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In setting up an appointment for chart consultation please contact me by email. Include a phone # so we can communicate more readily. The time frame that works best for my schedule includes Monday’s , Tuesday’s & Thursday’s 9:am to 4:pm PT; If these time don’t work for you let me know and we can see if there might be a more beneficial time for both of us…



It is clear you have studied and practiced astrology for a very long time. Your depth of astrological knowledge seems to be excellent. 

Kay Taylor

OPA Instructor (Organization of Professional Astrologers)

Thank you so much Jeffrey–those are awesome.  I have much totally enjoyable “homework” and exploration in the days and weeks ahead.


I also wanted to add that talking with you seemed to help lift the “burden” or tight/serious/dull energy I was feeling.  The greater perspective you have and that we shared helped with that.  Also, it helped me see the Saturn return in a new way.  One way of looking at it is that, yes, there’s important work that can or must be done through it, but on the other hand, it’s just a cycle! like so many cycles.  Perspective, right?  And it helped to see that this not only helps me focus on Saturnian needs and opportunities now, but it’s setting the stage for what’s to come.

Stewart Berger

Radio DJ Los Angeles area of California


I would like to share that Jeff’s gift of a chart experience is amazing! We video-conferenced today, and what he shared resonated deeply with what I know to be true about myself, and also provided so much material to work with in my journey. This was an incredible, generous gift of his time and astrological expertise, and I am as a recipient very humbled and so grateful. Thank you Jeff!