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Each week I spend between one and three hours crafting these posts. Many may ponder just why anyone would do this. Back along the way I was gifted with access into this astrological tool in a way that moved my soul. Thru the years, since that first glimpse in 1969, there have been moments when I sensed many universal downloads of substance being offered thru me to share with others. I never really took it to heart that they were just for me alone. This led to multiple astrological consultations with individuals and groups as a way of tuning us together into an energy-enfold we were all participating within. These posts are a paying forward of this gift to any who wish to embrace them.


If any of you are so inspired to go a bit deeper into the celestial patterns you came to bring out into your worlds, I would be glad to assist you in astrological considerations that focus more on you. While the time frame for an astrological consultation is about the same as for each week’s Celestial Chatter, it can cover a much longer life frame and, I guarantee it will be an experience you will carry for the rest of your earth walk…


Celestial Chatter 10-19 to 25


Every month I make a list of planetary exchanges that are going to transpire. Glancing this morning at the general monthly list I see only a few items in this week’s lineup. My first impression is that the recent onslaught of event packed weeks is going to finally give us a breather. As I peer a bit closer it is revealed that Venus and Pluto are joined by trine, the Sun catches up with Mercury retrograde and then there it is, the Sun is shifting signs from Libra into Scorpio. Sign shifts are generally not in the category of minor astrological moves. There is the need to change hats and tune into a different set of parameters that our solar orb is bringing to focus. Our Libra season has offered us opportunity to fathom aspects of how we might embrace effectively the realm of partnerships and basically just getting along with one another in a congenial enough fashion that we are not out to off each other over differences of opinion. One thing that needs to be kept in mind as we (the Sun actually) shift into the next archetype (Scorpio in this case) is that we all have these arenas of astrological focus in play in various forms to be aware of. Each time there is movement into the next sign there is a vibrational shift that initially carries with it much of the previous archetypal underpinnings as a foundation or food for thought as the energy takes on new and expanded avenues of substance requiring us to become aware of just what we learned that can be enhanced in our overall growth cycles.


As if to emphasize the current Mercury retrograde cycle we are now in, earlier this week my Solar Fire astrological program decided it would not open for me. This morning I uninstalled it and then reinstalled it so I could peer into the weekly celestial dance and bring for our consideration factors to be aware of. After re-install I am greeted by the program doing exactly what it did before and not open. Thank goodness I have other astro programs in my quiver to use. I had hoped to look at the chart for the U.S. as there are certainly factors with the Pluto return requiring some form of death and rebirth to transpire with our nation. Probably good I can’t readily access this chart as the post has taken on some length already.


Monday the Sun begins to move away from its direct square to Saturn. Could this infer a lightening of the tension between how we interact with one another and the political rhetoric we are being inundated with? I am not holding my breath on this one with the election only two weeks ahead. Venus on Monday begins its trine to the Capricorn trio, first with Jupiter on the 19th, then Pluto on the 21st, and finally Saturn on the 24th. Trines generally bring about a cohesive combination of participation because of the elements being the same (earth in this case). The earth signs speak to form and function as well as practicality being on the table. Virgo, where Venus is in its “Fall” (not exactly doing the happy dance) attempts to organize meaningful context to any set of parameters. Even in its “Fall” it is still Venus so the context requires participation with others and is not a solo endeavor. I have talked for a long time about the Capricorn trio working its way thru our collective understanding of meaningful governance attempting to provide what is best for the whole as an epitomal use of this archetype. There seems to be some issue as to just how that is playing out between two disparate factions. One in the grasp of economic factions attempting to use this as the least common denominator to everything, the other sensing a broader connection to our surrounding biosphere and the increasing damage we are inflicting on the very base of our survival. Our upcoming election is one step in a juried process as to what we will embrace going forward. The enormity of the stakes while not reason to despair is the result of a long-range historical footprint that has gotten us here and will require an equally dynamic surge in a very different direction that cannot be guaranteed to be the most comfortable scenario to embrace, but we will come out of this more in harmony (Venus) with each other and our global surround.


Now let’s get down to the crux of this week’s energy shift. Scorpio is a zone that does not rest easily within the comfort area in most folks understanding. Could it be that death comes along for the ride here? Maybe it is the brutal honesty required to grapple with interpersonal insight into each other’s souls with this energetic zone? Our Scorpio aspect (we all have this) is an arena of investigation and research into some of the most challenging mysteries of personal space and that is related to how we share intimacy with anything and everything else. I am not talking strictly about sexual matters, but there are many avenues of query we bring for each other where honesty is challenged when our propensity to hide our feelings from one another, thinking this is the safest avenue to follow, actually curtails our ability to mature.


Every seven years we grow a new body. This means that every aspect of our physical being has to in some form die so that new material can be assimilated to keep us functional. This is generally an ongoing process that transpires as an assimilation of raw earth material we energetically consume hopefully in synch with our surrounding presence and we just grow into the new body format over time. It is change, change, change and the only constant in creation. Illnesses are times when we have attained enough out of balance factors in our physical being that intervention may be required. The success in this endeavor will keep us from taking leave of this earthly realm for a time. The death factor is not easily talked about in our modern western culture as it has been sanctioned off to something handled by our economic system to alleviate us having to embrace this level of change we are all living within and a way to create an income stream for some. While the Sun traverses the Scorpio section of the cosmos these are matters that are on the table whether we like it or not. Oh yes, there are so many distractions to keep us from having meaningful discussions about these things.


Since we are currently in the Mercury retrograde cycle right up until Election Day, this is an appropriate time to do some soul searching into these kinds of things. The current retrograde opportunity usually finds most folks wrapped up in their own thoughts so much so that conversing with one another gets to be a challenge. Well, if we are not listening to one another anyway, why not utilize that extra thought time to be productive beyond simply economic terms. Our resolution to the vitality quotient we are given in our current life cycle, if we fully embrace this seemly truncated version we are being told is reality, might provide fertile moments of meditation on useful ways to accomplish what in our hearts we might sense is a larger and more meaningful job description to be about while incarnate here on earth.


Thursday into Friday the Moon moves over the Capricorn trio and into the waxing square with the Sun. This will be a lunar aspect on the degree of the upcoming Saturn/Jupiter conjunction at 0° of Aquarius. This first degree of Aquarius has an interesting Sabian symbol to meditate upon in both current considerations as well as the upcoming winter solstice conjunction. Here is Dane Rudhyar’s version from his “An Astrological Mandala” to ponder as Friday draws to a close.



KEYNOTE:            The power inherent in all great human works to endure far beyond the workers’ life spans.


