Celestial Chatter Dec 20 through 26 – Capricorn Season



Let’s consider the high points of this week upcoming.

1 Winter Solstice – Shortest day of the year for the northern hemisphere, longest for the southern. The Sun enters Capricorn.

2 Christmas celebration. Supposedly the birth of Christ but he was a Virgo. Actually an accommodation for pagan and Wiccan rituals subsumed by the early church to in a sense buy them out or briefly seem to be appealing to their lineage.

3 One of the most celebrated commercial enterprises of modern civilization after the war machine.


There is no shortage of solstice ritual celebrations, most happening on Sunday the 19th to be as inclusive as possible. Here are some links to investigate:


Michael Meade – https://www.mosaicvoices.org/shop#!/In-This-Darkness-Singing/p/422842233

Sandra Ingerman – https://thepracticalshaman.com/fire-tenders-gathering/

Alberto Villoldo – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=02loxAdmxak


I am sure if you google this, you will locate options to participate with.


While I definitely tune in regularly to the planetary host, lately the shamanic beckoning is tugging at me. Here are some shared recent thoughts.


Muses are Restless 12-13-21


Last night at around the time Mars shifted into Sagittarius sleep became illusive as the astro/shamanic muses determined it was time to consider the shamanic aspect of my website presence. Visions were painted on my conscience of time stretched and spread out in all directions. Weighing in on versions of the use of this tool and appropriate language technique, both planetary beings and members of my shamanic team seemed to blend together and this was not a surprise as they are all actually on the team and increasingly more often grab hold of the rudder of my thoughts.


Deep in the well of winter, here in the north, the upcoming solstice has many jumping on the bandwagon of seasonally aimed advertisements and offers to assist while receiving a return on investment for what is available from their version of this energy signature. While I cannot fault folks for following these well worn paths that we are trained to follow, I suspect there is a much deeper and more profound stream of consciousness at work. What is underlying and keeping this modern system afloat? In the same moment the voices of the ancestors beckon some listening time and query if we might still have vestiges of experiences when we communicated with and cared for more than a strictly human plight.


Shamanism is an experience of stepping through a portal into a zone of timelessness where past, present and future all blend into a conscious stream available for connecting with at any point along the way. Our ancestors that lived and died well still exist as energetic exemplars to tune into, just as our descendants anxiously reach out for our participation in an ongoing lineage link akin to a tonal resonance with all of life from the earliest inklings of awakening to seemingly distant future possibilities. One factor many don’t often voice is the level of responsibility that stepping into the shamanic stream entails. Unlike many modern ventures that often fade from significance in the life path, once you have crossed the threshold into the shamanic realm the level of presence of a vast array of options in assistance to all of creation becomes a way of life, and you are no longer able to recross that same threshold and retreat into an imagined realm of so-called security. There are many thresholds that will be crossed on the shamanic journey as creation beckons our participation within broader boundaries.


Let’s consider some Capricorn astrological lore. Capricorn season, can stir the Capricorn part that exists within each of us, and is a time when a drive to accomplish can be accentuated. When others reach a point of exhaustion the Capricorn is likely to surge onward with a task. This may be commendable up to a point but, we often lose sight of a broader perspective for why our soul incarnated if we put on blinders so as not to become distracted by options that might draw our attention elsewhere. Capricorn energy needs to be reminded that attaining wise elder-hood does not mean sitting on top of a pile of so-called successes, in solitude. In the climb up the slopes of whatever particular mountain we are attempting to ascend, there are moments when the requirement to stop and take a break should be heeded. It is amazing how invigorating tuning in to the view from a mountainside perch can inspire renewed vigor and provide time for reflection on the journey and or task at hand. This is not just a good idea, but is a necessary process in the Capricornian trek. Wisdom is attained by the advent of varied perspectives we entertain, to round out our capacities of inclusion. Have you ever watched goats? These are often mischievous and energetic frolicsome adventures. Think of the mythological Pan as an archetype of aspects of the Capricorn potential. Yes, even you Capricorn have a delightful capacity to enjoy some frolic now and again. Perhaps doing a little memory search might re-kindle earlier moments in your childhood when life was an adventure awaiting exploration. Why have you allowed the focus of societal dictates and accomplishment to cloud this fun side of you? Of course, it is not required all the time but, letting your hair down may be just what the doctor ordered.



This next week begins with Mercury, still traveling out-of-bounds (oob), is once again joined from across the zodiac by the Moon traveling oob as well. There can be a kind of Uranian energy in the air when planets wander oob, and to add vigor to this Monday, Mercury forms a trine with Uranus to take unpredictability for a spin. While this is happening in earth signs, often leaning toward the more practical side, don’t be surprised to discover a version of experiences testing what really is practical. This would not be hard to observe when it comes to last minute gift giving/shopping ideas.


Early on the 21st is the winter solstice around 8 am PST. This is usually a good time to offer thanks for the shift into increasingly lengthening days ahead. We are in the initial phases of winter and, as has been seen recently, weather issues are not to be taken lightly.


Only two days before Christmas and the 3rd exact square aspect between Saturn and Uranus perfects across the Aquarius/Taurus signs. This is not necessarily something new as they have been in this very long slow dance move for at least the whole year and will have one more close pass near the end of next year. Saturn is rules and restrictions, boundaries and limitations. Uranus is rebellion against everything that Saturn stands for. Uranus can strike suddenly to disrupt things as when an earthquake happens. These two archetypes even though seemingly at odds require participation in a dance that attempts to locate a common ground that can appease both sides of the equation. Saturn’s strictness can always use some loosening up and Uranus’ unpredictability might on occasion need some reigning in.


Friday, Christmas eve, finds Venus, now in retrograde, once again closely holding hands with Pluto by conjunction. I have already discussed this aspect at length during last week’s Celestial Chatter. Christmas day brings the Moon into opposition with Neptune briefly. It would be beneficial to contain any quick judgements on the gift sharing front as this aspect across the Virgo/Pisces axis could be inclined for exaggeration that might be hard to defend. A more appropriate question might be, am I being of service to my fellow earth travelers which includes absolutely everything the earth is made of?