From 2016 until 2020 I presented locally in Port Townsend. Washington a public offering of the month ahead astrologically.


Hang around for a bit and let’s see where this adventure takes us.

It is 1960 and I am in the shift from 10 to 11 years old living near Cairo, Egypt. Things were about to change dynamically in my world. A power outage at a unique moment had me cascade over the banister on to our alabaster stairs and I awoke in the hospital the next afternoon. My exact memory of just how my cat reflexes could have allowed this to happen remained illusive for quite a few years until one of my brothers happen to describe the scene at the bottom of the stairs by candle light seeing me propped up against the railing bleeding all over the place. I was out of school for some time recuperating and my father asked me if I wanted to go to Damascas, Syria with him and the World Trade Fair where he was in charge of the U.S. exibits. We drove there up through the holy lands and my dreams are expanded to daytime insight of many of the stories I am familiar with out of the bible as actual places we are traveling through.

Years pass and I become aware that during my so-called unconscious time slot I must have been downloaded with ancient knowledge of energy fields and how they interact with one another that I have come to see as some form of Egyptian Mystery teachings. Even as I say this there seems to be something far older, (or is it more present?) underpinning this thought. It is an extension of this format that has led me to discover aspects of soul development I am able to tap into when working with myself and others. I have had many other astrologers ask me where I am getting the information I speak of as they have never heard it before. It appears that what happens when I am working with the arts of astrology and shamanism is that this physical being known as Jeff just has to step aside and allow energy messages to come through. It is this level of soul expression that inspires me and is an invitation for those who willingly come for consultations to discover about themselves. I don’t perceive this as unique but more as an opportunity for each of us to embrace as an aspect of our own soul growth unfolds.

Through no fault of my own, I was introduced to the world of astrology back in late 1969.  I couldn’t really say I was a non believer as I was consciously unaware of its existence up to that point.  A friend pulled out this book “The Complete Astrologer” and proceeded to do the math and read me various passages from the book.  As we proceeded my jaw dropped lower and lower at the seeming accuracy of those words.

Forward 52 years and a lot of living substance has transpired to allow for a most unique flavor of just how this tool is going to be flowing through the vehicle known as Jeff.  And I specifically paint the picture of the flow through of energy as to how this tool functions when  sitting down to consider just what the image of the astrological information in front of me in any moment is calling on the universe to reveal.  I just recently returned from a workshop with Steven Forrest after attaining a Masters Level in Evolutionary Astrology Certification from him.  Many folks including other professional astrologers have asked me where I am getting my insight from and I have to respond that I just have to get out of the way and let it happen and am not always sure what it is that spawns the words that leap off my tongue.  But I have grown to trust this seemingly outer/inner source (Muse) as has been verified by the many folks who have thanked me for being willing to spend time with them in this type of consideration.


Oh, did I mention that I have been at this awhile?  In pondering life’s many issues which have been brought for consideration by clients over the years I have to admit that the learning process that is stimulated in each chart reading occurs not only for the client but for my own broader reach into the infinite variety we each bring for one another to grasp.  It is in this light that we are each invited to consider how best to portray and release through our life expression the opportunities that are the potential revealed in our chart in this and each incarnation we have traversed.  For a further look into this astrological archetype see the writing astrology (The Muse is Loose) page.  Might I as well suggest my facebook page: There I post recent astrological considerations quite often.

During the last quite a number of years the Evolutionary avenue and use of the astrological tool has found its way being shuffled within the astrological matrix of how I am inclined to be inspired as I reach deep within each person’s being and ask pointed questions about their particular choices that have gotten them to where they are.  The astrological consultation is a process of conversation wherein you as the client, myself as the astrologer, and many factors of the universal whole sit together to query our motivation.

There are many avenues opened through the use of this tool and many ways to apply what we are brought to consider.  I have listed a few of the more popular ones on the Services page. There are other astrological avenues I delve into but draw on only when I see the need.

I have focalized a weekly Astrology group for the past 16 years in Port Townsend, Washington on Wednesday evenings from 6:30 – 8:30 pm.  With the advent of 2020 I began to publish a weekly blog I call “Celestial Chatter”. This is posted on my Facebook page and here on the website. My weekly astro group changed on online Zoom meetings each week and this has offered an avenue to those that no longer live locally to join up as they see fit.

Drop on by if you’re in town on Wednesday and we have reached a post-covid era. We will spin the energy level up and see where it takes us.

Shamanic technique.  Over the past many years I have ventured into the realms of the teachers from the distant past.  No one is clear as to when exactly shamanism took hold within the tribal lifestyle, but at least 100,000 years ago what was revealed is that as a human we had some unique capabilities of accessing realms of insight that have always been available to us to provide answers on a variety of matters relevant to survival.  Things as diverse as where one might locate food sources, what might be the appropriate healing techniques required at any one time, were there changing conditions in the climate that would necessitate relocating,  determining if the story being offered by another is coming from a true source?

How this was and is accomplished is where the story gets interesting.  Each of us has a built in capacity to access realms of what can be referred to as non-ordinary reality.  It has been quite a few years (centuries, millennia) since the general populace has been offered opportunity to contemplate such matters.   More often than not this is information that has been deliberately kept from public view by our modern culture.   However, in the past, and even in some of the indigenous modern cultures, it was recognized when someone might have a leaning in this direction, by those who already operated within these realms, and an invitation would be offered to undertake the training necessary to become proficient with this expanded set of tools. This is Initiation.

This avenue has led to an expansion in the variety of directions that can be drawn upon as we sit down together to consider if there might be a more appropriate opportunity to ponder for continuing forth on your life trajectory.  See writing (Down the Rabbit Hole) page for more consideration to ponder…  Also checking out my facebook page might intrigue you.