The works and spirit of the Spanish priests who directed the building of the California missions have had a lasting influence on the development of this land; these remain as a monument to the men who were able to make their mark upon this alien environment. While the zodiacal sign Capricorn begins with a symbol of socio-political power, Aquarius at its start presents a more spiritualized and idealistic or creative picture of the social forces at work. Moreover, it stresses the enduring character of human achievements ensouled by a great vision. At least within the frame of reference of our Western civilization, the symbol speaks of the projection of a noble ideal into concrete forms of beauty and significance, thus of the radiation of a “civilizing” power into an institution offering to primitive men the opportunity to reach a higher, more organized and productive, level of activity.


This is the first stage in the sixty-first fivefold sequence. It speaks to us of THE CONCRETIZATION OF AN IDEAL. This also implies the “immortalization” of an individual within a great collective and cultural enterprise.


I don’t want to get into the aspect of indigenous misappropriation that this can bring up. Suffice it to say that this is a portrayal of form as an abstract reminder to what we may be setting in motion that will endure long after our current brief sojourn thru the earth realm. Choose wisely.


On Sunday the Sun catches up with Mercury retrograde in early Scorpio and we are invited to intend our thoughts to be appropriate to the mission at hand. The basic tenant of Libra is to bring us into the zone of interface with the “other”. As a cardinal sign we are invited to begin something. It is here that we discover there are other perspectives than our carefully crafted versions of being a self. Scorpio as the next sign (creating action based on the cardinal impulse) in the cultural collective zone of the heavens asks us what we are going to do about this awakened perspective. Here is the Sabian symbol for the Sun/Mercury moment to meditate upon:



KEYNOTE:            The feeling of community demonstrated in a basic joint effort.


In rural neighborhoods, especially as the American West was being developed, the building of at least the framework of a house was often a collective, friendly enterprise. Newcomers building their home-to-be, found friendly helpers in their neighbors. The sense of togetherness and participation in a common enterprise was developed by such collective work. The home remains “our” home, yet the whole community is involved in its erection and the welcome marking its completion.


At this third stage of the five-fold sequence, feeling becomes activity. The past and its memories are re-polarized in terms of the expanded social consciousness. From that activity a new sense of reality will derive. The Keyword is COOPERATION.


Each of the water signs in the zodiacal interface takes a deeper and deeper look at the ways in which we are galvanized thru our sensate capacities to one another. Cancer brings our familial and clan surround into the mix. Scorpio brings our societal interconnection into the fold as we discover the larger context of the global family we are a part of. Finally Pisces offers opportunity to tap into the core of creation itself and come face to face with whatever version of creator we have and what this level of cosmic family entails. None of these steps are guaranteed to manifest as we might hope they will. So, as we embark upon this next Scorpio adventure and tune into that part of us seeking communal interchange, how does your version of group enfoldment fit into the whole? Don’t forget, that version of what you paint others with, more than likely, is a reflection of the color pallet that you developed and that is you.


Summing up: things will increase in intensity and our thoughts may wander into realms of uncertainty as we reconsider recent avenues we have trod and might ponder rewriting the script we had thought was appropriate up until recently. Reflection might be the vital method to pay attention to now.


Ah…my morning’s work in the art of allowing language presence is done.





Celestial Chatter 10-12 to 18


Each week I survey the moves afoot between the celestial gang for the whole week prior to allowing the conversation of energies seeking audience to present themselves for our group interests to ponder. This is entered into a much larger framework of celestial energy that we have engaged with before arriving in the current moment and long footprints leading forward from here. Then, weighing all of this, I allow the individual players to present their perspective within the group context. This does not always arrive in a form that is amenable to our human plight and is often playing as background noise to the seemingly vital matters that we humans have wandered into. The Sun is traversing the zone of space referred to as Libra. While here it is said, from a traditional astrological perspective, to be in its “fall” which is the most uncomfortable place for a celestial body to be. It is necessary to grasp this from the human perspective, as the Sun might not give a hoot if there are challenges we are to face by its position in the heavens.


Libra from the human side is the diplomat, lover and lawmaker. It can be graceful, artistic, and intimate while equally may present expressions of indecision, self-indulgence and superficial leanings. Somewhere in that mix of options the arena of participation with others is playing out. In the current season of Libra, Venus is as well in its fall while traipsing thru the sign of Virgo. Just peering into the potential for these two energy signatures at work in the field of interaction with others, and one is not sensing the capacity of smooth interchange at work when we encounter one another. Oh, our thoughts may seek to have our tongues glow eloquent with flowery language to share with one another, but it is the deeper sense of trust we harbor for safety at all costs that may grab hold of our words, even to the extent of biting our tongue with what we had hoped to express, but seem to be hijacked by muses that are stirring the cauldron of potential with added ingredients we might not have realized were in the mix.


The reasons for this above verbiage is to ease us into an awareness that among the many celestial dance moves on board for this week ahead and down the line is Mercury stationing on Monday before going retrograde on Tuesday. This will be the case until the eve of the election here in the U.S. As with any station there is intensity in the air as focus comes to rest on this particular area of the zodiac occupied by the planet standing still. As it does this it is still moving in close opposition to Uranus in Taurus and this tension might seek audience in unexpected fashion that could result in secrets leaked inadvertently or on purpose (political season) with resulting ramifications unforeseen.


If you happen to rise early in the morning on Tuesday the Moon will be displaying delightful dance moves with Venus. The degree of this energetic coupling has a Sabian symbol from Dane Rudhyar’s “An Astrological Mandala” to ponder. This is a brief encounter, as most lunar ones are, but may, if we are willing, set the stage for further expansion on our part.



KEYNOTE:            The focusing of the collective need for order and structural interdependence into a personage who incarnates the answer to this need.


The husband role of fecundator of nature here takes on a collective social significance. We are at the stage where a powerful realization of the very purpose of the cycle of existence faces the chaotic remains of a dis-structured past. The character of the leader is always delineated by the need, subconscious though it may be, of the unformed agglomeration of entities he is called upon by destiny to lead. In time the leader will be worshiped as the “divine Father” of the society he structured. (Possibilities are rather wide on this one)


At this third stage of the thirty-third sequence we see a new type of characterization of the many-faceted polarization of positive and negative. We have before us a personage endowed with CHARISMA, this elusive and mysterious power that comes from a man or woman’s openness to the power of planetary evolution.


This is setting the stage for other planetary aspects, the rest of the week has in store for us to grapple with. The Sun moves to oppose Mars retrograde and by extension completes the third leg of the T-square with the Capricorn trio. The closest, as if that was relevant, planet to this aspect is Pluto. This is a cardinal aspect so action is indicated. Both Mars in retrograde and the Sun in its fall may not be carrying the strength to control, as if that’s possible, Pluto at their midpoint. There are political and potentially carnage factors on the table that Pluto is offering for our consideration. Clarity is not promised as Mercury is just beginning to move backwards from our earth perspective. One planetoid in the mix I have not mentioned before is the Kuiper belt resident Eris conjoined with Mars. Disruption, one of her calling cards, is more than likely to be on the table and has been for some time as Eris moves very slowly at its great distance from the Sun. You are welcome to look up some of the other traits attributed to Eris if you want, but be forewarned this may be an uncomfortable venture.


