Aries new Moon 3-27-17

Springs new Moon 3-27-2017


In the consideration of just how the planetary beings are engaged with us and vice versa in preparation for the new Moon Monday evening at 7:57 pm PDT, the Sun will have just set, the dim reddish pin prick of Mars will be the evening star in the western sky and soon Jupiter will be rising in the east. Earlier in the day the Moon will have passed over Venus retrograding back through Aries toward once again diving into the deep oceanic realms of Pisces on April 2nd.


New Moons are a time for setting intentions as to what to focus on for the upcoming cycle as it unfolds. Spring in the northern and fall in the southern hemispheres are initiated at the equinox. Aries is a time of year that begins things. Seven days ago the Sun entered into tropical Aries and we in the northwest will welcome the slowing down of the winter wetness and with any luck a bit less rain.


Wherever the 8th degree of Aries sits in your astrological chart by house position it will be in that arena of life that one should pay attention to, as intentions are set. Is it the 1st house then re-imagining who you are would be on the table. If the 2nd house then what does your resource base look like? The 3rd house and one might query on a new direction of learning. The 4th house will be considerations for maybe spring-cleaning around the home front. The 5th house, perhaps seeking some venue to release ones outward creativity into the world. The 6th house and there may be work or health issues that could be addressed. The 7th house and partnership matters could be on the table. The 8th house might see family estate matters needing review. The 9th house and are you planning to go on a trip somewhere? The 10th house and perhaps the career path you are following could be up for review. The 11th house and what does your social circle contain? The 12th house could initiate some psychic considerations. There is some uniqueness to the 12th house new Moon that I have written in length about on my website:

Your individual chart story may play these house (arenas of life) functions with some difference so your mileage may vary.


Some key Aries words are: bold, active, independent, competitive, enthusiastic, energetic, and assertive. So while considering how to play this new Moon energy based on which house you are considering you may want to put some of that in your contemplative pipe and smoke it. The Sabian symbol for this 8th degree of Aries, (a divination tool I use put together by Dane Rudhyar in his “Astrological Mandala:” book) reads: (ARIES 8°): A LARGE WOMAN’S HAT WITH STREAMERS BLOWN BY AN EAST WIND.


KEYNOTE:            Protection and spiritual guidance in the development of consciousness.


This somewhat strange image can be understood if every Stated feature in it is clearly analyzed without preconceptions. Here again we see a woman; but now her head is covered with a large hat – a protection against the forces of nature, i.e. cold and/or the penetrating rays of the sun. At this emotional cultural level (Phases 6 through 10) the mental processes are still largely undeveloped; thus they need protection from the elemental forces of life. A too great openness to the Sky energies and the, “spiritual” level could lead to obsessions of one kind or another.

The symbolic image implies a rather strong wind, thus the activity of some more-than-material, and especially psychic, forces. These originated in the East, traditionally the seat of spiritualizing and creative transforming influences. The woman’s hat has streamers, which enable it not only to respond to the wind but to indicate its source. In other words, the image symbolizes a stage of development of consciousness in which the nascent powers of the mind are both protected and influenced by energies of a spiritual origin. This suggests a probationary stage in the process of individualization. Under protective guidance, a still most receptive person (a woman) is being influenced by spiritual forces.


This is a third stage symbol in which we see the first and second stages of this second fivefold sequence producing results that require PROTECTIVE FORMS (which is what a culture and ethical precepts provide) and SENSITIVITY to spiritual energies.


On a side note worth pondering, Mars, the ruler of Aries, is traveling through Taurus and this can possibly mellow out some of the more brash tendencies of Aries.


While not delving into all the planets I am being drawn to pay attention to Jupiter, currently retrograding in Libra, a sign in opposition to all the 5 current planets in Aries. Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system and I would be remiss to not consider it in this post. Jupiter seeks to expand and enlarge everything it comes in contact with. Libra is the realm where the individual encounters the other and seeks to format some form of balance between what is self and how that awareness can be integrated into the matrix with the other. Aries is the self or the individual. Between about midnight and 6 a.m. these days Jupiter in its brilliance graces the night sky. Even with the 5 planets in Aries, Venus, Sun, Moon, Uranus and Mercury, the presence of Jupiter in Libra is still potent enough to demand the consideration of more than the self to be in any equation we may be formulating for our next initiation moment.


Enjoy the beginning of this next new cycle…Should you wish to delve deeper into your particular astrological story please go to: