Celestial Chatter

Celestial Chatter 8-10 to 16


Each week I sit down and consider who is conversing with whom and what direction are they inviting us to follow along? The solar orb is still crossing the heavens with Leo as the backdrop. Mercury is racing to catch up with the Sun and will do so, but not until next week. The Moon continues to circle the earth changing dance partners on a semi regular basis. This week, in conjunction with Uranus first and by the end of the week with Venus all the while unfolding the solar lunar interplay that this week includes the waning quarter phase. The Sun forms a YOD as the focal planet with Neptune and Jupiter. Lest we not forget, Mars is stirring the pot with the Capricorn trio forming multiple square aspects. Tension is in the air.


What might be the pressing words that seek audience as today Mercury forms a square with Uranus? The fixed signs of Leo and Taurus are the backdrops for this interchange of potentially flippant conversation with a purpose. Monday’s Moon conjoining Uranus as this transpires just ahead of the waning lunar square might prove a ponder able moment if words have sought air time that were not actually well thought out.


The YOD brings a focal imperative for some form of resolution with irresolvable energies. The Neptune/Jupiter sextile could seek an often-illusive spiritual theatre to work out dream states of possibility for society to follow. The Sun in Leo attempting to bring this to focus may desire to make a big display of this outworking that could be over the top from the subtle zone of its inception.


Thursday finds Mars in square to Pluto. The two rulers of Scorpio are not necessarily the most congenial energies to referee any situation together. Mars in Aries is hot to trot individuality, while Pluto in Capricorn is attempting to facilitate meaningful, though dynamic, change on the large scale that could involve a certain amount of carnage. Oh, did I mention that this could be intense?


Saturday the lunar music comes to dance with Venus in the home front of Cancer. This might play well as we seek to not confront each other too radically in our cooped up home stay most of us are experiencing. Energy shows up at the same time with the Sun forming a trine to Mars in those fire elements of Leo and Aries. This needs to be held in the context of the Mars square to Pluto, Sun now quincunx to Pluto, and of course the ongoing YOD that now has Pluto on the sextile axis. To make it more interesting Mercury joins the fray as a YOD player with the Neptune/Jupiter focal point. That is a lot of astro jargon to follow, I know. Suffice it to say that this next weekend there will be many divergent avenues vying for your attention that may or may not rub you well depending on how chill you remain. If there are contentious factors in your world this might be a good weekend to avoid participating with them.


Celestial Chatter 8-3 to 9




KEYNOTE:            The necessity of recognizing differences of types and levels of development wherever human beings live and work together.


This symbol obviously refers to the ascending process of evolution of life forms and consciousness. It seems to apply especially to the fact that differences of levels exist among human beings. The ideal of equalitarianism has to be balanced by a realization that hierarchy of levels is a fact of nature. Each person should be aware of the level at which he (or she) stands, even as he strives to move toward a higher one. He should look up for inspiration and examples, while helping the human beings of the next lower level to reach up. This is the great give-and-take of evolution, and it applies to sociocultural evolution as well as to the progression of biological species.


At this second stage of the sixty-third sequence we find a symbol of “ascent,” contrasting with the preceding one which implied a “descent” of spiritual forces. It warns us against sentimentally over stressing our Western equalitarianism which essentially applies to the spiritual core of all individual persons, considered “sons of God” or spiritual monads. Every human being is potentially divine as an individual person, but THE NATURAL PROGRESSION OF STATES OF CONSCIOUSNESS is an unavoidable reality to accept at the social mental level.


This is the Sabian symbol from Dane Rudhyar’s “An Astrological Mandala” for the full Moon that begins this week around 8:35 am PDT on Monday. If you have crystals to recharge tonight would be the time to place them out under the full lunar energy.


This week is brought to you by “M” for Moon, Mercury and Mars. There is some Saturn in the mix as well as Venus, Jupiter and Neptune. These are the main players to dance with as the week unfolds. On Monday Mercury forms an opposition with Saturn across the Cancer/Capricorn axis. Our perceptions resting in the arms of home, hearth, mother and clan is attempting to ferret out just what the rule makers are trying to set or keep in motion that seems to have minimal regard for family life versus the work-a-day grind. Somewhere in the middle lies the answer. Speaking of middle Uranus will be “T” square to this full Moon today. Depending on how fixed we are about what we are holding onto will determine the work required to awaken to new opportunity attempting to awaken us.


Tuesday finds Jupiter and Mars forming a first square from Capricorn to Aries. This is kind of a precursor to Mars moving on to form squares with Pluto and Saturn as well three times during the rest of the year as it does its retrograde swing. This one with Jupiter speaks to opportunity if we play our cars effectively to steer our personal ship under rules that could have longevity.


Wednesday and we find Mercury shifting from Cancer to Leo and inspiration to think a bit more out of the box surfaces if we are willing to take some risks. Not just any risk will have this potential. The ones that carry merit will have us testing our vulnerability factors. The Sun is paying attention to our heart realm at this time.


Thursday finds the Moon conjunct to Neptune in Pisces. This could trigger a potential awakening within the soul sector to our place in the larger framework of creation.


Friday and Venus shifts from Gemini into Cancer. You might almost sense inkling to invite an other to come home with you. Or, the formatting of being at home could invade many of the encounters we have with one another, as long as we observe correct Covid protocol.


Saturday and Sunday the Moon catches up with first Chiron and then Mars both in Aries. With Mars this is again a re-up of the Jupiter square Mars signature. We are being asked if we sense a meaningful format in our self-discovery that fits effectively into the larger format of society.


Here is the Sabian symbol for this Moon/Mars moment: (ARIES 22°): THE GATE TO THE GARDEN OF ALL FULFILLED DESIRES.


KEYNOTE:            Abundance made possible by human togetherness and cooperation.


In contrast to the crude and cruel road to fame and power symbolized by the prize fighter, we now see a symbol of apparently wide-open and effortless fulfillment. Alone, a human being, can barely survive in nature’s great life drama; in organized groups men can in due time fulfill their desires. The abundant life is in theory open to all. At least this is the ideal, the great dream. This symbol can also be given an erotic meaning, referring to womanhood.


At the second stage of this series of symbols, the goal of happiness dominates the consciousness of cultural man, the more validly so the more modest his desires. Religious philosophies, like American New Thought, glorify this social feeling of abundance, glamorizing it into an avid cosmic OPTIMISM and a cult of success.


I would offer a footnote to Dane’s words about eroticism and womanhood as likely an effect of the times he was writing these words. See it as you need to.





































