utilize our hearts to greet each other and when fortunate enough to pass close enough to see each other’s eyes are seeing that heart connection enlivened.


This is going to be what may appear a wander afield but bear with me. Much has been voiced this year about our children’s lack of schooling and falling behind. There have been recent posts from people who indicate that they can recall being involved in the world wars and going thru similar so-called lack of formal education, that went on for years, and yet they have prospered in ways that would not have happened if they had not had the experiences they had. As I pondered this I am drawn to consider the global infusion of war skirmishes perpetrated continuously even now and the lack of so-called formal education hundreds of thousands of children continue to endure. What, may I ask, are the merits that formal education provides that may lead to less of the impinged challenges upon other children of the globe going forward? It does not seem to lead to a more peaceful human interchange on this planet. Are things missing in what our education program is teaching us that limit our heart connection to the rest of life? Our so-called modern cultural desires, likely created thru our current educational systems, have a lot to do with why wars continue in order to secure planetary resources to feed our needs, and at what cost to the rest of humanity or the environment?


I sense that the inspiration for this last paragraph was inspired by the Moon at the end of this first full week time frame of 2021 conjoining with the Moon’s south node in Sagittarius. The south node has a certain resonance with matters that while having been crucial as stepping-stones forward may or should be allowed to serve only as some support of our forward trajectory and not as crutches to uphold us completely. Sagittarius is a quest for what is next and inspired by its ruling planet Jupiter is likely to never actually be totally satisfied with what has been accomplished sensing there is always a next step. It is in the realm of comparing notes with others of varied backgrounds that we expand the walls of our tents of knowledge. Sagittarius alludes to the desire for higher education or ways of combining what we think we know in new and unique fashion (the Aquarius infusion) to create in an effective new way. These are words spawned by Jupiter’s current journey in Aquarius. I sense the words seeping thru my consciousness from a song: “Come on people now, smile on your brothers, try and love one another right now”. RIGHT NOW, RIGHT NOW…


Today as I sit down to fine-tune this week’s chatter I have spent some time peering ahead into the rest of the year so as to ferret some flavoring to pay attention to as we attempt to steer our ship forward effectively. Here is a short note related to January and February and how our thoughts and words might carry weight more than we might realize. I am not referring to the Covid weight gain or the seasonal post holiday uptick in eating. I am referring to Mercury as it does an elongated dance thru Aquarius. Around the end of January (30th) he slips into retrograde mode and proceeds to be in Aquarius there thru the middle of March. What an excellent opportunity to think out of the box, to come up with algebraic equations and alogrhythms that could infuse our collective with more unique ways to speak with, not just to, each other.


Now, each time Mercury does its retrograde dance many are inclined to express bafflement at our incapacity to think clearly. Perhaps it might be beneficial to approach this cycle with preparation rather than just the illusion of continuing as if things were proceeding normally. There are ways of utilizing creatively each Mercury retrograde experience. Start with grasping that many withdraw their thoughts to a place within themselves and that is the main culprit in communication challenges, as we don’t clearly hear one another over our own thoughts. The key is to pay attention to how we are using these inner thoughts. Aquarius is the inventor of the zodiac. Each of us has an Aquarian aspect within us. The trick is to arrive at the retrograde cycle prepared to do this creative thinking with the resources required to process what we are attempting to invent.


During this Mercurial cycle, remember that both Jupiter and Saturn are resident to the Aquarius zone of influence. Small thoughts are only relevant as stepping-stones on the way to larger changes. The rules that make create potential newness are invented as Saturn rethinks the relevance to the longer-range global situations. Through the experience of the new Moon in Aquarius we are asked to ponder deeply on our human educational systems. Here is the Sabian symbol for this next new Moon. I am offering it early so that we have time prior to Mercury retrograde to prepare.



KEYNOTE:            The constructive use to which difficult past experiences can be put as examples for those who are still striving to overcome their passions.


Every type of experience can be made to serve a spiritual purpose. Every man or woman, however humble his or her status, can be an example to younger people who are still struggling to overcome or control the compulsive drives of their emotional biological natures. Whoever has managed a difficult performance contributes to the collective wisdom of his community and of mankind. Every achievement is to be passed on to those who may be inspired by it to greater and more adequate efforts.


At this fourth stage of the sixty-fourth sub cycle we are given a never-to-be-forgotten hint: it is the responsibility of anyone who has taken one step ahead in his evolution to help others to take that step. This is true education. The Keyword is COMMUNICABILITY.


So, given the seeming haste by some to resume a semblance of the normal again, are there perhaps reasons for our elongated departure from that scenario? Might it be time to re-think the directives that have led to our current predicament? Our current educational system is great at popping out similar beings to fit into the productivity machine of modern society, but are we in masse really any better off as a whole than we were yesterday? While some have attained a zone of comfort in their lives, what has the cost been to our ecological surround? Has the thinking of our graduating pupils kept pace with the damage our footprint on this one small planet is manifesting? Is the increasing creation of warriors trained to hate those who are different making this a better world to live in? These are essay questions designed to allow for the preparation of the so-called Aquarian Age. There are profound spiritual underpinnings to the reason for incarnation into physical form that surpasses our penchant for human acquisition.

Being a triple Aquarius, I see potential trajectories forward that are more inclusive and communal in and with nature. I recognize that the current path has been underway for a very long time and will not be corrected easily or in short order but steps must be taken in a new direction in order for any hope for species survival to manifest.


Darn, another song is coming thru: “Teach, your children well…”


In glancing at the current chart as I write these words the Moon traverses exactly opposed to my ascendant so I looked up the Sabian symbol and here it is:



KEYNOTE:            The stage at which an intense feeling-intuition rising from the unconscious is about to take form as a conscious thought.


The mermaid personifies a stage of awareness still partially enveloped by the ever-moving and ever-elusive ocean of the collective Unconscious, yet already half formulated by the conscious mind. Any creative thinker or artist knows well the peculiar mixture of elation and anxiety characterizing such a stage. Will the intuitive feeling fade away reabsorbed into the unconscious, or will the inexpressible realization acquire the concreteness and expressible form of a concept or a definite motif in an art form?

This fourth symbol in the thirtieth fivefold sequence suggests that the fire of desire for concrete and steady form burns at the root of all techniques of self-expression. An unconscious energy archetype is reaching toward consciousness through the creator, as cosmic Love seeks tangible manifestation through human lovers. The whole pre-human universe reaches eagerly to the human stage of clear and steady consciousness. It is this great evolutionary urge, this 61an vital, which is implied in this symbol of the mermaid seeking human incarnation-the YEARNING FOR CONSCIOUS FORM AND SOLIDITY.


Welcome to 2021. We have a monumental task before us and it begins with each of us. The systems currently in place will only change and respond appropriately to our demands and demonstrations of alternative paths forward and we are much more powerful than we realize. There is a surrounding spiritual force that has been awaiting our awakening to move with them and allow for the enfoldment of love to alter what life can and should be about.


Celestial Chatter 12-28 to 1-3-2021


As the Sun rises on this last week of 2020 thoughts range across the spectrum of human time as a reflection of our place in the celestial design. The solar orb traverses the section of space we in a tropical sense have given the handle of Capricorn. From this potentially lofty perch Father Time surveys scenarios in memory folds that have brought us to this place. Events stacked upon other events unfolded along the life path. As each transpired we utilized our then conscious capacities to file away a footnote so that we might relocate them in imagined future moments. For many these footnotes found a place to settle in our unconscious capacities and this realm is enormous. This is the residence of energetic footprints laid down over a longer period than most realize stretching over a distant past that we have trod for an extended journey. Thankfully for most our ability to fathom this level of awareness is limited and reinforced by and with those we have grown together along side of in this current incarnation. Just attempting to contain this ponder moment to the current life span, when we consider the memory imprint of a 7, or 17 or 27 year old. Each carries a reflection conceivable for that age time and includes the experience level attained at those points along the way. If you have not had the experience of listening or reading any of the material by Bruce Lipton on the biology of our human trajectory I strongly suggest you take that excursion. According to his research we have two distinct mental functions, one being the unconscious and the other the conscious mental capacities. The unconscious is vastly larger than the conscious function in any of our lives and functions 95% of the time in our lives. This function as memories we have filed away from our past and are in the driver’s seat most of the time. When we are having a conscious thought process there is creativity on the move as we invent new and different techniques to proceed forward with. At these times we are very present and still able to accomplish things we previously learned how to do by having the unconscious mind run the programs we stored there.


The reason for the long intro for this coming week is that every year in this Capricorn time frame we are in the darkest of seasons in the northern hemisphere. It is now that we consider the ramifications of the year just passed and this determines what we will attempt to facilitate more effectively in the coming annual cycle. Because of the recent shift of the Saturn/Jupiter signature from Capricorn to Aquarius we are being invited to apply more of a conscious process to setting our intentions for what is ahead with minimal past unconscious overlays getting in the way. While I am aware that this can appear a tall order, the effects of a largely unconscious trajectory has been in the driver’s seat for a very long time and the repetition of scenarios that perpetuate habits, that if we were honest, lead to a continued demise of our human footprint on the planetary balance.


