Time:  the chart is a 24 hour clock that can peer around corners.

We are each born at specific times in specific locations and for specific reasons.Whale-whorl-2-150x150  Your astrological chart is more like a Mandala.  This Mandala is a window into what it is you came to work with in the present incarnation at least at the potential level.  One must never forget that free will is the ultimate determining factor in every life decision we make.  One of the benefits of an astrological consultation is it provides a bit more information or breadth to the ways in which one can put together what may often appear as not related items that have been drawn toward us to ponder.  You can request an appointment with me by leaving your information on the Contact page.  I will get back to you for the actual timing when we might sit down and together walk thru just what it might be that has been wanting to express thru your world.  In person or on-line.  I will send you any chart printouts that we may utilize during the conversation.  I record all consultations and for in-person will include a flash drive audio of this and any other items which might be useful upon completion of the reading. I am now using ZOOM and uploading chart audio or video recordings for you to download after the consult.

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