Link to Leo monthly forecast YouTube:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P7X4PzrKip0


Celestial Chatter 7-20 to 26


As this lunar month draws to a close, today is the second new Moon of the month cycle. We began with a new Moon four weeks ago on the summer solstice at 0° of Cancer and with Leo just around the corner we begin this week with another new Moon on the 29th degree of Cancer. We have had the experience of the Moon touching every aspect of the celestial heavens by aspect at least twice, two of which were eclipses, and now it is the Sun that is graced once again by this lunar dance. In the early morning hours here on the west coast the Moon opposed Pluto and will oppose Saturn as it conjoins the Sun. I am going to keep this missive short as the Sun moves into Leo on Wednesday this week and I will be presenting my next YouTube video consideration for the month ahead that will cover the next four weeks.


Any new Moon brings the opportunity to meditate upon setting one’s intentions for the next lunar cycle. Where this degree sits within your particular zodiacal chart can have relevance as to the particular arena where the focus of energy begins this process. So, wherever the ultimate degrees of Cancer reside for you, consider if there might be particular lessons (opposition to Saturn) that could require more diligence on your part. This will fall across that Cancer/Capricorn axis of your life so home and career matters may have relevance. It could just as easily mean family and social recognition are on the table.


Here are the two degrees Sabian symbols from Dane Rudhyar’s “An Astrological Mandala” that are relevant to ponder as you set this next month’s agenda:



KEYNOTE:            Inner rebirth through a total acceptance of the primordial values manifest in the human body and its natural functions.


Even as this symbol was formulated in the clairvoyant’s mind, a few individuals belonging to the American intelligentsia were trying to find in their absorption into the culture of the Indian pueblos of the Southwest a solution to their intellectual artificiality and personal emotional emptiness. Fifty years later this process has gained great momentum, especially among the disenchanted youth of our affluent middle class. The soul or in Jungian terms, the “anima” is leading the sophisticated and colorless (white!) intellect to a level of consciousness at which man can again operate in tune with the vast process of the biosphere and recover the simplicity – and the inner peace which city life and business deny.


At this third stage of the twenty-fourth fivefold sequence the situations presented in the two preceding symbols can be seen combined and projected into a possibility of dramatic transformation. What is shown here is an emotional and warm commitment to the RETURN To NATURE which today appeals so strongly to the new generation, but which jean Jacques Rousseau, many great Romanticists and Gauguin long ago advocated and exemplified.





KEYNOTE: The intuitive weighing of alternatives.


This symbol seems to show that the “return to nature” pictured in the preceding symbol is only one of two possibilities. Somehow the re-polarization of consciousness and life activities implied by that symbol may be more a dream or ideal than a practical reality. In any case, at this stage in the process of individualization two ways are open. The individual person may hesitate before making his decision. His “intuition” (the Muse) is able to show him what the choice is. Perhaps there can be a way of combining the two alternatives. But, as the next symbol implies, the one which in the end has the greatest appeal may not be the “nature” way. The “white boy” may rather bring the “Indian girl” to the city, as in Pocahontas’ life story.


The fourth stage of this sequence of symbols reveals to us the pro and con operation of the mind when faced with a vital decision. Because it is the “Muse” that is doing the weighing, it is apparent that forces deeper or higher than the intellect are actually at work – the intuitive mind, or what Jung calls the “anima,” i.e. the psychic function which relates ego-consciousness to the collective Unconscious. What we see happening, at the very threshold of a new cycle, is an INNER PRESENTATION OF ALTERNATIVES.


I am going to include the Sabian symbol for the last degree of Cancer as these three degrees portray the unfolding of a consideration that is all relevant to this current new Moon and some of the issues our colonial minded culture is facing now.




KEYNOTE:            The prestige and conservatism of a long-maintained heritage.


Here we have a symbol of the proud preservation of socio-cultural values in a tradition. After several generations the ancestor who was perhaps a violent revolutionist or rabble-rouser-or even a fugitive from justice, acquires a halo of respectability. The tradition that once was born of revolution now extols “law and order,” attempting to suppress any new forms of the same revolutionary spirit.


This is the last symbol of the section of the cycle referring mainly to the consolidation and concretization of life urges within a stable form of organization. In many instances the scenes presented picture social activities or events, yet at this stage it is the individual person and the problems attendant upon his development that are primarily considered.


This eighth scene with a keynote of “Consolidation,” began with the study of a traditional symbol for personality integration, the Mandala, it ends with an example of what occurs when the individual chooses a path which totally embodies and glorifies tradition, a path which ends in a GLORIFICATION OF THE PAST.


Celestial Chatter 7-13 to 19


In the wee early hours of Monday the Moon, our monthly focus planet, has just completed the waning quarter phase from Aries to the Cancer Sun. It goes on from there to square the Capricorn trio. As Monday unfolds Mars catches up with Chiron, Tuesday the Moon conjuncts Uranus, and the Sun moves into opposition with Jupiter retrograde. Wednesday the Sun opposes Pluto and the Moon trines the Capricorn trio. Thursday the Moon will catch up with Venus in Gemini. Friday the Moon will square Neptune retrograde. Saturday once again the Moon moves back into Cancer and conjoins with Mercury beginning to accelerate in forward motion. On Sunday as the week draws to a close the Moon squares Chiron and Mars, sextiles Uranus and trines Neptune retrograde as she (Moon) begins its opposition to the Capricorn trio.


The weekly focal signatures will continue to be the Capricorn trio and added to this is the Mars/Chiron conjunction in Aries, and of course the lunar stroll interacting with these and other energy signatures. The week begins with the Moon forming the waning square to the Sun and this can be seen as a time to where internal crisis appears depending on how well we have embraced the many forks our life path has provided us opportunity to investigate during this lunar focused month. Our consciousness may sense inklings of revolution seeking new direction as old patterns lose relevance. It is always a challenge to break out into fresh avenues of adventure when those who have known you continue to hold you within their perspective of how they have come to understand you. This last quarter Moon from Aries to Cancer could be a triggering to break free from familial patterns and the societal constraints because of the Capricorn trio’s (square) involvement in the decision task we all face. I have spoken at length about the Capricorn trio so am not going to repeat myself here other than to say there is a restlessness at work within the governing principals on planet earth.