Two folks experiencing the very same thing are likely to recall the event in different fashion. This is due to the unconscious training protocol they each lived thru prior to the experience. The tricky bit is that our memories when triggered are likely to be formatted based on assumptions we were offered and accepted as true back along the way that are not guaranteed to be the same as another. A similar factor to ponder is that our dredged up memories of events are likely to vary from actuality by similar variables. It is time, that changes where a particular memory sits in that deep unconscious realm. Think on this: is it likely that our remembered past could be colored or clouded by overlays transpiring in our development since, that altered our perceptions? If we were to base a current scenario on a past memory that is not entirely real, what are the chances that the current path this leads to could prove overtly challenging? Note comparing with others might prove interesting. This is not for the faint of heart. I am sometimes set to wondering as I set down the words that arrive in these Celestial communications on the clarity that the planetary beings present is not too inflected by past visions that wander up from my unconscious, conscious and super conscious zones of influence. I trust the process so far as I have not heard from anyone reading these posts as coming apart at the seams and railing upon me for what has been presented. Maybe it is the 51 years of doing this astrological dance?


This week begins with the full Moon on Tuesday the 29th. Here is the Sabian symbol for this degree from Dane Rudhyar’s “An Astrological Mandala”:



KEYNOTE:            The first naive quest for knowledge and for an ever-elusive understanding of life.


The “small, naked girl” symbolizes the innocent and spontaneous mind, as yet unclothed in cultural patterns and unrestrained by don’ts, trying to satisfy its curiosity about what seems mysterious and fleeting. In a sense the “pond” is the infant’s mind with a very limited scope of consciousness, yet eagerly reaching out to catch the swift and elusive first realizations of the meaning of life.


At this fourth stage we are confronted with the nascent curiosity about knowledge, a curiosity which makes the little mind reach out in spontaneity, rather than merely imitate the elders. Whenever a person is confronted with this symbol he or she should realize that there is much value indeed in simply reaching out with a pure and unconditioned mind to the most elementary experiences which natural life offers to us. The key here is PURITY IN UNDERSTANDING.


Perhaps the not so subtle meaning of this full Moon energy can be an awakening for us to simplify our paths of all the convoluted control mechanisms we have placed in our way toward meaningful expression of life and care for one another. It is definitely an invitation to spend a bit more time in conscious investigation beyond our unconscious control scenarios.


On Wednesday the 30th Venus moves into square with Neptune in Pisces and instigates the potential to embrace the upcoming (ongoing) long-term square of Neptune to the nodal axis when Venus conjoins the south node. Venus, is a sought after harmony and in the realm of Sagittarius reaches for the stars and beyond, as a path forward to be more inclusive of others and their perspectives. The south node of the Moon carries the signature of releasing old patterns that, while of some assistance in maintaining connections to the past, can be utilized to support stepping across the threshold into the new and untried as an adventure. Jupiter is the ruler of both Sagittarius and Pisces so has some things to offer this square consideration from the Aquarian perspective. Jupiter’s message always seeks to expand whatever it touches, so thru this Water and Fire dance this square inspires I see Jupiter as the mediator in this last part of the zodiac (Sagittarius to Pisces) currently not holding back. It might be viewed as patting each on the back and saying go for it to these planetary beings.


It takes about a year and a half for the nodes to traverse each zodiacal sign which means each degree takes a bit over a month. The current nodal flavor from the Sabian symbol factor reads:



KEYNOTE: The assimilation of multifarious knowledge through the synthesizing power of the mind.




KEYNOTE:            The foresighted use of natural resources to supply future human needs.


The nodal flavor, portrayed thru these Sabian symbols, stays focused for long enough to be relevant in any astrological investigations. Neptune will be in square to these points for an extended cycle and that is why I include them here for pondering. This has the potential for some spiritual adjustments to transpire in our soul paths forward and includes New Year’s Eve as we hopefully don new attire to meet the upcoming dawn of a new year. As the hours transpire between the two years Mercury, still traveling oob, will form a sextile with Neptune so epiphany may show up on your table of contemplation and your thoughts may even seek voice to express things you have carried for some time and suddenly cannot contain.


As I have kept my finger on the pulse of out-of-bonds planets thru the years I have noticed that the Moon goes thru cycles of years where it does not go oob and other years where it does this quite avidly every month. 2020 had this lunar configuration where each month the Moon would travel oob for a couple days twice a month, but only slightly. 2021 has this similar pattern with the declination just a bit further oob on each cycle. The 28th thru the 30th of December this year (2020) the Moon will be doing its oob dance. Someone may ask, “How do you feel”? When the Moon is in bounds generally we sense an even ratio of our feelings. However when oob lunar cycles occur those attuned to their lunar leanings just may be a bit more sensitive to tuning into levels of energy patterns within, or seemingly just beyond, themselves and others. The decade of the 2020’s has this lunar oob process transpiring increasingly further oob until 2025 and then gradually moving back toward being in bounds by 2030.


With our current pandemic scenario in full swing thru this last year and likely thru the next as well I would share the words of the late Kelly Lee Phipps in a poem he wrote to meditate upon for those with close friends and family in transition.




Above the wavering sea stars await your return

mirrored across the deep span stretching within

The curving space between here and there is endless

Yet it seems like you’ve been abandoned in the emptiness


You can never stop the flow of dark imagery

coursing through your heart

Those chambers of guilt and fear always struggle

to contain the tingling fire dancing as your soul


It hurts to be free.

But when you step into your passion

the whole universe open within…

And others may wander with black holes for hearts

devouring your visions with their fears


But tell me. How old are you?

That’s not your age.

It’s simply the number of orbits you’ve made around this star

You’ve made many orbits around other stars like

a timeless electron zipping around an atomic nucleus


You are infinite!


And if you argue for you limitations,

you have to fight them.

But if you discover for your possibilities,

you get to create them


So stand still, gaze at the sky

Sense the reverence rising inside

And know that your being

Is an extension of eternity











Celestial Chatter 12 – 21 to 27


Welcome to the winter solstice of 2020. It has been quite a year so far. Much has been the buzz in the astro circles all year in anticipation of the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction at 0° of Aquarius at this time. Saturn moved into Aquarius on Thursday the 17th and close on it’s heals Jupiter moves in there on the 19th. Having more than a slight Aquarian flavor in my life I have been doing some soul searching in anticipation of the arrival of these two gas giants to my home port. Creeping thru the seams of my dreamtime, it has been Saturn that has sought to be in council. Many might shudder, or at least wonder why anyone would care to engage with this character that continuously attempts to curtail or contain everything it touches. Two signs of the zodiac are ruled by this ringed being. One being Capricorn where he has spent the last 2.5 years and the other is Aquarius where it will be for the next 2.5 years. (There will be a 2nd more in depth extended post to consider the Jupiter/Saturn ingress of Aquarius. I will post this on my other facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Astroshapeshifter)


Before I wander out into my personal soul search I want to point out that Monday the 21st is the main focus for this upcoming week in the planetary dance moves. Both the Sun and Mercury shift from Sagittarius to Capricorn. There is of course the partile conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn at 0° of Aquarius. As this all is initiating these two sign ingresses Mars conjoins Eris while forming a cardinal square with Pluto plodding its way thru Capricorn. I will begin with the Capricorn ingress. This is the winter solstice and every year we reach this point where there is the maximum dark time in the northern hemisphere (beginning of winter) and the maximum daylight in the southern hemisphere (beginning of summer). Our planet, tipped on its axis by 23°26’ minutes of latitude has our northern portion aiming away from the Sun and thus the cold months ensue. The solar fire stimulates vitality and has been compared to the giver of life. The position of any king has been compared to a solar responsibility wearing the mantel of the Sun (golden crown). As long as the king offered an even hand to his subjects the kingdom would thrive. As has often been the case, the power of a solar being can overwhelm the general human dictates of fair play, and more control needs to be sought in order to quell unrest in the ranks, as a natural effect of disproportionate resource allocation. We know where this tale leads. The season of Capricorn arrives and many matters of efficient resource management are on the table to make sure survival thru the winter months is insured. This is the Sabian symbol for Capricorn’s ingress explained from Dane Rudhyar’s “ An Astrological Mandala”:



KEYNOTE:            The power and responsibility implied in any claim for leadership.


