Desert sunrise

Celestial Chatter Jan 3 through 9 – It’s 2022

Once again the muses danced lively during what normally would have been the sleep zone last night. Both time and timelessness vied for my attention. We in our normal human pursuits have been trained to live by the clock with each hour occupying the usual 60 minutes. What if during this season of the year we might consider a unique increment to the march of days. For the moment we will still hold onto the 24 hour day but, the hours might be seen to drift by on a different wave pattern. In the winter our planet is as far away from the Sun as it gets with the northern hemisphere leaning at the 23° 37’ further away than the southern half of our globe. Ponder, if you will, a scenario where the length of day is divided into dark and light portions that are not equal and yet still maintain an hourly increment as 1/12th of each segment. This would alter the length of each hour to being much longer during the extended cold winter nights, and likewise a compression of the 12 daylight time slots. In this scenario we would have short daylight hours and very long night time hours. Add to this the distance above and below the equator and the further north one lived the longer would be the stretch of each hour of night. I hear there are places in the circumpolar region that barely receive 4 hours of dim daylight per each 24 hour time slot at this time of year. That would translate into increments of 20 minutes passing for each clock hour of daylight for a day time slot. And vice versa the night clock hours would stretch to each encompass 1.6 hours of clock time.

All at once I find myself in some location off planet able to observe the spinning globe. Winter has wrapped its arms around the northern hemisphere and the bright side of the planet is a much narrower band of brilliance. As I am drawn ever closer to the planet’s surface I can see a stark alteration of the rhythm of nature here in the north. Other than the scurrying around of human endeavors much of the natural world is moving in slow motion as if withdrawn unto itself. A term flashes across the screen of my consciousness; REFLECTION. There is a deep and abiding sense requiring moments to ponder purpose.

As the muses spun my thoughts and dreamscape down paths of where this might lead hours stretched into days and days into weeks and then into years as the millennia unfolded both behind and before me. In the short lifespan for a human not so much accomplishment in the grand scheme of things is going to transpire. 2000 years ago our ancestors were refining the agro-cultural life style with expanding human settlements. 200,000 years ago we foraged for our survival and lived in small wandering groups. In the most recent 200 years our appetites for acquisition of earthly resources have been trained to be insatiable.

We begin the year 2022 and the writing on the wall, as my soul peered over the coming horizon for 20, 200, or just 2000 years ahead, foresaw a requirement for substantial alteration of our current trajectory. At this point the muses pointed out that to see time as I learned to define it in this unfolding matrix is perhaps not the wisest course to follow. There are a few trees that still exist on the surface of our planet that began prior to the shift from BCE to CE around 2000 years ago. Our soul inhabiting human form for a short season to learn lessons on the earth plane has been about this process forever. The soul, or spark of life essence, arrives in each incarnation often with minimal intact memory of previous incarnations but, this is not always the case. The muses curtail this line of thought and I am energetically projected into the zone of space within which the earth and the other celestial bodies of our solar system are cycling in somewhat predictable paths around that fiery core that gravitationally holds them together. I am made aware that there is a council comprised of these extra terrestrial beings (the planets) each serving a function in a very long sequence of energetic direction, offering guidance for those willing to participate with them.

I am invited to sit with this council and immediately the insignificance of tuning into the details of any longer cycle is refined into the vitality of living in the current moment. I am flooded with the awareness of animism shifting into shamanism and the course of the soul that is living in the moment discovering everything that is required is usually present. This does not always paint a rosy picture of how we might hope things will work out as some lesson plans are like very course sandpaper attempting to shave off our rough edges. The muses snap me back into the planetary council and astrology that is shamanic is being discussed in the context of animism as a reminder to always recognize life force as present in everything. The essence of soul emerges as I perceive the uniqueness of each soul present in this council and at the same time recognize the magic that transpires when we can open up our soul portals to discover the changing lesson plan as our soul is allowed to interact with other souls to combine energies into new functions. In this zone of interface transpiring amongst the council I become aware of a stillness wherein listening, or perhaps it is a willingness to hear between the thoughts, a calling for soul presence unlike anything I have witnessed to date.

When wandering the field of shamanism one discovers our energetic bodies have very little limitation of dimension. As I get ready to leave the council I discover a vast array of size changes available as I alter my boundaries from large to larger to engage in a honi with each celestial presence forehead and nose conjoined as energy moves between us. I begin with Pluto and am enveloped in a zone of intense and dynamic changes as parts of what I have known dissolves away to provide space for creation to expand. Next Neptune expands our shared consciousness and limitations of all sorts dissolve as if they never existed and a large expanse of possibility seems to project out in all directions. Uranus beckons and our kindred spirit erupts with unexpected delight as the false foundations crumble below us and an awakening transpires toward potential waiting recognition. There is a quickening as Chiron seems to carry messages that at one moment might portray limitation and the next erupting into enlightened euphoria as a healing balm is allowed to flow unabated. Saturn peers deeply as we are eye to eye in a focus of control with a purpose and practicality. In one moment this Saturn seems to attempt to contain things, only in the next to release it’s tight grip to allow growth to transpire. Jupiter, oh largeness that thou art, seems to express that containment has no place, and yet there is a vision forming of direction beckoning more participation in every far reaching zone of interface. Mars can hardly contain himself with a vibrant energy seeming on the verge of exploding at any moment seeking to launch in multiple directions simultaneously. Earth and Moon conjoined in a fluctuating orbital pattern beckon for human soul evolution to discover purpose that far exceeds much of the current earth plane plight infused with feeling and senses queued to a dynamic of maturity. Venus embraces us in a hug so complete that it seems as if our oneness is everything. Mercury in one moment spawns tales that would go on forever, and in the next weaves a joke into the story, or was it? Flying into the solar core we erupt into a searing burst of energy radiating throughout the cosmos as if to say, “gather round friends, if you can stand the heat”. Here in the core of everything there is an essence of presence more like a reflection of cosmic oneness or boldness at being that infiltrates and embraces everything. Individuality, yes, but only as a stepping stone to engaged participation with every other creature and presence.

I typed the previous paragraph with my eyes closed so as to capture the essence of the energy transpiring as each in the council imparted wisdom to share.


Before doing the lunar consideration, there are factors in play that our Moon currently must lay before us. This is the declination or latitude shifting process of north and south trajectory it weaves on its circling path around the planet. There are lines of demarcation at 23° 37’ north and south of the equator that can be seen on a global map indicated as the tropic of Cancer in the north and Tropic of Capricorn in the south. These lines represent the apparent maximum distance north or south of the equator the Sun and Saturn never travel beyond in relation to the earth’s rotation. Any other planet can weave a trajectory that on occasion does wander beyond these tropic lines of latitude. When this transpires they are said to be out-of-bounds (oob). Our closest satellite, the Moon, goes through spells where it can wander these oob zones and sometimes this pattern lasts for years. During the 2020’s is one of these time frames with the up and down movement causing the Moon to travel these unpredictable zones for a few days every two weeks. We begin 2022 with the Moon oob until January 4th. The next lunar oob will transpire between January 14th to the 18th. I bring this up as this can flavor how we play our capacity to listen to our inner instincts, needs, attachments, and ancestral memories. The symbol for the Moon a is two arcs of consciousness one inside the other or a listening to our own inward being (soul). The potential for insight to wander along unique investigative tracks while oob is enhanced a bit more often during the 2020’s every couple weeks.

Now, getting down to mundane matters… Each week the Moon travels a quarter of the way around the planet and by extension the zodiacal backdrop of 12 energy fields. This week was initiated by the new Moon oob on Sunday in Capricorn and then she will travel around as she increases in size until landing in Aries for a couple days. The trajectory set in Capricorn for this lunar cycle should indicate purpose and practicality with a unique oob twist inspired by our position in whatever organizational field we find ourselves. During this upcoming week the Moon will conjoin briefly with 6 of the 10 planets and Chiron.

In the wee hours of Monday Venus retrograde embraces the Moon as an energy initiation for us to tune into. Since Venus is retreating (in retrograde) we may feel some level of concern for those along our path we may not have treated as well as we had hoped. Pluto is greeted by the Moon next on Monday morning and perhaps there are matters on the home front requiring some smoothing out if ruffled feathers exist. Maybe our grasp of aspects of our connection to parents and family that are being redefined.