With the lunar focus this month it may appear that the thoughts that are coming thru from our celestial neighbors are potentially fleeting and moving thru in rapid succession, but many of the other planetary aspects have a much wider berth of influence time-wise that can linger and begin well before the actual perfection of their respective aspects transpiring. Picture, if you will, heading toward a meeting of some sort that you are to encounter and knowing it is approaching. Many are the thoughts as to what will transpire based on your own perspective and knowing that others there may have different viewpoints to bring to the table. Tuning into the celestial dance transpiring around us, that I am translating, as potential opportunity to listen to energies that while not necessarily requiring us to pay attention to or embrace, we are being asked to at least listen and if inspired to join in the conversation from our earth-based perspective. The planets cannot force any particular action on our parts, but being aware of their presence as part of a larger frame of reference is what I have been tasked to bring for us to consider. Often times you might hear or sense the presence of certain types of energetic processes unfolding around us that seem a bit larger in context than we as mere humans could possibly have an influence upon. Do not underestimate the potency of our collective focus to alter societal direction.


That is enough philosophizing for Monday. Let’s see what the rest of the week might have us ponder. Tuesday the Moon is involved in a shape-shifting moment with Uranus where we are being asked to fathom potentially disruptive factors. Keep the faith for it is the function of Uranus, as the Great Awakener, to place opportunity before us to be shaken out of our stupor and sleepiness to what is going on around us. Mars the impulsive force to strike out in a direction of action conjoins with Chiron. Who is Chiron and how do you expect this centaur to be inspired by this uptick in available energy? Healer, wounded, and aren’t we all? Mentor is a part of this archetypal being. There are lesson plans always at work that surround any Chiron process. Just last week Chiron went into its retrograde cycle until early December. I am just going to include the Sabian symbol for the degree of this meeting from Dane Rudhyar’s “An Astrological Mandala” for you to ponder:



KEYNOTE:            Revision of attitude at the beginning of a new cycle of experience.


This phase is the fifth of the second fivefold sequence, and in it we find expressed the capacity to restate the problem inherent in the first phase, i.e. the problem of focusing one’s energies upon emotional drives and cultural values, which exclude far more than they include. The subsequent stages of development taken together have added considerably to this attitude; as a result, there arises in the consciousness a desire to reformulate at a new level much that had been taken for granted because it indeed originally had been an evolutionary necessity. The very concrete emotion arousing images of the past can now be reinterpreted as “symbols” with a wider scope of meaning.


At this fifth stage a new dimension of consciousness is discovered, revealing higher possibilities of experience and mental development. This is a phase Of ABSTRACTION and of emotional allegiance.


Tuesday also has the Sun beginning to oppose our Capricorn Trio beginning with the Jupiter signature of not being held back to within any set of circumstance that has limitations built in. The Sun as the purveyor of spiritual fuel in Cancer is making sure that we do not forget the vital force at our roots of home and clan, of mother and nurturance, and of protector and healer. Ruled by the Moon that has been contacting and will contact every aspect of the celestial enfold at least twice this month, has been serving this reminder to those of us willing to lend and ear and for sure our hearts at this time. Here are some energy signatures that Cancer brings to the table at this time: activating compassion, illuminating soul vision, and expressing empathy.


Wednesday finds the Sun opposing Pluto retrograde. Picture the energetic Cancer archetype brought to bear upon a force that seeks a rebirthing, regeneration, renewal and change at the level of governance and legitimate responsibility toward our home planet earth. To add emphasis to this the Moon will form a trine to this Capricorn trio on this day from Taurus or the signature of survival and mother earth.


Though I had anticipated a concise description of this week’s celestial dance I have been taken by spirit into the embrace of my fellow journeyers and the words continue to beckon for further steps to follow. My apologies, if this goes on too long.


Thursday and the Moon moves into conjunction with Venus in Gemini. The Moon can be said to represent feeling and Venus is the experiment of locating a level of perspective in the matrix of partnership. Gemini speaks to experimentation with how we think and communicate. It is the messenger of the gods, the storyteller, trickster, eternal youth and shape-shifter. There are always at least two sides to any equation and we are being asked at this time to embrace as much as possible both of them. Here is some Gemini thoughts to include in this ponder: seeking knowledge, demonstrating awareness, and adapting concepts. Don’t be in too much of a hurry to dismiss the perspectives others in your circle bring for you to consider. Here is the Sabian symbol for the Venus/Moon moment to ponder:



KEYNOTE:   The capacity to transcend the limitations of bodily existence.


In order to function in the world of material entities man needs to focus the energies of life in a limited organism and an ego mind that is formed by the pressures of a particular culture and family background. Yet a time comes when the individual can still transcend the limiting boundaries of culture and ego. An effort should then be made to enter a realm of consciousness in which the communication from mind to mind can take a more direct form, because the minds then operate within the One Mind of humanity. It is then as if two cells in a human body were communicating to each other, perhaps through some kind of invisible nerve channels, or, as it were, from nucleus to nucleus by means of vibratory resonance.


At this fourth stage of the fivefold sequence we see the potentiality of a new technique to be used in the “newly opened lands” confronting the pioneers in human evolution. It is a TECHNIQUE OF TRANSCENDENCE. It evidently can also bring confusion and many failures, as well as illusory claims and self-deceit.


Friday arrives and the Venus/Moon dance is still in the air as the Moon squares Neptune retrograde in Pisces. The depth of the pool has just increased. In terms of adding to our previous lunar considerations the poet and the mystic-visionary have just put in an appearance to, with any luck, add some spiritual awareness and universal love potion into our considerations. Oh, let’s not leave out the potential for illusion, delusion and many of the other dreamy potential that Neptune brings to the table. The trick is always to make sure one is grounded well when wandering across the line into the realms of unlimited imagination. While it can be an awesome tool for stepping beyond the seemingly known it can as well allow for the wanderer to become lost in the Land of Oz. Here are some words to think upon: foggy or enchanting, emotional or romantic, illusory or empathic, and confused or mystical. Should prove to be an interesting Friday.


Saturday and the Moon returns to Cancer once again and almost immediately conjoins with Mercury. Having just visited the Gemini zone this reconnect with Mercury and now no longer retrograde it is likely that many of those ponderings and investigations you hopefully did during its backward path will be inspired to seek audience. This will, most likely, be with those close to you like family and good friends or basically those who you might share some form of rooted connection with. I would not be too surprised to see some significant soul searching being accomplished as this week draws to a close, as none of us is alone in perceiving the matters afoot these days we are being queried to locate meaning from.