The religious            ideal implied in the preceding symbol has now materialized or Crystallized into sheer power, the power to lead the community and to ensure its welfare or even its physical survival. The energies released through group cooperation (Libra), deepened and emotionally experienced as forces of great potency (Scorpio), and given meaning and conscious purpose (Sagittarius) are now stabilized and hierarch-ized. The power of the group is turned into a measurable and carefully managed “capital.” The words “chief” and “capital” come from the same Latin word, kaput, meaning “head.” A time comes in many lives when the individual finds himself placed in a situation that allows him to assume power over his comrades, however limited this power may be. Is he ready to do this effectively and responsibly? This is the supreme test of man in society. It complements its polar opposite (summer solstice degree), which refers to the acceptance by the individual of a new kind of allegiance as a foundation for the integration of his mature personality. Such a foundation may, but need not, refer to establishing a home.


This represents the first stage in a fivefold process, the fifty-fifth sequence of five symbols. It refers to the capacity latent ‘ in every individual to claim and assume AUTHORITY in a vital group situation.



Now, Mercury, the messenger, traveling with the king currently can wander. When a planet wanders beyond the 23° 26’ of latitude north or south it moves past certain constraints (the ecliptic zone) within which Saturn has laid down laws and rulership over. The Sun never exceeds this boundary (or Saturn) but most of the other planets can. Our messenger planet that stimulates thinking and conversation traveled past this point on December 11th. It will be in this zone until January 4th. When a planet wanders this far afield it no longer may be paying attention to any rule structure others may attempt to impose upon its function. So, thoughts can traverse realms not generally considered and likely off the beaten path. Conversations might discover material arising that usually is not brought up. One of the signatures available when Mercury wanders into this out-of-bounds (oob) zone is the presence of the Trickster. This being has occupied every culture that ever has been and while not necessarily malicious can at times head into the darker realms of opportunity to stir things up. This, of course, only occurs when given fertile ground in our imaginations to play with.


Mercury was in Sagittarius when it slipped across the oob parameters. We are currently in the tail end of the Sagittarius season with Mercury whispering in the king’s ears. I mentioned last week that it will be casimi the Sun over the weekend (19th and 20th), and this is when the king may offer opportunity for Mercurial edicts to be given audience. We have had a solar eclipse during this cycle that involved some Mercurial fingerprints. The election process definitely shows some potentially off color evidence at work. The president (hopeful king) is a Gemini ruled by Mercury. Have you noticed any shenanigans loosed upon us? For the next month the Sun will be traversing Capricorn that is the land of rulership in the sense of official or governmental control parameters. It will be interesting to keep abreast of any further attempted manipulation, at least thru the beginning of January, by those in positions of authority.


Okay, let us allow Mercury to do its thing and focus on that other potent aspect that Monday brings to focus. Eris is the sister of Mars in mythology and has a reputation for not being embraced in the more gentle scenarios of evolution. While Mars is the god of war, his sister seeks to thrive on the ramifications of the cruelest aspects of the carnage this creates. So, brother and sister are sharing a reunion for a long week and doing this in square aspect to Pluto in Capricorn. Mars does not necessarily always represent the tensions of war and conflict, but adding Pluto in the mix could spark a seemingly more expedient way of accomplishing the Pluto agenda. Transforming what is considered no longer relevant in evolutionary processes by relegating to the compost heap outmoded systems that have likely outlived their usefulness is Pluto’s main objective. Traversing Capricorn since about 2008 and until 2024 or so for the first time since the revolutionary war in this country, do you suppose there are matters of governance that are up for some major modification? On Wednesday the 23rd the Moon will pass over the Mars/Eris point and the Moon can be seen as a trigger planet in many instances stimulating action. If you sense edginess in the air and happen upon someone with more than minor issues, vibrationally hug them as physical hugging is still on the challenging list.


On Thursday the 24th that oob Mercury moves into trine with Uranus as the Moon swings by that unpredictable point. Mercury is still so close to the Sun so I wouldn’t expect a rousing applause to accompany any verbal pronouncements you make. Heck, even your thoughts, still wandering the oob fields, may inspire and confuse simultaneously. As this has now entered the field of Capricorn keep the salt and other herbs handy in case there are diplomatic statements requiring some flavor modification.


Friday and its Christmas for those celebrating this, so take some time and enjoy the Zoom connections with others you can’t physically be with so at future moments these in person sharing experiences can transpire.

Celestial Chatter 12 – 14 to 20


Well, last week I discussed the solar eclipse that begins this week so; suffice it to say that glancing back there is on your plates. One of the additional factors currently under way is that Mercury went out-of-bounds (oob) on the 11th. Planets traveling oob, function a bit more independently of the archetypal signature we generally perceive them as. Mercury reflects under normal orbit stimulating our curiosities, our words and our thoughts. While oob one might expect more of the trickster factor to be on the loose and predictability just a bit wilder than usual. Mercury will be oob for the rest of the year. ON the same day as the eclipse Mercury will move thru a trine with Mars and this will potentially kick up energy surrounding the eclipse factors. So, keep your Sagittarian seat belts fastened, as the ride outward might not be gentle.


On Monday Venus moves thru a sextile with Jupiter from Scorpio to Capricorn. Both Venus in Scorpio and Jupiter in Capricorn are said to be in detriment that basically means they occupy signs opposed to those they have strength in. These are the two benefic planets that can be translated as helpful in matters they influence. I would include here that Venus moves thru sextile with Saturn on Tuesday. Now, a sextile indicates that the energy signature of the two signs responds well with each other as water and earth often do. With Saturn within a degree of Jupiter and both heading toward the solstice conjunction at 0° Aquarius in one week it could be beneficial to perceive them as a unit. These are considered the two social planets. That does not necessarily mean they always see eye to eye. Jupiter pushes diligently at any borders placed in its path and Saturn attempts to bolster the borders, limitations and rules it fabricates. While harmony is in the wheelhouse for Venus, being in Scorpio might stimulate a bit of, healthy or not, competitive drive to surface with the end goal of clarifying, or at least making evident, subsurface issues that may be attempting to escape the light of day.


“Tuesday, afternoon, I’m just beginning to see, now I’m on my way…” a Moody Blues interlude. Venus will shift perspective as it moves into Sagittarius. Sagittarius, among other things, deals with religious or spiritual teachings. Venus can indicate opportunity to hear, or listen to, one another. As the Sagittarius season is the run up to several religious celebrations we have to ask ourselves if we have continued to allow for growth to transpire in our aspirations to know God, or have we found a comfortable zone where our acceptance of the way things are has lulled us off to sleep. There are reasons for Sagittarius being the current energetic on the table at this time of year. Questing for a philosophy that at once stimulates a gypsy, pilgrim and priestly format should never become dogmatic and settling for the minimum scenario. How has the divine stimulated to your trajectory?


On Wednesday the Moon will traverse across the paths of Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn. The Moon often is correlated as a triggering instance to factors it touches. This is like the ultimate moment of Capricorn stimulation from these three planets, two of which will transfer energy to Aquarius over the next couple days. While this can be seen as a rather brief influence and not necessarily have the longevity to develop substance we must not forget that the trigger might have a resounding resonance thru the funnel of recent outer planet imagery. Pluto, whose function is to challenge the status quo from complacency has been dancing thru Capricorn since early 2008 and will be there thru 2024. Capricorn has roots cast deeply into the governing structures of society. Pluto has the task of exposing those deep roots that may not be as beneficial to society at large and composting them to see what new can grow. As in any composting process there is heat generated as this breakdown of elements is underway. There is always the requirement in any composting process to add substance that is helpful to the efficient generation of material to new growth. This may not be the most comfortable for many of us as our leanings may be in support of an out going structure pattern, and depending on how steeped we are in the process may be required to jettison large portions of our own substance onto the compost heap.


On Thursday Saturn shifts into Aquarius for good. I say this because it tested these waters in early 2020 just as the pandemic got under way. It is interesting that we are seeing an uptick around the globe currently as Saturn once again enters the field of the collective group gathering function. We are being tasked to find alternative methods of staying in touch with each other at a distance to curtail this group spread virus. It moves thru the air and Aquarius is an air sign. As Jupiter amplifies everything it touches and moves into Aquarius on Saturday, the upcoming conjunction with Saturn on the solstice should be used appropriately to not exacerbate matters even more than our desires to be with one another have led to so far. Saturn stands for life lessons and the price for some, is indeed, the termination of their current incarnations. This is serious folks and is going to take a concerted focus of effort to bring under control.


On Saturday Mercury will casimi the Sun from the far side. This is a conjunction within the degree they both occupy. Casimi is not a term often used as it comes from the distant past and unless one has delved into traditional astrology may not have crossed your path. Think of the Sun as the king. Mercury as the messenger has been traveling so close to the solar orb that there have been issues with getting the word out effectively due to the presence of that solar kingly presence controlling most of the stage. There is a moment in time when the proximity of Mercury to the center of the solar orb that the king not only recognizes its presence but affords it audience and gives it center stage. This might be an appropriate time to get out pencil and paper to write down you intentions for this new Moon that transpired on Monday of this week. This would be of a Sagittarian nature as it is the flavor of the month and wherever this transpired in your chart sets in motion factors related to Sagittarius and the particular house as the arena under focus for the next cycle. Just keep in mind that Mercury is oob so don’t get too carried away with those intentions as the trickster may be working its magic fingers to actually give you what you ask for and clarity is epitomal in this request process.


