Nodal Story Layout


To the left is a typical nodal story layout. You can see the two decks in the upper right of photo and below.

In constructing the nodal story as per Steven Forrest’s “Yesterday’s Sky” you will find it helpful for most charts to have a couple decks of the flash cards. I have laminated mine for longevity as they are used often. I also made up aspect discs to highlight parts of the layout. I can send you the file to create your own decks. $5 for the file.

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Nodal decks

Kelly Lee Phipps


My good buddy cheked out way too soon in this incarnation. As he was nearing transition he asked me to not let his work disappear. I had been editing his “Tao of Astrology” opus for several years for him but sadly he did not complete the task. There are still 3 episodes of his Tao of Astrology video course available on YouTube.Link:

It is free. Each of the episodes is about 3 hours long so get comfortable. If you’re interested in some pdf files that go along with the course, I havre a set of about 8 you will find useful to go with what he presents. Add them to your shopping cart $10 for the set. Someday If I become inclined I will figure out how to make the entire course material available as I have it. 13 or14 episodes.