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Astro Weekly

I will be adding weekly astrological information to be aware of from my perspective. Enjoy and use as you will… Astro Week 4-14 to 4-21   Well folks Sunday evening and for today we have had the Sun trine to Jupiter retrograde from Aries to Sagittarius 24°. Fire is stimulating. The Sun wants to do […]

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Journey to the Elders

As I sit down to inscribe the events of last evening’s journeywork I see that here in Washington Sagittarius has just risen above the horizon. Mercury is as well at that very beginning of Sagittarius 0° and Venus out of bounds has just entered Capricorn. There is strong energy shifts on the move currently. The last […]

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Time:  the chart is a 24 hour clock that can peer around corners. We are each born at specific times in specific locations and for specific reasons.  Your astrological chart is more like a Mandala.  This Mandala is a window into what it is you came to work with in the present incarnation at least […]

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12th House New Moon

The Annual New Moon in your 12th House  (June of 2009) Each year we are offered an opportunity to take the time and recharge our batteries for the upcoming year.  Maybe the experience of being offered this may seem not entirely correct as it may be that you are in an intense part of a cycle […]

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Way back, no, I mean waaayyyy back, our ancestors saw the evolution of time as a function of day and night, light and dark.  There was an active cycle when the sun was up that provided the ability to see what one was doing.   The cycle would end when the planet rolled on in it’s […]

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The Shaman What are the images that are conjured up in your mind when you hear that term?  Is it the visual of a dark evening with a fire burning and some crazy costume wearing entity dancing around the flames and making peculiar sounds as the rest of the gathering drums in unison?  How could […]

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