The Annual New Moon in your 12th House  (June of 2009)

Each year we are offered an opportunity to take the time and recharge our batteries for the upcoming year.  Maybe the experience of being offered this may seem not entirely correct as it may be that you are in an intense part of a cycle at the moment.  Any way, when the sun and moon come together (new Moon) and it happens to occur in a person’s 12th house of their astrological chart this is the period of the year when it is advisable to find the time to meditate, rest, or otherwise bring to focus your energy pattern in such a way as to vitalize your self.  As a related note: every new Moon represents opportunity for the initiation of a new cycle with the chance to set one’s intentions for the upcoming cycle that is preparing to unfold.  By being aware of just where this occurs in one’s astrological map (chart) we are a bit more provided with seeing what arena of life is being focused upon.

Whether or not you believe in the art of astrology or not is not the point.  As incarnate beings at present we are all part of the matrix of life.  As such we each participate in the shared energy fields of the universe we inhabit.  Women have always been set up on the moons approximately 28 day cycle for their monthly moment.  But at the same time we are all, men and women, set up on an annual cycle that occurs when the lunar/solar conjunction occurs in the 12th house of our birth picture.

Without getting into too much detail on how this works here are some things to meditate upon.  The sun is our vital energy source. The moon is the reflection of this energy pattern into our lives, our feelings, and emotional state.  The 12th house of the chart is the culmination of cycles.  In the 12th house  we are given the opportunity to reflect on just what has transpired in our lives and go through a filtering process as we make ready to enter the 1st house of new beginnings.  If applied diligently the 12th house energy field is where we weigh and balance what is brought to us to make the call as to what is worth allowing to be a part of any new cycle we embark upon.  What is not considered vital in that process is allowed to pass away.  It is for this reason that the new moon that occurs in a person’s 12th H is important to celebrate with a rejuvenation of our living substance each year.  Often what can transpire if we miss this cycle is that the middle of our annual cycle will arrive and somehow we are left with the potential sensing that we have somehow used up our battery pack.  Thus the rest of that cycle may be a challenge.

One more added consideration here is that there are many cycles that continue to unfold in the process of incarnation we are all about.  We should consider the new moon in the 11th house as well in this culminating sun moon dance that transpires each year for us.  The 11th house energy, which is that of activism and goals among other things represents, in relation to this phase of any cycle, the time to set your intentions mentally for the next upcoming year.  During the month of the new moon transpiring in your 11th house considerations of just what you might be able to accomplish in the next creative annual cycle should be placed on the table.  This is not a process of making hard and fast plans, as much as a process of visiting potential directions.  It might help to write out this list at this time.  If this step is accomplished, then as you enter the new moon that occurs in your 12th house with the intention of nurturing your inner child/self, spiritually connecting with the divine and basically recharging your batteries, you might consider how you feel about those goals you considered during the 11th house phase.  After all the moon is all about our feeling nature.

OK!  The work done in the 11th and 12th houses and it is time for your actual NEW YEAR to transpire.  The new moon in your 1st house is your individual beginning of a major cycle for YOU!  The first house is about initiation, impulse, new beginnings, soul-embodiment, self expression.  What is transpiring is a re-birthing of your Self.  It represents the mask you put on to meet the world.  Aries the sign associated with this beginning point of the zodiacal cycle is symbolized as such.  One way to perceive this is as an erupting fountain of flame.  So if that conjures up any excitement in your mind than that is how the archetype of the 1st house is suppose to be.  This is where you hit the ground with your feet moving.  New year, new impulse for life.  The only questions you might have are have I done my homework? Are my batteries charged and up to the task?  Enjoy the new cycle for what it has to bring.  Hard or easy it is what you ordered…

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