Wednesday and the middle of the week arrives. Mercury has moved 2 minutes of arc into its retrograde so still very focused as it slowly approaches opposing Uranus. The Sun perfects its square to Pluto and the Moon prepares to move into Libra after accomplishing a trine to the Capricorn trio. The Moon charges thru Libra in route to the next solar conjunction. The symbol for the Moon is two crescents of spirit, one within the other listening to its own inward being. Inspiration may arrive for the artist to express some of this insight but it is likely to take some time to actually sense satisfaction with the results, or maybe until Mercury is once again moving forward. The new Moon occurs on Friday and setting one’s intentions is on the table from a Libran perspective wherever that happens to be in your particular zodiacal makeup. We are in a Venus time. From a general perspective the arena of how we fathom meaningful interconnection with others should be in the mix. Here is the Sabian symbol to meditate upon for the new Moon:



KEYNOTE: The ability to develop, for inner strengthening, new modes of response to basic life situations.


The butterfly is the ancient and traditional symbol of the results of the process of spiritual rebirth. If the butterfly has three wings instead of two, a special development of an aspect of the spiritual life is shown. Three is a symbol of fulfillment. Some power has been added to the normal spiritual life of the individual person. The left side usually refers to the instinctual field of the consciousness, but it is also the heart’s side. A new strength is shown, perhaps as yet unrealized.


A fourth stage symbol usually refers to some kind of technique or technical achievement. What is implied here is that the contact with the revivifying Life Force (cf. the first stage symbol) can result in the appearance of a new faculty, the use of which may not as yet be consciously evaluated. Indeed it is the establishment of such a contact that constitutes a technique for ORIGINAL MUTATION.


One of the precepts that often are lost in the shuffle of modern astrological technique is the capacity to engage with the divine as paramount to the effective use of this tool. While playing around with the machinations of self active mind matters in the world we might be tempted to lose sight of a perspective inherent in the reason for incarnation into this physical form. Astrology is a tool such that it can reawaken within us our connection to a larger whole, as intricate in how we engage with one another. Since we are in the Libra season it might be beneficial to dig as deeply as you can into what is possible to transpire between yourself and any other in every interactive situation you find yourself. What is there to be learned in that moment that has placed the two or more of you together at that container? This new Moon is squarely in the potent T-square, so think creatively and with care as you set where you intend your next steps to take you during this next lunar cycle.


Saturday finds the Moon and Mercury retrograde crossing paths and the Sun perfecting the square to Saturn. There is a lesson plan demanding conscious application currently. Is the ideology of those you hang with able to withstand the political battle afoot to claim your allegiance? Or might there be a beckon from a more stable front paving a path toward a more inclusive worldwide arena stating the importance of human decency over competitive slaughter? Venus on this same day moves into opposition with Neptune retrograde across that Virgo/Pisces axis of the cosmos. Could there be insight on effective and practical methods of teaching each other to embrace a larger context for our presence on many levels? Jupiter from its position in Capricorn sextiles Neptune and trines Venus and this might expand the borders of our tents to include a political voice of reason. As at this same moment Mars retrogrades back into the square with Jupiter keep your seatbelts fastened, as there is likely to be some strong undertows at work from individuals not sensing their effective part in this potentially new mix.


Saturday is Saturn’s day and there is much beckoning our hearts to participate with that might push the limiting realms of Saturn’s reach. Sunday arrives and Jupiter is greeted by the perfection of a trine from Venus and this might inspire an awakening to the presence of potential harmony presenting, even if only around the periphery of situations, the requirement of lending an ear to each other. While usually termed a day of rest our modern culture pays minimal heed to this. Mercury retrogrades this day back into a perfected opposition with Uranus, so keep a firm grip on your tongue lest some of the words carry penetrating effects you might later have to eat.








Celestial Chatter 10-5 to 11


At least this week we have the Capricorn trio all moving in direct motion. Even so, Mars in retrograde is still doing a square dance with all of them. In case you didn’t notice there is still a palpable tension in the air. I make a deliberate choice to not delve too deeply into the political arena, but that is the realm of Capricorn so it may slip thru on occasion in the current chatter. Illness is a 6th house process and by extension Virgo in the Thema Mundi, Aries whole sign charts I work with for these weekly chats. Venus has just moved into Virgo and is traditionally said to be in its fall. Picture someone trapped at the bottom of a well yelling for help and no one can hear this, and that is the image of a planet in its fall. So Venus, or how the realm of partnering with others, is not exactly firing on all cylinders. As the ruler of Libra, where the Sun is making its current journey, might seek advice from this Venus factor that could prove less than helpful. Venus, also this week will move into trine with Uranus in its other ruled sign of Taurus. This might excite matters in unpredictable fashion at the well bottom.


The Moon, making its way thru Taurus on Monday flows thru trine aspects to the Capricorn trio. In Taurus the Moon is traditionally in its exaltation so feeling its oats and casting assistance to our trio, but for only a few hours to possibly share some images of what it might mean to embrace the home front as important in the political fray. When I indicate home front here Taurus has a connection to Mother Earth and that aspect of our home is begging for some love.


This is a longer fingerprint that is ongoing, but Jupiter moves into sextile with Neptune. There is an aspect that Neptune in Pisces offers for our considerations these days when included. This is the poet and the bard spinning tales to enhance the mystical parts within us all. This Jupiter potential reminds me of Scheherazade and the Tale of 1000 Nights. Jupiter’s connection to both Sagittarius and Pisces brings along any good storyline that continues to seek a next step along the way that never actually concludes.


As Wednesday arrives Mercury moving thru Scorpio forms an opposition to Uranus in Taurus. These two beings are said to reflect octaves of a similar resonance. They each attempt to awaken us to possibility by activating our mental capacities with stimulation. Mercury thru almost endless curiosity and Uranus by utilizing the raw materials gleaned to enhance the arena we share with one another. While Uranus has an affinity with modern technology, there may be factors of exchange on the electrical grid that have a wire or two crossed up.


Friday and Mars forms the partile square to Pluto that I mentioned at the start of this weeks conversation. The two planets that share affinity with Scorpio are facing off with one another and uniquely Mercury is the recipient of this matter. This could open up edgy conversations, or at least awareness, of matters not generally, or for that matter easily, brought up in polite table talk. Scorpio is the detective and the investigator zone of the zodiac so we have to query ourselves on how willing are we to uncover or turn over stones in our paths?


