Astro update 1-4-2016

Astro update:

2016 debuted the other day with the usual frivolity of many annual transitions. Being plugged into the planetary energy conversations, as many astrologers are, I pondered factors we are invited to engage with as we proceed into this upcoming annual cycle. One of the very first planetary conversations that we should be aware of is that during 2016 there will be 4 Mercury retrogrades as opposed to the usual 3. This being said, the very first for the year occurs on January 5th, tomorrow.

I have spoken recently of the “circle of infinity” planetary configuration involving Jupiter in Virgo, Mercury in Capricorn, and Saturn in Sagittarius. These three are an unbroken dispositor link one to the next in a repetitive circle that indicates their shared energy pattern happens simultaneously and for all of us.

Mercury just left Capricorn and entered Aquarius yesterday that shifted the “circle of infinity” picture big time and Mars’ entering Scorpio today, January 4th, decided to jump on the “circle” bandwagon.

For a recap of just what a dispositor is or means here it is. The planet, which is the modern ruler of a sign, no matter where it is in the zodiacal circle, is said to disposit any planet traveling through the sign it rules. How this functions is that say Mercury is traveling through Aquarius, as it currently is, Uranus in Aries (modern ruler of Aquarius) has something to say about how Mercury will function while in that sign. Another example is that Mars in Scorpio, as the ruler of Aries dictates some of the direction which Uranus needs to pay attention to.

This is going to be a long paragraph delineating the new “circle of infinity” which is currently under way. Let us start with Mars now in Scorpio. This is ruled (disposited) by Pluto, currently in the long trek through Capricorn. This is disposited by Saturn, currently in its 2.5-year trek through Sagittarius. This in turn is disposited by Jupiter in the last third of a year of its trek through Virgo. This in turn is disposited by Mercury turning retrograde at 1° of Aquarius. This in turn is disposited by Uranus near the middle of its 7-year trek through Aries. This brings us around to Mars once again that has just entered Scorpio. This is how an astrologer might present the nuts and bolts of what is current. While it may seem that there is a lot of separate energy signatures at work here, and there are, there is a lot of simultaneity at work. Remember that if any of the planets in a “circle of Infinity” is triggered in any way all the planets are immediately triggered inclusively. Let’s put some English translation into this matter to attempt to dispel the heavy astro jargon.