Just so we don’t become too complacent, Sunday brings a variety of lunar intermingling with its celestial neighbors. A square is formed with the Mars/Chiron signature. This is an invitation to embrace the value our learning curve might share with our close compatriots in this earth-walk. At the same time the Moon sextiles Uranus in Taurus and we are reminded of the vitality of being tuned into mother earth as home and what may be required to protect it from our human drive to exploit her. As Sunday evening wanes in the closing hours the Moon forms the opposition to Jupiter. How large of an inclusion are you willing to embrace as meaningful to both home and organizational business practices we face today? Is business as usual or getting back to normal at all costs really attainable or even meaningful to our soul contract we agreed to when we incarnated?


Every week I am invited to spend between 1 and 3 hours in conversation with the celestial team to ponder appropriate offerings for these “Celestial Chatter” posts. I would not have it any other way as the invitation is so profound in what I am given audience to translate into human language and share with you. Fortunately I am retired and astrology, which has been a passion for the past 51 years, has chosen me to be a vehicle for sharing the messages our celestial neighbors care to offer. I am as well thankful to have been shown a shamanic path to embrace that includes this same celestial tribe that we earthlings are constantly invited to dance with as we remember and tune into the deeper and more resonant fields of human experience we share with one another.


Not unlike interpreting someone’s astrological direction from their birth and other charts, these weekly episodes unfold often in very unpredictable ways. I know I am often surprised at what is shared thru my conscious connection with this greater family. In doing chart readings with folks I am equally surprised at what come thru the words that often seem to appear from thin air as we wander along the potential pathways that life brings for us to consider. We must always remember that there is no one pathway opened before any of us but we are the ones responsible for utilizing our choices most effectively.







Celestial Chatter 7-6 to 12


Over night (Sunday into Monday) the Moon crossed the paths of the Jupiter/Pluto conjunction and the close by Saturn now back in Capricorn. On Monday the Moon as it proceeds on thru Aquarius will sextile Mars, trine Venus and square Uranus. Put all that together with the Moon’s early morning conjunction with Saturn retrograde and the only major aspect not included is the opposition. Wednesday as the Moon moves from Aquarius to Pisces, Mars forms a square to Mercury in its retrograde path from Aries to Cancer. Friday the Moon crosses the path of Neptune retrograde hovering at 20° in Pisces. Saturday the Moon forms a square to Mercury as it stations retrograde just prior to conjunction with first Mars and then Chiron in sextile to Venus. Sunday draws our week to a close with Neptune retrograde in trine to the Sun from Pisces to Cancer, and the reverse direction of Mercury halting.


As I sat down to contemplate the planetary dance for this week my first impression was that there was not a lot of dynamic interplay to write about. If it were not for the lunar trajectory this might have been proven correct. The Moon can be seen as spirit listening to its own inward being in its symbol of the two arcs of spirit embracing each other. If we hold that thought throughout this particular lunar cycle and the emphasis of the solar Cancer journey, it portrays the potential for significant soul searching in play in most of this week’s (month’s) planetary interaction.


Over night on Sunday into Monday this lunar soul search tuned into that retrograde group in Capricorn as we ponder what might be appropriate action required when considering the function of leadership in the world these days. Is the heart on board with the social direction we seem to be headed in? Do you sense the embrace of nurturance and camaraderie we bring each other consistently? These are essay considerations and easy or pat answers most likely will not suffice.


With the Moon on Monday sojourning thru Aquarius and creating multiple aspects, there are social questions on the table. Is my Martian take able to appreciate the value of others in a hurried path forward? Does my Venus curiosity have the capacity to listen well to others? Can we tune into areas of Chironic unfavorable parental support others may have had to endure on their respective paths? And finally that Uranus square from Taurus; might there be any disruption or sudden embracing of our connection to Mother Earth and her messages she is broadcasting? These are more essay ponderings. While many look to the astrological messages to provide ready-made answers, it is more likely we are being queried to meditate upon our attunement to the larger context the planetary dance represents.


Wednesday our lunar companion, having initiated the recent eclipse considerations, moves into the deepest and most profound arena of the zodiac, and that would be Pisces. Here the invitation presented to our lunar parts is to reflect upon what might or might not have value to be included in the matrix of creating a genuine new beginning? Source, itself, is present as in no other location of the zodiac where the soul is invited to experience whether or not we will sense the burning fires attempting to separate us from our prejudices of choice, or can there be a willing release of persons, places and things that while seemingly helpful in our trajectory to this point are ready to fade into the background because they are distractions from our soul journey. To add some spice to our Wednesday consideration Mars moves into square with Mercury retrograde. This can serve as a reminder to chill, while there will be those that having held themselves back recently release thoughts that have not ripened sufficiently and create bitter aftertaste upon our tongues and within our minds that may linger after-words.


First Mercury on Thursday almost standing still, at the end of its retrograde dance, trines the Moon, and Venus is being squared by the Moon for some added emphasis to our mission to be diplomatic, as we have to let those who have been on our wavelength for appropriate, if not too long a cycle know who we really are, and be thankful for their participation but a broader arena beckons our participation, and that while they are welcome to follow they will have to find their own path. Sorry for the length of that last sentence but we are treading into sacred space that needs to be expressed in as inclusive a fashion as possible. We did not get to where we are alone and going forward will bring us into connection with others along what can be seen as a narrower or broader pathway where the past endeavors do not necessarily fit. A sextile to Uranus on Thursday can be a reminder to make sure the planet upon which we dwell is part of the matrix and to keep our seatbelts handy if things shake up a bit more than normal.


Friday the Moon forms a trine with the Sun, a conjunction with Neptune and sextiles to the Capricorn trio of retrograde planets. The Sun trine inspires our vitality if we include our connection to meaningful clan members (a possibly changing landscape these days). Neptune, Neptune, Neptune, at home in Pisces can inspire flights of fancy as the poet and mystic parts within us are aroused. Dreams can beckon us into visionary journeys that our psychic capacities awaken to. Just as easily if one has not been accomplishing what their incarnational journey has in store for us delusion, and mayhem out of control can grip our imagination and take us down some challenging pathways. Choose your forward footsteps wisely. The emphasis on the water element can buoy us on our way by allowing us to embrace connective energy waves to everything, as long as we have our boundaries intact. Boundaries come more from the earth aspects within us than the fluid water nature. The sextile to our Capricorn trio might be just the ticket to grounding ourselves in this modern currency realm. We must always remember that we are made up of all four of the elements and seek to locate enough balance within them to keep our craft heading forward. There will be many distractions.