The weekend arrives with the Saturday dance moves, one of which I already mentioned, and that is the trine of Venus to Uranus. The other Sunday energy signature is the Sun moving into square to Jupiter and obviously heading toward this same square to the other Capricorn Trio, but not until next week, though still in the air we are surrounded by these days. Libra brings the portion of the zodiac to the fore where we are discovering many of the aspects of partnership and its many faces as we interact with the collective. The Sun is vitality and aims to fill this arena with substance. Capricorn should rightly reflect the beginning of the greater than self portion of the zodiac that can be shown thru effective rulership and leadership qualities to enhance meaningful societal directions. The proper ruler leads by example and thru integrity and is not about themselves but works for the greater good of the whole. I am reminded of a saying from back along the way. Doing a task is about doing it effectively enough that one works them selves out of a job. Accomplishing this is by inviting, and sharing the tasks and teachings to and with others, as the job is embraced, and continued by more and more.


Irony of ironies I glanced to see what the Sabian symbol for the Sun was from Dane Rudhyar’s “An Astrological Mandala”. You might get a kick out of this. After all it is a square aspect.




KEYNOTE: A breakdown in the constructive relationship between the individual and society, and the expectable result.


If it is to remain steady and consistent, every form of order must be able to protect itself by the application of sanctions. Both a society and a personal ego constitute forms of order. Any form of order excludes what the form cannot securely and safely hold. It excludes, or exiles, the alien, the un-assailable, if it cannot send them to outer space, it must isolate them in a special type of inner space, a prison. The individual whose actions introduce unacceptable principles into the established order runs the risk of being “punished” or re-formed according to this order. The problem for a society is how to include in its patterns of order agencies or channels for transformation-and particularly how to keep them truly operative; for individuals, it is how to make their transforming vision or impulse acceptable to society. The symbol does not reveal what caused the breakdown in the relationship between the individual and society; but if one also considers the symbols that follow, one’s thoughts may be led back to the image of the storm that wrecked boat landings (Libra 16°). The suggestion is that whatever violence is released originates in unconscious pressures (the sea and the wind). A new step in the evolution of society – the Industrial and Electronic Revolutions of the last hundred and fifty years – caused a collective, world-wide upheaval which led to widespread violence. The fact that two men are pictured under arrest suggests a polarization and a purpose transcending a merely personal fit of recklessness.


This is the third stage of the fortieth sequence. Negative as the image may seem, one may see implied in it the power in every individual to assume social risks in order to express his convictions or deepest desires. Nevertheless, one thing is needed: FACING THE CONSEQUENCES.


We are in unique times these days with factors shifting rapidly before our eyes and in races that are a challenge to human decency on many levels. I suspect we are in challenging moments that will not abate any time soon. The sought after return to normalcy is going to look very different than the version that is shifting into the past. Use caution casting an anchor into the outgoing tide.


I hope many of you had clear enough weather to get out and see the recent Mars and full lunar display in the night sky recently.


Celestial Chatter 9-28 to 10-4


Today, as I write these messages from the celestial surround of planetary beings, Mercury has just entered Scorpio. Conversations are being invited to participate (or not) in a realm that could be a battle with the objective of taking no prisoners. At the same time Scorpio opens up channels that seek to peer around corners that others are attempting to keep out of the limelight. On board the investigation train the sleuths, detectives, sorcerers, and shamans gather to ferret out truths that are not necessarily in the comfort zone for most. Brutal honesty is not something many are willingly welcoming as it pertains to their own druthers. Mercury will be in Scorpio for an extended stay as it goes retrograde on Oct. 14th and begins to travel back all the way into late Libra for a brief visit before resuming its forward trajectory in early November.


Before wandering too far afield we must remember that we are in the season of Libra. Many are the quested directions of folks being reminded of the arena of partnerships. Imagine placing your self on one half of a large set of scales and having other instances, people, places or things placed on the opposite half to compare worthiness to our own perspective of ourselves. While you may have heard that Libra is about finding your ideal mate this is only part of the vast arena in play. Actually for Libra the life lesson is always about discovering what it means to bump up against opinions that differ from those you may have so fervently fostered. We all have a Libra part in our make up that asks us to find that zone of interface with the outer world and in a broad sense the collective we live within.


As one month slips into the next we are still in some intense and potentially choppy seas as Mars works its way back across the square aspect to the Capricorn trio. To say that Mars is not at its most comfortable while in retrograde would be an understatement. When damn the lifeboats, full speed ahead is having to retreat back thru the fields of previous effects of this attitude some discomfort is sure to rise. Mars is in a sign, Aries, where excitement is on the table and repeating anything does not quite stimulate the same songs that were being played while the wake of the ship was plowing relentlessly forward. Has that wake effect left any wreckage behind that now is coming up for review? To add to this experience the square aspects to the big players of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, and the individual is coming face-to-face with authority and possibly some carnage hoped-to-be left in, with any luck, not the pages of history.


To add a bit of intensity to the equation on Monday this week Saturn stations in that partile square position to Mars. When a planet stations it remains for some time in a momentary place for an extended cycle and this is when it is usually at its most potent drawing all its energy to focus. It is also when it is closest to planet earth in the current cycle it is on. Besides being square to Mars it has been in the same bowl of soup with Pluto for quite some time (months to almost a year when they first crossed paths in this same degree Pluto currently occupies). Pluto having an affinity with Scorpio’s, take no prisoners, demands compliance to its dictates of potent and total transformation even if, and most likely it does, involve the requirement of death or the passing away of aspects of any situation. Do you think that there are factors of the modern cultural authority driven consumerism that are up for review? Are we not seeing this on full display in the current election year here in the U.S.? There are deep wounds that our consumer driven economic system have created around the globe that are seeking address currently. Something is going to have to die and or pass away in order for a new balance (Libra) to be found. Continuing on the current trajectory is unsustainable and puts in peril humanity as well as all other living systems on our planet.


This is the cauldron that is currently being stirred and we are being asked to come up with an, or some, alternative(s) that has more empathy and concern for all of life. Manipulation of spreadsheets and multinational take over of most of the living requirements has already shown the extremes of disproportionate life standards around the globe. Unrest is in the air, and while some may not see or want to acknowledge this, it is increasing.


Tuesday of this week will be the annual opposition of the Sun to Chiron. This is across the Axis of Life part of the zodiac (Aries/Libra). Here we have the self, Aries and the other, Libra being brought onto the table for consideration of whether we want to foster a wounded healer aspect in this mix, or do we discover that we arrived in this incarnation to teach each other thru sharing insight from our perspectives gleaned thru living? Aries may see everything about self, and Libra brings to the consideration the vitality of inclusion of the other, if the self is actually going to succeed as an aspect of the whole. This is what life beckons our participation in these days.


Thursday is the arrival of the full Moon and a new month in conjunction with Chiron. As with any full Moon we have the reflection of the solar impulse that I have been talking about already. Here are the Sabian symbols for this full Moon and Chiron’s position from Dane Rudhyar’s “An Astrological Mandala” to meditate upon:




KEYNOTE:            Protection and spiritual guidance in the development of consciousness.