Longer paragraph… Mars, who shares rulership of Scorpio with Pluto has just left its cycle with Libra. Libra is all about every kind of partnership matter you can think of. Mars is a very energetic action oriented planet. So, now that it has stirred up the arena of partnership it enters Scorpio that among other things can represent the shared resources of any partnership. Scorpio can easily be seen to be quite an intense sign because the Scorpio signature is to probe the core part of any other that is drawn into interaction space. There is a perceptive capacity in Scorpio to dismiss the outer package each of us has so carefully prepared to present to the rest of the world, maybe for our own protection, and dive right into what may be termed as one’s soul space. Thus, from one’s perspective there may be a sensing of some intensity that is in the Scorpio mix that may not be the perspective of the Scorpio person at all. They are just doing what comes natural to them. Next we must consider Pluto, the modern ruler of Scorpio. Pluto ruler of Hades can conjure images of the Scorpionic realms that have been portrayed down through the ages in anything but first class travel destinations. Pluto has the capacity to retrieve many things that have been buried away from our vision for various reasons. It is this unearthing process that Pluto represents which make for some rather uncomfortable scenarios as matters surface that some would rather stay buried. Capricorn is the arena of the leadership of a society, group, business, etc. So this Plutonic penchant is currently revealing many things to all of us (thanks to the internet) rapidly that seem to fly in the best interest of general humanity. It is this energy signature that is currently calling to that Mars in Scorpio about the best use of shared resources. Saturn currently in Sagittarius is the ruler of Capricorn. Saturn is form and structure, it is the life lesson process that does not always come so easily for us if we are to get the message. It can represent the boundaries of a particular idea or area. Sagittarius sits in the zodiac position of matters that involve the interaction of multicultural ideologies. It is here in the Sagittarius arena that our higher minds can be stimulated to query matters of larger importance that the collective might be able to share in. Traveling abroad to expand our awareness of who we are and who the illusive “other” might really be. The current Internet, while easily working at the Gemini level of feeding copious quantities of information to ponder, has the potential for each of us to glean relevant facts that need to be mulled over and group considered to allow a fleshing out of our own growth potential. So, the ponderings of Saturn in Sagittarius are feeding the Capricorn Pluto with challenges to leadership ideology to make meaningful decisions. Jupiter the ruler of Sagittarius is currently in Virgo. Jupiter/Zeus, King of the Gods and Sagittarius speak to our capacity to attain things which we must reach for. Jupiter’s penchant for going for the “more” in all things can lead to hubris just as easily as it might project a path which will require growth on our parts. The gourmet seeks for flavor profiles while the glutton merely consumes and yet both are Jupiter in action. Virgo speaks to our capacity to in a meaningful fashion organize the information we are provided into a matrix that can be most efficiently shared. So, Jupiter as the dispositor to Saturn is putting together many things that can be grist for the mill as we ponder our path forward. Virgo is ruled by Mercury. Mercury has just entered into Aquarius the land of the eccentric, out-of-the-box, unconventional group think arena. Mercury/Hermes is mind, how we utilize perception to draw us to consider things. It is the capacity to communicate on many levels. I will speak to its retrograde factor a bit further on. So, what kind of message do you suppose is being offered to Jupiter in Virgo? Could it be that traditional leanings of contemporary society are possibly being shifted around in unorthodox fashion and thrown into that Virgo hopper? Can you picture Jupiter champing at the bit to leap forward with pronouncements and the Virgo organizing capacity being fed with divergent thought processes that don’t easily want to get in line? No, that is not enough. Enter Uranus, modern ruler of Aquarius dispositing that Mercury from the realm of Aries. Uranus is the rebel, and unconventional thinker. It wants to shake things up, rattle your cage, present just enough for a person to feel a bit unbalanced. Aries is the archetype of the warrior, impulsive, all about the individual self. It is this kind of revolutionary signature that is feeding from Uranus into that Aquarian Mercury just as it is about to turn retrograde. The interesting part of this “circle of infinity” is that Uranus in Aries is dispostited by Mars in Scorpio. The circle is complete. All these planetary signatures in their respective signs are triggered simultaneously at the moment any of them gets tweaked. I should point out that they are tweaking each other in unique fashion as well.

Here is a link to a terrific article by Steven Forrest you will enjoy on the current Saturn square Neptune aspect feeding into this “circle of infinity “ pattern:

As we enter the first of the 4 Mercury retrogrades for 2016 I thought it would be good to paint some background picture of just what the rest of the planets are doing involved with that Mercury currently. For the most part there is an Earth sign overlay to all the Mercury retrogrades for 2016. (Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn). It was an Air sign overlay for 2015. (Aquarius, Gemini, Libra). Even though Mercury commences its retrograde movement at the very beginning of Aquarius this time it spends most of the cycle back in Capricorn. Retrograde at 1° Aquarius January 5th, and turns direct at 14° Capricorn on January 25th.

I have spoken at length about Mercury retrograde in numerous other posts so won’t be delving too deeply into the mechanics here. Suffice it to say that these are always great times to investigate matters you are very interested in. Even though it may seem a bit late to initiate the process of gathering together what it is you wish to study during the retrograde cycle, this may only apply to some of the physical apparatus you might require. We each have many things that are of interest to us and should be able to draw on what it is we already possess to consider a bit deeper into the folds and intricacies of these matters. One mechanic of most Mercury retrogrades I would remind us of is that during these cycles folks have a tendency to get wrapped up in their own thinking processes to the extent that they only lend half an ear, if that, to conversations going on around them. So, if you’re in a conversation with another and they don’t seem to be paying close attention, that is most likely exactly what is going on.

I have openings for some who may be interested in delving a bit deeper into their own chart matrices. I have been doing chart readings since 1969 and you might enjoy this wandering into your own planetary signatures and how you might most effectively play the cards you chose to be dealt at birth. You can PM me or go to my web site to make an application for a chart reading.