Saturday finds the Moon moving into Aries and almost immediately forming a square with Mercury as it stations and 4 hours later conjoining with Mars. Perhaps this is a reflection moment to yesterday’s potential Mercurial outbursts fanned by the Martian flames. The Moon is carrying with it the hopefully soothing waters of reconciliation from Pisces to create a connective balm between Cancer and Aries. While this may not be guaranteed, forgiveness can go a long way now. The Moon on this same day almost immediately conjoins with Chiron and sextiles Venus in Gemini and once again we are reminded to tune into appropriate interaction with the other in our thoughts and conversations.


Sunday, called after it’s namesake the Sun, moves into trine with Neptune in Pisces as the Moon moves into square with the Sun. There is still some work to do with regard our ponder moments on the deeper meaning of life and those who occupy our world. Mercury moves no further on its current retrograde path but is still going to be in a longer square pattern to Mars for a while. I might suggest slowly getting our thought processes in tune with our speech tools so as not to blow anyone out of the water prematurely. After all Sunday is suppose to be a day of rest. It is likely that the last 3 weeks of Mercury retrograding back thru Cancer have brought considerations to the fore about who exactly should be included in what we consider to be our clan? Home and its many definitions have as well sought to find an appropriate zone of influence in our matrix. How rooted is your heart to a place or the suggestion of the type of energy where your roots will find solace?


Well, so much for the idea of it being a rather uneventful week. We are in unprecedented times my friends. There is much afoot to ponder. I did not include any of the Sabian symbols to meditate upon even though, as usual, there are some dynamic factors this could bring up. I suspect that just bringing the words to life on these pages should be enough for all of us.


Have a productive week!







Celestial Chatter 6-29 to 7-5


As the week unfolds and we shift from June into July, the Moon one of our monthly focal points on Monday squares Saturn then forms a trine to the Sun. There is a quincunx to Mars as well in the mix. While I generally leave the quincunx alone Mars is the traditional ruler of Scorpio so the Moon’s journey there might more likely be energized and seek some form of resolve with the Mars just entering Aries to boot. The trine to the Sun speaks to our capacity to intimately tune into those our paths may cross. The square to Saturn in Aquarius could have us reflecting on appropriate structure in place for how we engage with one another. Perhaps these days that could be seen as masks and social distancing. While one may object to these measures the quincunx speaks to resolution requiring work to be effective.


As Monday unfolds the Moon will do the trine dance with Mercury retrograde as it approaches its conjunction with the Sun on Tuesday. Casimi of Mercury and the Sun will happen exactly at 7:45 pm PDT with it being in effect for most of that day. It should prove interesting to see if the vocal pronouncements that are allowed audience at this time are well thought out or not as it is likely that the general population is also under the Mercury retrograde trance. Since this occurs in Cancer and the Moon is in Scorpio there are likely to be at least some who take it to heart to emphasize home and clan values. Here is the Sabian symbol from Dane Rudhyar’s “An Astrological Mandala” to ponder about this casimi moment:



KEYNOTE:            The arduous training for perfection in order to fully manifest an ideal.


We are still dealing with the evolution of consciousness and of personality at a preliminary stage. The potentiality of a completely formed mind through which the light of understanding will shine brightly is already in evidence, but much work is still to be done. We may meditate upon the transformation of the “pond of water” (in the preceding symbol) into a diamond not yet completely cut. The conscious mind must acquire solidity so it can be worked upon by higher agencies-ideally by the teachers of the community. It no doubt must be a painful operation for the rough stone, but the goal is worth the suffering, the heat, and the grinding noise … provided of course the diamond cutter is an expert craftsman-a rare case among teachers


At this last stage of the fivefold sequence we once more deal with an operation which when completed will acquire a social value. When fully grown, the “game bird” (first stage) may satisfy a hungry stomach; once cut to perfection, the “diamond” may fill a woman with pride. As Keyword we suggest CRAFTSMANSHIP, here meaning especially the training for perfection.


With that thought on the table perhaps there is some need to choose what one voices with care. I find it ironic to see that this casimi moment is in sextile to Uranus and the Sabian symbol for Uranus echoes some concern:

(TAURUS 10°): A RED CROSS NURSE. ( Nurses in general are on the front lines)


KEYNOTE: The compassionate linking of all men. (while I might include all humans, I am inclined to include all of life)


This symbol reveals the feeling of human cooperation at the stage of pure altruism and service to the social Whole. On that foundation of Christ love (agape, or true companionship), man can reach a still higher level of experience made possible by the refinement of the substance of his being, his consciousness and his will. This goes beyond imagination and faith in the future, beyond Christmas tree celebrations, for it implies going into the dark to bring life and love to the tormented and the deprived.


At this final stage of the five-fold sequence we see what is finally open as new potentiality to the “widow before an open grave”, the closing symbol of the preceding sequence. Personal attachment in love to a husband or wife has changed level becoming a CONSECRATION TO HUMANITY.


Add to this the square to Chiron in Aries at the same time and you might be brought to task during this unique Mercury retrograde cycle coupled with the field of Cancer:



KEYNOTE:            Revision of attitude at the beginning of a new cycle of experience.


This phase is the fifth of the second five-fold sequence, and in it we find expressed the capacity to restate the problem inherent in the first phase, i.e. the problem of focusing one’s energies upon emotional drives and cultural values which exclude far more than they include. The subsequent stages of development taken together have added considerably to this attitude; as a result, there arises in the consciousness a desire to reformulate at a new level much that had been taken for granted because it indeed originally had been an evolutionary necessity. The very concrete emotion arousing images of the past can now be reinterpreted as “symbols” with a wider scope of meaning.


At this fifth stage a new dimension of consciousness is discovered, revealing higher possibilities of experience and mental development. This is a phase Of ABSTRACTION and of emotional allegiance.


I am hearing the words from one of the Moody Blues’ songs drifting in the background of my consciousness; Tuesday… afternoon, I’m just beginning to see, now I’m on my way… Okay, the week is off to a fine and interesting start. Just incase you might have forgotten the conjunction that is transpiring as Jupiter once again conjoins Pluto as they both retrograde thru Capricorn, they perfect this dance late on Monday evening PDT as Jupiter crosses into earlier Capricorn. I have talked at length about this conjuncture so don’t see the necessity to go down that path here. Just noticed that the Moon opposes Uranus to add some more flavor to Tuesday. There is a lot of energy on the move on Tuesday this week.


On Wednesday July arrives and with it Saturn retrogrades from Aquarius back into Capricorn as the Moon makes a sextile to the Capricorn retrograde grouping. Sextile = empowerment thru synthesis; in other words these are sign elements that converse more easily with one another (earth & water) than may be the case for some others. The Moon will bring sensation into how we engage with that Capricorn signature from the Scorpio perspective that can increase the intensity level if one is not careful.


On Thursday the Moon opposes the recently direct motion Venus across the Sagittarius/Gemini matrix. Though brief as many of the Moon aspects are there is a resonance that the Moon (lunar month) and Venus share that has a lot to do with our more receptive and nurturing leanings. Thursday is a Jupiter day and expansion is on the table. Does this energy play out with Venus in Gemini seeking to entertain from a curious frame of reference how and who to hook up with? This may have a lot to do with how we have been affected by the recent retrograde dance Venus has been about. It is in Gemini for a lengthy cycle this year so proceed with concern and heart.


Friday is a day when we just might want to ponder on all that has been shared so far. Saturday we are greeted with the full Moon and the next lunar eclipse. With any lunar eclipse, the Earth stands somewhere between the Sun and the Moon. This would be our vitality, radiance, confident and warm expression opposed our capacities of nurturance, intuition, caring and rooted presence. A lunar eclipse is when we are set in motion to grasp as earthlings how to translate thru us these energetic signatures that are both required in some fashion. The Sabian symbol for this reads as follows:



KEYNOTE:            The will to unearth, in our culture as well as in any culture, what has permanent value, and to let go of nonessentials.


At a time when in nearly every land men are questioning and challenging the validity of traditional beliefs and customary attitudes, it becomes necessary to separate permanent values and great principles or symbols from the many individual habits and the sociopolitical developments which more often than not have perverted or even negated the original ideals of the culture. We must strive to free these ideals from the wild growth of personal and class selfishness, from the greed and ambition so prevalent in human nature, and learn to appreciate the excellence of what is the immortal seed foundation, as well as the spiritual harvest, of any culture, and by extension of every sustained and complete work produced by a man’s indomitable effort to achieve creative perfection.


In this fourth stage symbol we are shown the procedure which enables us to gain a deep and thorough appreciation of socio-cultural processes in their most enduring forms. What is needed is a penetrating and courageous insight founded upon a valid HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE. This applies to the past of an individual’s life as well as to the history of a nation or a group.


I cannot help but ponder the historical images being challenged and brought down or redecorated all around the country and world these days in representing historical bias to cultural suppression. There is much afoot seeking forgiveness and a huge cultural shift toward a more honest path forward.


Sunday finds the Moon charging head long into the Capricorn retrograde group. Perhaps feelings may be close to the surface on matters related to rulership, rules and the potential to shift this paradigm. There are very strong opinions surfacing these days from those who continue to ignore truths of our conquest of cultures and nature and a rising tide of those who see shortcomings in not addressing these matters. Whatever our choices we are most likely in for a bumpy ride thru this.




Celestial Chatter 6-22 to 28


I awoke this morning with the distinct image of a deck of cards being shuffled and we all were part of this deck. This scene was enhanced as I observed that as this shuffling was transpiring each of us was being brought into contact and communication with others that we would not usually find ourselves communing with. I heard a distinct woman’s voice call out and that awakened me from the dream state. But, the image persists as I consider the planetary messages that are on the table this morning. Yesterday one of the most potent solar eclipses of our generation transpired right on the summer solstice. I put together last week a YouTube video discussing my take on this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UVWWT8Y13ng&t=8s

Suffice it to comment that this opening of celestial energy will linger with us for a long time ahead if we are paying attention to the call for awakening to a difference and uniqueness that has been sent to the far corners, or maybe it has arrived from those far corners, of the universe. Astro physics or quantum physics recognize the immediate and conjoined energetic simultaneously occurring everywhere, and that my friends is what we are constantly and perhaps more specifically being called to embrace now.


Now back to the astrology for the upcoming week. While there are only a few actual planetary markers for the week ahead it would be in error to not consider the solar eclipse that happened as we entered into the Cancer season on Saturday. Since we are in the season of the Moon (ruler of Cancer) it might be interesting to view the trajectory of the Moon over this next lunar cycle. It begins with a conjunction to Mercury retrograde on Sunday the 21st, but before this forms a square to Chiron and sextile to Uranus as well today the 21st. Monday is a trine to first Neptune as it stations in preparation for it’s retrograde season, and then Mars. But, before accomplishing the trine to Mars it has an opposition with the Jupiter/Pluto retrograde conjunction in Capricorn. Tuesday the 23rd finds the Moon opposing Saturn at 0’ of Aquarius. I might add that this mooonth the Moon will be crossing the area of the sky not occupied by any of the main planets before conjunction with the Capricorn gathering early in July. So, it will be opposing all the other players as the time flies by.


The first quarter Moon will be on Saturday the 27th and week-by-week we will see it move thru these quarter phases. On Friday the 26th it will oppose the by then Neptune retrograde. Saturday morning finds the Moon opposing Mars just prior to the welcome home party for Mars in Aries that will happen as the Moon squares the solstice eclipse point. I assure you the ripples of energetic waves set in motion by the recent solar eclipse will be with us for a long season. I almost forgot to mention that the retrograde cycle of Venus in Gemini is culminating on Wednesday this week.


Now, let’s unpack all the astro jargon. Our Moon is how we feel and our connection to nurturance as well as part of our ability to connect with one another. Cancer can be seen as our process of learning to tune into home, yes, but even more specifically to a zone where we should feel a sense of safety. It is our roots and the foundation we stand upon. The first of the water signs we are invited to tune into the first inklings of the healing journey and the potential for empathy. Herein lies the family- orientation that does not specifically spell out necessarily blood family connections. The Moon is our needs, instincts, attachments and ancestral memory. The Moon is spirit listening to its own inward being and attuned to the heart of humanity. Grasping some of this energy signature will assist in riding the crest of the wave that the solar eclipse has set in motion.


Neptune entered Pisces in 2012 and will be there doing its retrograde dance every year until sometime in 2026. Considered to have affinity with Pisces it stimulates the amplified nature of creative imagination that many portray with the arena of illusion and delusion, drug and alcohol escapism, and hiding away. Part of the Neptunian message we don’t see portrayed often enough is the enfold within the spiritual context, or an actual conference with whatever version of God you might lean toward. I can almost perceive the naysayer’s piping up that is just another form of escapism. But that is another path, and we have much to handle beyond those limitations. The Sabian symbols from Dane Rudhyar’s “An Astrological Mandala” for these 3 degrees of retrograde movement read as follows: (PISCES 21°): UNDER THE WATCHFUL AND KIND EYE OF A CHINESE SERVANT, A GIRL FONDLES A LITTLE WHITE LAMB. (PISCES 20°): A TABLE SET FOR AN EVENING MEAL. (PISCES 19°): A MASTER INSTRUCTING HIS DISCIPLE. Do you perceive any matters that are up for a deeper consideration during this retrograde cycle? With the Moon trining Neptune on the same day as this retro cycle begins we may be asked to dig a bit deeper into how much inclusion is required by each of us on many levels.


