I call on the energy of the cosmos and reach out to engage specifically with each and every one of you celestial beings to draw closer in this moment so that we may share the messages most relevant now.


We each have the capacity to walk a unique path to discover of ourselves.

Allow me to assist you in locating the “you” that may seem illusive.



Here are comments from a few of those I have worked with:

Megan Zimring · Aho Jeff Peters!! What a beautiful reflection and share. Thank you for your wisdom and I absolutely love your perspective here. There is so much to be said for the need for deep integration and collapsing that which we experience from a spiritual/metaphysical place into our physical evolutionary experience. Sending big love to you!

Hi Jeff!

I just came home, and I really wanted to thank you for the reading you did for me today.
It gave me some perspectives to sit with. And much of what you said was a validation to what I feel inside.
It was very valuable for me to listen and absorb what you had to say.
So thank you!!
Blessings! Sandra

Cinnamon Carriere Jeff Peters, so beautifully put! <3 It’s given me another way to look at it <3 Thank you for your perspective! <3 Hugs

Wowser, what an awesome journey Jeff. Thanks so much for sharing it with us. with love and blessings, michael

River Ledgerwood Birch keeps telling me about this one. Hope to see it Sunday. And Jeff, have I thanked you lately for your passionate service to planet and Humanity? Love and blessings!

“What a ride with Jeff into the celestial world!! His passion and play with the reading make for a fun and provocative trip into new realms of what the planets have to offer. I’m impressed with his fresh way to uncover hidden influences and spot-on knowing of my challenging aspects, all the while affirming my role in writing the rest of my story. Truly a pleasure and highly recommend Jeff P. to anyone who wishes to go on a generous and well-guided astrological journey.” ~ Elizabeth W.

Gabrielle TaylorJeff, Stargazer, thank you for your astrological reading brought with such depth and insight. Your soul continually attuning to the celestial bodies for guidance and wisdom.

On Astro Hub site Jeff, you are answering so many questions here I mistook you for Astrology Hub staff and guides, I have the answer to my question already.

Stewart Berger: Thank you so much Jeffrey–those are awesome.  I have much totally enjoyable “homework” and exploration in the days and weeks ahead.

I also wanted to add that talking with you seemed to help lift the “burden” or tight/serious/dull energy I was feeling.  The greater perspective you have and that we shared helped with that.  Also, it helped me see the Saturn return in a new way.  One way of looking at it is that, yes, there’s important work that can or must be done through it, but on the other hand, it’s just a cycle! like so many cycles.  Perspective, right?  And it helped to see that this not only helps me focus on Saturnian needs and opportunities now, but it’s setting the stage for what’s to come.

Kay Taylor from OPA peer group:

It is clear you have studied and practiced astrology for a very long time. Your depth of astrological knowledge seems to be excellent.

Kathrine on FB:

Thank you Jeff you have an ancient soul