This is a typical nodal story layout, an evolutionary peek into incarnational trajectories to consider in the current life cycle. Notice astro discs in front. (Out-of-stock)


In setting up an appointment for chart consideration please contact me by email. Include a phone # so we can communicate more readily. The time frame that works best for my schedule includes Monday’s , Tuesday’s & Thursday’s 9:am to 4:pm PT; If these time don’t work for you let me know and we can see if there might be a more beneficial time for both of us…

Natal Chart Interpretation

This is a look at your birth chart to see what your life intentions may have led you to so far, with a look at where you may have veered from a course that could potentially be more in keeping with your souls intended direction. I will most likely consider current transits at work as well as some more pronounced progressions that may be causing concerns or at least be helpful to be aware of.

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(approximately 2 hours)


This is a consideration of the overlap of energy signatures that two individuals bring into the mix with each other. It is quite involved as it requires the understanding of where each individual is coming from and then seeing if there are factors that would be of benefit for the two to consider as you make a life partnership together. We all have our special traits and it might be helpful to see how you interact with each other in the different areas of your lives.

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(can be a bit longer than 2 hours if new clients)

Solar Return Considerations

Every year on your birthday you initiate a brand new annual cycle which we will consider in light of your major life directions.

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(depending if new or repeat clients )

Interrogation (Horary)

There are a variety of avenues to pursue with this technique of astrology. Everything from locating lost items to considering the purchase of a new home/auto, etc. In reality this is a question proposed to the universe on just about anything you can imagine. When we both understand what the question really is a chart is cast for that moment in time, and answers are drawn forth from what the universe has to offer at that moment from the chart cast then. There are specific guidelines to follow in this method and it is always amazing what the greater powers that be have to say to us.

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(per question)

Megan Zimring · Aho Jeff Peters!! What a beautiful reflection and share. Thank you for your wisdom and I absolutely love your perspective here. There is so much to be said for the need for deep integration and collapsing that which we experience from a spiritual/metaphysical place into our physical evolutionary experience. Sending big love to you!

Hi Jeff!

I just came home, and I really wanted to thank you for the reading you did for me today.
It gave me some perspectives to sit with. And much of what you said was a validation to what I feel inside.
It was very valuable for me to listen and absorb what you had to say.

So thank you!!

Blessings! Sandra Ingerman


“What a ride with Jeff into the celestial world!! His passion and play with the reading make for a fun and provocative trip into new realms of what the planets have to offer. I’m impressed with his fresh way to uncover hidden influences and spot-on knowing of my challenging aspects, all the while affirming my role in writing the rest of my story. Truly a pleasure and highly recommend Jeff P. to anyone who wishes to go on a generous and well-guided astrological journey.” ~ Elizabeth W.

Cinnamon Carriere Jeff Peters, so beautifully put!  It’s given me another way to look at it.  Thank you for your perspective!  Hugs