As we enter into the evening cycle the Moon and Mercury do a jig in early Aquarius. Might there be a story to tell or refine. Lord knows, our thoughts are keen to invent scenarios we likely may only have dreamt about. About mid to late morning on Tuesday the Moon catches up with Saturn in Aquarius. Could those inspired dreams of yesterday now be seeking some form or structure to fill out, or maybe we will have to invent this ourselves?

As the evening of Wednesday rolls around the Moon shifts from Aquarius into Pisces where it is immediately greeted by Jupiter. Perhaps there are deeper ramifications to what we have felt transpiring since the new Moon, and Jupiter is never at a loss for expanding on everything it is involved with. But Pisces, ruled by Jupiter is not a simple walk in the park expedition. What might that lunar directive bring to the table for Jupiter to cast into the sea of possibility? Remember you are only limited by your imagination. This might be an appropriate evening to set some intentions for utilizing your dream time to ponder some profound considerations. Be prepared to take notes either during the night or first thing when you awaken.

The next lunar encounter will be with Neptune in the wee early morning of Friday while still navigating the deeper waters of Pisces. Oh, did I mention the depth of the oceanic sphere to plunge into that Pisces represents? Neptune poses an invitation for participation into zones of potential confusion on one level,s yet just as likely can spawn ascent toward lofty goals of inspired aestheticism. One thing to always keep in mind when traversing the seas of Pisces is that we are in the zone of preparation for the next beginning or initiation process where we are offered the opportunity to plant the refined seeds we have nurtured for newness to sprout.

This brings us to late on Friday when the Moon will cross the threshold into the field of Aries, the land of beginnings. I would throw in here that Mars as the ruler of Aries is still traversing the fields of Sagittarius. We might expect to aim for some lively dreams that may take us to distant places we have not been before. Restlessness is not out of the question for this evening’s dream cycle.

As the afternoon of Saturday arrives the Moon combines its energies with Chiron. If we were to contemplate the seed scenario again, this may be a time to invest energy with tending to your garden of possibilities. Is it healthy and are you providing the correct nutrients of attitude? Will your growing awareness (plant) sustain any semblance that can provide healing into your world? Because of Chiron’s elliptical orbit it can spend from 2 to as much as 8 years in different signs of the zodiac. In Aries it is at it’s maximum or 8 years. The wounded healer is often portrayed with a leaning toward the wounds that each of us encounter as part of where it was in the celestial surround when we were born. The healing often is left to its own devices because in our modern civilization that is something left to the medical profession. Have you ever heard the expression “physician, heal thyself”? You might find this extraordinary to contemplate but healing is something that can only transpire within a willing individual or situation. Translate this and discover that you are your best doctor, or otherwise. Next week, beginning with January 10th, the Moon will continue from the middle of Aries and only one planet left to cross paths with. That will be Uranus and we will consider it then.

Nothing happens in a vacuum and there are other celestial parts of the conversation transpiring this week to be aware of. Venus making it’s way backward through Capricorn forms a sextile with Neptune on Wednesday. Don’t be too surprised if some either insight or confusion crosses your path on appropriate relationship or partnership matters. Sextiles actually can be beneficial as they occur between signs that do not confuse one another. There might be some challenge to this as our imaginations (Neptune in Pisces) have no limit. Being aware of this, one could aim to trim one’s sails and steer a path that does not intentionally provoke others. Sometimes this can’t be avoided but keep in mind that that Venus in Capricorn may be potential partners or folks in so called executive positions that are being poked.

On Saturday Venus retrogrades back across the face of the Sun. Are you up for the challenge as the Sun or King or anyone in a position of authority comes face-to-face with the potential reflection of their own technique of dealing with others? Might there have been situations in attaining your lofty position where others may have been steam rolled over to get what you sought? Might there be indications of what it means to be a wise elder creeping in around the edges of your awareness, as opposed to just being older and more in control? Ambition while not all bad can foster animosity from others if what you have attained comes at an increased cost to others.

As the week closes, Sunday finds Mercury in Aquarius forming a sextile with Chiron in Aries. Mercury has no shortage of information at its avail for the creation of stories that can infuse us with inspiration to be more in tune with others on our wave length. Perhaps the Chiron factor in action oriented Aries could be utilized to embrace someone in need of community involvement rather than them living on the outskirts. Perhaps community could use a healer with enough capacity to enhance synergy within the group. It is the story we are fabricating, and living into it,[ that sets in motion the experiences that will cross our paths along the way.