This somewhat strange image can be understood if every Stated feature in it is clearly analyzed without preconceptions. Here again we see a woman; but now her head is covered with a large hat – a protection against the forces of nature, i.e. cold and/or the penetrating rays of the sun. At this emotional cultural level (Phases 6 through 10) the mental processes are still largely undeveloped; thus they need protection from the elemental forces of life. A too great openness to the Sky energies and the, “spiritual” level could lead to obsessions of one kind or another.

The symbolic image implies a rather strong wind, thus the activity of some more-than-material, and especially psychic, forces. These originated in the East, traditionally the seat of spiritualizing and creative transforming influences. The woman’s hat has streamers, which enable it not only to respond to the wind but also to indicate its source. In other words, the image symbolizes a stage of development of consciousness in which the nascent powers of the mind are both protected and influenced by energies of a spiritual origin. This suggests a probationary stage in the process of individualization. Under protective guidance a still most receptive person (a woman) is being influenced by spiritual forces.


This is a third stage symbol in which we see the first and second stages of this second fivefold sequence producing results which require PROTECTIVE FORMS (which is what a culture and ethical precepts provide) and SENSITIVITY to spiritual energies.




KEYNOTE:            The development of an inner realization of or organic wholeness.


The crystal sphere symbolizes wholeness. Within the sphere images take form. These images may reveal future events, but more significantly they picture “the situation as a whole” – the situation which the clairvoyant is meant to interpret. The nascent mental faculties operating through still dominant emotions (or collective cultural incentives) act as a centralizing and whole making power. What the intelligence perceives in its concentration is the function of every inner impulse and outer events in the open field of a “personality” still unclouded by egoism.


At this fourth stage of the fivefold sequence the new technique required for the development of individualized consciousness is revealed: CONCENTRATED ATTENTION.


Carrying this thought into the next day the Moon will move thru its square aspect to the Capricorn trio and do a conjunction dance with Mars. The Moon can be considered a trigger for action to transpire and in this case is carrying the energy of that Chiron full lunar moment into the considerations of the Mars square aspect to this same group of planetary energies. Questions that are more of the essay variety are on the table. This is Friday of the coming week, but its roots spread far and wide from here. On this same day Venus shifts from Leo into Virgo. The nature of issues that might arise, with Mercury, ruler of Virgo in Scorpio, are asking for some Venus mentorship factors to be present. Can the sacred servant be included, and are there methods of craftsmanship seeking investigation about how to play the Libra format to develop a more cohesive format for us to gather together?


Venus as ruler of both, Libra and Taurus, this Friday, has something to say to both the Sun and Uranus in a perfected quincunx to one another. Uranus is in the land of resources and money (Taurus) stirring things up with the objective of awakening all of us to aspects of value that may not be solely in terms of economics. We already have considered what the Sun is doing in Libra. The quincunx is an aspect that provides a potentially polarizing process of seemingly irreconcilable differences that require adjustments and ingenuity. This might be an opportunity for Venus to step in with some earth/Virgo perspective to ground these types of considerations in a more practical format that can actually awaken all of us to parameters of living that we may not have effectively embraced yet. There is a lot on the table seeking resolution that entrenched factions are not willing to come to the bargaining table over.


Since it will be such a boring and peaceful week ahead, the fact that Pluto will station on Sunday should be no great surprise in the pot of actively popping popcorn we are already bouncing around in. Pluto is already perceived as one of the most intense energy beings in our cast of characters, and stationing just kicks that up a few notches. I am getting the image of a large bomb explosion that rocks the foundations of any who have been unwilling to relinquish hard held beliefs keeping them stuck in a particular mindset that has outlived its usefulness. While they might not perceive it as such, it will be they who will struggle the most against the will of life to change. Pluto always puts forth the invitation to be made new. For those unwilling to relinquish the luggage they have been hauling along the way the trajectory thru this level of change will not be very successful. I liken it to your invitation to the hell realms where cleansing is required. The more you attempt to drag along with you, the more you weigh, and the less likely you are to be make it out the other side. Welcome to Pluto’s domain.


Celestial Chatter 9-21 to 27


This week is in honor of Ruth Bader Ginsberg for her tireless Pisces perspective to make sure that truth be honored in every matter and cut thru the delusions of misplaced authenticity while including everything and everyone as relevant. Pisces is about the formation of a new seed element to plant in the garden of a hoped for future. It is always our tending of this garden that spells success or failure.


As with no other sign of the zodiac are the interaction parameters more on the front burner than Libra. Here lies the transition between the discovery of a self and the advent of having to compare notes with others to refine just exactly what being a self entails in the larger format of the collective. This is referred to as the Fall Equinox in the northern hemisphere. The days and nights reach a point of equal time frame. The harvest of what was initiated at the Spring Equinox comes due. This year it will be on the 22nd of September or Tuesday of this week. As the Sun slips into the Libra division of the celestial surround Venus finds itself strolling thru Leo. They are in one another’s signs and this is referred to as a mutual reception. Picture a meeting where notes are being compared between parties for the sake of perspective, or “I am in your house and I see this” being offered to the other in your home dwelling.


Other factors in play this week include the journeys of Mercury traversing the realm of Libra but for the final degrees of sign. As it accomplishes this it will move into square alignment with first Pluto and then Saturn and oppose Mars, as perfects it’s square to Saturn, to add some extra tension into the fray. If I were to be composing a lesson plan for this upcoming week it would have to be initiated with first taking some deep breaths in an attempt to calm the waters within. It is likely we are in for some rough seas. While not generally the zone of energy Libra might be inclined to beckon participation with, we may have to draw on the opposing Aries archetype, not entirely alien to Libra, and mount some warrior engagement in just how we are going to discover common ground to work with one another. While many may observe the Libra archetype in more of a gentle format the Sun can signify a fierce side when required, and with all the political sparring going on these days this is not out of the question. I do believe we will all be taken to task in the days ahead.


A lot of the planetary aspects this week of are short duration with the faster moving bodies involved but these can act as triggers to longer duration matters at work. Mercury, or how we think and communicate will move to Scorpio at the end of this week and can signify an intensification of language that is placed on the table if we are not careful. While in Libra and making the aspects thru this week there will be conversations fraught with potential divisiveness, as if we need any more of this. The Sun will be attempting to keep us in a loop that is a reminder of the need to harmonize more though this may require some unorthodox techniques to spell that out.


The Moon, another triggering element, will be moving into Capricorn with the waxing square to the Sun (crisis in action) on Wednesday and connecting up with the Capricorn trio on Friday. This might spell some homespun matters to deal with on the governance/leadership front.