This week’s energy signature from the eclipse to the Casimi has transpired within the realm of the Galactic Center, a point around which our galaxy rotates or the dark center of the Milky Way. While this transcends most human conscious capacity to understand it is like the core of any atom. The atom has a function in the whole and this point has resonance far exceeding small consciousness. As I consider the Saturn factor arriving in Aquarius with Jupiter for next week’s solstice I will expand upon this.





Celestial Chatter 12-7 to 13


Ever since awakening from unique dreamtime on Monday this week I have been doing some substantial soul searching to locate correct language that can embrace the current celestial conversations. Here we are in between two eclipses and setting the heaven for the upcoming winter solstice with its accompanying planetary signatures. A quick glance for this next week’s participation has Monday’s Mercury crossing the Sun’s degree for the recent lunar eclipse. While this is a quick moment and may not have time to develop substantially it can still stimulate thoughts in Sagittarian fashion seeking an extended perspective. As this is an eclipse degree we are considering we are already in a long count for any planets tickling these zodiacal points. The Sabian description from Dane Rudhyar’s “An Astrological Mandala” might serve as something to contemplate not only for this day but also with lingering merit:



KEYNOTE:            The need in any social situation to assist the less evolved in their management of the problems which society requires its members to solve.

A staircase does not present a natural difficulty to a very young child. Man builds stairs and therefore is responsible for assisting the child to climb them step by step. Social and cultural living is not “natural.” The child must first be taught by example, then helped along as he imitates as well as he can the grownup’s behavior. Climbing stairs is only an illustration of a general process. Every generation must involve itself in teaching the next even the simplest skills needed for social existence.


At the fourth stage of the preceding five-fold sequence we saw parents encouraging a little child to walk. Walking is a natural human function; climbing stairs is a skill made necessary by the building of several-storied houses, a product of civilization. What is implied here is SOCIAL CONCERN for the less evolved of society’s members.


In considering this Sabian symbol I find it unique as my dreamscape mentioned above was in council with Saturn. Saturn, among other things, is the life lesson teacher planet. How it may accomplish this often amplifies the placement of barriers or parameters of limitation to contain our trajectory forward. What was revealed while in council was our human process of teaching those who follow us, often with the best of intentions, but not always, what our perspective of placement in our version of universal participation should involve. Just following that simple perspective one most likely will not entirely know why certain rules or life styles are emphasized to us during our formative years. None-the-less we observe our elders, peers or other role models and imitate as much as possible as a survival technique. As we become older versions of what we embraced during our initiation into human society, there may be alternate avenues available to us that are not even considered because of the envelope of our close circles of family and friends required us to set our sails to likely become better versions of themselves or at least to maintain a semblance of the social structure that would not rock the boat.



The last four signs of the zodiac from Sagittarius to Pisces represent an adventure that often seeks to expand the borders of our collective tent so to speak. Currently we are in the season of Sagittarius and this is best symbolized as attainment of matters that often are well beyond one’s zone of comfort in the known. Here we are queried if we are ready for the quest into realms previously unexplored. Jupiter as the ruler of this arena pushes and seeks out the process of discovery for that “next” thing we don’t quite understand yet. Capricorn follows in the footsteps of Sagittarius and is ruled by Saturn. Capricorn is about putting rules in place to contain within certain parameters beyond which control cannot be guaranteed. The Fire signs of the zodiac are all followed by Earth signs to assist us in coming back down to earth for what might be perceived as practical.


Taurus, following close on the heals of Aries with all the challenges of beginning things and exploring up to the limits allowed within one’s environment, has an imperative to seek comfort. Bucking the trend of one’s circle of acquaintances can quickly lead to exclusion and that does not ring any comfort requirements. Back in the early days of tribal existence being segregated from others likely was a receipt for early life termination. This kind of signature still exists to this day, and while encounters with saber tooth tigers while wandering outside of ensconced social boundaries is unlikely, there may be other factions that could carry one off.



We are currently doing the Sagittarius dance with the eclipse cycle in full phase. The next eclipse is the solar eclipse of December 14th. Even though this happens next week on Monday I am going to include it in this weeks ponderings because this eclipse cycle is across the Sagittarius/Gemini axis and set in motion fingerprints we are tasked to pay attention to for an extended period of time (see last week’s Celestial Chatter). While the lunar eclipse of Nov 30th has us tuned into our curiosity, and if there may be things we should be willing to let go of so we could have the space to tune into other matters vying for our attention. While Gemini is more like a preparation phase of gathering information to consider as we prepare for change, Sagittarius is more akin to recognizing the potential for there being more, and actually taking the steps in the direction of going on the quest to see what happens.


On Wednesday this coming week the Sun will move into a square with Neptune in Pisces. Both Pisces and Sagittarius are under the rulership of Jupiter. Generally when there is a square between Fire and Water signs the potential for steam can cloud clarity from transpiring, and one must always keep in mind that any planetary aspect is an attempt at integration. In this case the factor of Jupiter as common mediator can, if one does not become too set in their ways, open channels of exploration that far exceed our imaginations. When Sagittarius steps thru the veil between a comfortable known and onto a trail beckoning for spiritual guidance it will appear on request. The irony is that answers sought are often located within.


During this coming week on the 10th Venus moves into sextile with Pluto. Venus’ version of synthesis from the realm of Scorpio is very much in Pluto’s wheelhouse. These two planets are attempting to infuse each other with new ideas and energy. Pluto, tasked with draining the swamps of the political/commercial stranglehold on our western society, is being offered a fig leaf from others as a reminder that more than people are involved in this whole process. While this may appear a brief influence the energetic imprint has long reaching ramifications. Here is the Sabian interpretation for where Venus is:



KEYNOTE:            The need to incorporate inspiring experiences and teachings into everyday living.


Today we hear a great deal about “peak experiences” (Maslow). The great problem facing everyone who has had such experiences is how to assimilate what has been felt, seen or heard, and how to let it transform his everyday consciousness and behavior. If this is not done the experience may turn confusing or toxic and perhaps destructive of the integrity of the person.


This fourth symbol as usual suggests to us what has to be done or how to do it. The “return home” from the high mountain, or from any “upper chamber” of the consciousness, may lead to a sense of oppression by the normal realities of existence, or else the soul that has been illuminated may retain enough of that light to transfigure every daily situation. This is the great CHALLENGE TO TRANSFORMATION.


Pluto’s task is foremost that of transformation. How this is accomplished is where most folks get confused. The confusion is exaggerated for those unwilling to change because this is not generally a gentle reminder from Pluto to shift gears, but more of an insistence to change or be changed. Where the rub always is happens for those not willing to alter their trajectories and refuse to change. Those heeding the writing on the walls though not necessarily comfortable with the changes required discover that Pluto is inviting them into a living experience that has been waiting for their participation. Those unwilling to hear the call will be hard pressed to the point that they may actually check out from the pressure pattern they create upon themselves and others in their respective circles.


On Sunday the 13th Mercury will move thru the square to Neptune and again words, thoughts may appear as if arriving from elsewhere. Look deep within yourself, for it is likely the source resides there. This Mercurial messenger traveling so close and on the far side of the Sun is carrying messages related to the Monday eclipse. Now, the solar eclipse brings many factors for consideration. The Sun has always been perceived as representative of the king. A very old phrase from days of yonder origin, have said about a solar eclipse, “The King must die”. The vision is that of the darkening of the Sun/King can be seen as an omen. I am not of the superstitious leaning, but there are still cultures on the planet that will not go outside under an eclipse phase. I do find it interesting that the 14th is the day the Electoral College votes to affirm the new president of the U.S. I am going to include the Sabian symbol interpretation for this eclipse:



KEYNOTE:            The reward which meets every effort at integration into a social environment for those who remain true to their own selves.


The bluebird is a well-known symbol of happiness, but also it refers to what one might call a spiritually oriented mind, to which the color blue relates, especially when a “bird” is mentioned. A cottage is normally part of a community, and the implication is that its inhabitants are well adapted, either to the life of the community, or to their more or less isolated togetherness.


This is a fourth stage symbol, and it suggests that the essential technique for successful living is the development of a consciousness in which peace and happiness dwell. There is also a hint that GOOD FORTUNE is going to bless your life.


So, as with all eclipses there are matters of change being impressed upon us. Since this is Sagittarius season might there be matters of religious/spiritual visionary influence that are no longer sustaining your soul quest? Might it be time to cast your view farther afield to see if there are other discoveries you might be overlooking due to strictures you were trained to stay within? Sagittarius is the inquisitive, seeking to compare notes with multicultural versions of the life expression that others we don’t generally hang out with carry with them. These are pondering moments preparing us for the shift of Jupiter and Saturn into Aquarius and conjunct at 0° there on the winter solstice.


