Celestial Chatter Feb 14 through 20

Mars over this last weekend came in from out-of-bounds (oob), where it has been for the last month, as it was inching its way closer to a conjunction with Venus. Monday is the perfection of this aspect. Here, we have the masculine and feminine archetypal planets doing a longer than normal dance routine. Venus is our capacity to embrace at one level and just as likely to set down a value structure at another that may define just how far this receptive venue will go. Mars on the other hand, is a driving force that while often is portrayed as the conqueror can as well represent the protector of a cause. We should get used to these two orchestrating their dance moves as this will be the case into early March.

Later on Monday Mercury, our thinking and communicating tool, completes its re-sojourn in Capricorn and returns to Aquarius. Any planet transitioning between signs carries varying degrees of essence gleaned while in the previous sign. In this case Saturn is the traditional ruler of both signs and while lingering in potential and seemingly restrictive formats there is marked difference in how this is played out. Capricorn may take our thought pattern and run it through challenges attempting to persuade us of the value of maintaining some level of control over things. In Aquarius there is a loosening of the belt to experiment with options likely not easily tolerated in the Capricorn zone.

Wednesday finds Mars sliding just past Venus yet maintaining close proximity. At the same time the Moon has been racing around the zodiac and reaches the full phase in late Leo. As with any full Moon there is maximal pull of all the tidal processes on the planet as balance of that masculine solar force to rule is diametrically opposed to the nurturing embrace of the lunar mother. As all liquids are affected in this process we might sense some slightly stronger lunar pull in the Sun’s natural sign. Since we humans are about 70% liquid, is it any wonder that the full Moon’s often trigger certain lunatic fringes to surface?

Friday finds Venus and Mars are moving in lock-step at a little less than a degree a day. On Thursday and Friday Jupiter is forming a sextile with Uranus from Pisces to Taurus so perhaps there is some cahooting going on of unpredictability in our more profound conversations with “source”. Not to be downplayed there are likely large scale factors in this that are vying for our attention. To add some emphasis to the equation the Sun shifts into Pisces this same day. There is the addition to vitality being stirred into the oceanic level of awareness conversations with “source” undertakes. Conversations with “source” might me more readily understood as a form of meditative interaction, yet it would be an error to not recognize influences transpiring just as effectively in our daily life.

For the first time in 246 years Pluto on Sunday will transit exactly over it position occupied on July 4, 1776 in the U.S. Sibly chart. Exceedingly slow has been this transit cycle as is required in the fine tuning of a truly transformational signature aimed at the resolution of rulership over scenarios our country was founded upon. How are we doing? Is there any elite factor attempting to call the shots of what life is going to cost to live here? Can we afford it?