My druthers at this often quite amazing part of the year would be to talk up with accolades the potential harmony that attends the sign of Libra. Yes, there are always challenges to Libra when it comes to the discovery of a personal comfort zone to invite and engage with others in the discovery of one’s trajectory of self-discovery. At the same time with the potential for harmonizing on so many different platforms we manage to usually find common ground to share in realms of artistic expression and meaningful interpersonal shared space. Libra is the sign related to all kinds of partnership, from marriage to business platforms. Herein lies the foundation for lasting context to spell out a sense of growth thru intimate time spent with one another. There is an aesthetic to this Libra in any combination that does not automatically spell ease of interconnection with other’s as it is the life lesson of Libra to discover what works for the individual. So in each interchange with another the question arises as to the trust in the other and in oneself for what is possible. It may be paramount to have the trust in oneself as a priority in such matters.


The Venus being in Leo can apply a rather dynamic factor into any Libran considerations. Here one might suspect posturing to be in any equation that involves that inter-space with another. Leo is about making a show of things and often the bigger the better. This does not always lead to a performance that accomplishes the goals of successful interchange with others. Playing too much of oneself often leads to others being off put by the performance if it does not contain meaningful value in the larger context. And, Libra is the realm where the collective context ascends in importance over that of any individual.


When I first took a glance at the celestial dance for this week I thought, “oh shit, we better make sure the fan is not turned on high”. After convening with our celestial tribe the consensus is to keep our seatbelts fastened and hang with those willing to not stir too vigorously the cauldron of creation that has some rather spicy ingredients thrown in recently. RBG






Celestial Chatter 9-14 to 20


As the week commences Venus will rise just ahead of the Moon early on Monday morning. It is always a delight to behold the dance between the Moon and Venus in the sky. There is a sense that things flow well and there is harmony in the air. We here in the Northwest will most likely not be able to see this conjoining as the smoke in the air has made it impossible to see the starry firmament for a few days now but don’t let that dissuade you from sensing the potential for some creative juices to flow. The Sabian symbol for this conjunction from Dane Rudhyar’s “An Astrological Mandala” reads:



KEYNOTE:            The need to involve one’s most spiritual and vital energies in the creative act if it is to produce significant and beautiful new forms.


The breath represents the power of the spirit, animator of all living manifestations. Because the glass blower uses his breath to shape the glass vessels, he is a fitting symbol of how deeply any creative individual has to involve his total being in his creation. He is also using the fire of the spirit-transpersonal inspiration or, in another sense, the fire of deeply felt emotions. Any creative activity which does not involve both the “breath” and the “fire” cannot transform into beautiful artworks-or indeed into any new form of order-the raw materials, remains of the past (the “sand”).


This fourth stage of the twenty-sixth sequence symbolically shows us the technique required in true and successful transforming activity. It always implies CREATIVE INTENSITY.


To add a bit more substance to this event Jupiter has turned direct and is still sitting at the same degree it has occupied since last Wednesday. Just a short reminder of the potential potency a planet carries during the stationary time frame. It will still continue to be visible in the southern sky each night as it inches its way toward the scheduled meeting with Saturn (also visible to the left of Jupiter) near the winter solstice in December. At that time these two heavenly (giants) lights will be near the western horizon setting just a bit after the Sun.


Another Monday event will be the Sun in trine to Pluto and by the end of the week in trine to Saturn. Let’s consider the solar position in Virgo in this mix for a bit. This is the zone of energy that the Sun is applying its vitality toward so all things Virgo is on the front burner. This is the zone of worker, craftsperson, mentor, disciple and sacred servant. In the range of learning we are all on, most likely, several of the steps of the learning curve. Some are being tapped on the shoulder to provide direction to others while others seek advice on how to better themselves or at least refine their understanding. A mutable sign things are always preparing for change to transpire and in just a little over a week we will experience the Fall equinox and the advent of Libra inviting the Sun to the dance floor. We will discuss this, but not now.


Venus, the ruler of Libra, currently visited by the Moon is wandering in the field of Leo and approaching a square to Uranus in the Taurus zone. Whenever Uranus is in the mix things can quickly shift direction that does not necessarily mean bad things are about to transpire. It just means staying alert to what the changes are focusing on as it is most likely that there is an alternate path attempting to open before you. Venus a feminine archetype can lean toward an urge for pleasure, peace and abundance. Being in Leo a zone of performance, royalty, and romance might inspire one to take chances with asking for that first date or equivalent. Just be aware that you know the Uranus factor could spin the process in quite a divergent direction from what you thought might be the one you chose. It could appear disruptive but if you don’t become flustered you could discover a new and more dynamic direction to follow.


This is the week of the new Moon in Virgo where setting ones intentions for the next lunar cycle taps you on the shoulder. Not really! This is something that takes deliberation to set in motion. We are just fortunate enough to have our finger on the pulse of life to be aware of these dynamic energy moments to utilize effectively. Here is the Sabian symbol for the new Moon:



KEYNOTE:            The first stage of actual participation in the great ritual of planetary evolution.


Whether we think of the ancient mysteries, or of a Catholic Mass, or of some still more transcendent ceremony in which great Beings charged with planetary responsibilities are involved, we are dealing with a type of archetypal activity. The ritual is archetypal in that it represents, in however small a field of activity, a portion of the evolving structure of the cosmos, as this structure is understood in its “sacred” sense. Every such activity is performed “in the presence of God.” Menial as it may be, it nevertheless acquires a sacred meaning.


This is the first stage of the thirty-sixth five-fold sequence, which brings us to the close of the first half of the cycle. The individual is “educated,” i.e. led out into the world of transcendent activity, the world of archetypal performance. He must learn to serve, humbly and with intense attention, in what as yet is beyond his spiritual understanding. He learns to perform every action super-personally. He learns to PRACTICE IN THE PRESENCE OF GOD.


This symbol can hearken back to the basic Virgo signature of discipleship in the mentoring process in whatever the endeavor is.


On the 17th along with the new Moon we have a square formed with Mercury to Jupiter. Mercury rules perception, thoughts, learning styles, language and has something to say about any planet in Gemini or Virgo. Currently making its way thru Libra the potential for conversations of all kinds with others is on the table. Jupiter in square to this scenario from Capricorn can insist on aiming for more inclusive dialogue aimed at the cultural collective. On this same day the Moon arrives in Libra to, with any luck, enhance a more nurturing way of being with one another.


Thursday finds that trine aspect between the Sun and Saturn on the table. Practical things are invited to dine with us if we are willing to work together. One of the flies in the ointment might be the Mars advancing on a tighter square to Saturn that may be playing with tensions in the air. Mars is courage, energy and drive and depending on what one is focusing on accomplishing is a powerful ally to have in your corner. Yes, it is in impulsive Aries and going retrograde so may be a bit edgy to get motivated to play along. It is also the adventurer, pioneer, and hero if you can direct it towards noble goals.


On Saturday the Sun perfects a quincunx with Mars retrograde and the Moon will oppose it on this same day. I get an image when pondering this configuration of the master and disciple maybe not seeing eye-to-eye on directives. This may not be in a blatant fashion but there are some details that need airtime or some pensive consideration. Saturn is still a factor to include here that may lean more to the mentor’s position that perhaps is more inclusive than Mars may be willing to embrace.