I am an Aquarius leaning individual and the Saturn/Jupiter dance enlivens my natal Moon. I will have more to say about this as the solstice approaches. There are more thoughts on the relevance of Saturn as the ruler of both Capricorn and Aquarius that the council shared and I am still seeking the proper way to present as my own soul imperative that others will either resonate with or not.


Until next week, pay attention as we are in the midst of some rather dynamic energy shifts.

Celestial Chatter 11 – 30 to 12 – 6


I apologize immediately for the length of this post, but we are moving into eclipse season and this brings unique factors into play.


In case you are wandering around in the wee early hours of Monday the 30th cast your eyes toward the heavens to view the lunar eclipse around 1:30 am PST. I should clarify this, as the Moon will be on the very edges of the shadow scenario so visual perspective may be minimal, but should you stir in your dreamscape at this time be aware of the larger signature unfolding around you. Welcome to the winter eclipse season across the Sagittarius/Gemini axis. To step into the land of eclipses should be perceived as challenging at least from the perspective of context to format a meaningful framework from which to view these moments in very long cycles. These are referred to as Saros Series, of which there are currently 19, and set in motion eclipse cycles that transpire over approximately 1000 years before expiring. These coincide with eclipses occurring at either the North or South Poles and proceed to happen until they reach the opposite Pole. Aspects of the flavor for any of these cycles are set in motion at the beginning of any one of these first eclipses in the series. The current cycle began in 1624 with a solar eclipse in the final degree of Pisces. Not that dissimilar to peering at a natal chart and considering the transits, progressions, and solar arcs for that chart, it is the natal configuration that sets in motion a theme that runs thru a life path. The beginning of a Saros Series is on a new Moon and intentions are best set for what is to be accomplished. I can’t blame you for skepticism for considering an event from 400 years ago as having relevance today, but there are fingerprints that have left specific theme marks for pondering each eclipse’s long slow dance. While going thru a major consideration of that chart from long ago I would share the Sabian symbol from Dane Rudhyar’s “An Astrological Mandala” for that solar eclipse that set this in motion. I find it ironic to consider, as it is the final degree of the zodiacal circuit.



KEYNOTE: The power of clearly visualized ideals to mold the life of the visualizer.

Nathaniel Hawthorne’s story “The Great Stone Face” is used here in an allegorical sense to show the capacity for self-transformation latent in (wo)man. This power can be developed through visualization, when the emotions and the will are poured into the visualized mental image. At the highest spiritual-cosmic level this is the power used by the God-like Beings at the close of a cosmic cycle in projecting the basic Formula (the Word) that will start a new universe. In a biological sense, it is the power latent in all seeds — the power to produce and guide the growth of the future plant. Thus, a most fitting symbol for the last phase of the cyclic process. Within the end of the cycle the seed of a new beginning exists in potency — unless the entire cycle has proven to be a failure.


This is the last stage of the last scene of the great ritual play of cyclic transformations. It brings to us a realization of the power of archetypes as factors conditioning life processes. Thus we could use as a final Keyword: ARCHETYPALIZATION.


A point of clarity should be added here. While there is a certain container within which we all share a general tuning into these eclipse energy signatures, there rests particular focus upon those born in the Gemini/Sagittarius axis with birthdays close to, within a day or two of, May 30th and December 1st for this lunar eclipse. For the few in this birthday window mentioned please pay attention to intensification in your emotional parameters particularly around money and relationships. Now, one of the factors that come into play with eclipses is that the degrees of any eclipse remain sensitive for an extended period of time. Various astrologers have put forth theories of this time frame being equal to 1 year for every hour of the eclipse. This particular lunar eclipse will be about 4.5 hours long. I am inclined to aim for an average set of years for most eclipses of about 3 to 3.5 years. I might also point out that the window of effect surrounding an eclipse can extend to include a time frame well prior to the actual eclipse, for us to be keenly aware of it there should be a degree in your chart in the crosshairs. This does not mean that those in the throws of having tight aspects to these degrees are going to be in lengthy acquaintance with this energy, but it could surface any time another planet makes conjunctions or oppositions to these eclipse degrees. These are opportunities of growth that can linger depending on the resolve applied to what you might observe requires attention in your world. You will have noticed I chose certain birthdates for the current consideration as those bring the Sun in close proximity of this eclipse. I did this not to exclude other planets or chart positions but for ease of pinpointing the personal signature of ones vitality; the Sun coming to focus. It would require further investigation to determine if there are other planets or points in your chart makeup that are invited into this scenario in a more vigorous fashion. I am an astrologer, but there are many of us, that might be of assistance should you seek it.


The first eclipse features this lunar Gemini north node opportunity to aim for resolution to issues you may have related to individual life exploration and curiosity that may not effectively bring you into meaningful and long lasting context with others. What is the cost of that kind of individuality? Eclipses are about change and this one speaks to us about investigating if we have perhaps wandered off the path, a pace or two, that is shared with others effectively. Search your soul to see if the learning quest has allowed for you to engage in a meaningful fashion with others, or are there matters that could use an update to enhance interpersonal context? In peering at this next Sabian symbol, I am struck with an irony of the Sagittarius imagery with an overlay of martial influence. This may not make the contemplation of energy signatures easily grasped but could awaken something inside each of us begging for attention.



KEYNOTE: Man’s aggressive relationship to natural life, as a basis for survival and conquest.


The bow and arrows represent symbolically man’s ability to extend the scope of his conquest of nature and to kill enemies in order to build a larger base for the collective development of a culture and an organized society. Implied in the symbol of the arrow is the piercing of a target. The mind of man is essentially a trans-piercing power; it goes through the object toward which it is aimed. It seeks to go through and beyond the obstacles on its path, and this usually implies the destruction of the obstacle. At a higher level, as in the Zen practice of archery, the obstacle is the ego.


At this fourth stage of the fourteenth fivefold sequence of phases in the cyclic process of human existence we are shown the archetypal symbol of Man, the Conqueror. It may be a conquest of outer nature, or that of instinctual drives and of the limiting power of the ego. It is always CONQUEST.


Since this lunar influence emanates from the Gemini realm we might glance at what Mercury has to say about this. Nearing the end of Scorpio and approaching Sagittarius where the next solar eclipse transpires it is likely to prove beneficial to consider the Sabian symbol for this Mercury placement:



KEYNOTE; The capacity in man to recognize and to pay homage to an integrating Principle at the core of all existence.


This rather peculiar picture tells us perhaps a good deal about the limitations of the mind of the clairvoyant who saw it, though it can be related to the symbolism of the various creatures of a spirit world mentioned in some alchemical and Rosicrucian books. What seems to be implied is that beyond both outer nature and the realm of the proud ego, a spiritual world exists to which the intuitive consciousness of man can pay allegiance. In that world, all manifested entities are seen as multiple aspects of a central Power and Consciousness. It is such a central principle of unity that human societies have sought to revere symbolically in human, all-too-human kings. In an individual sense, this principle is the Self.


This is the third stage in the forty-eighth five-fold pattern of symbols. It adds a new dimension to the two preceding ones. At this stage the presence of a spiritual unifying factor begins to be sensed by the individual perhaps weary of the outer shows of his culture. An INNER ALLEGIANCE begins to polarize the consciousness.


My suspicion of the inclusion of this Sabian symbol interpretation could assist in the rectification of how we might put forth a more cohesive context to the changes begging for inclusion by this lunar eclipse cycle. Mercury on this day moves into sextile with Saturn nearing the end of the Capricorn cycle. These are significant times we are in as we approach a substantial energy shift from Capricorn to Aquarius and from 200 years of earth based conjunctions of Jupiter and Saturn shifting into the air triplicity. Structure, form and function have been the pillars of these two gas giants of our solar system’s message to our earth-based trajectory over the last couple centuries. It is about to take on a flavor that seeks to expand our conscious and communicative ability to coexist potentially in a more harmonious fashion within the vital ecosystem that we are an intricate part of. Since it has been 800 years since this last transpired we may be need to pay attention to the learning curve ahead.


Sliding into December we are immediately greeted with Mercury shifting into the realm of Sagittarius on this first day. We have just been experiencing the often intense and potentially blunt honesty of Scorpionic verbal exchanges arriving from deep avenues of often terminal awareness brought more poignantly to point by the current Covid pandemic. Death lurks our streets and gatherings gleefully exchanged from one to another on the subtle winds of voice. As we proceed thru the far-reaching-Sagittarius quests to locate a next step in the conjoined human awareness realms, we are invited to ponder language that will inspire and combine a collective archetype toward a more inclusive path forward. The current trajectory of exclusion, for not only other humans with imagined differences but, all of nature, sustains much of the war and suffering being perpetrated on our planet.