The Moon opposing the Jupiter/Pluto signature on Monday may be asking us some soul searching questions about the national (global) imbalance that is currently on the front burner everywhere. This is right in tune with the societal unrest transpiring on several fronts around the world. Trining Mars later that same day there is energy available to invite Source to the table and possibly weed out those not on board the lifeboat heading toward a future more in balance with our natural surround. Keep in mind; the weeding process is not accomplished by those climbing on board, but by those who choose to follow a different path.


On Tuesday the Moon opposes Saturn retrograde as she moves into Leo. Here are the two Sabian symbols for this opposition to ponder: (LEO I°): BLOOD RUSHES TO A MAN’S HEAD AS HIS VITAL ENERGIES ARE MOBILIZED UNDER THE SPUR OF AMBITION.


KEYNOTE:            An irruption of biopsychic energies into the ego-controlled field of consciousness.




KEYNOTE:            The power inherent in all great human works to endure far beyond the workers’ life spans.


Saturn is still sitting at the quincunx position from the solar eclipse so there are matters of an inequality in relationships that are on the table. That is part of the lesson plan in the mix for us to grapple with. Where and how are we to address this in an effective enough manner to include as many as possible. Aquarius, an odd ball, yet ruled by Saturn traditionally, seeks comradery. The Moon in Leo seeks audience as it enters Leo. Saturn says, “Entertain me”. What you might notice is that as the Moon continues its swift trajectory forward it is carrying with it the message from the eclipse to remind any who are along its path of the enormity of what is at stake.


Venus as it steps back on the direct motion path is reminding us that in the investigation of how best to maintain or seek to discover some form of equilibrium in and with conversational interchange asks, did you dig deep enough into your perceptive space to discover how honesty works? We are once again going to traverse these same degrees in Gemini for a third time to test you. These are times when meaningful conversation can flesh out levels of curiosity with some hard truths that have arrived for us to ponder together.


Back to the dream we go. We are each being invited to rub up against others we might never have thought we would and see what develops. It is soul-searching time.










Celestial Chatter and more 6-16-2020.  Here is a link to my monthly consideration of Cancer and the solar eclipse: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UVWWT8Y13ng


Celestial Chatter 6-8 to 14


Lest we forget the long-term Capricorn festivities playing out, Monday finds the Moon traversing this section of the cosmos and dancing with all these players on the universal world stage. There is much being exposed of the underbelly of our military economic system and it political leanings.


While there are and have been quite a variety of planetary factors as of late this week finds us focusing in on only a couple. The Sun has been traveling at about the same speed but a bit faster than Mars lately in a square pattern between Gemini and Pisces. This will continue as the Sun moves a bit faster and farther into Gemini as Mars approaches the conjunction with Neptune. It is the Mars/Neptune dance that will be the important aspect to grasp this week. It has been in play ever since Mars entered Pisces back on May 13th but is being brought to point this week. Part of this is because as the week unfolds the Sun will square Neptune on Wednesday and Mars will only be a degree away from conjoining her. As Friday arrives Mars will be conjunct Neptune as the Moon joins this duo. The Moon can often be recognized as a trigger to situations.


Let’s unpack this. With the recent eclipse season arriving there is significant reason to pay attention to, if not to embrace, change. Willing or not this is the energy that is close to the surface. Mars can give spiritual energy, direction and vitality thru the power of will and desire. It can as well seek to exert power over situations thru brut strength and action orientation. Neptune can bring on board a sense of awareness and matter as the astral realm of dream vision penetrates the world. It can as well represent the cosmic muse who inspires compassion and imagination. It would be cogent to recognize that these are energies requiring a dedication to focus more effectively on practicality.


Mars lights a fire of stimulation wherever it roams. Currently this Neptune/Mars serenade in Pisces exists within the sea of potential creativity that is querying us to embrace matters that are not generally in the comfort zone of many. When Pisces, having a natural affinity with the 12th house, is part of any equation one should be paying attention to a refinement, or taking stock of how one has arrived in an epitome moment in any cycle preparing to begin the next (12th house and Pisces). It is here that soul searching is required to ferret just what is worth hanging onto and what needs to be let go of because it lacks significant relevance to what any new cycle could be. Are there factors that have proved useful to get to where one is that may have lost their luster or need to be included or excluded as one attempts to break ground into new territory? Is there an overwhelming force claiming allegiance to past practices as a continuation of the way things have always been that can be included in a new paradigm? Or, will hanging onto outmoded sets of protocol only perpetuate more of the same?


Do not be seduced by the siren’s song of getting things back to normal. I think we can see the results of the normal we have been following for a bit longer than is viable for meaningful human survival. Are there factors in the current way of life that seem a bit out of balance? The oppressive nature supporting the current world economic system is increasingly being brought to our attention in the streets across the globe. Prosperity is not a universal slogan but a term that we have accepted at an insular vibration level apart from the world situation as a whole.


As an astrologer I am extremely appreciative of the sage advice that our planetary allies are willing to share with us. While they can’t compel us to be any certain way there are energy streams surrounding all of us that beg for being attuned to as we contemplate appropriate steps ahead? Each time I sit down to engage in celestial conversation with our cosmic team I am astounded as they clamor to be included as part of the matrix pattern that is unfolding. Even though as I initially peered into the chart(s) for this upcoming week, the Neptune/Mars signature leaped into my conscious thoughts, as I followed this thread other players surfaced with pertinent content to consider. While all that has come thru in this post is relevant there is one player in the field that it would be an error to leave out. This would be Mercury.