  • Astrological Soup

    This is an addition to the current initiation of the Mercury retrograde cycle that began this morning. I made mention of the current “circle of infinity” and would perhaps attempt to clarify just what this actually is.   There are what are called planetary patterns which exist and which flow in and out of focus or exactness as time progresses. This has to do with the dispositor (rulership) scenario. There are basically 4 types of planetary dispositor patterns. The idea is to get to a point where there is a final dispositor in any planetary gathering or chart consideration or multiple final dispositors that can be identified. #1- When a planet is in the modern sign it rules it is said to be a final dispositor of itself. #2- When two planets are in each others modern ruled signs they are in mutual reception and this can be a final dispositor of any chart configuration if all the other planets disposit or feed into this as the final dispositor of the chart. #3- the split is another configuration that can have more than one final dispositor in the chart. This is accomplished when more than one planet is in its own ruled sign. #4- This is the Circle of Infinity I have been referring to lately.

    It is conceivable in #1 for all the other planets to feed in varying ways through rulership into the final dispositor of the chart. What this signifies is that that planet and sign it sits in are the ultimate destination where the rubber meets the road or matters related to that particular planet are vital in this charts outcome.

    The Mutual Reception #2 as final dispositor means that all the other planets by rulership feed eventually or directly into the two planets that are in each other’s ruled signs. This makes matters that are related to how these two planets play together in the sandbox extremely relevant for the chart under consideration. They are the ultimate determining factor that set the sails of forward progress for that person or chart.

    The Split #3 has multiple ways it can manifest in a chart. There can be a number of final dispositors within the chart that do not disposit in any way with each other. What this provides for consideration is that there are a number of different directions that pull the attention of the chart owner, often at the same time. While similar to the circle of infinity there is definite distinction between the energies of the different dispositor paths.

    The Circle of Infinity #4 that exists in the current (1-5-2016) planetary pattern is part of an actual split pattern chart. Neptune is in Pisces currently and is its own final dispositor. Prior to Mercury entering Aquarius and Mars entering Scorpio there was another split pattern made up of a circle of infinity with Jupiter in Virgo, Mercury in Capricorn and Saturn in Sagittarius; Neptune as final dispositor in Pisces; and the rest of the planets feeding into that circle. I am leaving the wandering Moon out of this as it changes sign and dispositorship every 2.5 days. I would not leave it out of a personal chart as it provides vitality to a person’s makeup.

    It may appear ludicrous to try and clarify this process now with Mercury stationing retrograde today but I am inclined to none–the-less. The main reason is that this larger circle of infinity pattern will change rapidly. When Mercury retreats back into Capricorn on the 9th of January (also Capricorn new Moon date) we will once again have the Jupiter, Mercury, Saturn circle of infinity pattern on board with the other planets inspired to join from outside this circle with Mercury in Capricorn and merely feeding into the circle but not with the direct and simultaneous energy flow of the larger circle of infinity.

    This is why I refer to this posting as Astrological Soup. I have been talking about the mechanics of the zodiac cycle here from a certain perspective of planetary rulership and the part it plays in the energy exchange of the planetary family structure. Out of this Soup I am able to paint meaning that can be relevant to those aspiring to be attuned to this larger energy pattern they are invited to play a part in.

    So with the current Mercury retrograde cycle under way what might be relevant for all of us to ponder? The focus of the current circle of infinity brings a lot of shared (some with baggage or challenges built in) energy signatures into play all at the same time. It is at this point that one should consider the elements that their personal relationship with the cosmos will assist in pointing them in a direction to best utilize the current Mercury retrograde cycle. Where is that beginning portion of Aquarius located in your astrological make up? Is the transiting Mercury sitting in your relationship arena, or does this retrograde cycle stimulate/challenge your home front, career, or something else? When you were born how did Mercury set in motion for you the methodology of your perceptive capacities? How has it developed to this point? Nothing stays static. That astrological chart you arrived with is merely your jumping off spot on the adventure of life. While free will is the ultimate determining factor always, does your will have certain leanings as it makes its decisions? The answers to these matters and more are the reason that folks engage in conversation with those of us who have waded into the astrological realms.

    I am available…

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