As I sat down to make note of the planetary interchanges that were to transpire over the month ahead I noticed only a few aspects during the first couple weeks of December, quite a spectacular lineup for the third week, including the solar eclipse, and one very intense day, winter solstice, during the 4th week. Mercury traversing thru Sagittarius will be swinging around the far side of the Sun and referred to as under the Sun’s Beams for much of the next couple weeks. Traditionally this is said to diminish a planet’s ability to perform. This is not exactly the perspective I would totally agree with for this current planetary dance. Sagittarius and Gemini are lit up with the eclipse cycle so even though Mercury will be traveling with that solar light (light of the king), pay attention to your thoughts as there is a formulation of vital factors seeking to awaken us to potentials we came to embrace as our birthright in the present incarnation. I would not be too surprised to hear some rather unique announcements from those wielding solar energy over the next few weeks.


It is not until Sunday of this week that the next aspects prefect. This is Venus, crossing thru Scorpio as she moves into trine with Neptune in Pisces. Venus seeks to harmonize as much as possible with whatever and whomever she encounters along her path. This trine is a harmonic wave pattern conjoining these two water signs to potentially awaken us to a connective vibration inviting participation with whatever you consider to be “Source”. Scorpio, the shaman, investigator, and detective seek the deeper waters of infinity wherein lie the mystic, poet and dreamer spinning visionary tales that can stimulate our psychic capacities. This brings to my heart the capacity of the shamanic task of psychopomp and the conveyance of souls across the transition from one level of awareness to the next. Currently there are many beings crossing this realm into the next phase of their larger adventure. Those of us recognizing this function as inherent as a natural part of our life task are increasingly stepping up to the plate to be of assistance at this juncture. This is not an exclusive club but a natural capacity that just requires each of us to recognize within, and join together with an amazing host of soul being, we have traveled with for a very long time.


I might suggest that utilizing this eclipse cycle to determine just where significant changes beckon your participation in taking a next step toward the enhancement of meaningful dancing in and with each other in a cohesive fashion and not an antagonistic one might be worth the effort.


Life is an experiment. Take chances!

Celestial Chatter 11-23 to 29


As with any energy shift, these do not take place in a bubble but are connected on so many levels with so much more. “So much more” is the key when the season of Sagittarius is on the table. Here lies the advent of a quest that similar to the centaur’s arrow aims for a distant point not yet formulated into terms we understand. You might object that there are parameters sought in the quest that one has contemplated, but if one were to hold to any constraints in this journey than it is likely you will come up short in your goal orientation. Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius, and as the largest planet in our solar system in lock step with its size, the quest will continue to always seek more. It is here that the philosopher steps into the fray and proposes thoughts that cannot be answered in such simple formats as to neatly tie up the package with a bow and consider one finished. Arriving on the coattails of Scorpio there are always considerations of death and termination factors that have moved to the front burner and may not have reached a satisfactory response one can feel comfortable with. I would suggest that what Sagittarius offers is the opportunity to continue investigating what is next even in the death quest.


Venus has recently joined Mercury, working its way thru Scorpio, in that zone. Perhaps there are matters involving others that have been placed on the table requiring a broader format to ponder than can be contained within individual constraints.


Jupiter may sense an uptick in energy with the Sun traversing thru Sagittarius. If you happen to live in an area where winter skies are clear, you can observe this giant of a planet swiftly gaining on Saturn another giant in the early pre-dawn mornings. Jupiter being a bit closer to the Sun will catch up with Saturn on the Winter solstice at 0° of Aquarius. This ushers in a new era of Jupiter/Saturn conjunctions happening in the Air signs for the next couple hundred years. This is not a minor factor in the celestial dance. Jupiter pushes to expand and enhance everything it touches and Saturn continues to set limits on everything it comes in contact with. We have come to the end of a 200-year cycle of these conjunctions happening in the earth signs that have been all about form and structure. The air triplicity leans strongly into matters of mind and communication and this cycle begins with Aquarius with its fingers into the fields of technology as well as humanitarian longings. As this has a very long footprint many astrologers have been discussing this for quite some time and will continue to do so. While I would not expect to observe immediate changes in societal direction, it is likely that we will begin to tune into matters of ecological importance that have ramifications of species survival moving closer to the head of the list since this includes humanity.


Let’s go back to considering the week ahead. The lunar dance is interesting enough to focus on. On Monday the Moon conjuncts Neptune retrograde in Pisces that has a trine from Mercury in Scorpio coming into effect. Jupiter traditionally rules Pisces, and the Moon moves into a sextile immediately after its conjunction with Neptune. Acting like a trigger this lunar stimulation of that trine can open up communication with energy wavelengths plumbing to depths we seldom fathom. Wednesday finds the Moon conjoining with Mars in mid Aries and we might feel a sense of heat around the collar if we are not getting our way. Of course this will play out more spectacularly for some while others will just take it in stride. Thursday the Moon hooks up with Eris. She has been referred to as “blood thirsty” and enjoying the lust for war, battle and death. Sister to Mars, disruption often ensues when she is in the mix. Friday the Moon is holding hands with Uranus retrograde in opposition to Venus across the Taurus/Scorpio axis. Ownership matters are likely to be shaken in rather abrupt fashion. Saturday and Sunday the Moon completes its journey thru Taurus and sets up for the next lunar eclipse to occur on Monday the 30th. I will discuss more on that for next week.


On Friday Mercury forms a sextile to Pluto the modern ruler of Scorpio and this might intensify the message of death and transformation that is under the heading of political control factors these days. Saturday Mercury forms a sextile with Jupiter across the Scorpio/Capricorn zone. The cracks in the political fabric of control may be coming apart at the seams as messages come to light as manipulation of facts surface.


In a summary of this week, there are tense issues that are at work and it will require our resolve to keep our heads above the fray and keep the faith that we are coming into better times ahead. This will take some time to resolve so be patient. Here are some Sagittarian terms to ponder as we make this journey and quest: philosopher, teacher, gypsy, explorer, pilgrim, seeker, scholar and priest. There are more folks on this journey than you may realize currently and we are on our way.




Celestial Chatter 11-16 to 22


Saturday’s new Moon in sextile with Jupiter might be seen as a precursor to the solar shift later this week from Scorpio to Sagittarius. The Sabian symbol for that new Moon smacked very significantly of Sagittarian flavor: ((SCORPIO 24°): AFTER HAVING HEARD AN INSPIRED INDIVIDUAL DELIVER HIS “SERMON ON THE MOUNT,” CROWDS ARE RETURNING HOME.) This new Moon was in partile sextile to Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius. Now, there are high and low roads that are available to follow when proceeding thru any of the zodiacal trajectories. During these last few days of our solar Scorpio dance it might be useful to recognize the challenges brought for our enfoldment that may not have been the most comfortable to embrace. In a way that is the basic nature of Scorpio to not just skirt along the edges of, but dive into the heart of matters that attempt to query topics that can get under our skin. Scorpio is never a shallow consideration because the material that is on the front burner is nothing less than, Are you ready to die? I can sense you, reading this, squirming in your seats. Welcome to the heart of Scorpio. Where the high and low paths thru this come into play is in how willing each of us is to face some existential questions and scenarios about how we interact with one another, and our willingness to be uncomfortable with our perspectives beyond the physical realm that have bearing on what we are fabricating right here on the physical plain.


Mercury, working its way thru Scorpio begins the week opposing Uranus retrograde across this axis of Being (Scorpio/Taurus). Our thoughts and the translation into conversation under the Scorpio banner run deep and can stimulate some rather intense interchange with others. The question should arise as to whether we will step up to the plate and welcome what may seem uncomfortable change or are we going to strike out rebelliously with our stinger tails to maintain our grasp on a reality that is tenuous and likely slipping away? Watch what kinds of words seek audience that might leap off you tongue unexpectedly under this Uranus stimulation. If it is any consultation the Sabian symbol from Dane Rudhyar’s “An Astrological Mandala” for this brief exchange reads:



KEYNOTE: A quiet openness to higher inspiration.


As Thursday unfolds the Sun perfects a sextile with Saturn as Venus moves into a square to Saturn and the Moon conjuncts this same Saturn. As these are all brief encounters with Saturn there may not be time to develop much depth to this scenario, but this is a lot of simultaneous energy at work and it would be helpful to maintain the high road perspective. Saturn is in a position of authority in its own sign of Capricorn, but then Venus in Libra is in its own sign and partnership matters are being stimulated in this mix. The Moon is a trigger in this situation and the Sun in Scorpio will not let this be a shallow confrontation. You might ask why I use the term confrontation? We are in turbulent times and many seek for clarity on issues that are far reaching. Some may choose economic stability at all costs and that will entail the increasing deaths of fellow citizens from this pandemic. The Scorpio footprint is present from its baser nature to accept the collateral damage required to continue in our economic trajectory. Mercury in Scorpio is querying some profound questions with no easy answers that are of the essay nature for meaningful steps forward. Venus seeks to be inclusive of as many as possible in a solution that will see us thru these trying times.