We engage with one another thru language that is formed in our thoughts, hopefully, before they take flight into conversation. This is the realm of Mercury. Currently traversing the section of the cosmos attributed to home, family, roots, clan, healing, and nurturing among many other things. This is Cancer ruled by the Moon. Think on this; fierce motherly protection, a sensitive, caring and nourishing surround. A water sign tuned into the Pisces depths of inclusive potentiality. Mercury is beginning to slow down its relative speed in relation to planet earth as it prepares to turn retrograde on the 17th in the same degree it will be at on Sunday. I am including this a week earlier than normal as any Mercury retrograde cycle should be prepared for in advance and there are many matters that we are being asked to review currently on the world stage. Mercury retrogrades have flavors. Most take about 3 weeks to travel backward but the distance traveled back varies. The less degrees it travels in retrograde during any cycle the more intense the signature. This one coming up is one of the shorter degree movement variety of only 9°, thus be prepared to knuckle down to a more compressed set of considerations. I might suggest a focus on both the Cancer related themes as well as those from the Pisces perspective being on the table to investigate. I must bring in Neptune again as next week begins, the final dispositor will be Neptune slowing down for its upcoming retrograde cycle and being coaxed on by Mars.


Biding its time at the center of our cosmic pattern is the Sun waiting patiently to be included in this week’s message center. Dancing in square most of the week with Mars and Neptune from Gemini, the Sun, our vitality and spiritual fuel of life purpose, can appear to be at odds with the Piscean message if one were to attempt to squelch the vocabulary or rhetoric that seeks audience from any tensions in the air. Mercury as the ruler of Gemini insists that the inclusion of just what home means in this mix be included in our meditations and conversations with each other. The Sun in Gemini will not be silenced. With any luck this will not get out of hand as one of the most significant aspects of communication is listening, and there are some dynamic messages seeking audience these days at a global level.




Celestial Chatter 6-1 to 7


While initially surveying the planetary movement for the upcoming week, it appeared to not include substantial meetings of our celestial partners; upon digging deeper into this I discovered a couple signatures worth discussing. On Wednesday Venus retrograde will cross the Sun. I checked their respective declinations (latitude) and see that they will only be 28 minutes separated in northern latitude. I would hazard a guess that this is an occultation of Venus crossing directly between the Sun and Earth. The other matter is more significant and that is the upcoming lunar eclipse on Friday.


Tuesday this week will find Mars in Pisces and Venus retrograde in Gemini, which have been traveling in a long almost square to one another forming the partile square. Both of these signs are mutable and thus are all about setting in motion change from one set of parameters to another. Representing the masculine and feminine principles respectively perhaps there are matters of how much we are paying attention to a meaningful context being present as we engage with one another. I am going to share the Sabian symbol for this degree but first will include the Venus retrograde occultation transpiring the next day as it happens on the previous degree of the zodiac and they are related to each other on several levels of energetic vibration.


From our earth perch viewing, if we could, of Venus retrograding across the face of the Sun we would be able to see a black round dot moving from east to the west. While Venus retrogrades with the Sun every year in its orbit it is only infrequently that she actually crosses the face of the Sun. Even though that may just appear as the mechanics of the solar system working, this can be seen as a very potent casimi conjunction of these two energies. Casimi is when a planet is exactly conjunct the Sun and some give this up to 1° of orb, but I am inclined to tighten that down to about ½°. During this transition the planet dancing with the Sun is accorded extra support from the King (Sun) even so much as to be given the opportunity to ascend to the throne of said King and assume some kingly responsibilities. As we are considering both the Sun and Venus in Gemini there will be matters leaning into versatility, communication, logic, cleverness, curiosity, and even possibly comical and youthful folly. Gemini brings the storyteller onboard as well as the trickster and thru each of these archetypes there is a lesson plan at work.


Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, is in Cancer ruled by the Moon. During this planetary dance the Moon is traversing thru the tail end of Libra, ruled by that Venus in the mix, and on into Scorpio, traditionally ruled by Mars, that is doing the square dance with these planets. Initially the Moon is speaking to Mercury from the Libra perspective to instill the vitality of meaningful partnership for deliberately engaging with others to discuss our roots of connection. As the Moon shifts into Scorpio the sharing capacity potential invites us into a more intense level of resource matters and perhaps an investigation of things that may be unclear and need to be soused out. Mercury in this scenario has the responsibility of translating these lunar perspectives in an effective format for this Sun/Venus partnering to attune into effective ways to communicate about this. Mars the traditional ruler of Scorpio will be whispering from Pisces to the Moon the necessity of seeking clarity amongst a potential field of misinformation and illusion that may be attempting to dissuade us from recognizing an infinite connection we share with everything.


Now, here are the Sabian symbols from Dane Rudhyar’s “An Astrological Mandala” for the two degree of Gemini involved:




KEYNOTE:   The capacity to transcend the limitations of bodily existence.


In order to function in the world of material entities man needs to focus the energies of life in a limited organism and an ego mind that is formed by the pressures of a particular culture and family background. Yet a time comes when the individual can still transcend the limiting boundaries of culture and ego. An effort should then be made to enter a realm of consciousness in which the communication from mind to mind can take a more direct form, because the minds then operate within the One Mind of humanity. It is then as if two cells in a human body were communicating to each other, perhaps through some kind of invisible nerve channels, or, as it were, from nucleus to nucleus by means of vibratory resonance.


At this fourth stage of the fivefold sequence we see the potentiality of a new technique to be used in the “newly opened lands” confronting the pioneers in human evolution. It is a TECHNIQUE OF TRANSCENDENCE. It evidently can also bring confusion and many failures, as well as illusory claims and self deceit.






KEYNOTE: The need to clarify one’s experiences through actual contacts with like-minded individuals.


This symbol adds something vital to the preceding one. Transcendent experiences and supernormal faculties must be tested and clarified through the use of normal and collectively tested means of communication- which may mean through scientific procedures. The “Dutch children” seem to have been introduced by the subconscious mind of the formulator of the symbol because of an association with neatness and the open spirit of discussion which has prevailed in Holland. They are “children” because the new experiences are still very fresh and require certification; this demands a “clean” and open mind eager to test what is experienced in an exchange of views with one’s peers.


This is the last stage of the fifteenth fivefold sequence of symbols. It closes the scene of “Discovery.” All discoveries must be checked and their validity tested. In old tribal cultures a man’s “great dreams” were accepted as valid and acted upon only if another tribesman also had a similar dream. The need for OBJECTIVITY has to be met; and this implies the confirmation of any subjective realization by some similar experience. It implies also the type of dualism inherent in all mental experiences as well as in mental concepts.


I am not going to spend much time focusing on the lunar eclipse as I have posted to my YouTube channel a lengthy consideration of this and you can find it here:



I have been toying with the idea of shifting my weekly “Celestial Chatter” to video and posting to YouTube. Stay tuned, as I will post the links involved to view them. I have already posted a monthly view of the Gemini season to my The Lively Astrologer YouTube account.




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