Well, that’s it for this week kids. Be diligent in your adventures and intention setting. See just where 25° of Virgo is in your chart and that energy field (house/arena) will have a bearing on just what you might want to focus your sail setting for this next cycle.

Celestial Chatter 9-7 to 13


Last evening as I was preparing for bed I happened to glance out thru an eastern facing window to notice the Moon with a bright spot beside it. My first flush of feeling was Mars is in the house. Here is the Sabian symbol from Dane Rudhyar’s “An Astrological Mandala” for this conjunction and the longer Mars cycle at this degree.



KEYNOTE: Attunement to cosmic order.


At the fourth stage of a fivefold sequence a technique is often presented. It is based on the experiences implied in the preceding symbols. In this case, what the individual who has entered into a new realm of possibilities of action should learn is the harmonic principles operating in this realm. The music of the spheres is the celestial embodiment of principles of polyphonic interplay. The individual advancing “on the Path” should seek to understand and realize his place in the vast scheme of mankind’s evolution, in the immense Chord of the harmony of the universe.


The message to the seeker for meaning that is implied in this symbol is TO LISTEN TO THE INNER VOICE; to listen without personalizing this Voice in a glamour-producing manner. It is the Voice of the Whole, of which one begins to realize that one is a tiny little part yet a significant part, for every note of the universal Chord has its place and its ineradicable meaning.


Many are the thoughts related to this symbol. First and most relevant is that this is the degree that Mars will turn retrograde at this week on the 9th and begin the journey back to 15° on Nov. 13th where it will resume direct motion. This will involve a re-squaring of the Capricorn group of planets as they begin to turn direct. While there are not a lot of celestial aspects this week on the 11th the Sun will trine Jupiter (one of the Capricorn trio). Jupiter will be and has been at the same degree since Aug. 24th and will remain there thru Oct 1st. When a planet is in the process of stationing to turn either direct or retrograde they hover in place for a while bringing intensity of their particular energy to focus there. This is longer for the outer planets. Jupiter will station on Saturday the 12th. Here is the Jupiter degree Sabian symbol to hold close for this extended period:



KEYNOTE:            The protection afforded to individuals and groups by powerful institutions in charge of maintaining order.


Do you see any correlation with the situations happening in America currently? We are in unprecedented times where the imbalance of so many aspects of modern society beckons for realignment.


As the planets, so very far away, go about their trajectory of cycles around our solar system they traverse the 12 regions of space known as the zodiac. They personally don’t give a rat’s ass about how we encounter their individual energies, they are just present and doing their thing. Here on earth we each are tasked with the responsibility of finding our most efficient path thru each life cycle we encounter. Too often we might hear words to the effect that the planets are causing this, that or the other to transpire, when the reality is that the events occurring are the result of our choices in each moment. Ignoring the celestial conversations that are transpiring around us and not recognizing that we are always invited to join in these dialogues may be where we are often led astray by our choices to ignore a larger context we dwell within and just focus in on our druthers.


Yes, there is tension in the air these days. It is not being caused by the planets, but is because we are making determinations that do not pay attention to the whispers upon the winds of change that we are attempting to drown out with self-importance. Mars has been in Aries the sign of “here I am” and driving an impulse engine to initiate things of all sorts. It entered the Aries portion of the zodiac back near the end of June and will enter the next sign of Taurus in January of 2021. Because of its current retrograde cycle this is an extended visit to this region of space. Mars does this retrograde dance about every couple of years. In Aries the last time was in August of 1988. During that time it was the run up to the Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune conjunction in Capricorn at the edges of this Mars being square to Neptune cycle.


Let’s ponder the Mars in Aries square Neptune in Capricorn conversation that may have been going on back then. We already know that Mars in Aries can get a bit hot around the collar and especially when moving backwards as this is not when he is at his finest. Think of impulsive, charging headfirst energy being required to put on the brakes and actually go backwards over area it has already been and conquered. Neptune in Capricorn for many years was presenting options for meaningful organized leadership and governance that likely sought a broader range of inclusiveness in the process. At the same time the imagination was being stimulated off the tracks of the same old, same old processes of how to do things. This was just prior to Uranus entering the scene with unpredictability shaking things up. This Mars in Aries said to this “I’m out of here with these rules of what is being attempted to control me (us).” During the early 90’s we witnessed the disbanding of many organizations as folks wandered off to discover their own paths, ostensibly out from under the authority regimes they had found themselves in for however long.


We are in similar waters these days as authority attempts to contain the rules of superiority over the masses. The Pluto factor being in the current mix can have some rather more intense ramifications of life/death proportions attempting to facilitate a new rebirthing process. The challenge is always based on how stuck one is with maintaining the way it was and not recognizing requirements to alter one’s trajectory. The natural impulse of all of life is toward change and sometimes this arrives very dynamically. The pendulum of momentum has currently swung so far in the direction of materialistic overpowering of nature that the repercussions as it halts and begins its return cycle are going to be intense.


So, as this week unfolds, the stationing of Mars and Jupiter are asking us to embrace a level of change that will be with us for the foreseeable future. Neptune is still in the picture as the Sun opposes it on Friday the 11th. Here is a look at the Sabian symbol for the Sun in this configuration:



KEYNOTE:            The need of cooperative effort in reaching any “New World” of experience.


It is difficult to know, from the original formulation of the clairvoyant’s vision, the type of caravan of cars that was visualized; what seems to be clearly implied is a process in which a group of persons are journeying together-thus linking their consciousnesses and energies (the “car” symbol)-in order to safely reach the goal of destiny. Here there is no longer any sense of competition, but an ordered and structured endeavor.


At this last stage of the five-fold sequence the past is entirely left behind; men cooperate in the great “adventure in consciousness” in a TOTALIZATION OF PURPOSE AND EFFORT.


Have a great week all, and loosen your grip on the reality that seeks to change.










Celestial Chatter 8-31 to 9-6


Okay folks, hopefully you are still keeping your seat belts fastened. Over the last couple weeks we have seen the political theatre spin versions of reality that for the most part don’t seem to reflect the severity of the human tenuous grasp toward a more inclusive future of shared participation. I don’t intend to wander too far down the rabbit hole of politics, but would caution all of us to be aware of the long-range square aspect that exists between Mars in Aries and Saturn in Capricorn. Aries is individuality and Mars as its ruler can stimulate a certain warrior archetype even if it is portrayed in terms of salvation for its own merits. Saturn in Capricorn is the rules and structures of any organization attempting to control or at least hold things within certain constraints at the collective level. The square is tension that in this case pits the individual views against the collective viewpoint. We require both perspectives but not in an exclusive way which seems to be on the table currently.