Scorpio is not about a generally easy path thru experiences, but beckons soul participation and some tough choices. We each are tasked to not just take stock of what we own individually but contemplate how our shared resources can see us thru these challenging moments in history. Our children are watching to see what character we are able to generate that they will be inheriting the results of. Scorpio’s high and low roads are on the table.


In Astrology the archetypal signatures that each sign brings for our considerations lays the groundwork for the next sign in sequence to work with. On Saturday this week the Sun crosses the threshold between Scorpio and Sagittarius. What tracks do you think have been placed for the life train to follow as we proceed on our journey, hopefully, forward?


Again, we are faced with the twin roads ahead but from the Sagittarius perspective. Essence of Jupiter arrives with the desire to exceed limitations in our quest for what is beyond what we currently know. It is in this realm that we perceive belief structures that beckon participation in imaginary scenarios that often spell the life path as either something to put up with in hopes of arriving in a promise land when we are done here on the physical plain, or an adventurous quest to push the realms of limitation to be experienced in the here and now. Since this follows on the footsteps accomplished during the Scorpio cycle, it might be good for us to be aware of Venus, on this same day, shifting from Libra into Scorpio. There is no hard and fast line of demarcation from one sign to the next that truncates the entire energy enfold of the zodiac into just the one sign the Sun is within. It is similar to using a kaleidoscope with one slight shift the image changes dramatically in the entire spectrum. So, as Sagittarius arrives there are still Scorpionic energies at work applying to how we are to mount this attempt to expand our perspective beyond the known into uncharted territory. Venus is always attempting to bring harmonics into any situation and this is no less the case while in Scorpio. I can’t say it will not be a challenge. Where there is the rub is in how honest we attempt to become, or are, when it comes to matters that could be perceived as running our reality across some extremely course sandpaper to feather the edges of our resistance to change. Everything changes and I mean everything. It is the only constant in our life path in this physical realm. Willingness to accomplish this sets in motion our high and low road perspectives.


As the Sun shifts into Sagittarius the Moon shifts into Pisces and we reach the first quarter Moon in the lunar cycle. It is interesting to see this phase across the two signs ruled by Jupiter. The solar imperative is to accomplish the expansion of its visionary trajectory while the lunar task is to be receptive to some of the more subtle levels in the realm of celestial or cosmic meaning. While often we see a square as somewhat challenging the Jupiter perspective present at this first quarter square of our lunar quest might, from the Capricorn perspective where Jupiter still is, lean a bit more to the practical side of the metaphysical. Don’t attempt to wrap your brain around this for this is a soul imperative with ramifications far beyond the everyday experiences. One first quarter phrase to consider is “expect resistance from the powers-that-be.” And why not, we are plumbing arenas that exist outside of the box of traditional expectations.


This particular lunar cycle we are about that started with the Sabian symbol mentioned above will continue to quest factors seeking for our ability to be flexible. I say this because the next full Moon will be a lunar eclipse and eclipses are a harbinger of change whether we are ready for it or not. Now, I know that one can resist change for a while, but there are costs involved that exceed the monetary, but can include these. I will dive a bit more into the eclipse cycle in my upcoming Celestial Chatter posts. Suffice it to say that 2020 is not done with dynamic changes ahead.



Celestial Chatter 11-9 to 15


Two strong aspects greet the beginning of this week. The Sun moves into a potent water trine with Neptune retrograde and Venus moves into opposition with Mars across the Aries/Libra axis. While Neptune is in the sign of its modern rulership both Mars and Venus reside in signs they rule. Glancing at the rest of the week I see that Jupiter will perfect its conjunction with Pluto, Mercury will enter once again the sign of Scorpio, and a new Moon arrives in Scorpio on the same day as Mars stations to once again resume forward motion. The morning star, as a combination of the Moon and Venus, will grace Thursday and some on Friday as well once again emphasizing the opposition to Mars as the Moon becomes a smaller and more slender sliver of reflected solar light.


That is just the mechanics of the planetary dance for the upcoming week, now lets see what they may have to say to one another that we might listen in on. Steven Forrest speaks of the water signs as harbingers for “Healing, Regeneration, and Recovery”. Each taps into progressively more profound levels of potential interconnection with aspects of us to draw upon in this quest. The Sun as king or supreme leader is flavored with and adds merit to the arena of Scorpio and is thus tasked with awakening and inspiring our investigative nature. Here there are questions that surface that are not easily answered without some measure of soul diving. There is a penetrating intensity that leans into the shaman and the sorcerer, the detective and the transformer where standard pat answers just do not cut it in our search for meaningful context. The trine to Neptune has the potential to awaken likely sleeping avenues toward dance moves with creation itself. This is, of course, if we do not succumb to desires to numbness and escape from the fray that is being stimulated. If handled well healing will be the outcome and the recovery and regeneration of true compassion for aspects we incarnated with to awaken can surface. Since we are still in the Scorpio season the potential for some deep and penetrating exchanges with others might find us transforming the larger context we dwell within. A trine is like being involved in some contest where the audience has a majority pull for your team.


Now, to add some spice to the stew; the opposition of Venus and Mars across the axis of Life, has individuality and collective partner matters vying for attention. I talked a bit about Mars last week occupying the degree it will be turning direct at for an extended period. While some claim this weakens the resolve of a planet, I am of the opinion of the opposite perspective. Mars is focused at the mid degree of Aries and is preparing to once again accelerate into action aligned with conquest. This can equally be perceived as offering protection for those on its wavelength. From its opposing position Venus heralds a call for cooperation. The degree interpretation from Dane Rudhyar’s “An Astrological Mandala” for the Sabian symbol reads:



KEYNOTE: The need to keep in operation steady links between the vast Unconscious and the ego-consciousness.


Confrontation with broad issues of relationship and currents of energies released by man’s contact with archetypal-spiritual realities often results in temporary destruction. “Boats” normally link distant regions, or enable men to draw food from the sea (i.e. new realizations which so far existed only in the unconscious realm of the planetary Mind). They may also be used to enjoy temporary excursions and the feel of the water and the waves. Any cultured society, however, may be wary of the danger inherent in venturing far away from the consciously defined and socially structured ways of life. Such adventures may indeed turn destructive; the points of contact between the vast Unconscious and the ego-consciousness molded by cultural assumptions and rituals may be wrecked by psychotic storms. The boat landings must then be slowly reconstructed.


This is the first stage in the fortieth five-fold sequence of cyclic phases in human experience. It brings to us vividly the realization that whatever men build in order to be able to venture away from solidly individualized and conscious bases of operation is likely to be damaged by as yet unfamiliar cosmic forces. The tenuous link between two realms constantly needs REPAIR.


Just considering the recent presidential election process (today is Saturday when the election was called), my suspicion is that there is the need for some repairs required in our human family currently.


Monday recedes and Tuesday arrives with the Sun continuing to dance with Neptune that I have already mentioned, but Mercury will be re-entering Scorpio. Mercury is how we talk and think or at least arrange our thoughts. As in this previous week Mercury completed its recent retrograde cycle, and we are being asked pointedly by Scorpio to arrange our conversations to have merit that often exceeds the comfort zone of polite dinner talk. Maybe during this retrograde cycle you considered some arenas that were a bit edgy and now it may be time to check in with others and see if there might be opportunity to approach some taboo topics to discover aspects to them you want to explore. To add some depth to this scenario the Moon will flit across in opposition to Neptune possibly acting as a trigger to inspire taking some chances you have been holding back from airing.


Thursday we are greeted just prior to sunrise with Venus in cahoots with a bowl shaped Moon. Can you feel an energetic embrace of partnership potential seeking audience? Just to add some spice to this, Jupiter perfects its conjunction with Pluto. Both in Capricorn, and the context enfolding this likely is seeking some sort of governing enfold or insight toward integrity that will require the passing away of something that may appear to be holding things back. Pluto is about transformation to the extent that some level of death most likely will be part of the scenario. Jupiter is not one to hold back. As a matter of fact, Jupiter always expands everything it touches. Seat belts may be in order just incase there are those not willing to allow the ineffective aspects of themselves to fall away and provide room to expand in a new direction.

In the waning hours of Friday the Sun moves into a sextile with Pluto and Jupiter. Traversing Scorpio ruled by Pluto some of the edgy potential we have been discussing seeks to be included in a larger context of considerations. The Moon moves into Scorpio as this is transpiring and our capacity to sense things we might not normally perceive open our conscious opportunities to join, even if unwillingly, in some rather dynamic change parameter that is transpiring.


All this is preparation for the next new Moon that will transpire around 9: pm this evening of Saturday. Cycles and cycles within cycles is part of everything that moves in cyclic fashion. Whenever two planetary bodies conjoin and then separate they begin a brand new cycle. This is referred to as a synodic cycle beginning. These cycle vary quite a bit in length from the monthly lunar dance to the centuries long Neptune/Pluto dance. At each beginning time frame it is helpful to consider the trajectory one is on and set a potential path forward to accomplish. The most common cycle we are prone to pay attention to is the monthly solar lunar dance across the heavens as it is the most visible to us. These are the two celestial bodies that have rulership over just one sign each. The Sun inspires action and potentially outgoing expression. Ruler of Leo and the heart of summer in the northern hemisphere, getting things done is on the table. The Moon, ruling Cancer and the close family ties is a reflection of the solar light. I think sometimes we forget that function that our Moon offers us to consider. Well, with this new Moon happening in Scorpio there are a lot of potentially challenging and as well profoundly penetrating matters afoot. If we don’t tune into the transformational color of this we might just miss an opportunity to grow in ways that we all individually and collectively should pay attention to. Here is the Sabian symbol for the new Moon to ponder as you set your intentions for this lunar cycle:



KEYNOTE:            The need to incorporate inspiring experiences and teachings into everyday living.


Today we hear a great deal about “peak experiences” (Maslow). The great problem facing everyone who has had such experiences is how to assimilate what has been felt, seen or heard, and how to let it transform his everyday consciousness and behavior. If this is not done the experience may turn confusing or toxic and perhaps destructive of the integrity of the person.


This fourth symbol as usual suggests to us what has to be done or how to do it. The “return home” from the high mountain, or from any “upper chamber” of the consciousness, may lead to a sense of oppression by the normal realities of existence, or else the soul that has been illuminated may retain enough of that light to transfigure every daily situation. This is the great CHALLENGE TO TRANSFORMATION.


On this same day Mars begins its trek back toward Taurus and Venus perfects a square to Pluto. From the Capricorn perspective Pluto is sent on a mission to not exclude the meaningful context of individual participation in the collective process of governance and this will likely require some substantial transformation on both a collective and individual level. Remember Jupiter is in this mix and setting one’s sights may require some restraint so the cart does not end up in front of the horse. Our western version of society has wandered quite far afield from appreciating its connection to our natural planetary base we all depend upon. Do you think there may be some things we might consider in aligning ourselves more effectively with Mother Nature?


We are in dynamic times my friends and we require each other’s participation more than many realize.

Celestial Chatter Nov. 2 – 8


Well, November begins with some interesting matters afoot and this week in particular might require a certain ability to trust in a process that appears out of our control. While Mercury will be stationing toward direct on Election Day the 3rd this begins a 4-day lunar out-of-bounds (oob) period. As if the contentious rhetoric of the current election process is not enough the Moon that tunes into the “feeling” realms will be in effect traversing beyond the realms of the normal, so how we sense things are may not be as clear as we might hope for. To add some adventure to this Moon oob time frame, we find it traversing the sign of Gemini so the presence of the trickster is something to be aware of if your feelings (actually applies to all of us) get triggered by information that appears a bit out there. Pay attention as the Moon shifts into Cancer for the last couple days of this oob cycle. Cancer is the sign that has affinity with our ancestral links and our ancestors are watching and hoping we heed some of the wisdom they have left for us and not just the folly. As the Moon moves to return in bounds it will traverse in opposition to the Capricorn trio as Friday comes to a close. This may signal some strong tension between the values of our ancestral home and those dictates coming from political quarters that may or may not be in synch.


Back to the Mercury retrograde cycle we will conclude this week that will be forming a waning square with Saturn. Mercury as well as Venus is currently in Libra and this brings into any situation the investigation of relevance we play in each other’s worlds. The Sabian symbol interpretation to keep in mind for this Mercurial moment from Dane Rudhyar’s “ An Astrological Mandala” reads:



KEYNOTE: The interaction of the spiritual Will and of the Love principle when critical needs arise.


This sequence of symbols concluding the Libra phase of the cycle deals with problems met by the seeker for the fulfillment of a higher life of Relationship. Implied here is a kind of Yang Yin interplay. When the circle encompassing both principles rotates fast, they appear to change into each other. Consciousness operates beyond duality, because the polarized energies of the Soul (or spirit) Will and Love, though ever distinct, work for a single purpose.


This is the first stage of the forty-second five-fold set of symbolic phases. It represents a new, higher approach to the use of polarized forces within the personality which has been ever so little transformed and operating within a new framework. The Keyword ADEPTNESS fits this phase-but there are many levels of “adept-ship!


Mars, that beautiful bright red planet, having recently been dancing in the heavens with the Moon still moves in retrograde but enters the same degree of the zodiac for an extended time on November 3rd as it prepares to turn direct next week. It will remain at this degree until November 24th so, we have the opportunity to allow this energy pattern to sink in to the deeper recesses of our being. Perhaps there is a reminder for us to this stationary time frame that can be seen in the Sabian symbol interpretation for this degree of the zodiac:



KEYNOTE:            Attunement to the potency of invisible forces of nature.


In the light of personal fulfillment (symbol of sunset and wisdom) man may be able to establish a life-giving contact with natural forces. These are active any time growth processes take place, but man’s individualized mind is usually too focused on working for consciously set goals to be able to realize concretely the presence of invisible (or “occult”) forces in operation. These forces constitute a specific realm of any planetary life. They are inherent in all “biospheres,” on whatever planet. They are non individualized and unfree energies forming in the substratum of all life processes thus of the process of integration at the level of the planet-as-a-whole, i.e. the planet as an organism with its automatic systems of growth, maintenance and organic multiplication: In this planetary organism those nature forces act as guiding and balancing harmonizing factors somewhat as the endocrine system does in a human body, and behind this system the more occult web of chakra energies related to prana – the solar energy. It is when this energy becomes less dominant thus symbolically at sunset – or when the body energy is weakened by illness, fasting or sensory deprivation, that it becomes easier to perceive these “nature spirits” and to give them forms that symbolize the character of their activities. These forms differ with the cultural imagery of each human collectivity, retaining nevertheless some basically similar characteristics.

When this Sabian symbol reaches into the consciousness of a man seeking meaning, it should be seen as an invitation to open his mind to the possibility of approaching life in a holistic and non-rational, intuitive manner.


This is the first stage of the fourth fivefold sequence of cyclic phases. It implies a call to REPOTENTIALIZATION. What this means also is the process of “becoming like a little child.”


All the while we are still in the season of Scorpio. The investigator, shaman, and sorcerer seek audience during Scorpionic times. That needs to be perceived not so much in an overt context as Scorpio often plays in the shadows and out of the limelight. This is a challenge; I am sure, for Joe Bidden who began the current incarnation under the Scorpio Sun. Not all Scorpio scenarios can be painted with a darkened brush and do justice to this astrological archetype. There is a perceptual intuition that pervades this zone of the skies where truth is sought out while peering into the often seemingly protected bubble folks attempt to hide within. Projecting this, often illusionary perspective, out into the world when encountered by Scorpio, is met with a certain and seemingly brutal, to those seeking escape from reality, intensity asking for soul connection. Part of the Scorpio task is to invite soul perspective to put in an appearance and this can be extremely challenging to those not willing to live on the coat tails of purpose based on lasting truth. Here are some Scorpio traits to contemplate: probing, intense, fierce, mysterious, transformational, and esoteric. Here are some expressions of Scorpio that sit within the challenging realms: dark, foreboding, seductive, extreme, obsessed, confrontational, and dangerous. Our Scorpio part (we all have it) is a reflection of combinations of these traits.


It is the modern planet said to have resonance with Scorpio that has a tendency to rub folks a bit raw. Pluto, the ruler of Hades, and death not handled well is an issue to our western culture that has quarantined death off to a subset of reality that is not embraced for what it actually is. Death is a process of change from one form to another and that is all it is. It is the finite perspective, sold inexorably thru western media and advertising, that removes us from participation in a majestic and eternal cycle of change we have all been traveling for a very, very long time.


On Saturday Jupiter once again catches up to Pluto and this time while in direct motion. They will linger together at this degree until next week. Jupiter seeks to expand everything it touches. It has been hovering in this Capricorn trio for quite a spell now. So, matters akin to Capricorn are being enlarged perhaps beyond realms they naturally would inhabit. Patriarchy but potentially wise elder-hood seeks audience. The father image is emblazoned on our paper currency and the economy seems to be a rallying cry attempting to supersede the effects of the current virus on the loose. Many are not aware that Capricorn is a feminine sign in the zodiac. Perhaps listening to that receptive part in all of us is on the table.


As the week draws to a close on Sunday the Moon forms a waning square to the Sun. I hope everyone enjoyed the Taurus full Moon this last weekend. While Scorpio is attributed to sexual pleasure the reality is the Taurus factor across that axis is the engine that draws us together to enjoy those moments. The closeness of Mars definitely added to the excitement possible. Uranus in the mix could have led to unexpected discovery. The waning square at the end of this week can be referred to as a crisis in consciousness and, it is likely that some in our nation will be feeling this. A factor that can have long-range implications to this is the willingness to release old patterns and search for a new vision. It is also a time when life-altering events can force you to redefine beliefs and values.


Continue to keep seat belts firmly fastened as we step toward what will transpire this week. Until next week, ENJOY THE RIDE!











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