During this upcoming week Mars is slowing down and remains within 2° of this square to Saturn and will turn retrograde next week on the 9th contributing to the continued tension that is in the air. Between now and the middle of October Mars will retrograde back into squares with this Saturn and Pluto and Jupiter (Capricorn Council). It will then turn direct (Nov. 13th) and once again cross the square aspect with this trio going into January of next year. One thing to be thankful for is that when Mars squares Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius in January it will be in Taurus and this is a very different set of circumstances to embrace. The Plutonic factor will still be from the Aries/Capricorn perspective and around the same time that Jupiter and Saturn conjoin and enter Aquarius transpiring in late December.


While I don’t generally start to consider the next year ahead so early in the current year, this is not something that we can back into gingerly. There are factors of imminent importance on the table currently that need to be included now.


As September arrives the full Moon in Pisces asks us to contemplate deeper issues at work. Here is the Sabian symbol for this full moon to ponder upon:



KEYNOTE:            The capacity inherent in every individual to seek at whatever cost entrance to a transcendent realm of reality.


This refers to the ancient and eternal symbol of the Path of Discipleship. The greatness of man is that he can always be greater; and the belief-deeply rooted in men’s inner nature-that if he fulfills the necessary conditions, he can find “Elder Brothers” who have already attained a higher level of consciousness and will transfer their attainment and light to him. The Path is always open to the pure in heart, the mentally aware, the conqueror of emotions and the spiritually self-mobilized.


This symbol opens the sixty-ninth five-fold sequence and a new level of consciousness. Man is always in the making and remaking. He can always go further, reach beyond. But he has to take the first step. Someone can show him the Path, but he alone can do the walking. Thus the Zen injunction: WALK ON.


On the first as well, Venus in Cancer moves into opposition with Saturn. Does this assist in quelling any of the blatant division that is being stirred up in our western culture? Venus does portray potential partnership, but in this case the aspects speak to this being one of the factors that is on the table asking to be included in the fray. It will, of course, be up to us individually to push for this inclusion. It is in Cancer so there are factors of homes on the brink of dynamic change, and into what we must query? Venus is moving into a square with our Mars factor on Thursday the 3rd. Home and family in tension with individual autonomy does not necessarily mean that the Mars warrior archetype can’t come to the rescue of family values that are under threat. This is the nature of the peaceful demonstrations happening all over the country and the world currently. I know that the disrupters too often get the media and political presses attention for trying to hijack the opportunity to tear down the establishment using the peaceful marches as cover. Here is the Sabian symbol for the degree of Venus in this equation from Dane Rudhyar’s “An Astrological Mandala”:



KEYNOTE:            Inner rebirth through a total acceptance of the primordial values manifest in the human body and its natural functions.


Even as this symbol was formulated in the clairvoyant’s mind, a few individuals belonging to the American intelligentsia were trying to find in their absorption into the culture of the Indian pueblos of the Southwest a solution to their intellectual artificiality and personal emotional emptiness. Fifty years later this process has gained great momentum, especially among the disenchanted youth of our affluent middle class. The soul or in Jungian terms, the “anima” is leading the sophisticated and colorless (white!) intellect to a level of consciousness at which man can again operate in tune with the vast process of the biosphere and recover the simplicity-and the inner peace which city life and business deny.


At this third stage of the twenty-fourth fivefold sequence the situations presented in the two preceding symbols can be seen combined and projected into a possibility of dramatic transformation. What is shown here is an emotional and warm commitment to the RETURN TO NATURE which today appeals so strongly to the new generation, but which Jean Jacques Rousseau, many great Romanticists and Gauguin long ago advocated and exemplified.


One other factor on the 3rd is a trine formed from Mercury in Virgo to the Saturn consideration. As Virgo is the realm of organizing thought and discipline in the zone of the worker, craftsman, mentor and monk, these are the underpinning of support required by the establishment in order to carry out its mission. Currently there is a large portion of this group that is feeling increasingly alienated from the corporate structures ability to embrace meaningful change and inclusion. For way too long no matter how much effort is applied at the workers level, economics seem to just be plugging along while a select few garner the lion’s share of the rewards. These are factors in the continued unrest we see in the ongoing demonstrations playing out across the planet.


On Friday the 4th a harmonic sextile forms from Mercury to Venus from thoughtful Virgo. The question in the air will continue to be a reflection on the disparity of economic rule that we are being asked to support and what the true costs of continuing along this trajectory will foster.


As Friday turns into Saturday the Moon joins up with Mars in its square to the Capricorn Trio. We might hearken back to the full Moon query as to appropriate delineation of our individuality as inclusive of many (or is that all) others. On this day there are some other energy shifts in the works that are worth mentioning. Mercury concludes its sojourn thru Virgo and enters Libra. Does the voice of the other riding on the coattails of organized communication become more inclusive?


Venus leaves the realm of the home and family on Sunday and enters the theatre of Leo. You might sense the ongoing sextile that Venus and Mercury have been sharing as these energy shifts transpire. Venus, ruler of Libra, where Mercury is stimulating conversation, from the field of outward expression and taking chances Leo, could actually stimulate the breaking out of some rather dynamic expressions aimed at investigating togetherness in new ways.


I would just float an idea out at this point related to the current unrest situations. What if those folks demonstrating could agree to set a limit on the demonstrations to conclude at dusk each day and leave the scene for only those who are attempting to use them as cover for destructive ends. Two things might be accomplished. One is it would be much easier for the authorities to identify the destructive factors, and two those with messages of a plea for dynamic change to transpire would not be hijacked by the few hell bent on destroying everything they can. Also the daylight hours would be more challenging for disruptors to hide in the shadows. Just a thought…Do you think we could pull something of this caliber off as a collective movement to demonstrate the potential harmony sought after by the currently not so silent majority? It’s not easy when the same brush is painting everyone demonstrating as protestors including the anarchists mixed in. You might notice I am using the term demonstrators and protestors very deliberately. In this country the law says we can peacefully demonstrate to express our will. Protesting and rioting fit into a different scenario that benefits no one and gives opportunity to the law and order factor to wield its power ruthlessly.


The folks of this country and the world are watching what we do. In the historic scenarios that have played out overthrows of established systems have obtained a brief window where the change appears to have accomplished some form of success. However within a short amount of time the same factors that have always been calling the shots resurface in new forms to accomplish their same agendas of harnessing the masses to do their bidding. This is not how community will survive or continue to exist unless that is your goal. I suspect that the imbalance factor has reached a critical threshold where if we can’t work more efficiently together, for the whole being inclusive, we are on a treadmill for a repetition of paths we have trod for too long. A more practical solution would be to collectively determine what would be most appropriate for the most folks globally and take the necessary steps in that direction to replace what does not fit that scenario with what does. I would admit, and no one has ever indicated, that this would be easy because the pendulum has swung to such a militaristic and materialistic length that its recoil will be potent. We are not alone on this planet with this objective.




The new astrological month begins on Saturday with the advent of Virgo 2020. Here is a link to my Youtube consideration for the first half of the Virgo season… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yuk2qHc16Zg




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